31 December 2016

And about time, too!!!

The Rwanda Football Federation is taking steps to put an end to what some believe is witchcraft working its way into soccer matches. New rules have been put in place to punish clubs, managers and/or players adjudged to engage in the practice.

Coaches and players and can face steep fines and bans if found guilty of using witchcraft, per the Rwanda New Times. If a team is found guilty, they face a three-point deduction and a fine of 500,000 Rwandan Francs, or about $600.

UPDATE: Maybe he didn't deserve that yellow card after all
Upon further review, it appears Camara was actually trying to reverse apparent witchcraft performed by the goalkeeper. This extended video shows Camara actually removed, not placed, an object near the goalpost.

The CBC (almost, but not quite) News

Toronto police have arrested three men after a shooting in the east end left a man in his 30s in critical condition early Saturday. The age of the suspects (or any other information for that matter: edit mine) was not available.
Wakunda, Wakunda... that sounds so familiar.


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Toronto police say they were called to the area of Scarlett Road and St. Clair Avenue West sometime before 3 a.m. The victim left a bar nearby and was shot by a suspect who emerged from the same bar, police said.
Alright... this time we got a location.


RELATED2: Smell the journalism
A 19-year-old man was stabbed and robbed of his personal belongings reportedly at a gathering in a home in the city’s Willlowdale neighbourhood on Sunday morning.

Police say they were called to a home on Holmes Avenue, south of Yonge Street and Finch Avenue West, sometime before 5:30 a.m. Investigators say they are searching for two male suspects.
Okay... ruling out half of the population here.

30 December 2016

And with that one statement...

"...Obama lost the diplomatic war with Russia..."insert alt text here
"Although we have the right to retaliate, we will not resort to irresponsible ‘kitchen’ diplomacy but will plan our further steps to restore Russian-US relations based on the policies of the Trump Administration."
Hussein Obama just got his ass handed to him.


RELATED: Where's the sanctuary city...

..for adolescent girls?
WICHITA, Kan. — A Mexican man accused of raping a 13-year-old girl on a Greyhound bus that travelled through Kansas had been deported 10 times and voluntarily removed from the U.S. another nine times since 2003.

29 December 2016

Codetalkers... again

A man was rushed to hospital after an apparent drive-by shooting in the northwestern part of the city on Wednesday night.
Specifically, please?
It happened just after 6:30 p.m. on Driftwood Ave., east of Jane St.
Sigh... of course it did.


RELATED: Round, round, get around...

...I get around...
Police are investigating after a man was shot in the King Street West and Spadina Avenue area before 3 a.m this morning.

No suspect information is available yet. Police said the victim's age is also not yet clear.
CBC News motto... "No news is good news."


RELATED: The west wants in...
Both suspects are described as indigenous, in their early twenties.
Just some payback for stealing their land, right?


LAST WORD: Violence is down, right?
Canada’s largest city has seen 69 homicides so far this year, a 25 per cent increase from 2015 and the highest number of homicides in Toronto since 2008.

The homicide unit currently has 18 unsolved murders from 2015, and this year, they are dealing with close to double that number.

28 December 2016


"Obama, with what will be nearly $8 trillion tacked on to the national debt, has added by far more to the U.S. debt than any president in history."
It gets better...
In total, the cost of the the first family’s personal or largely personal travel during the last eight years comes to $85 million.
That's a lot of golf.


This must be what it was like to be a Viking...not a flamethrower
"We’ll be honest: we read the included explanation many times, because we were absolutely convinced that this was going to be the straw that broke the camel’s back and sent us all to prison."
It gets better...insert alt text here
So you open up your bag of insane flaming onslaught, and read the hilariously brief instruction manual: Step nine is just a picture of a guy launching a jet of fire.

Rest assured, there were only two reactions possible, and they were either A) excited gibberish, or B) stunned, open-mouthed silence.

27 December 2016

Ancient culture, my ass

They want my tourist dollars, maybe China could do something about horkin' loogies all over the place too...
"The plan also promised a "toilet revolution", prompted by wide-spread complaints about toilet hygiene levels at China's tourist spots and said the country would aim to build or renovate as many as 100,000 public toilets over the period."
Back when I lived in the devil's armpit, (Toronto) I was sitting on a bench in a subway station and an oriental?, asian? male... (whatever the pc term is these days)... spat up a sizable nose oyster onto the floor right in front of us.

When I looked over at this guy in disgust & disbelief, his response was to put his foot on the green lump and wipe it around in a circle. Had I not been carrying my infant son at the time, I suspect this would have been a very different interaction.


In other "cultural" news
In 1974, Patricia Hearst, kidnap victim-cum-SLA revolutionary, posed next to the banner of her alleged captors, a seven-headed cobra. Each snake head stood for one of the SLA's revolutionary principles: Umoja, Kujichagulia, Ujima, Ujamaa, Nia, Kuumba and Imani -- the exact same seven "principles" of Kwanzaa.

On his way out the door...

...Hussein Obama trashes decades old relationship with the only democratic nation in the Middle East...
It’s an old story that the United Nations gangs up on Israel,” Dermer said. “What is new is that the United States did not stand up and oppose that gang up. And what is outrageous is that the United States was actually behind that gang up.”

When pressed by CNN host Don Lemon on what evidence Israel has, Dermer said, “We have clear evidence of it,” and added that his country would give that evidence to President-elect Donald Trump’s administration.

RELATED: Obama ignored bi-partisan dissent
Senior members of Congress and some in the Senate have openly called for defunding the United Nations in response to Friday’s vote, which allowed the anti-Israel resolution to pass.
What else will the departing Golf-Pro-in-Chief set on fire as he leaves the Whitehouse?

26 December 2016

From the media pornographers...

...who brought you ephemeral "Bosnian Snipers" and "Hillary Flu"...pantsuit on firePayback is a b!tch, Buttercup.


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...whose policies were roundly rejected by the electorate. Yessirree... a hard-hitting interview conducted by David Axelrod, Obama's friend and former employee.

Yup... we're really holding' this guy's feet to the fire.


RELATED: There ought to be a law
...wait a minute...
Over 40 people were shot, “11 fatally,” over the Christmas weekend in gun-controlled Chicago.
It's important to note, that even though Barack Obama used Chicago and it's corrupt political machine to springboard his community-organiser based political career... he will be retiring to a place that couldn't be any further away geographically.

No ChIraq for the Obama girls. Use it... then lose it.
Unlike, say... this guy.

That racist, homicidal Donald J...

...wait a minute...insert alt text here
Hussam Ayloush, whose Twitter bio lists him as a “Human rights and civil rights activist. Community organizer. Director of the Los Angeles chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). Son. Husband Father of 5,” tweeted Sunday morning, “I’m sad about the crashed Russian military jet. The TU-154 could have carried up to 180 military personnel instead of just 92!”

Last year, Ayloush said that the United States was “partially” responsible for the terrorist massacre in San Bernardino, California, which left 14 dead and dozens wounded.
Actually Hussam... I'm thinking it might have had something to do with the folks who put $28,500 in Syed Farook’s bank account, two weeks before he got his martyr on.

Where exactly are all these educated, westernised moderate Muslims the media keeps talking about?


RELATED: Our moral & intellectual superiors...
"Talk about self-hating. Meet the American Jews lining up to shout ‘Seig Heil’ and ‘Hail, Donald.’"
That's weird. The Daily Beast must've somehow missed the article above about CAIR. And they obviously don't give a crap about libel laws.

The Beast is also eulogising their latest "Hero." Lifelong drug abuse and a history of attendant vehicular mayhem... and the politics of blowing complete strangers in public bathrooms. Sure, he could sing... but c'mon.

Here's a more fitting and honest send-off...
"Of course, I tsk and tell myself that if I’d been born as beautiful and talented as George Michael that I would have been less, well, careless with my gifts."

25 December 2016

24 December 2016

23 December 2016

The capricious and unknowable...

..."Will of Buddha, er... Shiva, wait... Odin, no... uh, Jesus... oh, yeah... that guy, AGAIN..."
The plane was on an internal flight from Sebha to Tripoli and diverted by two hijackers in their mid 20s who claimed to have a hand grenade and threatened to blow up the plane. All passengers are believed to be Libyan.
Oh, relax, folks... the plane was simply "diverted."

Malta, Malta... that sounds so familiar...
The last major hijack incident in Malta took place in November 23, 1985 when an EgyptAir Boeing 737 plane was diverted to the island. What followed was a 24-hour nightmare that ended in a bloody massacre with 62 people dead.

RELATED: There is a spot of good news...anus
"The man killed was without a shadow of doubt Anis Amri," Italy's interior minister Marco Minniti told reporters.
I'm still waiting for Justin Trudeau to eulogise the poor dear.


UPDATE: The 72 Virgins Dating Service

Meet Officer Luca Scata who has only been a police officer for nine months.


UPDATE2: Libyan hijackers surrender
Over the years there have been several incidents that passengers have become accustomed to, which often go unreported. This includes planes being delayed because rival armed groups drive up the runway, or even temporarily board them if they have a particular demand or a personal axe to grind.

The capital's main airport was burned down during the 2014 rival militia clashes to control it.
Libya is no longer a nation-state... it's a terrorist base and should be treated as such.


UPDATE3: Those naughty Salafists
Police special forces arrested two young men in Duisburg, western Germany, on Friday morning, saying they planned to bomb a shopping centre. The 28-year-old and 31-year-old brothers, born in Kosovo, are suspected of planning the attack on the Centro shopping mall in Oberhausen.

LAST WORD: Those damned Presbyterians...

...wait a minute...
CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — Police in Australia have detained five men suspected of planning a series of Christmas Day bomb attacks in the heart of the country’s second-largest city, officials said Friday.
It's always busy at Allan's snackbar!

No left turn

The results of these decades of indoctrination was plainly visible in the college students of today, who are all so left-wing by default that they consider standard Marxism too old-fashioned and conservative.

That’s why Trump’s victory is so historically significant: It is a major paradigm shift in the arc of history that completely destroys the leftists’ long-term game plan, past, present and future.

22 December 2016


"Here is professor @mattlasner's deleted tweet regarding the harassment of Ivanka Trump and her children on JetBlue @Hunter_College"
fire them all
JetBlue kicked a Brooklyn lawyer and his college professor husband off a plane at JFK on Thursday morning — after he accosted fellow passenger and future first daughter Ivanka Trump and her family right before takeoff.

Your father is ruining the country!” Dan Goldstein shouted at Trump, as she sat with her husband, Jared Kushner, and their three kids in the coach section of the cabin.
There's two more names for the No-Fly List.

And then there's these assholes.

So, about that "White Privilege" thing...

Once there was a land called Rhodesia which was known as the Breadbasket of Africa. Social justice replaced it with Zimbabwe, the history of which can be summed up in three headlines...starving to death**********

RELATED: A little poetry, some turkey sandwiches...

...problem solved...
The Day of Peace included a spoken word workshop, team-building activities, a turkey lunch and a memorial concert. Monteith's family expressed hope that the Day of Peace would prevent other youth from becoming victims of violence.

Monteith's uncle, Orlando Monteith, said the high turnout for Thursday's event shows that young Jane and Finch residents want an end to violence.
Of course it does. Sorta like pink shirts cure breast cancer.


LAST WORD: Good luck with that Day of Peace Thing
Sixteen young men have been arrested following a string of robberies around the Greater Toronto Area targeting stores and banks.

"We have approximately 50 robberies that have occurred starting in May 2016.
Black Lives Matter was apparently unavailable for comment.

It’s not that life is too short...

...it’s that it’s too long — too long to waste time being “friends” with people who, deep down, hate who you are.

RELATED: What's next... safe-penetration sites?
Austrian police will hand out 6,000 pocket rape alarms on New Year’s Eve to help fight mass sex attacks such as those perpetrated by migrants in neighbouring Germany a year ago.

When activated, the gadgets will emit a shrill sound aimed at deterring potential attackers and attracting help, Interior Ministry spokesman Karl-Heinz Grundboeck explained.
Or you could arrest rapists and put them in jail.

Just saying.

21 December 2016

Actress Lena Dunham announced...

...during the most recent episode of her podcast “Women of the Hour” that she wishes she had undergone an abortion in order to combat “stigma around this issue.”
Uh... Go Hillary?

Of course... not everyone is marching in lockstep...as dumb as she seems**********

UPDATE: Apology? Not even close...
“You know how in some households you curse and have to put money in a jar? Well in mine, if you mess up your pro-choice messaging you have to give a sizable donation to abortion funds.”
I'd call that adding insult to injury.


RELATED: I do hope she occasionally...

...plans to clean out his kennel...
Despite being nauseated by the thought of a male baby - Ms Dunning will now have a new political project. One lasting the better part of two decades.
That unfortunate child.

20 December 2016

Here's a dating tip ladies...

...if Prince Charming threatens to kill you... maybe he's just not a keeper...
The Toronto neurosurgeon charged with first-degree murder in his wife's 2016 death was also charged with threatening to kill her in 2005.

Dr. Mohammed Shamji was charged with one count of assault and two counts of uttering death threats in May 2005.
Live and don't learn... and die.

Berlin Update: I blame Donald Trump

Forget about the dozen savagely murdered German citizens... or even the eighteen people in critical condition... your CBC gets to the real heart of the matter...sheesh
Former Ontario resident Christian Nathler said he's "concerned the attack on the market will only further divide the country — and give right-wing parties a soapbox."

Zadig Onnasch said that he "worries more about how it will affect political discourse. If people vote for certain parties and limit my rights as a citizen, that is what I'm mostly scared about."
Apparently, the tenacious "professional" journos at the Mother Corpse were unable to locate a single German national who was actually upset with this latest instance of Islamic mass murder.


UPDATE: But that's just crazy talk
"Instead of having all these individual perimeters around every Dunkin Donuts franchise or every gas station, or every J.C. Penny, why not have just one big perimeter around the country? "We could call it a border! And we could have, like, border security!"

RELATED: It's a war on ALL fronts
"The casting was not accidental. The Empire is (now) a 'white supremacist (human) organization,' Rogue One co-writer Chris Weitz Tweeted the Friday after Clinton was defeated in the election.

Another writer for the film, Gary Whitta, replied with his own Tweet, 'Opposed by a multi-cultural group led by brave women' — then deleted it."
Just another idealogically driven enterprise I won't be sharing my hard-earned money with.

The capricious and unknowable...

..."Will of Buddha, er... Shiva, wait... Odin, no, uh... Jesus... oh, yeah... that guy, AGAIN...smelly hippies
GERMAN Chancellor Angela Merkel is facing a backlash after 12 people were killed when an attacker ploughed through innocent revellers at a Christmas market in a truck.

The country’s far-right leaders have blasted the chancellor’s “open-door” immigration policy for sparking the attack in Berlin – and even her own party is putting the boot in.

Merkel – who attended an award ceremony to celebrate the International Day of Migrants the day of the attack – said she was “shocked and shaken” by the tragedy.

RELATED: Lunatic left attacks police precence...smelly hippies
The left-wing press echoed the social media outrage in alarmist headlines. “Outrage as police officers armed with huge guns pose with children at Christmas market”, read the Evening Standard.

“Safety is the last message this presence is sending out. It's sad, and an extreme over reaction to a very slim chance of a terrorist attack. More likely to be hit by a drink driver.”

LAST WORD: You can run...
Earlier Tuesday, Daesh, claimed responsibility for Sunday’s shootings which killed nine Jordanians and a tourist from Canada. Sunday’s shootings were the bloodiest in Jordan in recent memory and raised new concerns about the rise of Islamic militancy in the pro-Western kingdom.
I swear... I got nuthin'.

19 December 2016

Holier than thou... the consequences

Millennials are starting to realise the downside of "freak chic"...freak
"And it's not just ear piercing. Many are seeking to reverse the impulsive, perhaps keg-fueled decisions of their not-quite-lost youths. That tongue piercing, that bone through the nose, that conspicuously placed tattoo you got in college may not go over so big now in a job interview, or in the board room. It's time to conform to the real world."

"An estimated 36 percent of Americans have at least one piercing somewhere other than an earlobe. The figure is as high as 56 percent for those between 17 and 25."
A face only a mother could love.

18 December 2016


So you can "choose" to kill your unborn child... but the state CAN AND WILL override your choice to play fast and loose with your own life...pro-choice
Vancouver's police chief says the fentanyl crisis hit a brutal low point Thursday with the overdose deaths of as many as nine people in a single night. So far this year, illicit drug overdoses have claimed the lives of 159 people in Vancouver.
I can't wait for the government to override an individual's choice to climb mountains, or ride motorcycles, or skydive... or to ingest whatever they please.

The government could stop this trade in its tracks, by imposing life (or death) sentences on the serial murderers selling this poison, but they choose not to do that.  It's like Jack the Ripper is loose in Vancouver... and the government's solution is to make everyone carry around tourniquets and pressure bandages.

In any case, nobody is sneaking up on these folks and slamming syringes into their arms, or slapping fentanyl patches on their abdomen. Simply leave this a matter of personal choice and in a year or two the problem will cease to exist.

Apparently the lunatic left...

...is prepared to start another Civil War...war
“We have been getting a civic lesson we weren’t prepared to get,” Koller said. “They gave us the fail-safe emergency brake, in case the people got it wrong. And here we are, 200 years later. It’s the last shot we have.”
So, there it is. By not electing "Bill's Wife"... the American people "got it wrong."

And just try imagine the mindless furor if anyone on the right had used the word "ape" anywhere in the vicinity of the word "Obama."

17 December 2016

If you're truly a committed eco-warrior...

...you should blow your brains out and spare the earth... or, there's this...
In mice, the treatment slowed signs of aging and increased lifespan by 30 per cent. If it worked similarly in humans it could allow people to live to well beyond 100.
You think David Suzuki isn't gonna be the first guy in line when this happens?

The enlightened heart of Ontario...

...spits out its latest victims...
One of two females stabbed in the Dufferin and College streets area Friday night has died of their injuries, Toronto police have confirmed.

UPDATE: Murdered woman id'd
Sarah Vermelhudo, 38, of Toronto, succumbed to her injuries in hospital and was pronounced.

The other woman was treated and is expected to make a full recovery.
Toronto police are asking for the public’s help to track down a Volvo sedan in connection with the abduction of a woman in North York early Thursday morning.

UPDATE2: Another one bites the dust...
Homicide detectives have identified a 22-year-old man who was found dead in the stairwell of an apartment building in Weston on Saturday following a shooting. Officers say the man – identified Sunday as Kareem Hastings of Toronto – was found in a building at 2089 Lawrence Avenue West, near Weston Road shortly before 3 p.m.
Who are you people? How can you stand to live in the middle of all this daily mayhem?

Toronto Homicide Victim List 2016

Murders in 2016 not counting above: 65 (55 in 2015)

January 2016
#1 –Joseph Petit
#2 –Annunziata Melaragno
#3 –Alfredo Patriarca
# 4 –Alva Dixon
#5 –Tevin James
#6 –Adedotun Agunbiade
#7 –Rocco Zito
#8 –David Eminess
#9 – Quinn Taylor
#10 –Sylvia Consuelo

#11 –Saed Kaylie
#12 – John Doe
#13 –Kiowa Wind McComb
#14 –John Doe
#15 –Bryan Agyei
#16 –Husani Robinson

#17 –John Doe
#18 –Kenneth Oxley
#19 –Josiah Haye
#20 –Eleanor Campbell
#21 –Ceyon Carrington

#22 –Julian Weekes
#23 –Julio Soto
#24 –Daniel John Lypka
#25- Gabriel Nikov
#26 –Abdullah Farah
#27 –Cynthia Mullapudi
#28 –Joseph Anzolona

#29 –Candice Rochelle Bobb
# 30 –Ramsey Whitefish

#31 –John Doe
#32 –Christopher McLean
#33 –Sukhvir Deo

#34 –Justin Bokma
#35 –Lafrance Matthews
#36 –George Auld
#37 -Abdirizak Hersi
#38 – John Doe
#39 –Jenyon Middleton
#40 – Stephen Russell

#41 – Katherine (Kathy) Plytas
#42 – Steven Doyle
#43 – Melissa Cooper (the homicide took place in April 2016)
#44 – John Ignagni
#45 – John Doe
#46 – John Doe
#47 – Jane Doe
#48 – Peggy Ann Smith


#49 – Kiesingar Gunn
#50 – John Doe
#51 – David Brenner
#52 – Kareem Deerr


#53 – Maninder Singh Sandhu
#54 – Jarryl Hagley
#55 – John Doe
#56 – Mohamed Omer
#57 – Kevin Gidden

#58 – Julian Jones
#59 – Adrian Thomas
#60 – John Doe
#61 – Marcus Gibson

#62 – Elana Fric Shamji
#63 –Vitaliy Ferynskyy
#64 – Ardian Kaloshi
#65 – John Doe



You might wanna recheck your math...
"The Somali sisters’ killings were the 23rd and 24th in Ottawa this year. That number now ties 1995’s total of 24 homicides as the highest for a single year in the past three decades."
From the religious community that brought you Mohammad Shafia.

16 December 2016


We need your contributions right now to keep America’s snowflakes from melting away.
Need an example of a snowflake? How about the "management team" that destroyed a man's livelihood and put a dozen people on the unemployment line?
Veritas Café operator Sandor Dosman says he tried to have some fun with the help wanted ad after posting multiple ads that drew little response. It worked — he got dozens of applications from people who wanted the job.

Running the café was Mr Dosman's primary source of income, and a paycheque for 11 employees.
Let the WLU-GSA snowflakes know what you think.

15 December 2016

Libranos don't seem to know...

...whether they're sucking or blowing...puff the magic liberal
"Montreal's mayor is vowing the city will do whatever it can to stop a Canadian chain of recreational marijuana shops that plan to sell cannabis across the city starting today. Mayor Denis Coderre sent a tweet out Wednesday morning saying there would be "zero tolerance" shown to those who don't respect current laws."
But, but, but... Justin said we could.


COMPARE & CONTRAST: Mummy knows best
Margaret Trudeau, who suffers from bipolar disorder, spoke openly with reporters about her experience with depression and the effect of her long-term marijuana use. "Marijuana can trigger psychosis," said Trudeau. "Every time I was hospitalized it was preceded by heavy use of marijuana."

Trudeau was hospitalized three times for mental illness.
Watch the doinks over at Rabble eat each other up over this one.


UPDATE: Dopers just wanna have fun
Pot enthusiasts lined up around the block in the cold temperatures right until closing time at several newly opened marijuana shops in Montreal Thursday. Police did not intervene.

Montreal police warned that they will intervene in the coming hours or days.
Way to go, Mayor Coderre.


UPDATE2: Nobody actually listens to poor Denis
A long-time aide to Mayor Denis Coderre was fired on Thursday. The mayor's office issued a brief statement saying Jean-Francois Thibault was dismissed for what was called ‘unacceptable behaviour.’

A video obtained by the TVA network Thursday appears to show Thibault smoking crystal meth.

And Winston Churchill wept

our new islamic overlords
"Over a thousand British Muslims took to the streets of London on Tuesday in a show of force, blocking off a central London square to call for a caliphate while the crowd chanted ‘Allahu Akbar’."

"This gathering today – in a matter of a few hours, hundreds of brothers and sisters coming together – is a sign of positivity and revival, and a sign of victory for Allah."
Meanwhile, in other Islamophobic "fake news" news.

After his stint as Celebrity Prime Minister...

...there's always a career in standup comedy...liar,liar
Trudeau also denied involvement with the Trudeau Foundation, calling it “an independent foundation established in the memory of my father with which I ceased to have any engagement shortly after having become leader of the Liberal Party.”

The Globe and Mail notes that “opposition MPs erupted in howls of laughter” at his denial.

Trudeau has attended multiple questionable Foundation and Liberal Party fundraisers. One of particular concern for opponents cost $1,500 an entry and was attended by a number of Chinese millionaires with ties to the Communist Party.

Trudeau has previously boasted of his ability to get Chinese business leaders to make deals in Canada.
I wanna hear all his rib-ticklers about Uncle Fidel.


RELATED: Budget-bustin' Justin...liar,liar
A federal government project originally budgeted at $1.54 million could end up costing $1 billion, experts are saying.
It's only money, right?

Silence of the BLMs

Four more bodies drop... or as it's called in Toronto... Wednesday...
One person is dead and two others are in hospital following a shooting at a bar early Wednesday in Scarborough. Meanwhile, a man is in life-threatening condition after being shot in a car near Jane and Shoreham in the city's west end early Wednesday.

14 December 2016

Those wacky West Coasters

The takeaway here is that weak-willed British Columbians are apparently unable to resist sticking loaded guns in their mouths...dead, dead, dead
As a fentanyl crisis ravages B.C., funeral parlours are being advised to stock naloxone kits to reverse possible overdoses among mourners at services or staff who handle bodies of overdose victims.

The B.C. Funeral Association sent a bulletin to members in early November explaining the importance of carrying the kits, said executive director Charlotte Poncelet.

“It should be something that you just do.”
Sure thing, Charlotte. I can't wait to see the mega lawsuits that ensue the first time some embalmer's gofer injects naloxone into someone who is having a cardiac episode, or going into diabetic shock.

Besides, Prime Minister Care Bear has this whole "drug crisis" under control... he's gonna flood the streets with government-subsidised loco-weed. Problem solved.


RELATED: If you're not measuring...

...you're not managing...
A simple test at the age of three can determine whether children will grow up to be a burden on society, needing excessive welfare, spending time in prison or becoming obese, a 35-year study has shown.

After 35 years, the researchers found one fifth of the group was responsible for 81 per cent of the group’s overall criminal convictions, three quarters of its drug prescriptions, two thirds of welfare benefit payments and more than half of nights in hospital.
So will the federal government step up and initiate testing?

13 December 2016

Trudeau taskforce takes the "high" road

...no selling weed to primary school kids...
"The Canadian Medical Association had recommended setting the age at 21, with strict limits on quantity and potency until 25."
But, apparently... Justin knows better.


RELATED: And then there's "Crap & Fade"
"Do I hear an echo? In fact, Dalton McGuinty made this exact same promise to Ontarians back in 2009. We would become a clean-tech capital of the world!"
We are truly doomed.


COMPARE & CONTRAST: It's a new day...
"There are some assholes in the world that just need to be shot. I know you agree that a known Afghan bomb-maker with the blood of American service members on his hands fits into that category."
Shove that up your safe space, Buttercup!

Bonus Round:
“I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you fuck with me, I’ll kill you all.”

Let's all laugh...

...at those crazy preppers...
"Humans are woefully unprepared for a surprise asteroid or comet, a Nasa scientist warned on Monday, at a presentation with nuclear scientists into how humans might deflect cosmic dangers hurtling toward Earth."
In other "sciencey news"...
"We are telling girls to ‘bend it like Beckham’ but their bodies are not built like Beckham’s… The implications may not be politically correct. But they are a reality."

RELATED: Facing down the real enemy
"Collins stated that he was shocked that someone felt threatened by sitting in a class with a uniformed police officer, calling the student an “over sensitive indoctrinated liberal flower petal."
I don't know what ISIS is waiting for.

If you vote Liberal...

...you deserve whatever happens next...
The AG has included many estimates on the costs of those “directives and directions,” estimating the FIT or feed-in tariff program alone will result in ratepayers picking up extra costs of $9.2 billion just for wind and solar contracts when the GEA usurped the previous competitive procurement system.
They can't help it... it's in their nature.

12 December 2016


I remember indominatable Hillary... being dragged senseless and shoeless into her special handi-van...humpty hillsey
How many of you got this phone call from Russia, "You vote Trump yes? Or family die!"

Yeah, me neither.
The democrap is being piled wider & higher.


RELATED: As Chris Rock once said...

..."I'm tired, tired, tired"...
If you have even a semblance of a spine, sooner or later you’ll hear this nonstop sneering condescension about how you were born with a stain on your soul and say, “Hey, fuck you. I’ve done nothing wrong, but you’re really starting to bother me.”

Democrats and leftists—despite their loud public chest-thumping about being “anti-racist”—repeatedly demonstrated over the past eight years that they could never, not once, not for a second, stop thinking about race or shut the fuck up about it.
Goodbye, Kaine & Disabled.

Genital type, colour and configuration...

...that's the ticket...
Upon hearing Spar’s pending resignation, Barnard student Krish JB wrote: “We gone finally have that WoC [woman of color] now?”

Krish, who identifes as “he/they,” then suggested they should ask for “maybe even a TWoC,” meaning a nonwhite transgender woman such as actress Laverne Cox.
So... as long as your favourite television personality is sportin' the right junk. What could possibly go wrong?

Meanwhile, back in Hollyweird... it's a brave, new, double-down world...
While filing Academy Award submission forms, the film’s producers were faced with the question to place Mantle in either the male or female category. They settled on submitting Mantle’s name for consideration in both categories.

Mantle’s most high-profile role to date was as a contestant on the sixth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race.
I smell a possible career in college administration.

11 December 2016

Hillary finally speaks the truth

“The epidemic of malicious fake news and false propaganda that flooded social media over the past year — it’s now clear the so-called fake news can have real-world consequences,” Clinton said during a speech on Capitol Hill.
So says "Madam Definitely Not President."


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I'm old enough to remember when it was Trump who was going to start WWIII.

Oh well! Scramble the bombers, President Obama!!!
So... back to sipping all those bitter, lunatic tears.

10 December 2016

Meet the folks who sent...

...Barack Obama to Washington...
"Illinois politics is an outlier in many respects, but Madiganistan is only a more extreme version of what goes on in other deep-blue states, such as New York and California."

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"It is amazing that the media in this country basically ignores this scandal. Still, if we are to have a Democrat, which unfortunately I think we are, I would rather see Obama than Hillary Clinton."

LAST WORD: Corrupt to the bone...

...the real legacy of Barack Hussein Obama...
“I’m so glad I can early vote. It’s so exciting. I love voting,” Obama said. But what he and his fellow Illinois Democrats love most is voting “the Chicago Way.” That involves bending every rule in the book, appointing compliant election judges, and looking the other way when some of Chicago s notorious voter fraud occurs behind the curtain.

“We have a sick political culture, and that’s the environment Barack Obama came from,” Jay Stewart, the executive director of the Chicago Better Government Association, warned ABC News when Obama ran in 2008. He noted that Obama “had been noticeably silent on the issue of corruption in his home state.”
And now America, after 8 years of Obama, is how many trillions of dollars in debt?

09 December 2016


deathPoppies = murder


RELATED: I suppose the argument is...worse than death...give this guy a medal... or take his kids into foster care...
"Of course, when a toddler is taken hostage at a daycare, as happened about a year ago just a few blocks away, you do have reservations."
Reservations, huh? Talk to me after your kid gets Hep C at the local playground.

I guess I just mistakenly assumed...

...the death penalty had been abolished in Canada...death penalty
"Chief Jean Guy Whiteduck’s Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg band claims in the lawsuit that... in the absence of an arrangement, sanctions of increasing severity apply... up to and including death to any invader."
In light of this development, will the House of Commons be beefing up their security detail?


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Calling all "Revolutionary Guards"... your law enforcement background will be put to good use...
Recruits no longer have to be Canadian citizens, they can put off taking the physical fitness test until they've been accepted at the RCMP's training division and university graduates no longer have to take the national police force's entrance exam.
I'm assuming they've streamlined all that pesky psychological testing as well.

Saving the world...

...one toilet selfie at a time...liar, liar
"The actress is known for her extreme left-wing views, having previously called for the extinction of white men and pledging to leave America should Donald Trump win the presidency, a promise she has since gone back on."
Yeah... not a deranged freak at all.

08 December 2016

No need to worry, folks...

I'm sure Justin got OUR refugees from a magical land where everyone always tells the truth...liar, liar
British ministers are facing serious questions about their decision to ban scientific age tests for 'child' refugees after officials in Denmark revealed THREE QUARTERS of those posing as minors are actually adults.

The figure could be even higher because officials built in plenty of leeway and gave borderline cases the benefit of the doubt to make sure no genuine under-18s were denied their rights under international law.

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Toronto Police have charged the owner of an Etobicoke import/export business with fraud and other offences after $2.5 million worth of counterfeit toys, makeup, sunglasses, household appliances and other items were seized last week. The owner of Lucky’s Import and Wholesale, identified as 46-year-old Hock Chan of Mississauga, faces charges including possession of property obtained by crime, fraud over $5,000 and passing off wares.

The two other individuals arrested may face deportation.
A warrant was issued for a suspect identified as Seran Kasilingam, 28. He was wanted for second-degree murder. It was believed at the time that he fled Canada. On Aug. 26, authorities located the suspect in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia. RCMP and Canada Border Services agents made arrangements to return him to Toronto.
Sorry... I'm afraid there is such a thing as "Canadian values."

Silence of the BLMs

Journalists crowing about life sentence, while homicidal thug is actually out in seven years on full parole...
Court heard Folorunso Owusu came to the party armed with a handgun knowing members of a rival gang would be there. When he arrived at the party in Toronto's east end, Owusu came across a man with the street name of "Gifted," who was checking attendees to see if they were welcome. The man flashed a handgun and told Owusu to leave, court heard, before an older man told Gifted to put the gun away.

Owusu, the judge said, then took out his gun and fired at Gifted, who was struck twice. The man, as he fell to the ground, fired at least 11 shots, one of which struck Owusu. Court heard that another man then took out a submachine gun and opened fire. It was bullets from Gifted's gun and the man with the submachine gun that killed Charles and Yasay.

Nordheimer said Owusu is responsible for their murders, even though his bullets didn't kill the two, because he was involved in a dangerous act that led to their deaths.

Owasu has not accepted responsibility for his actions. The judge also noted that those three guns were never found.
Another "Hennessey Blocko" gone wrong.


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...somebody pissed you off, you'd take a Louisville slugger to their mom?

Yeah... me neither...
A woman is in hospital with serious injuries after a fight between two groups of teenagers in Oshawa.

The woman, the mother of one of the teens involved, was hit with a baseball bat.
Our modern world.

I'd hate to see what happens...

...at the anti-social club...
Ardian Kaloshi, 46, who was known to police, was gunned down outside a social club on Donlands Ave., said Det.-Sgt. Mike Patterson. No suspects have been publicly identified. When police arrived, they found Kaloshi outside the club, suffering from “obvious” head injuries.
As there is an obvious "diversity" element involved here, that's all the information you will get from the mainstream media.

Here's another tidbit...
“It happens all the time, people come out the social club yelling and screaming,” said a local resident who didn’t want to be identified. "Not that long ago, two man came out of the social club and the one pulled a machete and started chasing the other.”
I'm gonna assume this wasn't a late night smoker for some "old boys" from Upper Canada College.


UPDATE: Kaloshi, Kaloshi...

...that sounds so familiar...
There are references in the material to the various suspects using a café as a gathering place. There is nothing to suggest that this café was anything other than a social meeting place frequented by individuals from Albania and I draw no inference from attendances by the suspects at the café at various times.

LAST WORD: Give us your poor, your tired...

...what the f@ck?!
A man wanted by the FBI and described by police as a "kingpin in the Albanian mafia" was arrested in Toronto.

Toronto police say the fugitive squad arrested Kujtim (Timmy) Lika through a joint investigation between city police and the Canada Border Services Agency.
Canada is indeed a "land of opportunity."

The going gets tough...

...the tough get borrowing...
A December 5th Finance Canada slide show projects weak annual growth of just 1.8 per cent on average until 2029, and cites full-time job losses of 1.9 per cent across Canada so far this calendar year.

Productivity is slowing, energy-sector investment is in sharp decline, and household indebtedness is at record levels.
Say, what is the interest on that first year 40 billion dollar loan Pierre-lite has signed all of our names to?


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Vancouver is mulling a property-tax increase to help fund its fight against the drug-overdose crisis in the city.
What fight? All I see is "enabling."

07 December 2016

In the menagerie of projectiles...

...there are folk who say 9mm is just a friendly little puppy...insert alt text hereI think it all depends on what you feed the beast.


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The Second Amendment also facilitated Islamic terrorists’ designs by supposedly making it easier for them to procure firearms, said Obama.
"Seen in this light, Obama’s greatest regret is one of freedom’s clearest victories. The Second Amendment survived his presidency."
That's one for the people.

06 December 2016

Justin, Justin... show us your tits!!!

Will the Liberals respect the will of the Pirates, errr... People?go justybasic dictatorshipliterally hitler**********

"Definitely sword fights. On YouTube."
Don't forget... Justin loves all of his Commoners equally! Let the Boy-King know what you think.

Hmmm... that's weird... I can't seem to load the website.


"So mydemocracy.ca is brought to you by the same person that came up with the 'Vote Compass' tool that turned almost everyone into a Liberal for the CBC."
I thought this one smelled familiar.

An "about face" about face

Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Tuesday to party members that she was for a ban on the full-body veil wherever legally possible, receiving applause from her conservative CDU party.
death watch
“For us that means: show your face, therefore the full-body veil is not appropriate, it should be banned.”
Hmmm... a full 180... whatever could have happened to change Angela's mind?


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Maria Ladenburger, a medical student working voluntarily at an asylum centre, was found dead in German university city Freiburg.

A single strand of hair found at the crime scene led investigators to a 17-year-old Afghani who arrived in Germany last year as an unaccompanied minor. Police are trying to establish if he may also be responsible for the sex murder of another girl in the area.

UPDATE: Surprise... it's not just the CBC...
Last week’s revelation that 19-year-old Maria Ladenburger – a medical student, migrant home volunteer, and daughter of a prominent European Union (EU) official – was attacked and killed by a recently-arrived 17-year-old migrant shocked the nation.

Despite having a budget of €6.5 billion (£5.5 billion) and 20,617 employees, the public broadcaster decided not to allocate resources to bringing the story to national attention.
Now, if the 17 year-old migrant had been a murder victim, instead of a murderer... would that story have been passed over?


LAST WORD: Ask a German cop...
German police union chief Rainer Wendt has blamed the mass migration policies of German Chancellor Angela Merkel for the death of Maria Landenburger who was killed by an Afghani migrant.
Is this Ms Merkel's "Road to Damascus" moment?

05 December 2016

Let the games begin

"Recently, there’s been an effort to make Cam Newton and Russell Wilson the black Joe Montana, thus proving that white people are Hitler. The trouble is the former is not very good and the latter has no interest in being anyone’s Sambo."
Here's a thought... maybe Dak Prescott, unlike Bruce Jenner, isn't looking to be a symbol. Maybe he just wants to be a top shelf, best of the best, professional American athlete.

And shouldn't that be his decision?


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... no, seriously... that's her name.

Good Kill

I'll see your homicidal crazy person... and raise you a supersonic attitude adjustment...
"Authorities say a deputy got 'a clear shot' and killed the suspect as officers rescued an 8-year-old girl and a 6-year-old boy.
Sorry, Buttercup... there are people who deserve to go down.


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"Residents in Montreal's east-end are in shock after a woman waiting to pick up her daughter was shot dead during an overnight crime spree involving two carjackings, at least two shootings and three different police forces."
Remember... when seconds count... the cops are only minutes away.


LAST WORD: Everyday Feminine Protection

I'm with Kellie Leitch...
According to the most recent data collected by Statistics Canada, more than 173,000 women in 2011 said they had been a victim of violence. The House of Commons Standing Committee on the Status of Women has been studying the issue of violence against women and girls.

That committee has been asked to consider some changes to the criminal code to recognized gender disparity when it comes to victims of violence.

Among the changes it may consider would be to recommend that a woman not be held to the same standards as any other person in the case of self-defence.
Or... we could enshrine the right to self defense for everyone in Canada.

03 December 2016

Let's talk moderate, educated, westernised

I was gonna say, "well, this guy's no brain surgeon"... but, hey... what do I know?

Dr. Elana Fric Shamji, 40, was was found Thursday in Vaughan, Ont., north of Toronto. She died of strangulation and blunt force trauma. Friends told police Shamji had informed her husband she was divorcing him earlier in the week.

Wait for it... Toronto neurosurgeon Dr. Mohammed Shamji, 40, was arrested and charged with first-degree murder on Friday night at a coffee shop in Mississauga, Ont just west of Toronto.


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The major review by Dame Louise Casey, the government’s community cohesion Tsar, will expose how some communities have created a parallel existence with their own separate housing estates, schools, and television channels.

The report will “send shock waves through the system”, a Whitehall source told The Times, adding: “It’s going to be quite hard reading for some people.”
Is this Canada's future?

02 December 2016

Toronto the Good

A man believed to be in his 20s was shot while riding a bike in broad daylight in the city’s west end Friday. The shooting happened just two blocks away from the pizza shop where 17-year-old Jarryl Hagley was fatally gunned down several weeks ago.
And speaking of the usual suspects, er... neighbourhood...
In the teaser they called it, "near Finch Avenue and Jane Street"... which, I suppose, is not to be confused with "Jane & Finch."

"Police were called to the area of Highway 400 and Finch Avenue West at around 3 a.m. for a reported stabbing. It is unclear where the stabbing took place and no suspect information has been released at this time."
Ah... you can just smell the reporting.
Police have charged a 40-year-old Toronto man with first-degree murder after a woman’s body was discovered near a roadway in Kleinburg on Thursday afternoon.

A suspect identified as Mohammed Shamji, 40, of Toronto was arrested and charged on Friday.

UPDATE: Dr. Elana Shamji id'd
Meanwhile, sources say Elana told several people on the street in conversations Monday that she “had filed divorce papers” and “was in good spirits” because she was “looking toward her new life.”
I guess we've got motive. I mean, it's not like you could just let her leave and sign up for a dating service, right?

Apparently an Ivy League education and some stupid Hippocratic Oath are a weak broth when up against "family honour."

But, but, but...

...think of the kids... and the chicks and ducklings...with a quack-quack here...
“I could tell you things that no human should know about, what happens to mould when it grows on semen,” Kingston landlord Simon Andrew said. “It was a biohazard, it was a fire hazard, it was a health hazard.”

The family kept rabbits, chickens, pigeons and livestocka goat, according to neighbours — inside the home, where they slept, ate and defecated.

But what should have been a slam dunk by the Landlord and Tenant Board to evict the trashy trio took a staggering six months.
Premier Kathleen's brave new Ontario... where every creature, regardless of species, is a Wynner. Unless you are a landlord.

No wonder Justin Trudeau is a big fan...

...of China's "basic dictatorship"...insert alt text here
Trudeau’s pledge of a new system was always kept carefully vague. The Liberals, he said, would introduce something better and more fair. No details were offered, nothing specific was proposed.

Even when pressed, Trudeau refused to identify a preferred alternative. All that would come later.
Except, of course, that it didn't. How poetic that the non-announcement was made by Canada's first Iranian born Cabinet Minister.


UPDATE: Minister Monsef walks it back..
OTTAWA — The minister in charge of finding Canada a better electoral system issued an abject apology Friday to the MPs tasked with exploring her options after she misrepresented their work and accused them of shirking their duties on the floor of the House of Commons.

FROM THE COMMENTS: Ya gets what ya pays for...
"What we're seeing here is the Chinese Communist Party buying and owning the Liberal Party of Canada. Does Trudeau think he can actually turn down oil exports to China? Trudeau was bought and paid for by the Tong. They own him."
I'm guessing Papa Fidel would be proud.


LAST WORD: The trouble with "basic dictatorship"...
China’s Supreme Court on Friday exonerated a man who had been executed for murder in 1995, in a dramatic example of the inequities in the country’s legal system and the authorities’ halting attempts to come to grips with them.

In 2005, another man, Wang Shujin, confessed to murdering Ms. Kang. But it took Nie Shubin’s family 11 more years of campaigning to clear his name before the Supreme Court, controlled by the Communist Party, did so on Friday.
Maybe, Justin... you need some new friends.

I wonder if they're listening now

"These people used to be esoteric freaks on the fringes of society. Today they’re mainstream. Today the president cries as he presents them with the Medal of Freedom."
From POTUS to POPUS...
"Recently, returning from another World Youth Day in Kracow, Poland, the Pope made the fantastic and disturbing claim that 'Catholic violence' is just as much a problem as 'Islamic violence' — and this right after the brutal assassination of Father Jacques Hammel by Islamist terrorists in a church in northern France."

Capitalism, and the “god of money,” were the ultimate source of terrorism in the modern world.
Is the Vatican the ultimate safe space in this crazy new world?

01 December 2016

That conniving, duplicitous Stephen Harp...

...wait a minute...
"Trudeau lied to us," Grand Chief Stewart Phillip of the Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs said, tearing into the exact explanations that the prime minister would give 24 hours later as if he had read the PM’s talking points.

"It’s all another sleazy, pathetic, lame public relations act on the part of Trudeau."

Lied. Sleazy. Pathetic. These are not words Trudeau wanted to hear after he wrote in the mandate letters to his ministers that "no relationship is more important to me and to Canada than the one with Indigenous Peoples."
But, curiously, Oh Shirtless Wonder... it didn't stop you from wiping your arse on that very sacred thing.

Will this be Justin Trudeau's "Little Big Horn?"