28 October 2011

Skyrocketing social services expenses...

...six hour waits in hospital ER... it's past time to start plugging cracks in the dyke...
pay up canadaAnd we could start right here...

-- TORONTO -- As many as 50 Hungarian Roma a day are filing refugee claims at Pearson airport, putting a strain on airport staff and medical services, according to border services officials.

A record 110 claimants arrived at the airport one night last week, creating a challenge for immigration and security personnel working to process them, officers say.
Just something to consider the next time you start to marvel at the deductions on your paycheque.


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Rich said...

Hungary is known for persecution & human rights violations ???

Neo Conservative said...

if at first you don't succeed.... try, try again.


Frances said...

Haven't checked the government warnings lately, but when we were travelling to eastern Europe some years ago, the main warnings where we were headed were about the Roma including the children.

dmorris said...

Just what we need,a gang of the biggest thieves in Europe immigrating to innocent,naive Canada.

I worked with many Rumanians and Hungarians,they warned that the "Roma" are nothing more than organized crime on the hoof.

Wait until they see the ripe pickings and lack of consequences in Canada!

Just a thought, but if ,say,China,decided to take Canada over by sending thousands of shiploads of people to Canada until they overwhelm us,and all of them claimed refugee status, how could we lawfully stop them?

Neo Conservative said...

"dmorris asks... how could we lawfully stop them?"

the fact is... ever since st pierre of montreal threw open the gates... we haven't really even tried.

in todays uber politically-correct world... the meritocracy is but a dimly remembered relic of the past.


Anonymous said...

Most of the Roma are now settling in Parkdale in the south west part of central Toronto with the help of Parkdale Community Legal Services.

Parkdale Community Legal Services is now turning away most low income clients seeking services over various issues it is supposed to handle such as wrongful firing from a job, not getting government benefits, landlord problems and domestic disputes as they give Roma cases a priority now taking up about 1/3 of their total caseload for an area with over 40,000 residents. These cases are all about refugee/immigration issues and getting government benefits and repeated appeals for years to keep these people in Canada and keep them getting government benefits.

Parkdale legal gets over $9 MILLION a year from the Ontario government's Legal Aid Ontario to handle legal issues for all the poor but being an independent nonprofit organization there is very little government oversight on what is done with that money.

Parkdale Legal provided a lot of support and organizing for the anti G20 protests in Toronto in 2010 that turned into riots even helping to provide the media centre next to their offices for them.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... Parkdale legal gets over $9 MILLION a year from the Ontario government"

a mere drop in the ontario liberal party's drunken sailor budget strategy...

"Finance Minister Dwight Duncan circled the wagons around education and health care in his $113.8-billion spending plan, taking a few stabs at curbing double-digit deficits that will see Ontario submerged in red ink for years to come."

don't blame me... i didn't vote for them.