30 June 2019

Four days... five murders...

It takes a village... of armed, angry, gangbangin' thugz...toronto's most wanted
Toronto police say a man is dead after a shooting at a nightclub in the city’s downtown core early Sunday. Police have not named the man and say they have yet to identify any suspects.
Wow, you can just smell the "professional" journalism.


UPDATE: Not to fear, newsfans...

This latest victim was apparently discovered, after being shot & left for dead, by cleaning crew at the Orchid nightclub on Peter St at around 3am.


UPDATE2: "Professional Journalism" Rule #1...

"If you can't say something nice..."insert alt text here
Police have identified the victim as 33-year-old Jordan Armstrong of Markham.
Just trying to imagine what could have gone worse here...
you know... if ol' Jordan hadn't been so "well liked." Disembowellment? Amputations?

Oh, it gets better... by which I mean worse...
It's not the first time 82 Peter Street has been in the news. Formerly known as "Tryst Nightclub", it's where officers were sent to pick up a man wanted on a Canada-wide warrant in connection with a double murder back on July 24, 2015.

The suspect was shot and killed by officers.

LAST WORD: Canada Day goes out with a bang

29 June 2019

Call it the Mt. Dennis area...

...and we can pretend it has nothing to do with that infamous cold-blooded Jane Street demographic...insert alt text hereOne shootee in wheelchair... got lit up anyway
"Cripple my ass, brah... you goin'!!!"
Toronto's 30th and 31st murder victims of the year.


UPDATE: Little Slaughter on the Jane St Strip

Your CBC... accentuating the positive...insert alt text here
CBC identifies "kind soul" Christopher Teape, 25 and Ahmed Mohamud, 32 as triple shooting murder victims.
No word as yet on the unfortunate Mr Mohamud’s temperament, or who, if anyone, was "turning their life around."


LAST WORD: The Toronto "Red" Star has it all figured out...
The problem is too many cops.

Lies, damn lies and statistics

insert alt text here
The questions here are obvious. How many Trump supporters even exist in the downtown of a city that went 83% for Hillary Clinton — and how many of them watch "Empire?" How many guys looking for a fight carry rope and bottles of bleach around with them?

Doing research for a book, "Hate Crime Hoax," I was able to easily put together a data set of 409 confirmed hate hoaxes.
Think it doesn't happen here in Canada?

THINK AGAIN.insert alt text hereAnd remember Pierre-lite's outrage about "Hijab Girl?"insert alt text here
Within hours, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appeared with his Muslim Citizenship Minister Ahmed Hussen to validate the yet unsubstantiated story of a Muslim being attacked because of her religion.

Now Khawlah Noman is an 11-year-old, so would not be charged. But what did her mother know?

Watching the girl’s video statement again, the girl’s words look well-prepared. It must be asked, given what we now know: Was she coached?

LAST WORD: Justin Trudeau's "aboriginal genocide"

The Liberal Party's fight against Nazis...

...wherever they may be hiding...insert alt text here
Goodale did interview after interview where he didn’t mention the four Islamic groups but mentioned the two neo-Nazi groups who he continually refered to as “right-wing.”

Does anyone doubt that he was trying to link these despicable groups to his political opponents?

RELATED: Hunting the elusive Canadian Nazi...insert alt text here
Asked the female bicycle cop leading the raggedy ensemble whether they actually had a significant nazi problem in Kingston... she smiled, shrugged and looked away.

Half a dozen cops who wouldn't be fighting crime just babysitting these fools for hours. Easy money on a hot summer day, I guess.

LAST WORD: Uh, Ralph... you need a little help...

...with the war on terror?
The head of India’s Punjab state government alleged the Liberal cabinet harbours four “Khalistani” advocates of an independent Sikh homeland, publicly snubbed Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan and gave Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a list of purported Sikh terrorists living in Canada.

27 June 2019

Come for the Beef Wellington...

...stay for the rampant mayhem...insert alt text here
Thefts on the iconic London Underground subway system have surged by more than 80 per cent since 2016/17, around the time Sadiq Khan became city major.

Immigration has been a major driver of such crimes, with Romanian nationals accounting for more than half of convicted pickpockets between 2012 and 2013.
It gets better... by which I mean worse...
"According to a review by the Greater London Assembly Conservatives of crime statistics, under the Labour mayor gun crime has risen by 30 per cent, knife crime has risen by 52 per cent, and homicides by 24 per cent."
Not that Toronto the Good has a whole lot to brag about.

Remember back, you were a kid...

...and students were attacking teachers on a daily basis?

YEAH... ME NEITHER...insert alt text here
Teachers turn to protective gear as violence escalates.

Violent outbursts by students at Ottawa's largest school board double in 3 years.
What, pray tell, has changed?


So Mike Harris actually had a "zero-tolerance for violence in schools" policy in place to cover exactly this type of situation... but the McSlippery Liberals repealed it back in 2007.
Because racism.


LAST WORD: Ask the Toronto District School Board
"The panel says it found 177 violent incidents in schools across the district — they include gun incidents, robberies and sexual assaults. The panel found there were guns in 'select schools' across the city 'in non-trivial numbers.'”

26 June 2019

One for the good guys

insert alt text here
Sources tell the Sun the officer suffered leg injuries consistent with being pinned between two vehicles. Toronto Police described the injuries as non-life-threatening. Another officer shot at the vehicle “multiple times.”

Sources say the male was shot in the chest. He was rushed to Sunnybrook via emergency run but later died. Reports suggest the driver had been under investigation by the Guns and Gangs Task Force.

UPDATE: Dead banger was target in "Gun Raids"


RELATED: Scarborough, Scarborough... that sounds so familiar...
"A 17-year-old boy has died after a shooting in Scarborough in the Danzig St. and Morningside Ave. area late Thursday night, Toronto police said."
Update... victim id'd as Jayden “Juicy J” Simpson.

Ever notice it's always the brahs with the way cool street names...
"Known to his friends as 'T-Rex'”... is pretty much a guarantee somebody is gonna light your felonious ass up.

TORONTO: No gun... no problem...
A 61-year-old man is dead after a stabbing early Thursday near the DVP and Hwy. 401.
Update... victim id'd as Johnson Reyes.


LAST WORD: In other happy, happy Hogtown news...insert alt text here
City of Toronto committee asked to approve $108M in hotel contracts for Trudeau’s “refugees.”
Don't worry, though... Justin's on it...
OTTAWA -- The Canada Border Services Agency has removed fewer than 900 “irregular” asylum-seekers who have applied for refugee protection in Canada through a loophole in asylum laws, according to new federal figures.
Out of 45,000 criminal trespassers.

25 June 2019

More mixed messages from...

...Prime Minister Drink Box Water Bottle...insert alt text here
It’s unclear as to whether Justin Trudeau used the plastic forks and knives to eat the pizza, but this doesn’t absolve him from plastic-use hypocrisy.

Unless that is, you believe that the Prime Minister actually uses drink box water bottle sort-of-things.

RELATED: Justin's post-national, post-anything state...
In another case of politically correct newspeak from Canada’s public broadcaster, a now-edited CBC article referred to women as “menstruators” instead of “women”.

The Usual, well... you know

How does taking away my legally registered and expensively secured firearms make any of you sheeple any safer?insert alt text hereHe shot two girls, ages 5 and 9, in a playground. Oh, yeah... his streetname is "Top Gunna."

Step right up, folks... and meet Canada's Most Wanted.

24 June 2019

President Google has his...

...electronic eye on you...insert alt text here
Undercover videos recorded by Project Veritas reveals that Google is determined to prevent the re-election of Donald Trump in 2020, and is altering its products with this aim in mind.
UPDATE: The Empire Strikes Back...
"Google pulls videos accusing it of election manipulation from YouTube... which it owns"
And then there's this...
Under ordinary circumstances, I would find Carroll's exuberant eccentricity delightful. She's what they used to call a real pistol. It's as if she stepped out of a Tim Burton movie, and I say that as a fan of Tim Burton movies.

RELATED: Hey, Anderson... here's a story for you...
New investigative documents released by a state agency have given fresh life to lingering questions about the marital history of Rep. Ilhan Omar and whether she once married a man — possibly her own brother — to skirt immigration laws.
Yeah... that's what I thought.

I'm with the lyin' old lady...

...who faints when she stands up...insert alt text here
I've been heartbroken and horrified to read the news of children at the border being detained in appalling conditions.

No soap, no toothbrushes, no beds.

Not enough food, babies being forced to take care of babies, everyone sick.

— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) June 23, 2019
It's not like she's ever lied to us before.

23 June 2019

Time for Justin to dress up and...

...visit another mosque...insert alt text here
The law is against the law. So, Quebec’s ruling class — who have never been particularly fussy about Jews, Sikhs or Muslims, truth be told — also stipulated their law would operate “notwithstanding” the Charter.

Fascism typically slips into our lives without a sound, like a snake slithering into the kitchen, unseen.

This week, the snake curled around the ankles of Justin Trudeau, Andrew Scheer and Jagmeet Singh. All of them pretended the snake was not there.
You know these politically correct word-weasels aren't gonna publicly comment until they get another couple rounds of polling in.

22 June 2019

Liberal dominated Senate shuts down...

...investigation of Vice Admiral Norman affair... but wait, there's more...insert alt text here
The Conservative government originally estimated the cost of the ships to be around $26 billion. The Parliamentary Budget Officer puts the latest cost estimate of the Canadian surface combatant ships at $70 billion, some $8 billion higher than its previous estimate from two years ago.

Previously the Liberal government had said only mature existing designs or designs of ships already in service with other navies would be accepted. But the requirement for a mature design was changed and the government and Irving accepted the BAE design, though at the time it existed only on the drawing board.

The two other bidders in the Canadian program had ships actually in service with other navies so their capabilities are known.

Both Irving and the federal government have insisted the procurement was conducted in a way that ensures all bidders are treated equally.
The SNC Lavalin affair is starting to look like chump change.

Forget about the Russians...

...the real threat to honest elections is Canada's civil service...insert alt text here
According to an alarming report by Blacklock’s Reporter, approximately 112,000 foreigners were included in a federal list of potential voters.

Internal documents from the Department of Immigration show that thousands of non-citizens were named on the National Register of Electors.

21 June 2019

That racist, old Donald Tru...

...wait a minute...insert alt text here
“I want you to know that I very much appreciate your help during this week’s Committee meeting in attempting to bring my anti-busing legislation to a vote,” Biden wrote on June 30, 1977, to Sen. James Eastland, The Washington Post reported.

Eastland was a plantation owner who believed blacks belonged to an inferior race, and forcefully fought desegregation throughout his career as a Democratic lawmaker from Mississippi.
Gotta love the irony. Barack Obama pinned a medal on his chosen Vice President... a guy who fought desegregation.


RELATED: Go on, Joe... keep digging...insert alt text here
Unsurprisingly, Biden’s decision to highlight the civility of two abject racists has reasonably upset plenty of people.

If you can sell "Climate Emergency"...

insert alt text hereThere's a reason her nickname is "Occasional-Cortex."


RELATED: Not every country is as wonderful...

...and welcoming as Somalia...
Rep. Ilhan Omar (D- MN) backed Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY) claim that migrant detention centers are modern-day “concentration camps” during an interview with Public Radio International Thursday.

MEANWHILE BACK AT THE RANCH:insert alt text hereIt gets better... by which I mean worse.

Special Rights for Special People

Nothing a little sweat-lodge won't fix...insert alt text here
Indigenous drunk driver Scott Altiman, 31, drove through a red light at about 187 km per hour and smashed into another vehicle in London, Ont., ripping off its back half.

Two passengers in the rear seat — Jerry Pitre, 46, and Cody Andrews, 23, were killed. The driver, Eric Allensen, 25, and his fiancee Carie Mathews, 25, were severely injured.
ps. The court just lopped a third off Mr Altiman's original sentence.


RELATED: Catch & Release...
“I know that some may accuse me of being soft on crime. On gun crime. I do not believe that is so,” Ontario Superior Court Justice Shaun Nakatsuru began his decision that sparked the appeal.

20 June 2019

No gun... no problem...

insert alt text here
Scotland Yard today opened a fifth murder investigation in six days after a man in his 30s was stabbed to death in a “full-on” knife battle on a quiet London street.

The victim was killed as two groups attacked each other with blades, chains and broomhandles in the tree-lined road of family homes in Barnet.

According to a review by the Greater London Assembly Conservatives of crime statistics, under the Labour mayor gun crime has risen by 30 per cent, knife crime has risen by 52 per cent, and homicides by 24 per cent.

The Usual, well... you know...

toronto's most wanted
As they fled a black handgun fell from one of the males' waistband.
Meet Tajean Alexander-Smith, 18, Matchushan Kamalakumaran, 18, Mohsen Yahya, 18, Laxsen Laxmikanthan, 18, all of Toronto.


RELATED: Diversity is our streng... sweet baby jebus...
Syed Zaidi, 49, an imam accused of sexually assaulting a parishioner was arrested Tuesday while attempting to leave the country, according to Toronto Police.
And... I'm sure it's nothing...
Ali Kourani, a Hezbollah operative collected “detailed information” about Toronto’s Pearson airport, according to a report circulated by Canada’s air safety agency.

LAST WORD: We're number 1...insert alt text here
Canada admitted the largest number of refugees who were resettled last year and had the second highest rate of refugees who gained citizenship, according to the United Nations Refugee Agency's global report.

19 June 2019

OJ Simpson... the gift that...

...keeps on giving...insert alt text here
“Seen that video you posted about me. You think I’m playing? Tired of all your bullshit. I WILL FIND YOUR ASS AND CUT YOU — Don’t believe me? Just watch and see bitch,” another message from Simpson’s account says.
Remember this one?insert alt text here
"He means nobody's ever SURVIVED him pulling a weapon on them."

Thugz R Us

Justin Trudeau was right there on stage. He heard the shots.insert alt text hereThat won't stop him from going after legally owned, lawfully registered and expensively secured firearms owned by law-abiding farmers, hunters and sport shooters.

Actual criminals just aren't on his radar.

Meet the thugs arrested in Nathan Phillips Square...
Shaquille Anthony Miller, 25, Abdikarim Kerow, 18, Thaino Toussaint, 20, all of Toronto.
Ask yourself... what laws are these sociopaths willing to obey?


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18 June 2019

Look, who really didn't see this coming?

Meet the Raptors fans who couldn't keep it in their pants...most wanted
Six men have been arrested in a downtown shooting that followed the Toronto Raptors’ NBA Finals win. Abdulrahman Abdullahi, 23, of Toronto, is charged with attempted murder as well as multiple firearms-related charges. Kamal Hassan, 26, of Toronto, is also charged with attempted murder, firearms charges and fail to comply with recognizance.

Ilyas Riyaleh, 23, Zachary Cust, 21, and Nathaniel Campbell, 33, all of Toronto, face multiple firearms-related charges, while Jovane Watson, 20, of Toronto, and Cust face drug charges.
Note that this is the initial shooting that took place the night of the final game.

News on charges for yesterdays four shootings at Nathan Phillips Square are still pending.


UPDATE: It's not Kamal's first rodeo...
A Toronto man who recently beat a double murder rap a few months ago has now been charged with attempted murder in connection to a shooting that happened during the Toronto Raptors celebrations on Friday.


...with your own money... again...liar,liar
OTTAWA - The federal Liberals say a new program to help new buyers pay for their first home will kick in on Labour Day.

The program that will help cover some mortgage costs will be available starting Sept. 2, only weeks before the October federal election.
They wouldn't do it if it didn't work.

Get your vote bought here.

17 June 2019

Hey, dummies...

...it's a game played exclusively by multi-millionaire celebrities who have no connection whatsoever to your lives or your dreams...
In January, Kawhi Leonard reportedly bought a $13-million mansion in San Diego.
Some other obscenely wealthy men are about to offer him 190 million dollars over five years to stuff more balls in Toronto.insert alt text hereWhat's the big deal here?

This is a bunch of freakishly tall people who stuff a ball through a hoop. Buying a hundred dollar hoodie doesn't mean you're on the team or that Kawhi is your bro. Is your life that devoid of meaning?

Meanwhile, the entire downtown area is paralysed. Not a good day to have a heart attack or any sort of medical emergency, or gawds forbid your house catches fire.

The potential for mob violence has also gone through the stratosphere. If even a fraction of this crowd becomes panic-stricken, for whatever reason, thousands of people could be trampled.

Good luck, Hogtown.


UPDATE: What could possibly go wrong?insert alt text here
"Raptors parade runs late, descends into chaos with overcrowding. The parade was temporarily halted at the square due to safety concerns, and fans were told to get down from the arches."

UPDATE2: 15:55 Friend just texted me...

...reports of shots fired at Raptors celebration... people running along Bay St. Nothing on the web just yet.


UPDATE3: Confirmed. One woman shot... so far.insert alt text hereOops... looks like two people shot... but don't worry,
Drake's got this...
"The championship parade continued after the shooting -- with Drake taking the stage and telling the reported 1.5 MILLION people in the streets to hug each other and spread love."
Problemo solved.


UPDATE4: No gun... no problem...
Four people have been taken to hospital following two reported stabbing incidents as hundreds of thousands of people crowded the area to cheer on the Toronto Raptors as part of an NBA Championship victory parade.

UPDATE5: The bodycount grows...
Four people were injured after gunfire broke out at Nathan Phillips Square during a massive celebration for the Raptors Monday afternoon.

There were multiple reports of gunshots and stampeding at around 3:45 p.m.
Four shot... four stabbed... and the night is yet young.

Disband the Raptors and confiscate all basketballs. #IfItOnlySavesOneLife.

Let's be more like Sweden...

...the socialist paradise...insert alt text here
Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven spoke out about the incident at the time saying: “The bombing of a police station in Helsingborg is extremely serious. An attack on the police is, in the long run, an attack on our democracy.
Maybe in the short run too, Mr Prime Minister?
The tightening of security comes just days after the city saw three explosions, two of which targeted residential areas in the notorious Rosengård no-go suburb and a nightclub closer to the centre of the city, all within 24 hours.
No worries though, the Swedes have it well in hand...insert alt text here
Facing a massive surge in gang-related crimes, in particular involving the use of hand grenades, police in Sweden have introduced a three-month-long amnesty for “explosive goods.

MEANWHILE BACK AT THE RANCH:insert alt text here
New polling numbers suggest a majority of Canadians believe the federal government should limit the number of immigrants it accepts — a public opinion trend that Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen says he finds concerning.
How about not listening to the majority of Canadians, Ahmed... is that not concerning as well?

Wait a minute... Ahmed Hussen, Ahmed Hussen... that sounds so familiar...insert alt text here
Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen provided a briefing to members of the African-Canadian community at a Toronto barbecue establishment that court documents have identified it as a known hangout for members of the notorious Nigerian-based Black Axe criminal syndicate.

LAST WORD: Speaking of Librano slimeballs...

16 June 2019

Diversity is our streng...

..."Run for your life, mate!!!"insert alt text here
London, ENG - Police have made 14 arrests after five separate attacks in London left three men dead and three others injured in the space of 24 hours.

The deaths take the total number of murders in London in 2019 to 56.
It gets better... by which I mean worse...
For every 100,000 people in the capital, there were 168 knife offences in 2017-18, with separate figures, from the mayor's office, showing that young black and minority ethnic teenage boys and men were disproportionately affected, as both victims and perpetrators.

Criminals don't obey laws... period

So why are the federal Liberals determined to instead punish perfectly law-abiding hunters, farmers & sport shooters?insert alt text here
The Crown called it a “disturbing arsenal of weapons” in the home of a person “who is deeply entrenched in a criminal subculture,” and has asked for a sentence of 10 years in custody less time he’s already served.

15 June 2019

Crimes Against Humanity... 2019

#1... Calling things by their proper names...insert alt text hereWho's betting on doughy, inked up like a Juarez banger, man-bun? Absent father, I'm guessing.

Here's a better question... "If you owned your own business... which of these two would you want to hire? Which of them appears to have drive & discipline?"

Look... be as fat as you want. Tattoo your neck, face and genitals. Make up a gender. That's not my business.

Just spare me your outrage that sane society doesn't celebrate undisciplined, self-indulgent outliers.

14 June 2019

And The Little Mermaid wept

Not enough penis in your young daughter's life?

HBO has a solution...insert alt text here
Euphoria” creator Sam Levinson, who wrote the series based on his own experiences with drug addiction, boasted, "There are going to be parents who are going to be totally fucking freaked out.”
Speaking on behalf of parents with adolescent children (which I am thankfully past), I'd just like to say,
"No thanks, Sam."
"Levinson wanted one scene to start with a dolly shot going straight into a woman’s vagina.
Sweet baby jebus... what's wrong with you, bro?

Not to worry, though...
“HBO has now adopted a policy whereby all of its shows and movies with intimate scenes will be staffed with an intimacy coordinator.”
Imagine my relief.


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More basketball courts...

...that's the ticket...insert alt text here
A 19-year-old man is in hospital and as many as seven people have been arrested after a shooting outside Ryerson University at Yonge & Dundas.

Multiple suspects were arrested at the scene. Police said multiple firearms have also been seized.
Just spitballin' here, but I'm guessing Ryerson doesn't offer any firearms related courses.

Oh yeah...
Police CAN'T SAY if the shooting was related to the celebration or if it was a separate incident.
I bet they can't! Who wants to get a special assignment writing parking tickets in the wastelands of Scarberia for the next 20 years?

You can't say I didn't warn you.


RELATED: Apparently the first couple of police cars...

...are deductible...
Police say that there were no arrests as thousands of fans flooded the streets to celebrate the first NBA championship in Raptors franchise history overnight. Two police cruisers, a bus shelter and several TPS special events buses were vandalized.
Is even one of these multi-millionaire ball players from Toronto? It's like Jerry Seinfeld said...
"You're rooting for clothes, when you get right down to it. We're screaming about laundry."

13 June 2019

Worth a thousand...

...words, er... sunny days...insert alt text hereI guess "Prime Minister Plastic" is hoping "the incoherence will balance itself."


RELATED: His mother's brains...
The PM went kinda bananas, calling the signers of the letter “absolutely irresponsible” and accusing them of threatening national unity by pointing out the disunifying nature of the Liberal bills.

LAST WORD: Say what you will about the Zanzibar...

...at least they're not poisoning people with bootleg liquor...
Cops are investigating whether at least seven tourists who mysteriously died in the Dominican Republic were poisoned by counterfeit booze, The Post has learned.
There's a reason it's called "the third world."

How many ways can I not say...

..."Jane & Finch"...most wanted
Police say they were called to Grandravine Drive and Arleta Avenue, east of Jane Street, at 10:16 p.m. for a report of shots fired. They arrived to find a woman suffering from gunshot wounds.

Police say they are looking for a black male in his early 20s.
Again... in what way are my painstakingly acquired, legally registered and expensively secured firearms the problem?

12 June 2019

Smell the "professional" journalism...

Lemme see... digital video & 20 eyewitnesses...insert alt text here
"Only limited suspect descriptions have been released."
Those crazy, violent Amish... again.

It gets better... by which I mean worse..."Their names? Yeah, sorry... at CP24 we don't report names."
Police say that they have arrested nearly two dozen individuals and charged them with hundreds of offences as part of a months-long investigation into a rash of violent “takeover-style” robberies at cell phone stores across the Greater Toronto Area.
Hells bells, Citypulse, er, news...

...lemme help you with that...
Junior Hazzard, 19, of Toronto, Ray Hamzah, 18, of Brampton, Jemeal Fyke, 19, of Scarborough, Haleem Abdelrahman, 18, of Brampton, Brandon Kassa, 23, of Toronto, Joshua Alraie, 19, of Whitby, Karic Browne, 21, of Ajax, Donato Schiraldi, 19, of Toronto, Fuad Giwa, 20, of Toronto, Micael Kellete, 24, of Toronto, Omar Parker, 25, of Brampton and numerous unnameable young offenders.