27 February 2010

My boring, old workaday life... I think...

...I'll keep it...
Hamilton sex trade worker Jennifer Hall was taking a shower in the bathroom when the shooting took place. She testified previously she peered out from the shower curtain to see Jackson holding a gun and trying to force his way into the bathroom.

She said Jackson told the victim "I'm here to rob you, take your money and drugs."
Sex, drugs and smoke a hole.

P.S. -- Gotta love the politically-correct terminology here... there are, apparently... no hookers or whores anymore.

So what exactly was the victim here... a Recreational Pharmaceutical Sales Rep?

Nothing like a little...

...Breakfast Club... to get the creative juices flowing...
Before Thursday's dinner, Sheikh Nasrallah and President Ahmadinejad discussed "the latest developments in the region, and Zionist threats against Lebanon and Syria", Hezbollah's al-Manar television reported.

"If the Zionist regime decides to repeat its past mistakes, the region will finish it off," al-Manar quoted the Iranian leader as saying.

Both leaders dismissed US calls for Syria to distance itself from Iran, emphasising their "deep and brotherly" ties.
Hmmm... despotic medieval theocracy, radioactive material... and the leader of one of the most despicable terrorist groups in the world... what could possibly go wrong here?

A caring, tightly knit "community"?

Just not when it comes to justice for the slain...
A second Crown witness who originally told police that she watched Jordan Manners being murdered testified Friday that she never saw the slaying but was repeating rumours sweeping the school.
The real anomaly here... is that witnesses actually talked to the cops in the first place.


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Pieters said the threats to kill Latchana were publicly made in two songs accusing the victim of being a snitch. One song said, "don't let me catch you 'cause those guns will spark ... I will find you after dark, I don't give a fuck man, 'cause the time is soft."

"I'll murder everybody in your family tree."
Ah yes... the healing power of music.

26 February 2010

You don't know, what...

...you don't know...
"At a time of major difficulties in supporting the cost of our health-care systems, [the researchers] have shown that a non-invasive, simple, safe and cheap intervention, possibly done by a paramedic before hospital admission, can significantly increase myocardial salvage."
Who'da thunk it?

Liberté, égalité, fraternité

Sounds like good ol' France could use some...
The French media, at least on the center and the left, picked up the Soumaré case after blogs and Facebook pages lit up with chatter about the case this week.

Despite a secular and egalitarian tradition in France, only seven of some 860 members of the French and Assembly come from non-white backgrounds.
Suddenly Canada doesn't look like such a terrible place after all.

Still crazy after all these years

Libya's Muammar Gaddafi has called for a jihad, or holy war, against Switzerland, as an ongoing diplomatic row between the two nations heats up.

The Libyan leader made his comments while speaking at a meeting to mark the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad. "Let us wage jihad against Switzerland, Zionism and foreign aggression."

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-- KABUL, Afghanistan -- At least 17 people were killed and 32 wounded early Friday when several suicide bombers attacked a hotel popular with foreigners and the surrounding area in the center of Kabul.

25 February 2010


Which Canadian political party... oh, what the hell... go read it all yourself...
"To recap: Hamas sees women as property. Hamas sees homosexuality as a capital crime. Hamas sees murdering "some women" as justifiable. Hamas sees murdering "some children" as justifiable."
And the answer is...


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...that makes the lunatic left insane with rage?
I don't get it.

If only there was a law...

...or a gun registry... wait a minute...
-- TORONTO -- A violent team of thieves already suspected of robbing three banks in recent months has committed another five heists and are getting more dangerous, according to police.

Hold Up Squad Inspector Bruce Crawford said three armed, masked men charged into the banks, pistol whipped the bank teller and demanded cash, while a fourth person waited in a getaway car.

“All three of them had guns out at the last one,” said Insp. Crawford. “They put a gun to the head of a customer."
No word yet from Mayor Miller's office... on which gun club they belong to.


FROM THE COMMENTS: Net threats... hmmm

The compassionate, intellectual left responds...
Yes... of course... who could have seen that coming, huh?
Oh... right.

Scheming, knuckle-dragging...

...irredeemable neo-conservative... has a new boss...
David Peterson has hired Mike Harris to work with him in the Toronto business law firm Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP.

"Even though we spent many years on opposite sides of the House, I have always respected Mike, and I am delighted to have him with us at Cassels Brock."
Funny how that works.


"OMG! Civilized discussion is possible! Not even single mention of emergency road vehicles. ;-)"
Considering what's been happening lately, it's certainly a refreshing change.

24 February 2010

And justice for none

-- KAMLOOPS, B.C. -- A father who was found not criminally responsible for murdering his three children could be granted an absolute discharge if it's determined he doesn't pose a threat to the public, says the chairman of the B.C. Review Board.
Only in Canada, you say?


"It begs the question: "What doe's a person have to do to be deemed a threat to the general public? Oh yeah, I remember, become a legally registered firearms owner."
Funny how that works, huh?



Do they let these guys use computers at the Mouse Factory? That'd sure explain a few things.

And to add insult to, well...

...injury AND bullshit... apparently Mr Millions wants Canadian taxpayers to pick up the tab...
The impression Mr. Williams left, that the technique he sought in Miami is not available in Canada, is reinforced by his statement that he will consider applying for reimbursement for his medical costs in Florida.
I guess that's how you get to be a millionaire... by spending other people's money.


Yeah. The guy I saw who mortgaged his house and went to Seattle to get gammaknife treatment for his brain tumor will love that.


Last year, we had to rescue my ailing octogenarian father-in-law and bring him out to live with us. We called the social services people to see if the VON would come out and read his blood sugar... and were told the nurses weren't equipped with, or even allowed to use glucometers.

They did tell us, however...if we weren't willing to subject a sick elderly man to a seven hour wait in the local E.R.... we could call Tele-health Ontario.

Maybe we should have flown to Florida.

23 February 2010

Good news for Canadian soldiers

"Kandahar means Afghanistan. If we have a peaceful Kandahar, we will have a peaceful Afghanistan," Tooryalai Wesa, governor of Kandahar province, said in an interview. "The history and politics of Afghanistan is always determined from Kandahar."

Yet until recent months, a combat force of only 1,000 Canadian troops was in place to defend Kandahar. That allowed the Taliban to control large parts of the province and reach into the provincial capital with a step-by-step plan to capture Kandahar city.

The troop deployment in Kandahar is being ramped up rapidly and should reach some 6,000 this spring. Thousands more likely would be deployed to begin a major offensive in the province in early summer.

"Here's an idea... "

"...if you're that concerned about children's health, perhaps you shouldn't be feeding them processed rat assholes (or whatever hotdogs are made of) in the first place."

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Colour me skeptical... but I just caught my 86 year-old father-in-law trying to turn off the television... with a cordless phone.

Like a rottweiler on a scummy lawyer...

...it's a good start...
-- OTTAWA -- Canadian prisoners can no longer count their pre-trial custody time "two-for-one."

The changes to the justice system included in Bill C 25, which still allow for judges to count time 1.5-to-1 in extenuating circumstances, came into effect Monday.
That's my Prime Minister.

Franken-google it's not

Get ready for the start of the next hula-hoopish craze...
If it's Google Street View infamy you seek, why waste your time with a half-hearted wave to that passing Google car when you could make a real, uh, splash, with some scuba gear and pitchforks?

Two people in Bergen, Norway, are enjoying their five minutes of Internet fame this morning after Street View shots emerged of them ambushing a Google Street View car and chasing after it in full diving gear.
Andy Warhol was right.

Wanna get away with murder?

Just make sure you go absolutely screamin' apeshit over the line... and nobody (legally anyway) will hold it against you...
It was a crime so horrendous the judge found he could not be held criminally responsible for his acts, because no reasonable or rationale person could do such a thing.

“I find that Mr. Schoenborn did commit the first-degree murder for each of his children … but is not criminally responsible on account of mental disorder,” Mr. Justice Robert Powers of B.C. Supreme Court ruled.
Of course... all this guy has to do is keep his head down for a few years and make a semblance of being sane... and they'll release him back into the larger field of folk.

Oh, Canada.


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I'm sorry... but if you have a mental illness... you should be under the care of a court-appointed guardian, who is legally responsible for your day-to-day life. If your guardian cannot insure that you are complying with medical & legal orders... then they have a responsibility to report that fact.

And the system then has an obligation to intervene, which, yes... includes involuntary custody.

Draconian measures, you say? A mind-boggling expense? Maybe so. But we've seen the results of just standing by and doing nothing.

And, in my humble opinion... it's not worth the life of a single Tim McLean, Hunter Brown or Brian Smith.

Or a single Schoenborn child.

It's that simple. Do it now.


LAST WORD: Free in three months?

Yup... legally, that could happen.

Oh, Danny Boy

Yeah, yeah... that was then... this is the "f@ck you peons" now...
Funny how that works.


UPDATE: Even Big Mother calls bullshit
Canadian cardiac surgeons say there was no need for the premier of Newfoundland and Labrador to cross the border for world-class health care.
The treatment Danny Williams received in the United States is available in at least four Canadian centres including hospitals in Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto, doctors told CBC News.

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The town has a growing tourism community with the Dildo Museum interpretive centre, and the Historic Dildo Days celebration in August.
Apparently... business has been up and down.

The compassionate, intellectual left...

...apparently has no problems getting past comment moderation at the Globe & Mail...
"When this fascist, warmongering scumbag breathes his last lying breath, the world will be a better place."

"Until then, one can only hope his pain was severe."
2/22/2010 11:30:45 PM
Thank you Peace Moonbeam.


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"It's like they're bringing al Qaeda lawyers inside the Department of Justice," said Debra Burlingame, who lost her brother on 9/11 and a board member of the advocacy group Keep America Safe.
Well, America... how do you like him now?

22 February 2010

Have Gun... Will Travel

-- OTTAWA -- A teen was shot to death in his west-side home early Monday morning in one of three home invasions to take place overnight. A total of six people are in custody and police were searching for three others.

Paramedics said a 19-year-old man, identified by friends and family as Michael Swan, who lived in Barrhaven until a short time ago, suffered several gunshot wounds in the spacious, two-storey brick home at 4139 Moodie Dr., south of Barnsdale Road, at about 1 a.m.

Police arrested three males from Toronto in connection with the shooting and said charges were pending.
A travelling hit squad... I guess it ain't just Dubai, huh?


UPDATE: Toronto Sun plays up...

...that "baby-face killer" thing...
Kristopher Allan McLellan, 20, and 19-year-olds Dylon Tyrone Barnett and Kyle Mullen, are charged in connection with the shooting death of Michael Swan, 19, during a home invasion at a rural Ottawa home early Monday.

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Deep bench... lots of hustle...
A man was rushed to a Toronto trauma centre after shots rang out at a Scarborough highrise Monday afternoon. But after undergoing life-saving surgery, the shooting victim is expected to pull through.

Toronto Police say they were called to 750 Morningside Ave., an apartment building just north of Ellesmere Rd., around 4:15 p.m.
Don't miss the bit about their "quiet neighbourhood".


LAST WORD: Toronto... sharing the wealth
Autopsies conducted on the bodies of Saed, 22, and Idiris Abess, 23, confirmed their deaths as homicides.

"It doesn't come as a big surprise," said Det. Sgt. Gary Giroux, a Toronto homicide investigator who helped arrest Adad.

"This was an individual who led an extremely high-risk lifestyle."
What goes around...

More Pavilions, er... Jihadis at Folkfest

An obvious "problem child" spouting extremist views, Hasan made numerous statements that were not protected by the First Amendment and were grounds for discharge by violating his military oath, investigators found.

In searching for explanations for why superiors did not move to revoke Hasan's security clearances or expel him from the Army, the report portrays colleagues and superiors as possibly reluctant to lose one of the Army's few Muslim mental health specialists.

The report concludes that because the Army had attracted only one Muslim psychiatrist in addition to Hasan since 2001, "it is possible some were afraid of losing such diversity" and thus were willing to overlook Hasan's deficiencies as an officer.
And it only cost thirteen innocent lives.


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The Ontario government paid nearly $16-million for the land, which was seized and occupied by protesters from the nearby Six Nations reserve almost four years ago.

Excluding the cost of the land, the simmering land dispute in Caledonia has cost taxpayers $64.3-million.
Thank you Premier McSlippery.

Yet again... the liberal bigotry...

...of low expectations...
Let me call in Chris Rock for some backup -- "He speaks so well! He's so well spoken. I mean he really speaks so well!" Like that's a compliment. "He speaks so well" is not a compliment, okay?

"He speaks so well" is some shit you say about retarded people that can talk.


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LAST WORD: In other "politically correct" news
For complainants, the process is virtually risk-free. It costs them nothing to file a complaint, and the tribunal mediator will help explain the shakedown. If they want some legal help filing their complaint, they can get it gratis, at the taxpayer-funded Human Rights Legal Support Centre.

And they never have to risk paying costs, no matter how ill-conceived or unjustified their complaint was.
Oh, Canada.

With friends like this...

...who needs feudal 14th century theocracies?
-- Riyadh -- Saudi Arabia is planning to bring in a new law to allow women lawyers to argue cases in court for the first time.
Which begs the question... what have female Saudi lawyers been doing up 'til now... their male colleague's laundry?

That's actually a pretty good possibility...
Under a system of male guardianship, Saudi Arabian women are required to be kept separate from men they are not related to.

All are veiled to a greater or lesser degree in public, they are not allowed to drive, and women under 45 must receive permission from a male when they travel.

Opportunities for education and employment are also dependent on male guardianship.
Hmmm... aren't the media always touting Saudi Arabia as "the progressive one?"


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...the real enemy of gender equality is right under our noses...
"Apparently, Stephen Harper is not just hell-bent on oppressing women in foreign countries, but is quietly tying the apron strings around our little ankles here at home."

LAST WORD: Case closed
"The world has not been impoverished by the death of Mahmoud Mabhouh."
Now... where do we find that Osama dude?

From the people who brought you...

...lead-painted baby toys...
US analysts believe they have identified the Chinese author of the critical programming code used in the alleged state-sponsored hacking attacks on Google and other western companies, making it far harder for the Chinese government to deny involvement.

A separate team of US contractors has traced the launch of the spyware to computers at Shanghai Jiaotong University and Lanxiang Vocational School, according to two people familiar with that inquiry.
The larger question here, of course, is... why do we let them get away with this kind of thing?

21 February 2010

Climbing the all-too Canadian...

...mountain of suckass political correctness...
Even media people are seeing through this nonsense, which is not the case when it comes to the saccharine emotionalism of athletes dedicating their achievements to dead relatives.

It's one thing to mark a recent passing of a child or an anniversary of a deceased parent. But now we have -- no joke -- "this ski run is dedicated to my grandfather who died a year-and-a-half ago."
The absolute epitome of this nonsense was when skier Alex Bilodeau was asked... "How much of this gold medal belongs to your brother?"

As Coren astutely notes...
We all have loss and pain in our lives and even disabled people whom we love but we don't broadcast the fact every time there is a camera or microphone in front of us. It becomes an abuse of misfortune and is increasingly hard to take seriously.

This is sport and not Oprah.
And really... what could Bilodeau possibly have said at that media-manipulated fuzzy-bunny moment? Certainly not... "Geez, Brian... I worked my ass off for this... for the better part of a decade... this one belongs to me."

(coren article via shaidle)

Bright lights, big city...

...Hogtown swallows up another life...
Five teenage boys face murder charges in the week-old beating death of a 20-year-old man in east Toronto. Jin Tao Zhu was found dead inside a home at 1234 Gerrard St. E., near Greenwood Ave., shortly before the noon-hour last Monday, Toronto Police say. The slaying is the city’s eighth murder of 2010.

Charges against the five teens who all live in the Gerrard and Greenwood area — Xiao-Ming Chen, Peng Ren, Zhong-Rong Zheng and Zhao-Hui Chen, all of whom are 18, and a 17-year-old boy — have since been upgraded to second-degree murder, Browne said.
How messed-up do you have to be... to beat a man to death?

20 February 2010

Maybe, just maybe... Gawd-Lite ain't...

...gettin' the job done...
For some, a major attraction of Islam is the religion’s, er, aggressive aspect. There’s no messing around with Mo; he runs a tough shop, which might explain the high number of prison conversions.

By comparison, your Jesus-based faiths are a little low on testosterone...

"Catholicism used to be the sort of Church you’re talking about, Tim. I remember one Jesuit prefect of discipline who could have passed for Brian Dennehy’s tougher big brother, if Dennehy had only manned up a bit."

"These days the freaking hymns are in keys straight men and large dogs can’t even hear."
richard mcenroe of USfreakingA!
Sun 21 Feb 10 (04:12am)
Worth the read.


LAST WORD: I know... let's ask a celeb
"I think Jesus was a compassionate, super-intelligent gay man who understood human problems."
Well, that settles that.

Why actually do something...

...when you can just pull out the eco-speak...
“We have encouraged our third-party transportation providers to be aware of the issues associated with fuels generally, and in the context of our attempts to decrease our own greenhouse gas impacts, we have asked them to lessen their use of fuels which they know would be counter to this goal, where feasible.”
Say what?

19 February 2010

Spoiled multi-millionaire dilettante...

...says therapy has made him realise he wasn't the perfect husband...
Since then, he has been linked to 19 mistresses, fined for careless driving, separated from his wife, left professional golf, lost several endorsement contracts and sought treatment for a sexual addiction.
C'mon, buddy... don't be too hard on yourself... who hasn't been caught between the sheets with 19, er... well, shit... I sure hope your wife has a damn good ob/gyn.

And hey, there's nothing like having a strong religious background to light the way, huh?
Mr. Woods said he is turning back to Buddhism, noting he was raised in the religion by his mother.
Yup... that worked out pretty good for ya, didn't it? Heck... nice to know though... you'll always have mummy.

I can see where all those values came from.

Cross my heart and...

...hope you die...
Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was quoted as saying by Iranian media: "The West's accusations are baseless because our religious beliefs bar us from using such weapons ... We do not believe in atomic weapons and are not seeking that."
Reassuring rhetoric... from the folks who sent waves of children onto bloody battlefields against their Iraqi neighbours.

You know what, Ali... I'm still gonna want to see your hands.

Do it slowly.


RELATED: Terrorism... around the world
The Scots raised their threat level from "Pissed Off" to "Let's get the Bastards."

They don't have any other levels. This is the reason they have been used on the front line of the British army for the last 300 years.
(via SDA)

"If it's not a crook..."

"...you must unhook..."
-- GENEVA -- Lawyer Antoine F. Goetschel feels uncomfortable talking about one of his recent clients. And it isn't just because he lost the case.

Goetschel is Europe's only animal lawyer and the figurehead for a movement that wants to expand Zurich's pioneering legal system across Switzerland.

Voters will decide in a March 7 poll whether every canton should be required to appoint an animal lawyer to represent the interests of pets and farm animals in court.
My favorite quote from the article...
"Fish don't get much sympathy."
Hard to argue that one.

18 February 2010

The Last Post

Remembering John Henry Foster Babcock...
“When they asked me how old I was, I said 18. Well, when we got to England you had to be 19 to go to France,” recalled Mr. Babcock.

“I was waiting to be 19 and my service record came through, and they found out I was 16, so they put me in the young soldiers’ battalion.”
View his WWI attestation papers here.
He will be remembered.


UPDATE: Babcock family declines honours
The family of John Henry Foster Babcock, the last known Canadian veteran of the First World War, has refused Ottawa's offer of a state funeral.

The 41 percent solution

Now... if you're going to institute multicultural quotas... shouldn't that apply to athletes as well?
-- VANCOUVER -- "I have been chatting with people and I've heard from quite a few people that they, too, feel that it was a spectacular show. And they only wish that they had a bit more portrayal of the multiculturalism in Canada."
I want my government mandated optics... NOW!

The audacity of penetrating trauma

Chalk up another couple KIA for President Bam...
-- (CBS/ AP) -- Two sons of high-level Taliban military commander in North Waziristan, Pakistan may have been killed in a suspected U.S. missile attack Thursday, a regional source tells CBS News.

Missile strikes targeting militants have escalated in Pakistan's volatile North and South Waziristan tribal regions since December when a bomber backed by the Pakistani Taliban killed seven CIA employees in Afghanistan.
Read someplace that predator strikes are up threefold as compared to 2009.

Funny though... when it's President McDreamy pullin' the trigger... as opposed to that nasty "Oiljesus Bush-Hitler"... it all smells like newborn babies & candied unicorns.

Oops, I forgot... we're not allowed to criticise "The One".

I'm so sorry.


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...to make it up to them.

Your money... their friends

His B.C. brethren are apparently traipsing along in Premier McSlippery's muddy footprints...
The Liberals' original notion was that EHR would be up and running by the end of 2008. The current target for completion is three years hence, a full five years behind schedule.

They forecast it could be done for $150 million, all but $30 million of which was supposed to come from the federal government.

The capital cost has since grown 50 per cent to a projected $222 million, with the provincial share growing almost fourfold to $110 million. Ottawa is, theoretically, on the hook for the remainder, contingent on the meeting of certain time lines.
Remember... friends don't let friends vote Liberal.

As the worm turns

Looks like the Pakistani intelligence apparatus has finally decided to take its cranium out of a certain bodily orifice...
-- KABUL, Afghanistan -- Two senior Taliban leaders have been arrested in recent days inside Pakistan, officials said Thursday, as American and Pakistani intelligence agents continued to press their offensive against the group’s leadership after the capture of the insurgency’s military commander last month.

The arrests come on the heels of the capture of Abdul Ghani Baradar, the Taliban’s military commander and the deputy to Mullah Mohammed Omar, the movement’s founder.
This could get pretty interesting.


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Afghan commander Gen Mohiudin Ghori said his soldiers had seen Taliban fighters placing women and children on the roofs of buildings and firing from behind them.

"They are trying to get us to fire on them and kill the civilians."

17 February 2010

Oh, man... a little bit of "Hitler youth"...

...and everybody's all over your ass... go figure...
The letter, which was made available to Reuters by a source familiar with the initiative, is extremely rare because in the past it has mostly been Jewish groups and not Catholic academics who have written to popes about the issue.

The 18 Catholic scholars from United States, Germany and Australia, used the word “implore” twice in the letter, saying that if Pius was made a saint before the historical record is cleared up, it could irreparably harm Catholic-Jewish relations.
Of course, it isn't just Pius who has a bit of a sketchy past.
Benedict, a German who was drafted into the Hitler Youth and German army as a teenager during the Second World War, has had a more difficult relationship with the Jewish community than his predecessor Pope John Paul.
Geez... just can't figure where that animosity might've come from.

Meanwhile, in other Catholic-related news... yikers!!!


"It has always seemed to me that 'Fucked If I Know' and 'It's All Because of a Giant Invisible Thing Whose Existence Can Neither Be Proved Nor Understood' express precisely the same thought in two different dialects, except ours is simpler."
Oh, you blasphemous unbeliever... may you be touched by his Noodly Appendage.


Drugs... the "victimless" crime

-- NEW YORK -- U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said the heroin kingpin ordered the executions of a Toronto man on July 20, 1994, sending a hit team and financing it. But the team ended up shooting two innocent people.

Ma had pleaded guilty to two counts of murder on September 20, 2007. His co-defendant, Bing Yi Chen, was sentenced to 35 years in prison on Jan. 4.

Evidence at trial showed that Ma, Chen and their associates engaged in the importation of millions of dollars worth of heroin from Asia into the United States between 1991 and 1996.

16 February 2010

Brave Jihadis march off to Allah...

...take half dozen children with them...
-- LONDON -- The commander of Britain's forces in southern Afghanistan says a missile that struck a house killing 12 people hit the intended target.

The dead included six children. Afghan officials say three Taliban fighters were in the house.

Maj. Gen. Nick Carter told reporters Tuesday the rocket had not malfunctioned nor been incorrectly targeted.
And the brave 'holy warriors' continue their longstanding tradition of using innocent bystanders as 'human shields'.

Paging Rahm Emmanuel...

Hey, buddy... if pinko rag Huffpo is generating buzz about Dems tossin' your boss under the bus... it might be time to pull up the drawbridge...
"Grim explained that congress is in a "whatever works" mode and incumbents are willing to campaign against the president it if doing so means keeping their seats."
No honour among thieves, huh?


RELATED: Hope, Change and...

...screw the dumbass greenies...
"Promising 'this is only the beginning,' President Barack Obama on Tuesday announced more than $8-billion (U.S.) in federal loan guarantees for the construction of the first nuclear power plant in the United States in nearly three decades."
The almighty audacity of dopes. And now you have to live with him.

Oh, thank goodness... it was just...

...that evil, knuckle-dragging Stephen Harper... again.

Another First Nations spending scandal?

That was then...
Most recently, the school's senior financial officer was fired days after excoriating senior administration for taking inappropriate leave payments and filing inflated expense reports.
This is now...
“I felt that there was a lack of understanding in how important this institution is,” he said. “I'm leery of vindictive-type responses from the federal government. It was almost like they wanted prove a point based on partisan politics and short-term decision-making.”
Yes... of course.


"This is what I have to say to Mr. Lonechild, 'This is the year 2010 AD, people expect accountability. Look on the bright side, if it were 1610 AD and a Chief was stealing from the tribe he'd be stabbed in a variety of unsavory places with a stone knife'."
Accountability... personal responsibility... I remember those things.

Why do people always confuse...

...a proficiency in writing exams... with being smart...
"The authorities in Boston searched Dr. Bishop’s computer at the time and found a novel she was working on about a scientist who killed her brother and atoned by excelling at her work."


UPDATE: Turn, turn, turn
As if she needed to pin the weirdness meter any harder to the right.

Seriously -- if the shooter were a political conservative, you think we'd be hearing about D&D? No baby -- we'd be hearing about Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly.

All. Day. Long.
Yeah... funny how that works.

You know they're servin' up...

...the creme de crazee... when even infamous sock-puppet Khurrum Awan decides to take a pass...
Somehow, his brief remarks were among the least controversial at a conference about the "Media War on Islam" on Sunday at a Toronto-area Islamic centre, in which the Christmas Day underwear bomber was described as the tool of an Israeli plot; Barack Obama was referred to as "Mr. Black Man"; al-Qaeda was called "the figment of the imagination of the West"; and a video was shown that mocked 9/11 by putting the Muppet Show logo over slow-motion footage of the second plane's impact, with screams of terror for audio.
And it didn't stop there...
The keynote speaker, given the absences, was Michael Keefer, a professor of literary theory at the University of Guelph, who said that all mainstream news media is "systematically fake" because "news editors have internalized the values of their advertisers."

He described 9/11 as a "planned demolition" run by Americans, and the Toronto 18 bomb plot, which led to convictions and guilty pleas, as a "police frame-up" over "nothing of significance."
(h/t BCF)

This is refreshing...

...no fuzzy-bunny, "buy the world a coke" waffling here...
“Prime Minister Harper has made it quite clear for some time now and has regularly stated that an attack on Israel would be considered an attack on Canada.”
In other "we're not gonna take it anymore" news...
-- OTTAWA, ONTARIO -- (Marketwire - Feb. 15, 2010) - The Public Prosecution Service of Canada today announced that it has filed a notice of appeal of the sentencing decision in the case of Saad Gaya.

The PPSC is seeking leave to appeal to the Ontario Court of Appeal regarding the sentence of 12 years, which was imposed on January 18, 2010.
Hey Iggy... over to you.


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One for the good guys.

15 February 2010

Looks like my good buddy...

...cough, cough... Liberal Supporter is back in action...Hmmm... that sounds so familiar.

I usually just ignore this sort of thing... as it reinforces everything I have to say about the lunatic left... but it appears as though our potty-mouthed pal has decided to troll around the Blogging Tories salting their comment threads... (as per above)... with insults supposedly authored by me.

It's incredibly transparent & childish... but I suggest anyone on the receiving end of this type of thing email "abuse at blogger.com

I just haven't got time for the idiocy.

Former Kahnawake council chief...

...repudiates community's repugnant "ethnic cleansing" initiative...
"No one's going to tell me who I can bring into my house and who I go to bed with," said the 66-year-old Mr. Delisle, who is ready to challenge the expulsions as a Canadian human-rights violation.

"Just because I'm a Mohawk doesn't exclude me from the Charter," he said. "I'm still Canadian."

"And I think this is an injustice. It's a racial slur."
Well, Alvin... it shouldn't be too hard to make your case... even the architects of this vile policy acknowlege the stark reality of their actions...
As news of the band council's action emerged, its political press attaché, Joe Delaronde, was on the defensive. "We sound like a bunch of Nazis here."
Yes, my friend... you do.


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"...not enough everybody else."

14 February 2010

Not the old "dog ate my thesis"...

..."but, honestly, I'm good for it" defense...
"Colleagues say that the reason Professor Phil Jones has refused Freedom of Information requests is that he may have actually lost the relevant papers."
I'm thinkin'... if it didn't work in Mrs. Smith's fifth grade autocracy... should we really let this one slide?


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Hatton has released what he describes as an 'A-level' statistical analysis, which tests six IPCC statements against raw data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric (NOAA) Administration. He's published all the raw data and invites criticism, but warns he is neither "a warmist nor a denialist", but a scientist.
An actual scientist... "global warming's" worst nightmare.

13 February 2010

From the folks who brought you...

...President B.O. McDreamy...
It has been a crazy week in Illinois politics, perhaps one of the craziest. The main questions that have been flying around in Democratic circles have been: Who knew what about Democratic Lieutenant Governor nominee Scott Lee Cohen, and when did they know it?
And we're not talking parking tickets here...
When Cohen became a candidate, he disclosed that a 2005 domestic battery charge against him had been dismissed. It was only after his victory Tuesday that the details became known: His girlfriend at the time, a prostitute, had accused him of holding a knife to her throat but had failed to appear in court, leading to charges being dropped.
Please note... that's just one of a myriad of charges.

Of course... the reality is... Cohen was simply playing by "Chicago Rules".

Funny how that works.

The inevitable price of war

A Canadian soldier has been killed and four others injured during a training accident at a range northeast of Kandahar City.

The death of Cpl. Joshua Caleb Baker brings to 140 Canadian soldiers and two civilians who have been killed in Canada’s eight-year mission in Afghanistan.
He will be remembered.

12 February 2010

So anyway, I'm a little confused...

...as tragic as this may be... I was under the impression that you had to scrape & claw your way to the top... before you could even get near competing in an Olympic event.
"I think they are pushing it a little too much," Australia's Hannah Campbell-Pegg said Thursday after she nearly lost control in training.

"To what extent are we just little lemmings that they just throw down a track and we're crash-test dummies?"
So c'mon, Hannah... we're talkin' about, what..."involuntary luge?"
And, in truth, that's all too easy for me to imagine... because that's the only possible way I'd ever find myself on a 23 kilogram (50 lb.) sled travelling 150 kilometers (90 mph) per hour down a freakin' mountain.

The thing is, I've actually broken a ton (100 mph) on a 600 lb. motorcycle... and believe you me... for the non-professional... even that can be a bowel-loosening experience.

Again... this incident is simply about personal responsibility.

I will defend your right to luge, or parachute, or even shoot up heroin... but if, in the process, you turn your cerebral cortex into applesauce... don't be whining about somebody else being responsible.


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"It seems that Olympic Games deaths, while uncommon, are more likely to occur during Winter Games. In fact in 1964, the very first year that the luge was admitted as an official Olympic sport, it suffered its first fatality, the death of Polish luger Kazimierz Kay-Skrzypecki."
And so it goes.


UPDATE: Looks like pilot error
"The decision to go ahead was taken after probes by local coroners and the International Luge Federation (FIL)."

"Officials concluded the track was not unsafe but that the athlete "did not compensate properly" going into a bend."
Okay, Hannah... your move.


UPDATE2: So, it was driver error...

...but we're gonna slow it up anyway...
FIL and VANOC officials announced the men would begin racing from the lower women's start and that the wall where Kumaritashvili crashed after flying off the track at a speed of close to 144 kilometres per hour would be raised. The ice profile was also altered so the athletes and their sleds would be pushed to the middle of the track.
There's no admission of wrong-doing here... but with a dead athlete, I guess they have to pump the brakes.
"In terms of track access, we lived up to (FIL) observations and surpassed them. We offered additional training for smaller nations on Jan. 1," he said. "The number of runs was agreed upon by the National federations. From a safety perspective, we felt confident we got the right number of runs for the teams."

Two months ago, FIL officials said future sliding tracks should limit speeds to 137 kmh. Whistler has been sending athletes down its icy pitch at a speed of 155 kmh. Romstad said there have been 5,000 runs held here over the last two years and the "crash ratio" remains low at 3 per cent
So, raise the wall in this one corner? That sounds like a good idea.

But... on the day the event opens... they're gonna alter the profile of the track everybody has been practising on? That sounds like a potential safety hazard.

Two final observations here.

There's a woman's starting line? Isn't that sexist & condescending?

Two... would it have really mattered if Nodar Kumaritashvili had been going 137 kph instead of 144?

Call me wacky... but I'm gonna go with no.

With friends like this...

...who needs sucking chest wounds?
-- TORONTO -- The Crown alleges that J.W. dragged the 15-year-old victim down the stairs, after which C.D. rifled his pockets to remove some items before they fled.

Malcolm told defence lawyer Lydia Riva that when he arrived at around 2:20 p.m. to see the Grade 9 student lying on his stomach at the foot of the stairs, he noticed three girls standing nearby, looking nonchalant.
Just another dead body... no biggie, huh?

Thank you, Prof. Peace Moonbeam

The compassionate, intellectual left and the "serial-killing robot soldier" feeding frenzy...
Yeah, genius... it's all about boot camp.

Funny how none of the uber-lunatic leftbots... or usual media suspects... is asking Count Ignatieff if his elitist alma mater is responsible for producing homicidal sexual-sadists.

Some days I just feel old

Talk about deja-vu...
"One time I saw David wearing earphones while typing on his laptop. The screen was divided into four windows: one for Word, one for MSN messenger, and two different YouTube videos (one was a song that he had playing through the headphones, and the other was 'How to build a paper hang glider'.")

"And the dog was sleeping on his lap."
Earlier this year, after establishing a few ground rules, we allowed 13 year-old Neophyte to open up a Facebook account. I was astonished at how quickly he was buried under a pile of friend requests.

It seems today's teens & tweens have absolutely no reluctance to embrace all that technology has to offer. It's a little bit of a shock... this is a kid whose favourite baby toy was a curly piece of telephone cord.

And it isn't just computers... Techno-boy been converting his favourite YouTube videos to little operettas that constantly throb & hum on his Ipod-o-sauraus... a smallish, infernal contraption that for all intents & purposes, might as well be surgically implanted in the base of his skull.

My latest discovery is that, apparently, we are the Luddite parents in his circle of friends... he's now campaigning for a cellphone.

So much for the simple days of a boy and his dog.


"I don't consider myself a Luddite, just a guy who has seen it all before; being able to read a blog while camping in Algonquin Park doesn't wow me. It makes me sad."

"Of course, I was up until 3 am this morning googling how to use a certain brush technique for Paint Shop Pro, downloading some pics from Project Gutenberg to merge for some "art", while listening to first the Sabres game, then a ripped CD that I was loading onto my iPod."
Our modern world.

Iggy reaches back into St Pierre's...

...socialist bag-o-tricks...
Liberals are attempting to show that the Conservatives have a systemic mean streak, but in aligning himself with Mr. Clark, Mr. Ignatieff is taking a political risk.

Albertans know Mr. Clark as “Red Ed” for his leading role in crafting the National Energy Program when he was a senior public servant during the Liberal government of Pierre Trudeau.

That unpopular policy haunts the Liberals to this day in Alberta.
i guess we should cut the guy a break... after all, he's been gone from Canada for decades.

11 February 2010

More prison... less "correctional services"

Okay, it's time... no more weight piles, televisions, counselling... or high-speed internet...
The Sunday Times newspaper reported last month that Colin Gunn — a gangland boss convicted of conspiring to murder a couple in 2004 — warned on Facebook that "I will be home one day and I can't wait to look into certain people's eyes and see the fear of me being there."

In other cases, escaped convicts have used Facebook to taunt the police. British burglar Craig "Lazie" Lynch became an Internet celebrity after he posted mocking messages and defiant photos on Facebook during four months on the run from a minimum security prison.
Do it now.

Those who do not...

...learn from history......
"What we must fight for is to safeguard the existence and reproduction of our race and our people, the sustenance of our children and the purity of our blood, the freedom and independence of the fatherland, so that our people may mature for the fulfillment of the mission allotted it by the creator of the universe."

- Adolf Hitler (Mein Kampf) -
are indeed condemned to repeat it...
"We need to make sure we are distinct since everything we have and do on the reserve is determined by our biology."

"We are relevant only insofar as we have genetic integrity."

- Doug George-Kanentiio (Ottawa Citizen) -
Good sweet jebus.

I know, I know... it's not exactly an original thought...
"As news of the band council's action emerged, its political press attaché, Joe Delaronde, was on the defensive. 'We sound like a bunch of Nazis here'."
But hey... they're not gonna let a little thing like that get in the way.

Bright lights, big city

When's the last time you read a sentence with the words "torture-murder"... that didn't also include the word Rwanda?
-- TORONTO -- Five alleged members of the Little Rascalz gang admitted yesterday they played roles in the torture-murder of Omar Wellington in retaliation for a soured gun deal.

The five assailants — who cannot be identified because they were under 18 years of age when Wellington, 17, was killed on July 14, 2006 — pleaded guilty to various offences.
Yeah... Little Rascalz.


FROM THE COMMENTS: Thank you, James

Never ask a question if you don't really want to know...
-- BARRIE -- Paul Bradey, 45, of Midland, was found guilty of the first-degree murder of Cousineau, 23, a mentally challenged woman with the maturity of a 13-year-old. He was also found guilty of arson and committing an indignity to a human body.

Over the past two months the jury listened to the horrific details of how Bradey trapped Cousineau in the basement and burned her naked body with a blowtorch, then left her for two days to slowly die Nov. 13, 2007.
Good gawd.

And... wait for it... the compassionate, intellectual... and, so patriotic left responds...
Wow... I got nuthin'.

A HUGE victory for the...

...morbidly obese community...
A five-year-long feud over a parking spot has ended with a human-rights victory and $10,000 settlement for a morbidly obese Quebec woman.

Marise Myrand won a favourable ruling from the Quebec Human Rights Tribunal, which said her condo association discriminated against her by denying her a parking spot closer to her building entrance.

She not only won the preferred spot, but all 35 of her neighbours will have to contribute to her $10,000 award.
So... now we're entrenching the human right... to be fat?

Oh, Canada.


"When I bought my condo, it included the deeding of a specific parking space. If this is the process in Quebec as well, then the Ms. Nolet "owned" her space and the HRC effectively expropriated it."

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LAST WORD: Gimme my rainbows & unicorns!!!
"I've been musing for years on how the illusions of multicultural tolerance have been hijacked by the avowedly unicultural and intolerant, but you could hardly have a more parodic example than Omar Hassan."
As Kate would say... more pavilions at folkfest.

10 February 2010

Plan 9 from Outer Natanz

-- Q: Just how long does it take for a man to obliterate every notion of what he stands for?

-- A: At least 24 hours... I hear the paperwork is incredible
"I do not customarily offer advice to a president whose election I opposed, whose goals I fear, and whose policies I work against. But here is an idea for Barack Obama to salvage his tottering administration by taking a step that protects the United States and its allies."

"Obama can give orders for the U.S. military to destroy the Iranian nuclear weapon capacity."
What the hell... let's get 'er done before the mothership shows up to collect him.