30 April 2019

I'm from the government...

...I'm here to save you...
"If ever we needed proof of the expression that 'guns don’t kill people, people kill people' look no further than Britain, where families may have to start practicing cutting their steak and bread at dinner with a spoon."
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This is, of course, because Britain's politicians have now made the absurdly ridiculous move to call for the banning of what Reason magazine called "the most useful tool ever invented" - the knife.

It all sounds all so familiar, doesn't it? And yet so utterly pointless.

If British authorities have been unable to block criminals' access to firearms—mechanical devices that require some basic mechanical skill to manufacture, or at least a 3D printer—how are they going to cut off the flow of knives, which require nothing more than a piece of hard material that can take an edge?


Toronto's infamous "cloak of invisibility" shooters strike again...
A man has died of his injuries nearly two days after he was shot multiple times outside a Scarborough residence, Toronto police say.

The victim has not yet been identified by police. Investigators are still working to identify a suspect.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, over at "Not the CBC"...
Early Tuesday morning, Toronto police confirmed that the victim died in hospital Monday. He has since been identified as Lawrence Taylor Gannon.

The suspect is described as a man in his mid-20s, with dark brown skin. He has a thin build, stands five-foot-eleven and was clean shaven.
Toronto’s 20th homicide of 2019.

29 April 2019

Say what you will about Maxime Bernier...

...he isn't snatching up Nigerians from the local Tim Hortons and demanding a ransom...insert alt text here
International media reports cite a military spokesman saying a Canadian and a Scottish oil worker were kidnapped off a rig in the Niger Delta on Saturday.

Kidnapping for ransom is common in Nigeria and foreign workers are often targets.

Register violent gangbanger assholes...

...not guns...most wanted
Toronto - "Two men were shot and another stabbed in separate incidents of violence across the city overnight."
That's so weird... just about everybody in this neck of the woods has a firearm for hunting, or keeping coyotes off the livestock... but not one of them thought to shoot at another human being over the weekend.

And what's with Mayor John Tory and his "pretty little lies"...
"While pushing the idea — one that has the support of City Council and the Trudeau government — Tory has repeatedly and quite wrongly claimed about 50% of firearms taken off the streets by cops were purchased legally in Canada."
Responsible leadership doesn’t include wasting time and money on yhings that demonstrably don’t work, just for politically popular optics.

28 April 2019

27 April 2019

Uber-Woke Millennial figurehead...

...vows to give up automobiles, hot & cold running water, commercial air travel, computers, cellphones, etc, etc...insert alt text hereWait a minute... wasn't Jesus a carpenter?insert alt text here**********

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...stopped by good man with a gun...insert alt text here
As the shooter fled, an off-duty Border Patrol agent inside the synagogue opened fire, missing him but striking his getaway vehicle.

LAST WORD: If only those darned criminals would start...

...obeying the law...
"On December 9, 2018, Breitbart News reported that California firearm homicides were up 18 percent 2014-2016, despite the passage of gun control after gun control law."

26 April 2019

Diversity is our streng...

...sweet baby jebus...

BREAKING: Officer convicted of murder...
Mohamed Noor, a former Somalian refugee, shot Justine Ruszczyk Damond as she approached his patrol car to report a possible rape behind her Minneapolis home on 15 July 2017. He was handcuffed and taken into custody immediately upon being convicted by a jury on Tuesday of third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.

Noor said he believed there was an imminent threat after he heard a loud bang and saw Ms Damond with her right arm raised. Prosecutors questioned whether the loud bang was real, pointing out that neither Noor nor his partner initially mentioned anything at the scene about hearing such a noise.

Ms Damond's fingerprints were not found on the squad car.
insert alt text here
A former Minneapolis police officer, Mohamed Noor, on trial in the fatal shooting of an unarmed woman testified Thursday that he saw fear in his partner’s eyes, then saw a woman in a pink shirt with blond hair appear at the partner’s window and raise her right arm before he fired his gun “to stop the threat.

Justine Ruszczyk Damond, had called 911 minutes earlier to report a possible sexual assault behind her home, and was shot as she approached Noor’s squad car after he and his partner had rolled down her alley looking for evidence of a woman in distress.
Hmmm... kind of sounds to me like they found her.
Noor refused to talk to investigators after the July 2017 shooting.
One last note... the officers were wearing body-cams, but they were both turned off.


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"Noor, who joined the Minneapolis Police in March 2015, has reportedly had three complaints made against him in two years - including a lawsuit. Two are from 2017 and one from 2016 is closed and marked 'not to be made public'."

Vacation List Update:

Well... there goes the UK...insert alt text here
Violent crime across England and Wales has risen by one fifth in one year, the latest figures show. The new Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures show that in the year ending December 2018 violent crime rose by almost a fifth — 19 percent.

The latest statistics follow London-only figures from early April which claimed an average of 40 knife related incidents in the city every day, and a fatal stabbing every four days.

Toronto Police have laid a first-degree murder charge against Adil Zeno, 21, of Toronto, in connection with the 2016 killing of Faysal Mohamed Hees in Etobicoke.

They have also issued a warrant for the arrest of Monique Ibrahim, 24.

LAST WORD: Toronto gangbangers spread their wings...
WATERLOO REGION — The shooting death of 58-year-old Helen Schaller was not targeted but was a "heinous" crime of violence, Bryan Larkin, Waterloo Region's police chief said Friday.

Larkin said the shooting is related to street gangs that operate in the Toronto area.

Schaller's death is the second homicide in the region. In January, Kurt McKechnie, 56, was shot in a targeted attack at a housing complex in Cambridge.
If only there was a law.

25 April 2019

Not just a feminist...

...he's an "Eco-Warrior" too...insert alt text here
Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte threatened to “declare war” on Canada, claiming he would personally sail across the Pacific and dump tons of trash onto the nation if Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did not agree to take back the garbage it had sent to the island nation.

Canada shipped over 100 containers of unrecyclable household trash to the Philippines in 2013 and 2014, claiming it to be recyclable plastics. Philippine authorities were outraged to discover upon opening them that they contained trash.
In other "Justin's Questionable Friends" news...

The Usual Susp... well, you know...

Surprise, surprise... not the folks with the legal, registered firearms... again...most wanted
After the killing of a 17-year-old, Winston Poyser, now 26, was arrested for first-degree murder. He told police he was present, but it was twin brothers Shakiyl and Lenneil Shaw and Mohamed Ali-Nur who were responsible for shooting Jarryl Hagley inside the pizza outlet in the Weston Road and Lawrence Avenue West.
And another one...
A Toronto man, Simeon Harty, convicted of the unprovoked fatal shooting of Kevin Gidden, a young man a judge described as “quiet, happy and loving” was sent to prison for life Thursday with no parole eligibility for 14 years.
You know the drill... diversity... strength...
A 75-year-old man, Shou Quan Chen, then 70, charged in the 2014 death of a woman beaten to death in a park near the Wallace-Emerson Community Centre has been found guilty of second-degree murder.

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The shooting is the latest in a string of mob-related crimes in the Hamilton area over the past few years. Angelo Musitano, Pat’s younger brother, was shot and killed while sitting in a pickup truck in the driveway of his family home on Chesapeake Dr. on May 2, 2017.

Earlier this year, 43-year-old Cece Luppino was found dead inside a Mountain Brow Blvd. home that belonged to his father, Rocco.
Does anyone believe Justin's shiny new gun laws are gonna change these folks behaviour?

24 April 2019

Ask a Danish-Iranian

insert alt text here
Journalist friends have urged Jaleh Tavakoli to remain quiet if she manages to overcome this ordeal with her family intact. She refuses. “Where is their sense of justice? If I’m going to be quiet then I could just go back to Iran and live."

TRIP DOWN MEMORY LANE:insert alt text here
"The reason that ISIS exists is the same reason that Syria can’t be fixed. ISIS didn’t get so big because Muslims are angry about our foreign policy. It got huge because Sunni Muslims hate Shiite Muslims."

I'm so old, I remember when...

...we still had the right to free speech...insert alt text here
A Kentucky food truck is selling a T-shirt that says "I support LGBTQ -- liberty, guns, Bible, Trump, BBQ." Jamie Smith, owner of Belle's Smokin' BBQ, drew criticism after he posted a photo of the T-shirt on social media.

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Some historians and advocates attending today's unveiling raised concerns about the message behind the new loonie, saying it mistakenly suggests equality has been achieved and largely as a result of the federal government's actions.

The mint "could have consulted people who have knowledge of this history but they didn't," said York University historian Tom Hooper, adding he hopes the agency will do so in the future.

23 April 2019

Justin's "most admired" government

When I was last in Canada — in Ottawa, a few months ago — I was pretty dismayed at the extent of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) influence in the federal Parliament. I should probably not say any more to stay on the right side of the libel laws.
Need a more concrete example?

How about another?
A Texas cancer treatment center routinely ranked among America's best ousted three of five scientists suspected by federal authorities of working with China to steal research.

"If it only saves one life..."

insert alt text here
Local 10 reports that 29-year-old Lamar Thurman 'allegedly' climbed into a car parked outside a home with its engine running and drove off. The young boy was sitting in the car. The father, who was inside the home, came running out and pursued the car in another vehicle.

Thurman 'allegedly' crashed during the pursuit but tried to take off again as the father and others were working to rescue the boy. The father then opened fire, shooting Thurman numerous times.
Police say they have charged J'vonne Montague, 20, of Toronto, with a list of weapons offences in connecting with a shooting last week that left an 18-year-old woman with critical injuries.

LAST WORD: Terrorists get bail?
Kingston, ON - "Youth charged with terrorism rearrested for breaching release conditions".

Your money...

...their friends...insert alt text here
The $133 million writeoff by the CRA was approved by CRA Commissioner Bob Hamilton in the same period that saw a March 2018 writeoff of a government bailout loan to the now-bankrupt Chrysler corporation.

That writeoff was approved by Finance Minister Bill Morneau and never announced, though CBC News later confirmed that the defunct Chrysler was the firm involved.

22 April 2019

Would the last sane person...

...leaving the UK, please remember to bring the Union Jack...insert alt text here*********

RELATED: In other "social justice" news...
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has been radio silent on social media about the horrifying Easter day Islamic terrorist attacks on Christians in Sri Lanka which left over 310 people dead and hundreds more injured.

Coming soon...

...to a neighbourhood near you...insert alt text here
Some Sri Lankan security officials knew that a possible terror attack was brewing at least 10 days before a series of coordinated bombings killed hundreds in the country’s churches and hotels Easter Sunday.

UPDATE: And yet again... surprise, surprise...insert alt text here...the usual mass-murdering suspects...
"Authorities have blamed the Sri Lankan Muslim group National Thowfeek Jamaath."

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Obama, Clinton, and other Democrats — including 2020 presidential contender Juli├ín Castro — could not bring themselves to identify the victims of the attacks as “Christians,” calling them “Easter worshippers” instead in eerily similar responses.

21 April 2019

Oakwood Village, that...

...sounds so familiar...toronto's most wantedYet another victim of Toronto's infamous "cloak of invisibility" shooters.
Toronto police received multiple reports a man, Jermaine Gerard Skeete, 34, had been shot near Vaughan Road and Glenora Road around 2:50 a.m. He was rushed to hospital without vital signs, but died of his injuries.

Toronto Police homicide detectives — who have taken over the case — may be running into a wall of silence.

This is the city’s 19th homicide of 2019.
Oakwood, Oakwood... where have I heard that before? Oh, yeah... here and here and here.

We left Toronto the Good in 2001... and I'm never going back.insert alt text here
"The only cocktails we encounter here... are either fruit or vegetable."

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"Woman allegedly cuts off man’s penis before jumping from Toronto apartment building."

20 April 2019

Remember back, you were a kid...

...the constant stream of human traffickers and rapists in the news every day?

Yeah... me neither...
(Ottawa) –The Ottawa Police Service Human Trafficking Unit has charged Juteah Preston DOWNEY, also known as “Lord DOWNEY” or “Preston”, 41 years of age of Ottawa with various human trafficking charges stemming from a lengthy investigation.
It seems there's a never-ending parade...
(Toronto) An Uber driver, Taneem Aziz, 36, has been charged with two counts of sexual assault following separate incidents.

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Smollett Syndrome

Who's afraid of the Chicago PD?
"A mob of teenagers numbering in the hundreds flooded downtown Chicago on Thursday, attacking people, stealing from stores, and erupting in fistfights."


The "cloak of invisibility" shooters strike again...
Toronto police are trying to determine the location of a shooting after a gunshot victim walked into a local hospital seeking treatment. Police initially said her injuries were serious but paramedics later confirmed that she is in life-threatening condition.

Police have not released any information on possible suspects.

19 April 2019

The capricious and inexplicable...

..."Will of..." well, you know...insert alt text here
Nusrat Jahan Rafi was doused with kerosene and set on fire at her school in Bangladesh. Less than two weeks earlier, she had filed a sexual harassment complaint against her headmaster.
Apparently, "snitches get burned like witches."
Nusrat, who was 19, was studying at a madrassa, or Islamic school. On 27 March, she said the headmaster called her into his office and repeatedly touched her in an inappropriate manner.
Let me repeat that... THEY SET HER ON FIRE.

Just another story you aren't gonna see on the CBC.


MEANWHILE BACK AT THE RANCH:insert alt text here
"If he quits beating his wife isn't that cultural appropriation on his part? He would be appropriating our non wife beating culture."

LAST WORD: Think it couldn't happen here?

THINK AGAIN...it's a mystery
" -- KINGSTON, Ont. -- May the devil shit on their graves,” Mohammad Shafia told his second wife, Tooba Mohammad Yahya, 20 days after the bodies of the couple’s three teenage daughters and Mr. Shafia’s first wife were recovered from a car in the water at the locks."
Remember, this killing spree took place in Kingston, Ontario... where the "social justice warriors" are still busy vilifying Sir John A. MacDonald. Like this guy...
The Office of the Prime Minister and the Privy Council was known as Langevin Block until Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had it changed.
And don't fool yourself folks, the Canadian media are complicit in sweeping this stuff under the rug...
To quote (and I wrote it down, so I wouldn't screw it up) talking-head Lloyd Robertson... "Her neck was compressed, to the point she couldn't breathe."

18 April 2019

Forget about Andrew Sheep

People’s Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier was in Brandon on Wednesday for an evening rally at Victoria Inn.
And while we're talking out west...
And that, really, is the main reason why Kenney swept the much-admired Notley from power: Resentment.

Resentment about Trudeau, resentment towards Canada’s perceived indifference towards Alberta’s plight.

17 April 2019

16 April 2019

Wife Beating for Dummies

In the guide he says: “The Prophet Muhammad… Look how merciful Islam is.

The Prophet forbade striking the face. He forbade men from beating their wives on the face. Slapping the face, hitting the head, punching the nose – all of this is prohibited.

The beating is for discipline.”


Weekend at Bernies: Hamilton Edition...
In a news release, Hamilton police said the 17-year-old victim, Abdulla Hassan, “sustained injuries inconsistent with a motor vehicle collision.

“Investigators believe this was a targeted incident and the public is not at risk.”

The three suspects in custody are expected to be charged with first-degree murder.
Who runs around with a dead body in a car? Were they taking Abdulla to a party?

Smell the "professional journalism"...

Citypulse News in Toronto decides not to identify armed drug dealers, because, well... I can only speculate...
Investigators say that along with the guns and ammunition, they also found large quantities of cocaine and fentanyl. They say two 28-year-old men -- one from Toronto and the other from London -- are facing a combined total of 45 charges.
Well, we wouldn't want to hurt anybody's feelings... right?

Relax, guys... I got ya...
On Sunday, April 14, 2019, Heysham Baity, 28, of Toronto was arrested. He is charged with:

1. three counts of Careless Storage of a Firearm
2. three counts of Possess Loaded Firearm
3. three counts of Possess Restricted or Prohibited Firearm without holding a license and registration Certificate
4. three counts of Possess Restricted or Prohibited Firearm knowingly not holding a license and registration Certificate
5. two counts of Possess Firearm with Altered Serial Number
6. three counts of Careless Storage of Ammunition
7. Possess Prohibited Device
8. Possession of Property Obtained by Crime Over
9. Obstruct Police Officer
10. two counts of Possess Firearm While Prohibited
13. Possession of Schedule I Substance for the Purpose of Trafficking (Cocaine)
14. Possession of Schedule I Substance for the Purpose of Trafficking (Cocaine)
15. Possession of Schedule I Substance for the Purpose of Trafficking (Fentynal)

On Sunday, April 14, 2019, Dominique Mossel, 28, of London has been charged with:

1. two counts of Careless Storage of a Firearm
2. two counts of Possess Loaded Firearm
3. two counts of Possess Restricted or Prohibited Firearm without holding a license and registration Certificate
4. two counts of Possess Restricted or Prohibited Firearm knowingly not holding a license and registration Certificate
5. two counts of Possess Firearm with Altered Serial Number
6. two counts of Careless Storage of Ammunition
7. Possess Prohibited Device
8. Possession of Property Obtained by Crime Over
9. Obstruct Police Officer
10. two counts of Possess Firearm While Prohibited
11. two counts of Possession of Schedule I Substance for the Purpose of Trafficking (Cocaine)
12. Possession of Schedule I Substance for the Purpose of Trafficking (Fentynal)

Both men are scheduled to appear in court at Old City Hall Courts on Monday, April 15, 2019.

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A 77-year-old man, Wilfred Kent Truman is dead after he was attacked at his home in Toronto’s northwest end. A man with the same last name as the victim was arrested Monday evening.

Kyle Truman, 49, of Toronto, has been charged with first-degree murder.
Funny how that works.

15 April 2019

From the folks who brought you...

...Emperor Barack Obama...insert alt text here
"Chicago is most corrupt big city, Illinois third most corrupt state in country, study finds."
Hmmm... isn't Chicago a "Sanctuary City?"
My first thought was “perfect! This is Alinsky in action: make them live by their own rules.”
"In sanctuary cities, it would be a matter of getting what you asked for!"
There you go... win-win.


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Sadiq Khan's London

Winston... we have a problem...insert alt text hereMeet Isaac Donkoh, drill music artist...
In addition, the 22-year-old reportedly caused “serious injury” to the victim’s feet, scalding them in the process of a failed attempt to pour boiling water on his head, before eventually allowing the teenager to escape once he made a phone call to his parents, in order to secure a £1,500 ransom fee.

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"The homicide rate involving knives was an average of one knife-related death every four days."

14 April 2019

Express yourself

insert alt text hereA custom license plate generator.


RELATED: Meanwhile, just down the road...
This is the nut of equalization: There is no conceivable way that Alberta will ever be devastated enough to qualify for payments; and there is no conceivable way Quebec will ever be well-off enough to pay in. It is a rigged system. Just another scam.

UCP Leader Jason Kenney has already announced that, if elected, he will hold a referendum to change equalization and I suspect he could win on that issue alone.

That is just the beginning though. Canada should consider itself on notice. Albertans have had enough.

Diversity is our streng...

...sweet baby jebus...

UPDATE: Another foreign affairs policy coup...
India has gone from annoyed to furious with Trudeau after he ordered the removal of the term “Sikh extremism” from an intelligence report on terrorism.

insert alt text here
Trudeau walks in parade after government removes reference to Sikh extremism.

His morning speech came just hours after the federal government agreed to remove a reference to Sikh extremism from a report on terrorism.

The language was changed late Friday to remove any mention of religion, instead discussing the threat posed by "extremists who support violent means to establish an independent state within India."
Pander doesn't even begin to describe Pierre-lite.


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Old-fashioned Liberal politics... buying the vote...insert alt text here
As day-after condemnation of the billionaire-bailout rang out in the House of Commons, government flacks must have realized they had made a huge mistake, particularly given the recipient of taxpayer largesse had been found guilty of price-fixing bread just last year.
Oh yeah... those millions of dollars of fridges are coming from China.

You can lay serious money on that

"It seems to indicate though that a ban would result in a political backlash."insert alt text here
“A wide range of approaches and ideas were discussed, which suggests that a multifaceted approach is needed to address this issue rather than implementing a ban in isolation”.
Translation: He could do it... but he won't have a single, solitary rural MP left in the whole freakin' country.


RELATED: Make 'em SUPER DOUBLE ILLEGAL!!!most wanted
Singer Stevie Wonder stressed his belief that “we must have stronger gun laws” when he spoke at the memorial service for Nipsey Hussle on Thursday. He did not mention that the shooting death of Hussle took place in California, a state which arguably has the most stringent gun controls in the U.S.
What part of "criminals don't obey laws" do these knuckleheads not understand?

How does taking away my legal registered firearms stop inner city gangbangers from killing people?



If only there was a law prohibiting car-to-car gunfights...
"Witnesses reported seeing two vehicles travelling at a high rate of speed near Islington Avenue and Poplar Heights Drive when a passenger in one of those vehicles began firing at the other vehicle, Toronto Police said."

13 April 2019

12 April 2019

Now we're policing fairy tales?

Plus, I thought the Ugly Duckling was the hero of this narrative...insert alt text here
The UK grocery store Waitrose has reportedly apologized and repackaged its Easter chocolate duckling trio in response to claims that the supermarket’s decision to name the darkest chocolate duck “Ugly” was racist.

The name for the darkest duckling was a reference to the Hans Christian Andersen fairytale "The Ugly Duckling" in which a bullied young duckling feels out of place before developing into a beautiful swan.
More politically correct argle-bargle from the folks who can't have a funeral without a firefight...
Nipsey Hussle‘s funeral procession was marred by more “senseless violence” on Thursday night, with one person being shot to death and three others wounded, according to cops.

“Victims are 3 Male Blacks and 1 Female Black – ages from 30-50 years old,” Moore said. “Tragically one is deceased.”

From the folks who brought you...

...melamine in baby formula...insert alt text here
"For the first time, scientists have used gene-editing techniques to make monkey brains more humanlike."

RELATED: Paging Dr Frankenstein...
The video’s cheerleading tone mimics the infomercials used to promote stem cell clinics, several of which have recently gotten into hot water with federal regulators. Clinicians at elite medical facilities are lining their pockets by providing expensive placebos.

With more than 700 stem cell clinics in operation, the FDA is first targeting those posing the biggest threat, such as doctors who inject stem cells directly into the eye or brain.

11 April 2019

Local media, uncharacteristically...

...manage to up their reporting game...insert alt text here
It was around 7:10 p.m. when Rae Cora Carrington, 51, of Toronto, was stabbed multiple times at the Fast Fresh Foods lunch counter where she worked in the food court at Commerce Court in the King and Bay Sts. area.
Surprisingly, Toronto media is somehow able, for once, to come up with an actual physical description...
The male suspect is described as white, 20-30 years, about 5-foot-8 with a medium build, dark hair and facial hair.
Quite a change from Toronto's "cloak of invisibility" shooters.


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If we pursue our policy of regulating crime by strictly regulating gun availability to the general public we can reasonably expect that .0023% of our efforts will affect guns used in homicide and 99.997% of our effort will be wasted.
Because going after the guys pulling the triggers is... RACIST.

Let's pretend Bill C-71 is about...

...murdered women... and not about horrific, pervasive Aboriginal addiction, neglect & family violence...toronto's most wanted
"It's very clear that gun violence is a serious issue for women," Irvin Waller, a victims advocate, told the committee. "If you look at Indigenous women, the homicide rate per capita is about four Indigenous women to one non-Indigenous woman, so there is a serious issue there that has to be included."
Aboriginal women & children are dying... so let's take away whitey's guns...
"The rate of deaths from injuries is 3 to 4 times higher for Aboriginal children than for other children in Canada."
Source: Government of Canada
Let's hear how many aboriginal women & children are killed by legal, registered firearms... and we have those numbers.


RELATED: Back at the Gray Bar Motel...
Sapers pointed to statistics that show the total number of people incarcerated in federal institutions went down by 12 per cent between 1996 and 2004. But the number of native inmates increased 21 percent in the same period.

The figures were even more dramatic for native women, whose numbers rose by a startling 74 percent.

LAST WORD: Not a peep about inner-city gangbangers...

most wanted
Toronto police have arrested two men and are searching for two more suspects following a daylight gunfight Tuesday morning. Police said they responded to a call at approximately 11:15 a.m. for a shooting in the Jane St. and Queens Dr. area, south of Highway 400.
The usual suspects.

Well, well, well, if it isn't the...

...consequences of my own actions...
Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange has been arrested at the Ecuadorian embassy in London. At Westminster Magistrates' Court on Thursday he was found guilty of failing to surrender to the court.

He now faces US federal conspiracy charges related to one of the largest ever leaks of government secrets.

10 April 2019

On the plus side of things...

..it makes you smarter and better looking...insert alt text here
Statistics Canada says people who have bought legal marijuana have paid an average of $9.99 a gram, while those purchasing from illegal sources have paid an average of $6.37 a gram.

That's a gap of almost 57 percent.

Some people who did something...

...doesn't quite cover it...insert alt text here
When speaking about the the deadliest terrorist attack in U.S. history, which killed approximately 3,000 American citizens, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) described the attacks as "some people who did something."

"CAIR was founded after 9/11 because they recognized that some people did something, and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties."
No real surprise, I guess...insert alt text here
The district represented by Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has seen more men and boys attempt to join foreign terrorist organizations over the last 12 years than any other district in the United States.

That's one crazy-ass lookin'...

...white supremacist...
toronto's most wantedHamilton police have released photos of a man they describe as a person of interest in connection with an east-end shooting at an after-hours party last summer that killed Toronto teen Natshon Defreitas.
Bonus round...
What draconian gun legislation is gonna stop 18 year old Jae Quonne Hamilton?
Meanwhile in some alternate reality...most wanted
REGINA — Canada’s Minister for Public Safety Ralph Goodale says right-wing, white supremacists and neo-Nazi groups are an increasing concern and threat to Canadians.
Sorry, Ralph... it isn't "Canadian Nazis" who are pulling all those triggers.