22 October 2013

I'm so confused

Didn't Toronto's last Mayor say he was gonna stop all the violence by closing down all the shooting ranges?
"The victim, believed to be 19 years old, was shot in the back while in the Lawrence Avenue East and Galloway Road area, a spokesperson with Toronto EMS says."
Galloway, Galloway... that sounds so familiar.

No wonder Dalton picked up and ran away...

...to the United States...
"At the end of August, physiotherapy services provided to frail elderly in retirement and long-term care homes and in the community — simply to keep them mobile and active — were delisted from OHIP to save $67 million a year."
And this is where Premier Wynne thinks she should start chopping?

I thought the Liberals were supposed to be the "healthcare" party.

21 October 2013


"Where does it say in the Constitution that the government can steal from me and give it to somebody else? It doesn’t, which mean MY rights are now being trampled."
"This is a bit more 'compassionate' than my position. If they can’t work, help them. If they won’t work, f&ck them."
(via SDA)

19 October 2013

Taking a page from the...

...First Nations playbook...
"When organizers thanked the OPP for their understanding and patience at their act of civil disobedience, the crowd responded with warm applause."
Is taking advantage of the erosion of lawful civil authority a good thing?

It'll be interesting to see where this sort of thing takes us.


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...the silly farmers didn't bring high-powered weapons...
This isn’t a conspiracy theory; it’s the explicit strategy outlined in the Rockefeller Brothers Fund “Tar Sands Campaign” planning document, written in 2008. It’s white foreign money. With a splash of Canadian Indians for colour.
always a widescreen tv
That’s not a new tactic. But adding in violent Oka-style warriors from Idle No More is new. It’s not just adding Indian bona fides; it’s adding Indian machine guns. That’s why the eco-terrorists in New Brunswick were Indian.

Every environmentalist in Canada should be condemning the rioters.
It's so weird... they can reject the oil & gas industry, but I don't see anyone trading in their ATVs or F150s for ponies and travois.


LAST WORD: Meet the protestors

Ever wonder why these folks can show up to riot any time of day or night?
halls of macadamia/It gets better...
"For instance, where a family of four in the rest of New Brunswick receives $908 a month, a family of similar size on a reserve receives $1,262, or about $300 more."
Hey... guns & ammo... never mind explosives... they don't just grow on trees.

16 October 2013

Talking in code is so tiring

C'mon, go ahead & say it... St Jamestown.
bad evil guns
Police say the victim was found with three gunshot wounds outside a highrise apartment building (at Wellesley and Parliament Street) around 10 p.m.
Geez, I thought Mayor Moonbeam had solved that problem before he moved on to greener pastures...
"Nobody can deny that hobby directly results in people being shot and killed on the streets of our city," Miller said of sport shooting yesterday, amid debate on a possible gun bylaw.
But, but, but... he shut down all those gun ranges years ago. Where are all those nasty bullets coming from?


UPDATE: Vicscious immigrant thug Angus McTartan...

...wait a minute, correction just arriving...
Kimani Clarke, 18, is wanted for two counts of attempted murder and one count each of discharging a firearm to endanger life, aggravated assault, unauthorized possession of a firearm, knowingly possessing an unauthorized firearm and careless use of a firearm.

He is described as black, 6-foot-2, 180 pounds and with short black hair.
Don't you worry, Angus... your day will come.

15 October 2013

13 October 2013

A breath of fresh air. Less cheerleading...

...more actual reporting...
"In this case, the [Canadian] government – one that Mr. Greyson and Mr. Loubani viscerally despise – applied the heat at the highest level. Foreign Minister John Baird even met with his Egyptian counterpart. These two should kiss Mr. Baird’s feet. But I wouldn’t hold my breath."
Here's a newsflash for John Greyson.

Come the new Caliphate, I can simply grow my beard a little longer and learn a smidge of Arabic. Unfortunately for you, sir... a 60 second Google search by our new fundamentalist overlords and you will very likely find yourself left dangling from the nearest streetlight. No amount of marching & sloganeering will override the Will of Allah.

You get that, right?

"anonymouse squeaks... You do realize that Baird is gay."
And you, my shallow troll buddy, do realise that I give not a feather what Mr. Baird or anyone else does with their genitalia in private with another consenting adult?

The real problem with the radical gay movement is their insistence in shoving their too often old, wrinkley genitalia into the forefront of any public activity. You define yourself primarily by your genitalia... inevitably, you end up just being a big tiresome dick.

12 October 2013

Rules are for the little people

It seems David Suzuki has expensive tastes for someone who wants to shut down the carbon economy within a generation. His primary residence is valued at around $8,200,000.00.

Suzuki owns four properties in some very exclusive areas. One of his properties includes part of an island he shares with an oil company, among others.
And yet Suzuki still manages to present himself as a humble little eco-David battling deep-pocketed Corporate Goliath. The one time advocate of zero population growth... who left his first family and started another.

How does he get away with it. I call it "Velvet Touch" syndrome.


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-- OTTAWA -- CBC used taxpayers' money to gain access to a movie premier for a film they co-produced and owned the rights to, documents show.

The offer presented to CBC required an investment ranging from $10,000 for two tickets to $100,000 to sponsor the head table. CBC refused to release the amount they paid to the foundation but the contract shows they purchased a table of 10 plus two single tickets.

The agreement, costing taxpayers somewhere between the quoted prices of $35,000 and $110,000, also called for Suzuki to be granted interviews on CBC shows to profile his life and his film.
I guess that's show-biz.


LAST WORD: Still not convinced?

Watch the video.

11 October 2013

I blame Mike Harris

Yet again, wasteful, eco-terrorist neocon greedheads... wait a minute...
everyone's a wynner
Miller’s annual report also slammed the Liberals for gutting the ministry through budget cuts and regulatory changes that weaken important safeguards for provincial parks, species at risk and hunting.

Cuts to regulations, staff and programs at the ministry are “short-sighted and regressive” and pose significant ecological risks, he said. It could have “disastrous results” for Ontario’s natural heritage and disrupt the way of life in the north.

“We’re talking about handing over this land to third parties over which we have no control,” Miller said. “So it’s profound change on the highest level.”
But, but, but... they're the ecology party... I saw it in all their commercials. Dalton promised.

10 October 2013

Well, I'm betting somebody got rich

Robbing banks is for dimbulb, troglodyte thugs... meet the American cousin of Canada's "Long Gun Registry."

Remember, there's gold in them thar hills.


UPDATE: Hope, change and... OMG!!!
On Oct. 4, the debt held by the public — not including Social Security and Medicare — had risen 89.3 percent since Mr. Obama took office, according to FactCheck.org, a nonprofit project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania.

“At that rate, the debt owed to the public will more than double during the Obama presidency,” FactCheck said in its quarterly statistical report on Mr. Obama’s tenure in office.

Mr. Obama said he won’t talk about long-term budget issues until Republicans agree to reopen the government and raise the debt limit without conditions.
Move over Greece.

09 October 2013

Dalton McGuinty will be remembered as...

...the Green premier... you know, the guy who gave all that taxpayer green to his friends.
here we go againWhy all the sad faces?

The good news here is that somebody walks away with a billion dollar windfall.
"When Mr. McGuinty pulled the plug on the Oakville plant in the fall of 2010, Auditor-General Bonnie Lysyk found, the Liberals did not take advantage of contract provisions that protected the province from having to compensate TransCanada Corp., the energy giant given the job of building it. Instead, Mr. McGuinty’s aides assured TransCanada it would receive the entire value of the contract."

"Under the contract, the government had no legal obligation to compensate TransCanada for lost profits in the event that the company could not complete the project."

“'It may well have been possible for the OPA to wait it out, with no penalty and at no cost,' Ms. Lysyk says in her report."
Couldn't have that, could we.

What, you think it's coincidental that three-time Premier McSlippery packed his bags and ran off to a teaching job south of the border... not at the end of his elected term... but just before this story started gaining media traction?


"I would like to NOT BUILD some powerplants for the Ontario government too - being inexperienced I will start with a couple small ones, say $10 million each, and work my way up."
Count me in.

08 October 2013

Where, oh where would we be...

...without "community organisers" and "society columnists"...
"Lobbying for the release of extremist activists may be noble. It may even be just. But it’s not reporting. It’s cheerleading."

"And 99% of Canada’s media did that. And they told the one guy who wasn’t to fuck off."
Go Ezra.


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Not sure what particular scientific discipline the Kuwaitis will be pursuing, but... dollar for dollar, you can't beat the old "throw 'em in the river and see if they float" test.

Students will, instead, be issued a...

...daily allotment of medical marijuana and encouraged to assemble in small, easily managed groups to embroider flowery handkerchiefs and sing heartwarming show tunes.


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We will fight them on the, uh... beachwear...
out, out damn spotClick on picture above for the story.

More at jesusandmo.net

07 October 2013

As McSlippery as the last guy

In Liberal-run Ontario... everybody is a "Wynner"...
The large salaries and bonuses drawn down by 2015 Pan Am Games executives were necessary to win the major sporting event, Premier Kathleen Wynne says.
How large, you ask?
Games CEO Ian Troop pulls a $390,000 base salary but could see that figure topped by a $780,000 bonus if he completes his term and meets budget and timeline targets.
Yes, that's right... the already obscene salaries get tripled by the bonus.

Just something to consider as tax time rolls around once again.


UPDATE: Here comes the other shoe
"That little shmoozefest will cost Ontario/Toronto taxpayers at least $500,000, if not much more, I learned Monday."
Don't blame me, I didn't vote for them.

If you looked in Justin Trudeau's closet...

...how many Che Guevara t-shirts you think you'd find...
all that commie hero worship**********

"Brings to mind the Occupy idiocy where all those basement-dwellers were running around wearing Guy Fawkes masks. Guy Fawkes... The loser who couldn't carry out his assignment and ended up offing himself before he was publically executed. A failure. Actually, when you think of it, he's a perfect fit."

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...find a sad little poseur...
lefties are so coolYou've gotta love the irony... turning a devout Marxist into a capitalist commodity... "the face that launched a thousand T-shirts."

Buy two and save!!!


P.S. -- Speaking of commie ass-kissers
"If Joe Strummer makes Ray Charles look like Tim Tebow, then Bob Geldolf makes Joe Strummer look like Jonas Salk."

05 October 2013

Idiots, explosives and falling anvils

"The clip would be hilarious if it wasn’t a tragic reflection of how dumbed down and ignorant of basic facts Americans have become in the modern era. Given that a substantial percentage of them don’t even know that Obama is a Democrat, how could they possibly hope to understand things like Obamacare or the government shut down?"
The scary, scary truth about the great unwashed.

I dunno... maybe something in the water?

Canada's national broadcaster nails it yet again... just what exactly is it about compassionate, intellectual Toron... wait a minute...
is it something in the water?
"Prosecutor Matt Miazga said George was shot five times in ten seconds with a .22 calibre Smith and Wesson handgun. He managed to make it across the street before collapsing. He died later in hospital."
And what about that Hogtown hell-raiser?
"Defense lawyer Nick Stooshinoff said that Noor, 24, is originally from Somalia and moved to Toronto as a youth. He says that Noor was out that night partying and did not intend to kill Macdonald George.

FROM THE COMMENTS: CBC misses the real story

Whaddaya have to do in the Great White North to actually be charged with murder?
first four shots are deductible
"shot FIVE times...yet that is manslaughter???"
Apparently those Torontonians are a passionate people.

04 October 2013

Once again, not surprisingly ...

...the real story is in the comments...
Charles Schumer, "We must do more to keep these violent CARS out of the hands of criminals."

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...if only we had listened to the President...
"Washington Post columnist Petula Dvorak uses her piece today to implicitly make the case that Obamacare and gun control might have been able to prevent yesterday's police shooting and last month's Navy Yard shooting."
Yes... of course it would have.

02 October 2013

The Pablo Escobar of broken promises

From the folks who brought you... "Never let a crisis go to waste"...
how low can he go
"Honor Flights, which bring WWII veterans to the nation’s memorials, are planned a year in advance and cost anywhere between $80,000 to $100,000."

"How low can you get with playing politics over our nation’s veterans?"
(via SDA)


FROM THE COMMENTS: Hope, change & obfuscation
"If only a government shutdown led to Obama’s mouth being wired shut."