31 October 2016

Deplorable Rebel Alliance...

...feeling a universal disturbance in the force...ibusted
"...as if millions of clone voices suddenly cried out in terror..."
You know... like Darth Braz.


BREAKING:brazile underbussedCNN deep-sixes Donna Brazile
CNN says it is “completely uncomfortable” with hacked emails showing former contributor and interim DNC chair Donna Brazile sharing questions with the Clinton campaign before a debate and a town hall during the Democratic primary, and has accepted her resignation.
And has Jar-Jar Abedin tripped over her "Weiner"...
On June 28, 2016, Abedin said under oath in a sworn deposition that she looked for all devices that she thought contained government work on them so the records could be given to the State Department.

UPDATE: The real "low road" issue here...
Trump noted that Brazile was not the core issue — "I don’t care” about her," he said. Rather, he argued, "Hillary Clinton should have reported Brazile the first time she tried to pass questions to her."

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Last week Hillary was touting the FBI Director as the honourable man who exhonerated her.

Suddenly, this week... James Comey's a villain.
The Clinton campaign website posted the letter, which had more than 90 signatories, the most prominent being Eric H. Holder Jr., the Obama administration’s first attorney general.
You mean the disgraced, former attorney general who lost all those "Fast & Furious" guns down in Mexico?
When the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform subpoenaed relevant documents, Eric Holder’s DOJ refused to produce them, citing “executive privilege.” The House voted to hold Holder in contempt and filed suit to obtain the documents.

Three and half years later, Judge Jackson ordered production of the 20,000 pages mentioned above.

LAST WORD: Meet Eric "Gunwalking" Holderwith friends like holderAs you can clearly see, there's a reason Eric Holder is the "FORMER" AG.

And it's no coincidence he's Hillary's main character reference here.

Maybe they were really, really busy?

Nuseiba Hasan was 26 when she was last seen by her family in the fall of 2006. She wasn’t reported missing until early last year.

Police say they will be searching a property at 1207 Concession 8 West, Flamborough that was previously owned by the Hasan family.

RELATED: Remember, if you see something...

...say something...
A government file has been opened to investigate Democratic Institutions Minister Maryam Monsef for possible citizenship fraud, Postmedia Network has learned. One source was told by a government official with direct knowledge of the case that “at least six different people had called with complaints on Ms. Monsef.”
Some uncomfortable little factoids...
June 4, 2010 – One day after graduating from Trent, University, Monsef travelled to Iran and Afghanistan.

December 2013 – early 2014 – Monsef returns to Iran once again, on a religious pilgrimage visa. Canadian passport holders can no longer travel to Iran without a special permit, so Monsef uses her Afghan passport instead.
So, she was a refugee, in what sense?

Will Monsef turn out to be P'tit-P'tat's "Huma Abedin?"

30 October 2016

Whip it out... get a ruler

Apparently Anthony Weiner's whole life has been a "dick measuring" contest... you really think he's gonna defend the person who "stole" his wife?weiner filesThis sociopath, after getting a shot at personal & political redemption... throws it away, yet again, to play digital footsie with a 15 year old girl.

Ironically, FBI Director James Comey is also attempting to save his good name...
As Dan Riehl reported – this is very likely the reason behind Comey going public on Friday.

The Obama DOJ was hampering an FBI investigation.

UPDATE: 650,000 EMAILS...

...found on Anthony Weiner’s Laptop that he shared with wife Huma Abedin.

Anthony Weiner is facing some pretty serious "messing with a minor" jail time. Smart money says he's already horse-trading whatever he can give up on Hillary & Huma to keep his sorry ass outta jail.


FROM THE COMMENTS: Full speed ahead?
"The FBI is ready to indict Hillary Clinton and if its recommendation isn’t followed by the U.S. attorney general, the agency’s investigators plan to blow the whistle and go public with their findings," says former U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay.

The silence of the BLMs

"Toronto Police Constable David Hopkinson described it as a 'car to car shooting'. The only description he was able to give of the suspect vehicle was that of 'silver.'"

UPDATE: Who is Simeon Harty?

Well, Alex... I'll take homicidal scumbags for $500...
In December 2014, Toronto Police also arrested a Simeon Harty, whose age was given as 21, after investigating a human trafficking case. This Harty, a Toronto resident, then faced 23 charges, including sexual assault, assault causing bodily harm and firearms offences.
Oh yeah... Harty was already facing a robbery charge, but had been released.

29 October 2016


Lord of the, well... you know...whir, clank, bang
"Not a lawyer here, but I've seen no Constitutional requirement that the President have a security clearance before being voted into office."

"If HRC is denied clearance, then when sworn in, she can grant clearance to herself, as well as pardon herself. The President is the ultimate head of federal law enforcement and national security."

RELATED: What's next for Huma?whir, clank, bangWell...there's a few possibilities...
"Aside from his genitals, I don’t think Weiner has a reputation as a stand-up guy."
So, two words... 'witness protection.'

P.S. Best comment over at American Thinker...
"Carlos Danger got caught in a penis fly trap."

LAST WORD: She just didn't measure up...
"Tanden and Podesta didn’t take issue with Hillary Clinton breaking the law, but with her clumsy political instincts, her inability to fake sincere apologies and spin scandals as smoothly as Obama."

"Hillary’s biggest flaw in their eyes was her clumsiness at covering up acts that were routine in Obamaworld. They didn’t despise her because she broke the law, but because she was bad at it."
Hey... try imagining what Bernie Sanders is thinking this morning.

28 October 2016


Hoist by her own RETARD...
WASHINGTON — Federal law enforcement officials said Friday that the new emails uncovered in the closed investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server were discovered after the F.B.I. seized electronic devices belonging to Huma Abedin, a top aide to Mrs. Clinton, and her husband, Anthony Weiner.

The F.B.I. is investigating illicit text messages that Mr. Weiner sent to a 15-year-old girl in North Carolina.

The Clinton campaign did not immediately respond to the development. As Mrs. Clinton arrived in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, she waved at the press gathered on the tarmac but ignored shouted questions.
whir, clank, bangLooks like Trump can also foretell the future.


RELATED: Stand by for the counter-offensive...whir, clank, bangI understand the Clinton campaign will be dumping everything it has amassed BUT not yet leaked to their compliant friends in the media.

Apparently the "left hand" does know...

...what the "right hand" is doing...
"Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) is offering a one-time grant of $200,000 for two organizations to provide services to Black students facing suspension or expulsion hearings."

RELATED: Dear President Obama...

...I don't think the word "justice" means what you think it means...
The president has now commuted 872 prison sentences, more than the past 11 presidents combined. He is expected to continue commuting sentences until he leaves office in January.
The lunatic left.

Read 'em and weep

"The Top 100 Most Damaging Wikileaks"


BREAKING: FBI Director Comey does screamin' 180...
The FBI has reopened its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server while secretary of state after discovering new emails, in a stunning turn of events just days before the presidential election.
Read the Comey letter.

Looks like even CNN is prepared to underbus the Hildebeast.


LAST WORD: The Dems scramble
"Oh, Jesus Christ," said one close Clinton ally.
Or you could ask the Vice President.

I guess it's a little uncomfortable...

...climbing stairs... with George Soros hand up your ass...
Just hours after Associate Justice Antonin Scalia was reported dead on Feb. 13, 2016, the president of the Soros-founded Open Society Foundations also emailed Podesta.

“Remember our discussion of Wallace Jefferson, [former] Chief Justice in Texas?” Chris Stone asked cryptically.

Podesta replied: “Yup.”

FROM THE COMMENTS: Hey... see for yourself...
"Laughing so hard I can barely stand up. Beginning of clip HRC can be heard rudely saying 'Can't go back? Why can't you go any closer?'"

RELATED: Soros isn't her only questionable friend
Asking the mayor who spent 400 days eroding that trust to help restore it now that he’s been caught is stationing the fox outside the hen house.

If Clinton is serious about black lives — and not just black votes — this is a moment of truth.

27 October 2016

Lovin' the analogy

"This site is about women and guns, not about cats. But in a way, it’s about the cornered cat in all of us. It’s about the determination to get away from an attacker if you need to. It’s about making the decision to say, “'Not me. Not mine. Not today.'"
But, heck... that's just histrionics, right?

How bad can things really be?


UPDATE: Unspecified 20-something male gunned down...

...must be Wednesday...
TORONTO - A male has been rushed to hospital this morning after police say he was shot inside a vehicle in Scarborough’s Woburn neighbourhood.

It happened in the area of Lawrence Avenue and Orton Park Road overnight. Police said the man, who is believed to be in his 20s, is currently receiving treatment for life-threatening injuries.

LAST WORD: Once a junkie...

Guess the cocaine was a last minute tweak by his doctors...
A toxicology report entered into evidence Thursday at the inquest into the fatal police shooting of Daniel Clause revealed that the 33-year-old father of four had methadone AND cocaine in his system at the time of his death.

On Wednesday, his former girlfriend told the court Clause was in a methadone program to treat an addiction to Oxycontin.

Traces of multiple anti-anxiety medications were also found in Clause's system.
Drugged up and he presented a weapon. This was a textbook example of a "good shoot."

And Al Gore wept

Americans are more scared of clowns than they are of climate change. According to a poll conducted by Chapman University, 42 per cent of Americans are afraid of clowns, whereas only 32 per cent are afraid of climate change.

They’re also more scared of terrorist attacks (41 per cent), gun rights infringement (38 per cent), family members dying (38 per cent), economic collapse (37 per cent), Obamacare (36 per cent), and biological warfare (35 per cent).

RELATED: Speaking of "caking one's pantaloons"...

What exactly is Youtube afraid of?

See it here.


LAST WORD: Has Hillary questioned Podesta...

...about his buddy & business partner?
"The email released on Wednesday is an invoice — aptly titled “Government Ethics Matters” — sent to Podesta in March 2014 from international law firm Steptoe & Johnson LLC for their services in creating Leonidio LLC. It shows Podesta began taking steps to hide his interests in Joule [on] his second day as an Obama administration official."
Are we gonna hear about this on the major networks?

26 October 2016

I predict Historians will not treat...

... FBI Director James Comey very kindly...
"The most damning evidence against Clinton may never have been actually destroyed. It was simply left untouched by the FBI."
The Dems themselves are walking on eggshells...
“We don’t know what’s in the emails, so we are nervous about this,” political consultant Mandy Grunwald wrote to Merrill and Schake at 6:09 p.m. that night. “Might get a big laugh tonight and regret it when content of emails is disclosed.”

RELATED: Scott Adams has decided...

This is how the Bully Party plans to steal the election...
"The Clinton message is that some Americans are good people and the other 40% are some form of deplorables, deserving of shame, vandalism, punishing taxation, and violence. She has literally turned Americans on each other. It is hard for me to imagine a worse thing for a presidential candidate to do."
Stand up America.

Who's actually gettin' screwed here?

Just something to think about while you're writing out that obscenely excessive municipal tax cheque...
Currently, city workers can claim as much Viagra or Cialis as they likeand taxpayers foot the bill through city-funded health coverage. “We don’t have that for glasses, we don’t have that for dentistry, we don’t have that for many things,” Audit Committee Chairman Stephen Holyday said. “Maybe we should examine it.”
Or, Stephen... you can just grab your ankles and smile.

Oh, yeah... it's not just dick-juice these folks are scamming...
"According to the report, 16 claimants had an equivalent of two to five-year supplies of oxycodone in at least one year. Another 32 claimants had the equivalent of 19 months to about 6 1/2 years worth of fentanyl patches in a 12-month period."
The union makes us hard, er... i mean strong.


RELATED: Silence of the BLMs
"Police are investigating after a male was shot in the city’s Flemingdon Park neighbourhood Tuesday night. The victim, believed to be in his 20s, was found conscious with a gunshot wound to his upper body, paramedics said."
Remember, it only counts if the shooter is a cop.


LAST WORD: In other "Toronto the Good" news
Toronto has the same number of homicides so far in 2016 as we did all of last year.
Any way you look at it... Toronto's a bangin' place.

25 October 2016

Quick, Huma... get the bondo...

...before somebody spots the gears and wires!!!whir, clank, bangLet the games begin...
"Could be some odd blemish in her makeup … or it could be one of the souls she’s swallowed over the years trying to break free? Hard to know for sure."
Help... I've fallen and I can't get servomotor response!


Rum, sodomy and the European Union...we're all afghans now
"When the elite of a society becomes completely disengaged from reality, all hell can break loose."

"France. 1789-1794. Check it out."
In three, two...


RELATED: What else is he lying about?they all lieAnd it isn't just Obama who's playing fast & loose with the truth...
"She just can't say no to this shit. Why didn't they get this stuff out like 18 months ago? So crazy," Center for American Progress president Neera Tanden wrote.

"I guess I know the answer. They wanted to get away with it," urging that Clinton turn over the emails to the National Archives immediately.

"Speaking of transparency, our friends Kendall, Cheryl and Phillipe sure weren't forthcoming on the facts here," Podesta replied.

RELATED2: And FLOTUS is no better...
"That's right; I am indeed calling out our country's sorry excuse for a First Lady for her and her husband's deplorable legitimization of the most despicable misogynistic language on earth."

"In April 2016, the Obamas invited numerous rap artists to the White House to discuss Barack Obama's 'My Brother's Keeper' initiative while recognizing them for their "artistic" contributions to minority communities."
You really want four more years of this, Skippy?

And yet they always seem...

...to miss that turn and end up on a slab...turn, turn, turn
"He came from a good family and had solid support,” lawyer Fariborz Davoudi said. “He had everything going for him to get his life back in order." Davoudi recently represented Omer when he was charged with more than 60 counts of car theft in Toronto and York Region.

No arrests have been made in the city’s 56th murder of the year.
In other GTA "turn your life around" news... I hope they're saving a few drawers for Darnell Collins and Jamion Hines.

24 October 2016

Instead of wasting the Court's time...

...how about a little restorative justice?justice for toriLet's put him in a cell with Russell Williams and toss in a broken pool cue... and, bonus round, the one still drawing breath in the morning gets to do it all over again with Paul Bernardo.


UPDATE: Rafferty appeal dismissed


RELATED: I blame Westworld
"Responding to a rented Range Rover SUV that had crashed into a house on Windsor Road, police found a male driver in his 20s suffering from gunshot wounds. He was rushed to a trauma centre, where he died of his injuries."

"He has since been identified by police as 23-year-old Mohamed Omer."
The requisite mysterious unidentified males were observed running from the scene.


UPDATE: Meanwhile, next door in Mississauga...
Peel Regional Police are trying to figure out whether murder victim Deshawn Brandon Nicholson — a 23-year-old Toronto man was an invited guest or crashed the party.
As usual, it seems there is very little danger here of any snitches getting stitches.

Never a guillotine around...

...when you really, really need one...dead broke
Electric vehicles are more expensive than conventional ones and have limited range, which decreases in cold weather. Who buys them? Rich people.

In Ontario, the Wynne government is giving public subsidies of up to $14,000 for electric vehicles, plus $1,000 for installing a home charging station. Plus four years of free electricity for overnight charging.

It’s also promised to work with Ottawa to eliminate the 13% HST on electric vehicles by 2018, spend $80 million on workplace and apartment charging stations and $20 million for 250 charging stations across Ontario.

All in, these subsidies mean, according to an analysis by the Fraser Institute, that the public will pay about $250 million to lower emissions by 0.03% in 2020 compared to 2014.
Off with their heads!!!

23 October 2016

What "Glass Ceiling?"

Every time these pitbulls bark... the rest of us just roll over and bare our collective throat...brave new cringe-worthy world
"Despite Gerber’s claims in her post that only the boys had a variety of professions, it turns out the Little People collection does include female firefighters, dentists, and mailwomen."

"But now it will no longer include smoothie drinking yoga moms — and that’s progress."
Where will the politically correct pogroms stop?bad, bad wordsNot in California, apparently.


FROM THE COMMENTS:free what?Sigh.


"So from now on we call women 'wos'?"
It's anybody's guess.

"Before you scoff at mass, shared illusions..."

..."as being unlikely, keep in mind that everyone with a different religion than yours is experiencing exactly that.

Mass shared illusions are our most common experience."

I don’t believe in Santa Claus.

I don’t believe in ghosts.

I don’t believe in a traditional god.

I don’t believe in luck.

And I don’t see Donald Trump as dangerous.

RELATED: Another story you won't see on CNN
Hillary Clinton solicited a $12 million donation from a government that her State Department considered corrupt, then realized the “mess” it would cause in her presidential run, a newly leaked ­email reveals.

The deal with Morocco was struck even though the State Department — under Hillary Clinton — accused the country’s government of “arbitrary arrests and corruption.”
You want the real Hillary... go to Wikileaks.


LAST WORD: Be careful what you wish for
As I had cause to remind the Democrats during my Senate testimony, too many prominent members of their party are already wholesale enthusiasts for the criminalization of dissent - a position that renders politics both irrelevant and impossible.
Forewarned is forearmed.

Sounds a lot like Hillary...

...is actually Putin's new best friend...
CNN Pentagon Correspondent Barbara Starr reported that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s statement about the time it takes to launch nuclear weapons is “extremely classified.”
Seems like there's a lot of that "strange bedfellows" shit goin' around...
The Iranian regime is a terrorist regime,” said Shabnam Assadollahi, an Ottawa writer and human rights activist who was imprisoned in Iran as a teenager. “Why would the mayor of Montreal make quiet deals with a terrorist regime?”
Those wacky Libranos... now that Justin has changed the rules, you never know where they'll pop up next.
There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada,” Justin Trudeau said, concluding that he sees Canada as “the first post-national state.”

22 October 2016

Joe Biden, reportedly, is bragging...

bully biden...that he will kick Vladimir Putin's ass...
Russia has offered to monitor the Election Day in at least three states, saying that it would be willing to send someone “for a short period of time, when convenient” to observe the voting process. Texas and Oklahoma predictably turned Russia down. Louisiana’s Secretary of State ran the suggestion by Homeland Security and the FBI.

The Russian state-controlled publication Izvestia reported that its suggestion was “categorically rejected,” calling the U.S. response “harsh.”
I guess Obamugabe and the Hildebeast feel they have matters well in hand.


RELATED: Media paints Trump as despicable...

...for questioning the electoral process...
Well, I tell you what it helps in Ohio, that we got Democrats in charge of the machines,” Obama said regarding the threat of election-rigging.
Who was that guy, Al somebody, who challenged the results of a presidential election in the courts?

No Irish need apply

Wake up and smell the racial healing...
To: bobama@ameritech.net
Date: 2008-10-06 20:38 Subject: Diversity

Barack --

Following up on your conversations with John over the weekend, attached are two documents: -- A list of African American, Latino and Asian American candidates, divided between Cabinet/Deputy and Under/Assistant/Deputy Assistant Sectetary levels, as well as lists of senior Native Americans, Arab/Muslim Americans and Disabled Americans.

We have longer lists, but these are candidates whose names have been recommended by a number of sources for senior level jobs in a potential Administration.

A list of women, similarly divided between candidates for Cabinet/Deputy and other senior level positions.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Mike Froman
Of course, we now know the "number of sources" included the Clinton Foundation.


RELATED: Green Leaders of Color
"Despite increasing racial diversity in the United States, the racial composition in environmental organizations and agencies has not broken the 12% to 16% “green ceiling that has been in place for decades."
No word yet on "caucasian" quotas in the NBA.

21 October 2016

Why the dead tree media...

...are walking the doomed path of the dinosaurs...silence of the blms
"No information on suspects was immediately provided for either incident. Police said there was currently nothing to suggest the two shootings are linked."
Two shootings, Jimmy Olsen? What about the other three? And instead of putting up the metaphorical yellow barrier tape... an actual "professional" journalist might enquire about "points of commonality" between these five Toronto area shootings that have occurred recently.

Unless, of course, they really don't want to know.


RELATED: You call yourselves a tabloid?

Shame on you...
"Bullets have been flying in THE NORTHWEST END of the city all week. In all, five shootings in as many days have left two dead and five injured. “Up to 10 gunshots were heard,” Kwong said. “And MALES WERE SEEN RUNNING in all directions, but we’re not sure if they were involved."
Hoodied males were seen running in the northwest end of the city? Get out your decoder rings.


UPDATE: Is Chief Saunders lying to us...

...or is he just really bad at math?
"Gunfire rang out at five different locations in Toronto overnight, sending a number of people to hospital with various injuries."
That's five new shootings, not to be confused with the five I refer to above. But that's not what the man in charge of Toronto cops is saying...
Police Chief Mark Saunders told CP24, “Last night we had a couple shootings and we have resources on it right now to figure out exactly who has caused the shootings to occur."
Spoken like a social worker, Chief. Time to head off to some international law & order junket and soak up some sunshine.


LAST WORD: The number don't lie
"So far in 2016, there have been a total of 330 shootings in Toronto, which is up 52.8 per cent from this point in 2015."
No comment as of yet from the Toronto chapter of "Black Lives Matter."

Ontario Liberal Party says OHIP premiums...

...will now include a "Mack Daddy" surcharge...insert alt text here
The World Health Organisation will change the standard to suggest that a person who is unable to find a suitable sexual partner or is lacking a sexual relationship to have children - will now be equally classified as disabled.

WHO says the change will give every individual “the right to reproduce”.

"The strangest thing is, in the 80s we were told there were too many people here."
Forget that... I want my medicine!!!


RELATED: I can't wait for Justin...

...to declare "Omar Khadr Day" a statutory celebration.

Sounds like a plan...

...so when exactly, will we be shutting down all those remote aboriginal communities?
"The provincial government now is pushing to close places like Little Bay Islands altogether rather than service them, offering Locke and his neighbors at least $250,000 (US$189,000) each to leave — and spurring a bitter, three-year fight over whether to cash out or endure."
Just askin'.

20 October 2016

Never mind the Clintons...

I have been informed that the article I originally linked to was actually a spoof... this one's on me for not checking further.

In it's place I offer up this. It's becoming harder & harder to separate the lunatic left's excesses from fiction... for example...treason
Like many other celebrities watching from home Wednesday night, Rosie O’Donnell tweeted along with the third presidential debate and repeatedly went off on Republican candidate Donald Trump, at various points calling him an “anus mouth” and an “orange motherfucker.”
Wheat, chaff... sometimes it's all a blur.


RELATED: Bias, what bias?
Toward the end of the third and final presidential debate Wednesday evening, Donald Trump SNARLED that Hillary Clinton is “such a nasty woman.”
Yeah... that's gonna leave a mark... because he "snarled."


LAST WORD: And some topics are totally off limits

The media double standard

The MSM loses it's collective mind, yet again... is alt-journalism the answer?gore
"I am very troubled by a lot of the stories that have been reported," about blacks being discouraged from voting, Gore said. "Whenever you have allegations of those kind, that is a matter the entire country ought to take seriously."
Funny... nobody was freakin' out when Al Gore claimed the election was "rigged" or when he took his non-concession to the court system.

That Trump, though... he's apparently the devil incarnate...
In the final presidential debate, Donald Trump disgraced himself and our democracy by refusing to say if he’d accept the election results. He’s a demagogue with a dictatorial streak.
You know, unlike "Uncle Al."


RELATED: Bias? What bias?
Is anyone surprised that the New York Times treated Hillary Clinton like a customer rather than a presidential candidate?


LAST WORD: President Banana Republic
We have here a clear pattern of corruption that makes Watergate look like child’s play. Hillary’s aide, Patrick Kennedy, tried to bribe the FBI to change the classification of a Benghazi document so as to enable Hillary’s false claim that she didn’t send or receive classified information on her illegal home server.
Seriously... that's your candidate?

Ontario Liberals giddy with relief

Holy crap, says Kathleen Wynne... they fell for it... AGAIN...
Auto insurance rates are rising in Ontario, moving the Liberal government even further away from a self-imposed target of an average 15-per-cent reduction.

The Liberals promised in 2013 to cut auto insurance premiums an average of 15 per cent by August 2015.
How bad is it?
Drivers living in Toronto and the 905 are paying the highest auto insurance premiums in the province, a new list shows.
Yup... you get the kind of government you deserve.


RELATED: Who cares about policy?
It hasn’t really registered with Canadians yet that Liberal policies look a lot like Tory policies. Maybe that’s because Tory policies were never that bad to begin with. It was largely in the optics, and Trudeau has shown himself to be nothing if not a master of optics.
"Justin, Justin... show us your tits!!!"

19 October 2016

What did Kerry offer Quito...

...to turn off Assange's tap...
Ecuador, the nation that has granted political asylum to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange at the country's London embassy, said late Tuesday it had cut off his Internet access because of WikiLeaks' recent dumps of hacked e-mails surrounding Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Assange said Monday that that he had lost Internet access on Saturday after the document-spilling site released e-mails of speeches Clinton made to the Wall Street Investment bank Goldman Sachs.
Funny how that works.


RELATED: Ask a Hillary supporter
"Moore touches on all of the anti Hillary arguments including the suicide of Vince Foster. 'I hope she did kill Vince Foster, that’s badass.'"
Hmmm... I guess that's the Dems version of locker room talk.

Oh, c'mon you pissants... this is the bigs

Who knew we weren't allowed to empty our shitter in your "deplorable" little town...hillary green plan
"This was an honest mistake and we apologize to the Lawrenceville community for any harm we MAY have caused. We were unaware of any possible violations and have already taken corrective action with the charter bus company to prevent this from happening again."
See, in Washington, we just shit on whoever we want.

18 October 2016

Vote for the Mad Queen....

...I dare you...
All things considered, I had a great week. I didn’t realize I was having enough impact to get on the Clinton enemies list. I don’t think I’m supposed to be happy about any of this, but that’s not how I’m wired.

Mmm, critics. Delicious :-)

P.S. The one and only speaking gig I had on my calendar for the coming year cancelled yesterday because they decided to “go in a different direction.”

RELATED: Of course they did
"The American Muslim Women Political Action Committee (AMW PAC), the first ever political action committee focused specifically on American Muslim women, today announced its endorsement for Hillary Clinton for President."
Under Hillary, the gates will be thrown wide open.

And Winston Churchill wept

Just as with women, body hair removal is a personal decision so if you’re a guy and like your legs to feel super soft and shiny then keep on keeping on.
And in the USA, a war is being waged...
"The lesson made it seem like masculinity was an unacceptable human trait."
In other social engineering news...
"Positioning themselves as the boyish alternative to the American Girl juggernaut, these boy toys are 'properly proportioned, high-end dolls that each have a corresponding book about overcoming some kind of adversity.'”
I got nuthin'.

17 October 2016

Ask Kathleen Wynne

I'm from the government... I'm here to save you...
Both these bottles contain identical quantities of regular Canadian Club whisky manufactured at the Hiram Walker distillery in Windsor, Ont. And yet, a Californian shopping at her local BevMo! pays less than half the money handed over by a Windsorite who literally drives past the distillery on their way home from the liquor store.
The Liberals have doubled Ontario's deficit since coming into power in 2003. Just something to think about as you're standing in line at the LCBO.


RELATED: Premier Wynne's new mega-inclusive Ontario...

So, for instance, any woman with a turkey baster and an enthusiastic gay male friend...
Under the Liberal government’s proposed Bill 28, “Mother” may soon be replaced in Ontario law by the term “birth parent.”
Remember, though... "birth parent" doesn't have to mean the two human beings who supplied the genetic material. Sorta like the fairy princess trapped inside the body of a middle linebacker.
Premier Kathleen Wynne’s government says a new All Families Are Equal Act will "MODERNIZE" the definition of families.
Of course, not everyone is impressed with the Liberal's brave new world.
"The communists had their one-child policy; Ontario has Wynne’s four-parent policy. Being a father or mother has been trivialized," said Queenie Yu, who’s also a vocal critic of Ontario’s sex-ed curriculum.

“The government is trying to erase all trace of biological parents from these children for an ideological motive.”
Where will all the social engineering end?

Do as I very publicly say...

...not as I hypocritically do...
In 2015, during a game against the Chicago Bears, social justice warrior and millionaire athlete Colin Kaepernick was fined $11,025 by the NFL for using a racial slur against... wait for it... a black player.
In other news, Kaepernick's birth mother Heidi Russo has also taken to social media to voice her disappointment with his disrespecting the national anthem.


RELATED: Silence of the BLMs'
One man has been rushed to a trauma centre with serious injuries and another is in hospital in stable condition after a double-shooting in the Jane Street and Sheppard Avenue West area.
Toronto police are asking the public to help them identify a man accused of trying to fatally stab another man in the Jane Street and Lawrence Avenue West area earlier this month.
And again...
Police were called to the Albion Rd. and Silverstone Dr. area just after 6 p.m. “The indications are that a white car pulled up to another car and started shooting into the other car and then the white car fled.”

UPDATE: The wages of urban sin
A man in his mid-20s has died in hospital after a drive-by shooting in Rexdale Tuesday evening.
Never a social justice warrior around when you really need one.

Scratch a Democrat... find a...

..self-hating Quisling...treason
• "Better if a guy named Sayeed Farouk was reporting that a guy named Christopher Hayes was the shooter.” •
I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess that Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods would probably disagree...
"If Benghazi were that hot, and the Obama administration, for reasons that have not been made clear to the public, hung that compound out to dry, Clinton might have a lot more to worry about than simply lying to the public about the attacks in order to protect her President in an election year."

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LAST WORD: Liar, Liar... pantsuit on fire

16 October 2016

Where there's smoke...

...there's Democrats...trump 2016
The Democrat-media complex carpet bombed Donald Trump with several alleged groping stories this week from several women.

The media clearly did not fact check these stories.
Of course, the stories about Hillary, like the Wikileaks emails, are largely, mysteriously swept aside by the mainstream media...
"Her public career has been based on showing one face to her gullible supporters and another, more ruthless one to allies and adversaries behind closed doors."
Funny how that works.


RELATED: Allegations continue to mount...hildebeastWill Hillary now step down?

The "Cold Shot" Chronicles

How do you get to Carnegie Hall?

Practice, practice, practice!


RELATED: Maybe there's a lesson here...target criminalsIt's possible not everybody likes being hugged...
"If he saw an old lady with her groceries, he would help her. He was a kind guy. Very loving. He hugs everyone."
Police have not yet said which "northwestern" Toronto gun club the shooters belonged to.

15 October 2016

If Scientists can put a man on the moon...

...Why can't they do something about those poor people on Gilligan's Island?more witchcraft**********

RELATED: The Nation of WTF?
"The albinoids stayed in the Caucus mountains and caves for 2,000 years. There they became savage, moral-less shameless and psychopathic."
Oh... my... gawd... imbecile just doesn't cover it.

And while we're on savage and shameless...
At least 21 people were shot across the city from Friday evening to Saturday morning, leaving seven dead, according to Chicago Police.
Barackistan feels the pain, yet again.


LAST WORD: City of Angels - 3 KIA, 12 wounded
The owner of the Jamaican eatery, who identified himself only as Dilly, told The Times on Saturday that he runs a catering business out of the house, not a restaurant.

He said another shooting occurred at the location in 2011. "The guy that died in that shooting was my friend."
Burger King, here I come.

It's just like the movies

If you own the top cop... there's no such thing as crime...drop the soap
"FBI Director James Comey presides over an FBI in revolt over his leadership," says former U.S. attorney Joseph diGenova. "The people inside the bureau believe the director is a dirty cop."

"They believe that he threw the Hillary Clinton email case. They do not know what he was promised in return, but people who were involved are expressing their disgust at the conduct of the Director."
In other "investigative" news...
The University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse Hate Response Team has also launched investigations into sidewalk chalk on campus that simply read “Trump,” “Build the wall,” and “All Lives Matter” because the phrases are considered “hostile.”

14 October 2016

I guess it's true...

...the one who smelt it... dealt it...
A new leaked email exchange by Wikileaks shows that the Hillary campaign was pushing the Muslim Obama narrative back in 2008.

Hillary thought that Obama growing up around Muslims in an Islamic country was a negative fact? Wow. I guess when you are running for president, liberal tolerance only goes so far.
Make sure you check out Hillary's numerous bullet points at the link....
Several issues: I think gay adoption belongs with the "liberal" hit on Obama, but "a little blow" does not. "A little blow" needs to be tested on its own.
Well, Barack... is she still your favorite candidate?


RELATED: As the world spirals leftward
The Perilous Whiteness of Pumpkins

According to a study from a University of British Columbia scholar, pumpkins aren’t just vegetables, they’re a racial issue, and pumpkin spice lattes are an example of white privilege.
In the study, Lisa Jordan Powell approaches pumpkins through the, you know... virulent lens of produce-based racism...
"Discussions of white female identity and consumerism as both a dismissive, racially coded slur and a rallying counterpoint.”
If it blows this argle-bargle out of the water, I'll vote for Trump all day long.


LAST WORD: In the words of Chris Rock...

"Smack 'er with a dick... smack 'er with a dick..."
As numerous critics pointed out, the Obamas frequently heard similar comments from the hip-hop artists whom they have fĂȘted at the White House, whose lyrics feature frequent mysogyny and sexual references.
No hypocrisy here, folks... move along.

13 October 2016

Yes, Virginia... there is such a thing...

...as "locker room talk"...sadly, this is the real world
On Tuesday, Toronto restaurant La Carnita posted a picture of food on Instagram under the caption: “What if Donald said, ‘grab her by the taco.'”
The unfortunate reality is that this isn't a Trump thing... it's a guy thing. There's no denying it's rude and crude... but that's really the point. Sometimes it's a contest to see who can be, I shit you not, the "most offensive prick in the room."

None of which minimises male culpability. Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert explains this much better than I do.
"Men had a good run. We invented almost everything, and that’s cool. But we also started all of the wars and committed most of the crimes."
It's a fact that men, regrettably, start doing stupid shit like this at a young age. During my formative years this sort of idiocy was rampant. It is certainly less prevalent these days... but by no means extinct.

Maybe it's testosterone, but it's no accident that grade school girls aren't running around farting in each other's faces, making "Blue Angels" into a competitive endeavor, or teabagging sleeping friends.

Need another example? An incident being painted as a senseless attack on a young Asian man in Toronto now appears to be anything but...
Katie, a server at The Wicket near Bloor and Keele, and Ken, a regular at the bar, said they saw the incident unfold and wanted to tell their side of the story after reading the post on social media.

“Basically, as my friends and I were standing on the sidewalk having a cigarette, three guys ran past us and smacked us on the ass.”
What's the larger offence here... Trump's braggadocio from 2005... or an actual physical offence?

I'm amazed that the Clinton campaign, despite Slick Willie's record of actually physically attacking women, would try to run with this. Or that people would consider Trump's words to be more aggriegious than Bill Clinton's actions.

Again, I defer to the wisdom of Dilbertology...
"This is a good time to remind you that I endorse [Libertarian] Gary Johnson because he only touches himself."

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It's just funny... I can't explainsadly, this is the real world
Delicious, reviving and sure to calm you the fuck down, soothe your stress with this sumptuous, tranquil fusion of loose herbal tea.
It gets better... I mean worse.

12 October 2016

Jesus take the wheel, er... chainsaw

out of doorsSo yesterday, I almost got my horoscope irreparably altered by Mother Nature. Let me explain.

I'm a little short on firewood this year, so I was down front, felling a large and obviously dead maple tree. It was located in a brushy, swampy area, one of three large trees in close proximity to each other.

Not an especially technical drop, but my first mistake was not making a thorough pre-inspection, I failed to see a significant limb threaded through a fork in one of the adjacent trees that also counter balanced my projected fall line.

As a result, when cut free, the tree tipped and spun, remaining nearly upright and balanced on the stump. After a more careful inspection, I realised that the tree was, much like a bow at full draw, now under considerable pressure. Taking this into account, I mapped out a cut that would allow the almost 36 inch diameter trunk to shoot straight backwards when it was released. I also cleared an escape lane 90 degrees to the anticipated direction of release. Unfortunately, the trunk hung up once again on the stump, jammed against the impinging piece of wood I had cut loose.

Realising that I had created something very much like a scaled up deadfall trap for the zombie apocalypse, I decided I would back away and do the sensible thing. Instead of cutting further, I would go get my splitting axe from the garage and knock the locked up piece of wood free from a safer distance.

My second mistake was momentarily forgetting about Newtonian physics... specifically gravity.

I started to walk out the path to retrieve the axe, all the while congratulating myself on my newfound patience & wisdom. Curiously, I had somehow discounted the chances of this multi-ton people-hammer conforming to the physical laws of the universe just as I walked past it.

Yeah... don't ask, 'cos I don't have an answer.

Of course... somebody always wins the lottery. About 15 meters down the trail I heard a loud crack and turned to witness the entire tree shake like a wet dog, shoot backwards about 10 feet and drop like Hillary Clinton at the WTC.

Had I been a little slower to set off, there was a pretty good chance I would have been knocked sideways into tomorrow.

There endeth the lesson.


RELATED: With apologies to CSN&Y...

"Teach... your husband well..."deadfall
"Anyway, this morning I'm sitting at the computer typing away and suddenly the volume on the radio in the kitchen goes way up."
A reader responds... "That's sweet. A lot of women would have turned the radio down."

What would Canada be like...

...if we applied the same standard of discipline to politicians...jerk on the trigger
OTTAWA – A court martial will be held in Ottawa today for Maj.-Gen. Michael Rouleau, Canada’s top special forces soldier after he accidentally fired his weapon in Iraq. He is charged under the National Defence Act with one count of neglect to the prejudice of good order and discipline.

He isn’t the first Canadian general to face a court martial for his weapon accidentally firing. Brig.-Gen. Daniel Menard was fined $3,500 after his rifle fired two bullets in Afghanistan while he was commander of Canadian troops in 2010.

Another officer, Lt.-Col. Gilles Fortin, was also fined after accidentally firing a round from his pistol in the Kabul International Airport in 2012. Fortin was forced to pay $1,500.

UPDATE: Guilty as charged
“I’m proud to belong to a profession of arms where the accountabilities for the generals are the same as they are for the privates and the corporals. That’s the way it should be. I mishandled a weapon and I will pay a price for that,” he told reporters.

RELATED: In other "combat zone" news...
A 19-year-old man was shot near an Agincourt bus stop Tuesday afternoon, forcing schools in the area to be placed under hold and secure as police scoured the area for a suspect.

The shots were heard just after 1:30 p.m. in the Midland Avenue and Baylawn Drive area, according to Toronto police.
No word yet on which gun club the shooters belonged to.

Frankly, what blows my mind...

...is that people are much more concerned about what Trump said... than what Hildebeast's husband did...

bill clinton is a rapist
The alternative to a Trump victory is the restoration to the White House of a credibly accused rapist and serial abuser, accompanied by the woman who has gleefully trashed his victims for 40 years.

RELATED: The media is complicit
The media has joined in this chorus which insists that when Trump mentions Bill’s rapes, he’s climbing into the “gutter,” but that when Hillary references Trump’s tape, she’s taking the “high ground.”
Funny how that works.


RELATED2: The solution here is obvious...

...just send it back to the shop for reprogramming...robotHey, Hillary supporters just don't care.


LAST WORD: It's that simple...insert alt text here
“I would like to say to women who are thinking about getting married: Would you marry a rapist? If you didn’t know he was a rapist but then you found out he was a rapist would you stay with him?”
Well, ladies... what of it?

11 October 2016

Well... to be fair...

...they were probably pretty high when they said it...
TORONTO — Ontario’s Liberal government defended allowing medical marijuana users to vaporize anywhere by saying they had consulted “very broadly” — but emails show those consultations involved the input of just two people.
Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong were not available for comment.

B(e)rning (Wo)man

Friday, Wikileaks released their first batch of Podesta’s emails, which included excerpts from Clinton’s Wall Street transcripts that reaffirmed why Clinton refused to release them in full.
Need a taste? Let's see the Hildebeast "Abraham Lincoln" this...
On Apr 19, 2015, at 4:20 PM, John Podesta wrote:

I know she has begun to hate everyday Americans, but I think we should use it once the first time she says I'm running for president because you and everyday Americans need a champion.
And there's this...
“Beyond this Hillary should stop attacking Bernie, especially when she says things that are untrue, which candidly she often does,” Brent Budowsky, a former aide to the late Sen. Lloyd Bentsen wrote to Podesta on March 13.
Let's ask a nursemaid...
Abedin: Have you been going over her calls with her? So she knows Singh is at 8? [India Prime Minister Manmohan Singh]

Hanley: She was in bed for a nap by the time I heard that she had an 8am call. Will go over with her.

Abedin: Very important to do that. She’s often confused.

RELATED: From the comments...
Chelsea married into a cesspool: Who in the world is Ed Mezvinsky?
The rotten apple doesn't fall far from the tree.


LAST WORD: Upsetting that apple cart
"Let me tell you something,” Huckabee said. “Here’s a little secret Megyn, a lot of these bed-wetting, hand wringing Republicans, they’re not afraid Donald Trump is going to lose. They’re scared to death he’s going to win."
Time for a new broom.

Hillary Clinton's long history...

...of destroying women's lives...feminist hillary
In an interview Clinton said that her client had passed a polygraph lie test, and she added, with a laugh, “which forever destroyed my faith in polygraphs.”
The facts here are that Hillary Clinton's client violently raped a 12 year-old girl. Despite the fact that Shelton’s injuries were so traumatic she could never have children AND knowing that her client was indeed guilty, Hillary got him a reduced sentence.
In 1975, Clinton served as the defense lawyer for Thomas Alfred Taylor, a 41-year-old factory worker accused of raping Shelton after luring her to his car.

Taylor pleaded down to ‘unlawful fondling of a minor’ and served less than a year in prison after Clinton was able to block the admission of forensic evidence that linked her client to the crime.
Trump is right... Hillary deserves to be in jail.


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...with Trump's potty-mouth and more with her own...witchy woman

10 October 2016

Debate II - coulda, shoulda, woulda

When Hillary started in about Trump's words objectifying women, he should have simply replied, "Mrs Clinton, I said some objectionable things 11 years ago and again, I'm sorry for that... but let's not forget I'm not the President who stuck a cigar in an college-age intern's v@gina a mere twenty feet away from the Oval Office while supposedly conducting the nation's business."

He got this far by being Trump. Leverage your assets.


RELATED: Hillary seeing Snipers again?
He even bested her on her recollection of her own tenure at the helm of the U.S. State Department.

Trump recalled that Clinton was secretary of state when President Barack Obama drew his now-infamous rhetorical 'red line' in Syria, ineffectively warning Bashar al-Assad not to use chemical weapons against insurgents and civilians.

Clinton insisted she had retired from the government by the time that happened. Not so: Obama dared Assad to cross his line in August 2012, six months before Clinton’s term ended.
Looks like Granny Clinton had another "memory lapse."

You remember the Golf-Pro-in-Chief's "line in the sand", right?
I don’t know what the hell went into that decision,” former Secretary of Defense and CIA director Leon Panetta said Tuesday night. Obama instead announced that he wouldn’t order air strikes until he heard from Congress -- an institution that “has a hard time figuring out what time of day it is.”
Well, Leon... that's why they call it "President"... you're supposed to be in charge.


LAST WORD: Bias, what bias?
Debate Moderator Martha Raddatz married Obama’s Harvard Law School classmate and Harvard Law Review cohort Julius Genachowski in 1991, years before Obama appointed Genachowski to head the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Obama went to the wedding, years before he became a national politician.
Yeah, I'm shocked.

09 October 2016

PMO desperate to distract media...

...oh, thank gawd... the Prime Minister just took off his shirt again...
"The 184 revocation decisions of the first 10 months of the Trudeau government nearly match the total number of decisions over a 27-year period between 1988 and the last month of the Harper government in October 2015."
No, no... nothing up my sleeve. Hey, Mansbridge... wanna feel my biceps?


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Canada's future's so bright, I gotta wear shades...insert alt text here
The CEO of International Herbs Medical Marijuana Ltd, which operates Zenabis, a medical marijuana company in Atholville, N.B., says producers across the country have had trouble finding qualified, educated workers.
That's really strange... the cops around here are finding tons of these guys.


LAST WORD: In other workforce stories...
Liberal Party officials used federal funds for partisan purposes – including $165,000 to buy the silence of a party bagman who was caught up in an influence-peddling scheme.
It's a Librano thing.

Dear Daniel...

You gut a man like a farm animal... I suppose you have to rationalise it somehow...
“If I was white would it still be my fault?”
The upside here is, you're gonna have a good, long time to work out all those deeper philosophical issues.

This is not, as it were, Mr Adjetey-Nelson's first rodeo...
"His most violent previous offences are alleged to have occurred in May of this year when police believe he assaulted a woman with a knife and caused her bodily harm. Those charges are still before the courts."
As a bystander here, my one question here would be... "Why was this guy not behind bars instead of out committing horrific & serial acts of irreversible mayhem?"

The Ottawa Citizen, on the other hand, wants to emphasize that this man was "a victim of violence himself."

It appears to me that Daniel Adjetey-Nelson has more than balanced that particular equation.


"A man in his 20s suffering from gunshot wounds was driven to a hospital in Scarborough Saturday night."
Uh-huh... "suffering from gunshot wounds"... sort of like the "misery of psoriasis."

08 October 2016

Hillary Horrified

Fears for the nation being overseen by a sexual predator... and, incredibly, she's not talking about THIS GUY...
"At one point, the President inserted a cigar into Ms. Lewinsky's vagina, then put the cigar in his mouth and said: 'It tastes good'."
It gets better...
According to Ms. Lewinsky, the President explained that they had to end their intimate relationship. Earlier in his marriage, he told her, he had had hundreds of affairs; but since turning 40, he had made a concerted effort to be faithful.
Not that Hillary was a paragon of marital virtue...
Clinton was aware that Hillary was bisexual and he didn’t care. "He said Hillary had eaten more pussy than he had."
Who are these people... and more importantly... when do they find time to actually do their jobs?

UPDATE: Trump responds to Hildabeast
“This was locker-room banter, a private conversation that took place many years ago. Bill Clinton has said far worse to me on the golf coursenot even close,” Trump said in a statement.

"I'm voting for the wealthy fornicator. I just can't figure out which one."


LAST WORD: A Hillary Primer

07 October 2016

One question right here, Nic...

That "Community Consultation Process" say anything about what happens when your unstoppable "social justice" bathroom rejiggering... meets, for example... those immovable Islamic theocratic dictates that forbid unrelated men and women from simply being in physical, fully-clothed proximity to one another? • don't ask, don't tell, don't beheadI'm guessing it most emphatically does not. •

Nic Weststrate, University of Toronto Mississauga's Equity and Diversity Officer, blithely refers to "differing levels of readiness"... which I suspect is a Guinness Book of Worlds Records-worthy uniquely Can-Lit euphemistic whiffle ball.


RELATED: The capricious & unknowable...chastity belt..."Will of Allah"...
“Is this some sort of mockery to the religion? Whoever you are, fear Allah.”
Or more to the point... his proxies.

Remember, back in the day...

...your teachers and parents would always advise you to spend money you didn't actually have? •••

Yeah, me neither...
Last spring, the Liberal government doubled the amount of money available to subsidize student wages under the Canada Summer Jobs program.

But despite the boost, Statistics Canada found student summer employment rates for 2016 stuck roughly where they were in 2015.
How's that 30 billion dollar deficit lookin' now, guys?

06 October 2016

"In their Master's chamber..."

"They gather for the feast... stab it with their steely knives... but they just can't kill the beast..."insert alt text hereAh... the grease-painted injustice of it all.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...
"I have no clown in this fight. My familiarity with ICP stems mostly from this long interview with their fellow white-trash “loser”-made-good, Adam Carolla."
Go "social justice."


FROM THE TAKI's COMMENTS:insert alt text here
"The secular state strips all the tribalism out of people and tells them, in effect, Yale or jail."

05 October 2016

Remember when "trying to get ahead"...

...was something we all aspired to...
"It is advised to not necessarily attempt to fully detach the head, as the absence of technique can cause a person to spend a long time attempting to do so, that is, unless the individual’s circumstances and capabilities allow for such."
Gotta have mad butchery skillz, bro.


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