31 December 2014

"EAT ME!!!"

"Township officials have said it's not an anti-zombie issue, but pro-zoning rules."
These guys aren't dummies... we've all seen what happens when you piss off the Zombie-American "Community."


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"Let me fix that headline for you."more police hit squadsPerhaps the "professional" journalists at the Canadian Press meant to use the word "INTERAC"... as in "making a withdrawal."

Note that there is no mention of the "alleged" robber using a gun in this "reported" robbery.

No wonder people lose their shit when they read about these things. This article makes it sound as though the police, upon hearing of a possible crime, raced over to the nearest welfare hellhole and shot a random bystander in this "may, or may not have happened" crime.

Could there possibly be any other explanation?armed robber shot dead in scarberiaOh, look...
CP24 has learned that a bystander at Warden station called 911 to report that a man ARMED WITH A GUN was robbing a TTC collector.
Was there a gun? Sure sounds like police had reason to think so.

At least one news organisation is unafraid to call things by their proper names. Bravo CityPulse.


UPDATE: If Justin had a son...
A neighbour of 33-year-old Daniel Clause, shot and killed by police after he allegedly robbed a Scarborough TTC station called the man “a loaded gun."

“I believe his addiction took hold,” he said of the robbery attempt, adding that Clause had been acting erratically lately. “He’d smash his apartment up, HE DID STUPID THINGS.”
If only Clause had been able to wait for Justin to legalise drugs. On the other hand, his epitaph is already written.


UPDATE2: Taking panhandling to a new level
"My name is Daniel I am 3 3 I have been on my own since I was 11 years old it has taken me a long journey to get here many roads traveled alot of ups and downs many failure many vultures looking to prey an a young and impressionable kid with no guidance no family and no real support system I'm hoping I can avoid at least one kid from going threw that whatI have by opening doors and providing opportunity to eXpressMusic art and providing a safe environment 2 succeed and excel"
It's been two decades since he was a young and impressionable kid and it sounds as though he navigated the support system just fine.

29 December 2014

And Winston Churchill wept

A 350-pound British woman claims it’s not her fault she’s morbidly obese — it’s because the government doesn’t give her enough money.
Why that's terrible... this poor woman is being victimised by the... wait a minute...
Briggs already receives almost $36,000 a year from the government.

28 December 2014

Those damn Mennonites...

...are at it again...
Police said the victim of the brazen, 3:30 p.m. shooting -- also a young man -- is not being much help to investigators and refusing to provide much detail. In fact, he cursed at police in the back of the ambulance when they grilled him for information.

Police arrested two men, allegedly affiliated with the Crips street gang, at the scene on Friday afternoon. The men, believed to be in their 20s, were held for several hours, questioned and released without charge. Police said they are known to Guns and Gangs investigators.
The victim, who is expected to make a full recovery, is known to police.

It was the city's record-breaking 46th shooting of the year -- double the number from 2011 and 16 more than last year.
Sleep tight Ottawa.


UPDATE: As Canadian as Gamil Gharbi
The accused, 26-year-old Yaqoub Ali, like many of the “persons of interest” (Abdulaziz & Nawaf Al-Enzi) and even victims (Adel Al-Enzi) in the 48 reported shootings in 2014, is well known to the police guns and gangs unit.

Adel and Abdulaziz are half-brothers of Nawaf Al-Enzi, who is awaiting a second trial for what’s alleged to be the gangland execution of Ledbury-Banff Crips member and drug dealer Mohamad Zalal.
Yup... Mennonites.

25 December 2014

What's the mainstream equivalent...

...of Ferguson, Missouri...

An Ohio homeowner was ordered by town officials to remove a Nativity scene in front of his house that featured zombies instead of wise men and a baby Jesus.

"I wanted a Nativity and I worked with what I had," Jasen Dixon, who manages a nearby haunted house, told Fox 19."
So what could push docile, law abiding non-Fergusonites over the edge?

I think I've found it.gotta have prioritiesMerry Christmas everyone.

24 December 2014

Mayor Theodore Hoskins, Berkeley, Missouri...

Dear Sir...

Here at Acme Insurance and Loan we pride ourselves on our service and congeniality. Therefore, it is with no small regret that we inform you that we will no longer be able to conduct business with the city of Berkeley.

Our policies with your sister city of Ferguson have forced Acme Insurance into Chapter 11. It saddens us to have to close down after 121 years in business, but as you know, one cannot predict the future.

In closing, I would only point out that our latest business venture, Acme Body Armour Inc., has not been adversely affected by recent events.

You may wish to place orders early as we anticipate brisk holiday sales.


Irvine J. Fartbuckle


UPDATE: The Berkeley blowback

Remember... every single Police Officer is a despicable murderer and every Black man is an innocent bystander.

No exceptions.
“Do you have to treat EVERY SITUATION with lethal force? It’s not a racial issue, or black or white. It’s wrong or right,” said 36-year-old Orlando Brown, one of the protesters.
Well, Orlando... how about when someone points a loaded pistol at a cop? Is the officer allowed to shoot then?
Police released surveillance video from the parking lot outside the store. The nearly two-minute clip shows two young men leaving the store as a patrol car rolls up, and the officer gets out and speaks with them. About 90 seconds later, the video appears to show one of the men raising his arm, though what he is holding is difficult to see because they were several feet from the camera. Belmar said it was a 9mm handgun — loaded with one round in the chamber and five more in the magazine.
One other consideration might be the person's previous behavior. Was Antonio Martin an innocent bystander who made a single bad decision?
Martin had a criminal record that included three assault charges and others for armed robbery, armed criminal action and unlawful use of a weapon.
That's a pretty impressive C.V. for an 18-year-old.

Remember, though... none of that matters. Not to the "Community" or the mainstream media.

So, Premier Wynne...

..., you'll pay for the coverup, but not the actual crime... caught in the actI'm not sure that I follow the logic here...
Premier Kathleen Wynne's press secretary says in a statement that the Ontario Liberal Party executive council voted Monday to cover the payment so no tax dollars go toward work currently under police investigation.
I have a question, Premier. When you say "no tax dollars go toward work currently under police investigation"... does that include the hundreds of millions of dollars the Liberal party said they were shelling out as compensation for the gas plants THAT DIDN'T GET BUILT?"

I'm guessing, if so, you would have led with that. Sigh.

So, in actuality, this $10,000 is just one loogie in an ocean of larcenous Liberal spit.

Forgive my impertinence, but, as Premier of Ontario... you do get that ALL police work is funded with taxpayer dollars. Also, that any and all monies funneled to Liberal operatives (or their family members) for work that triggers subsequent criminal investigation is a horse of an entirely different colour?

So, just to be clear, what you're coughing up here, is under-the-table funds paid to the spouse of Dalton McGuinty's deputy chief of staff for a little nudge-nudge wink-wink say-no-more services, specifically deletion of emails and like documentation in an alleged criminal conspiracy. I mean, if it were simply required maintenance, that could simply have been performed by the extremely well-paid Queens Park IT department, right?

So, cards on the table, these same monies, despite your press secretary's vague and misleading statement, have not a smidge to do with monies compensating the police... past, present or future.

And now that the net is closing... you'll pay them back. Bravo Madam Premier.



A list of Liberal scandals.

p.s. Not recommended for folks with cardiovascular issues.

The short answer is...

...people die...don't need a weathermanOh, right... the question is... "What happens when you let sympathy cloud what should be the straightforward balancing of an equation?

The Eaton Centre shooter was released on bail... TWICE... before he went on to commit multiple murders and maimings. The legal system isn't just broken... it has been burned to the ground. Remember, people died here... and innocent bystanders were seriously injured.

So when will we learn our lesson?

It's coming to a head, I think, as evidenced by reaction in the comments to the statement, "Jail is a hard place, getting harder all the time."

And good gawd, let's not get started on the horrors of powdered milk. Or, maybe... let's do.

Ballbounces writes... "If drinking powdered milk is a cruelty, then I had a cruel upbringing. Who do I sue?"

To which Big Red replies... "I am with you. We need to start a class action suit. When I was a kid, times were so bad we used to eat our powdered milk dry, with a spoon. Couldn't afford the water to mix it up."

Earl Smith then weighs in... "A spoon. A SPOON??? Utter luxury. We dreamed and prayed for a spoon in our family, we were so poor."

I'm stunned that anyone could regard "powdered milk" for murderers as any sort of an issue. Didn't we just used to hang these guys?

I don't know if dead is a hard place, except maybe for all the folks you leave behind. I do know that it's more difficult to deal with than powdered milk.

Let's get our collective heads out of our asses. No more sympathy over cold, hard facts.

23 December 2014

Dear Gays against Israeli Apartheid...

If this guy could do it all over again... (and he can't, because he's, well, uh... dead)... I'm guessing he would gladly make his home in Tel Aviv... gay old time
In a statement which accompanied the images, ISIS said "the Islamic court in Wilayet al-Furat decided that a man who has practised sodomy must be thrown off the highest point in the city."

It said the man would also be "stoned to death."
And, as the pictures from the scene graphically indicate, in what forensic examiners would label "extreme overkill"... he was.

For extra points, maybe someone out there can identify the only country in the Middle East that actually has Gay pride parades.

C'mon, ladies, gents (and others)... I can't hear you!


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It's not like any of that could happen in a westernised... oh my gawd...
Islamic jihadists called for attacks on France, and suddenly mentally ill people unaccountably screaming “Allahu akbar” are coming out of the woodwork. This is the third jihad attack in France in as many days.
And the USA, and Australia and Canada and...


UPDATE: Meanwhile, back in Canuckistan...

peace and joyCanadian media still playing, "Who's the Real Victim?"
His lawyer, Julie Bernier, said after the court proceedings she thought Mr. Labelle looked “stressed.” “You have to understand that he has no prior convictions and this was the first time he was in front of a court,” Ms. Bernier said.
Oh that poor little dear... a few maps to police stations and he's in the soup.

If you want actual useful information, you have to dig a little deeper...
According to his grandmother, however, he was not dangerous. “He wasn’t that kind of boy,” Sylvie Labelle told TVA. “When he converted, he found inner peace. He wanted to take care of his mother and be the man of the house.”
Apart from the maps and notes, there was just one small fly in the Islamic ointment.

As Granny tells it... Mr. Labelle had taken to carrying around a machete... presumably, like any other unremarkable Canadian boy, to protect mummy dearest.

Lopping off heads? Good grief, no, Officer... I was only looking out for me ol' Mum.

I guess Montreal has taken a turn for the worse since I last visited.

I guess they think...

...it's what Trayvon would've wanted...copkillers unite
It’s not the only apparent link between the “dead cops” chant and the Trayvon Martin Organizing Committee. At the beginning of the video and before the call to kill police, you can hear what sounds like, “arms up, shoot back!” That slogan appears on TMOC’s Twitter account.

The bedrock of TMOC’s politics, judged by their social-media output, is hatred for police and endorsement of violence against them. The group seems to blend “black bloc” anarchist street violence with social-media campaigns.

It would be interesting to find out more about the radicals whose slogan is “shoot back.” What we know now is that, out of the people arrested on the bridge, one is a Harvard-educated poet and another was making more than $100,000 a year working for one of the most the most powerful unions in New York City.
Will you see a story linking the Trayvon Martin supporters with violence in Ferguson or the murder of police officers in New York?

You already know the answer to that, don't you?

More here.


RELATED: Apparently, evil no longer exists...
We heard Michael Coren speak last night at the JDL Canada Chanuhah “do.” He recalled the bad old days when the IRA were much in the news.

“No one ever described these individuals as ‘mentally ill’ after they killed someone,” Coren recalled wryly. “We called them ‘IRA members'.”
Imagine that.

22 December 2014

Less Justin Trudeau... more Dillon Hillier

halls of macadamia/**********


This is why we don't take you seriously...

just plain lazy
JTF2 "operators," as they prefer to be called, use a Macmillan TAC-50 rifle nicknamed "Big Mac." It's the longest-range weapon available to snipers, with a range of 2.3 km. The Big Mac has been standard issue for elite Canadian snipers since 2000.

QMI was unable to confirm if Canada provided TAC-50s to Iraqi and Kurdish snipers.
Confirm, you disingenuous hacks? I'm unable to confirm that Tom Mulcair is not having hot chimp sex with Olivia Chow on the steps of Parliament as we speak... but you don't see me passing it off as journalism. Your claiming to know about the "operator's" preferences strikes me as totally made-up as well. You guys are like, what... besties? You jock up with JTF-2 on the weekend? I don't think so.

Speaking of facts, the photo in your article is not a MacMillan TAC 50. That photo is of a rifle (manufactured by Colt Industries in Kitchener, Ontario) descended from the venerable M16... and is the battle rifle issued to all regular Canadian troops. It's not even made in the same country (Phoenix, Arizona) as the McMillan.

Copying & pasting a bunch of gun porn (along with a picture of a totally different rifle) is not journalism. It's like using a picture of a jumbo jet in a story about Amelia Earhart. Or pretending that Gamil Gharbi is just another French-Canadian dude named Marc.

What happened to the thesis here... that Canada has boots on the ground fighting ISIS? Nah, you just gloss over that and sprinkle the narrative with some gun stats you don't even understand yourself.

You don't care enough about the narrative to even source the correct photographs...just plain lazyIs the rest of the story just bullshit as well?

No wonder the dead tree media is defunct.

Hot peppers are commonly graded...

...in "Scoville" units... perhaps bloodthirsty mobs can henceforth be measured in "Sharptons."halls of macadamia/
Several thousand protesters marched in New York City on Saturday. The protesters were part of Al Sharpton’s “Million Marchers” protest against police violence. The protesters chanted “What do we want?… Dead cops!” as they marched in New York City.
Well, Al, you slippery, lying race hustler... I guess that's a big "mission accomplished."
Retired NYPD detective Harry Houck wasted no time in blaming those protests and the people behind them for what happened today. “We have two dead police officers, and I guess Al Sharpton got what he wanted.”
Who was Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley?he told the worldOh, look... he was a warrior for social justice...just making a living selling deathOh yeah, one other small factoid.


LAST WORD: Burn this bitch down... yet again.

go justice warriorsRafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu. Assassinated to ostensibly balance the lopsided scales of social justice.

Sadly, this is Ferguson all over again... teaching the "honky oppressors" about morality at the point of a gun. Not exactly sure what slaughtering Hispanic and Chinese police officers accomplishes, but, no doubt, our brethren on the the leftish side of the political spectrum will have an explanation.

Sleep well Mr Sharpton.


UPDATE: Trayvon would be so proud

Looks like someone has pinned the tail on the monsters who called for cops to be killed.

20 December 2014

It's all truly relative, I guess


Since klingon sex is basically violent wrestling, I wonder if the klingons don’t have BDSM but like the opposite. Klingons gathering in secrecy in dark cellars to engage in sweet, gentle loving, to the scorn of fellow klingons.

"How can you do that?" the other klingons ask. "You don’t even draw blood? Not a single furniture breaking? It doesn’t seem… natural".

"What is this… cuddle, you speak of?"

Fifty Shades of QamuSHa’

19 December 2014

If he had yet another imaginary son...

Another huge victory for the ordinary working... wait a minute...pinko pals
Just one day before President Obama announced sweeping changes that would allow potential American investment in Cuba, the Cuban government apparently had begun preparing itself by announcing new measures that would allow Cubans who work for foreign companies to keep only 8%.
Of course, that's not gonna matter to some folks.


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...is grovel...
Barack Obama apologized to Cuban president Raul Castro during their phone conversation after the American commander in chief's opening remarks.

"I apologized for taking such a long time," Obama said.
Don't wanna get those dictators mad at you.


"I'm totally shocked, SHOCKED, I tell ya!" said absolutely nobody anywhere in Ontario ever.
Just another day in the Lieberal swamp.


RELATED: Here we go again...
The latest debacle: Ms. Lysyk found — stop me if you’ve heard this one before — that a billion public dollars have been spent while failing to accomplish the goal.

It’s not ehealth records, or even cancelled power plants. This time, it’s smart meters — technology that had to be installed on all Ontario homes to monitor their electricity usage.

17 December 2014

Those tyrannical uncaring Republi...

...wait a minute...
"The truth is, even with all the actions I've taken this year, I'm issuing executive orders at the lowest rate in more than 100 years."
Hmmm... let's just take a closer look at that claim...hail the kingShould this matter to anyone? Only if you fell for all that hopey changey argle-bargle...
Like executive orders, presidential memoranda don't require action by Congress. They have the same force of law as executive orders and often have consequences just as far-reaching. And some of the most significant actions of the Obama presidency have come not by executive order but by presidential memoranda.
And now the United States is 18 trillion dollars in debt.

Thus goes the Imperial Presidency.

15 December 2014

Phenomena that will henceforth...

...be known as DIE-versity...
The gunman, earlier named as Iranian cleric Man Haron Monis, took an as yet unknown number of people hostage shortly before 10:00am (AEDT) on Monday.

Monis, who was granted political asylum in Australia, was on bail for a string of violent offences, including being an accessory to the murder of his ex-wife.
A beheading in Liverpool, two soldiers murdered in Canada... and now Sydney, Australia.

Coming soon to a neighbourhood near you?


RELATED: Lunatic left weighs in...

"Look on the bright side."


LAST WORD: I got nuthin'
“People actually took selfies in front of the #SydneySiege, so it’s officially give-up-on-humanity o’clock,” wrote Samantha Escobar

12 December 2014

Third time unlucky?

It has happened before. It will happen again...
In the last 200 years, only the 1859 and 1921 solar superstorms are believed by experts to have exceeded the 4,000 nanoTesla/minute level over the U.S. If one of these storms were to occur today, many experts believe they would likely damage key elements of the power grid and could cause very long-term power outages over much of the United States.
Bear in mind that in 1859 and even 1921 there was much less infrastructure to be damaged. No integrated circuits, no computer chips, hardly any transformers.

Try an experiment. Go downstairs to your home's breaker panel. Shut off the main power. Do not use your cellphone or your laptop. Do not use your car. You are also not allowed to turn on water taps.

Remember... all the grocery stores will be in the same position. They will empty out over the next day or so as there will be no viable transportation network left. There will also be no 911... no police, fire or ambulance. That generator you bought and tucked away at the back of the garage? It's fried too.

Do you live in a community like Ferguson, Missouri? Your life could suddenly become much more, uh... dynamic.

Let me know how long you would be willing or able to live this way.

09 December 2014

"So, Professor... do we get..."

"...extra credit for looting and burning?"
Student: But professor, now that my faith in the integrity of the law is so badly shaken, why should I continue to study law?


Prof: I make a great living teaching that the law is a tool of oppression designed to protect white privilege. It takes a while to learn all of the jargon, but it’s worth it. One day, all of this can be yours.

Emily Post for Jihadis

Whom can you enslave? What can you do with female slaves? Can you beat them and have sex with them? The militants of the self-styled Islamic State, never shy to parade their gruesome, atavistic interpretation of the Quran and its place as they see it in the modern world, have now answered those questions.
I'm speechless... I swear, I got nuthin'.

08 December 2014

We're all gonna die... we're all gonna die

...just not from legally owned firearms...
When the federal Conservative government abolished the long-gun registry back in 2012, gun-control advocates predicted no end to the criminal chaos that would result.

If duck hunters, farmers and collectors were no longer required to register their rifles and shotguns, women would not be safe in their homes. They would be slaughtered by their murderous male partners.

Gun-control activists also forecast rampant crime in Canadian streets. And, of course, the murder rate would soar.

However the 2013 homicide figures were released by Statistics Canada on Monday. In the first full year without the registry, the murder rate in Canada went down significantly – 8%.

More specifically, “the rate of firearm-related homicide decreased 25%.”
So, the next time you hear Thomas Mulcair and the NDP want to cough up another 2 billion dollars to revive the long gun registry (remember, handguns have had their own registry for 85 years now and long gun owners already jump through expensive and extensive hoops to buy firearms of any stripe), just crunch the numbers and ask yourself if you actually have some extra cash to donate to the federal deficit.

To paraphrase Jeff Cooper... a complicated and expensive solution to a problem that doesn't even exist.


BREAKING: Domestic dispute @Uncle Tom's Cabin...
Dare I say it... did Mr Mulcair "shoot himself in the foot?"

04 December 2014

03 December 2014

Less Justin Trudeau... more Dillon Hillier

Video posted online by the former professional soldier show him putting his training to good use by bandaging a Kurdish fighter who has been shot in the face during a clash with jihadis.

'I accomplished more good in those 20 hours than the previous 26 years of my life,' he said. 'I dragged a man who had been shot in the face to safety and patched him up, while many others stood around in shock.

'I am unsure if my actions saved his life but I truly hope so.'

Burying the lede?

How far will your average politically correct "professional journalist" go... not to mention the "M" word?

Pretty far, it seems... although there's apparently some compelling reason to bring real-estate agents into the blood-soaked, medieval mix.what's muslim got to do with it
The Crown prosecutor told court that although media reports at the time described the attacks as a family “honour crime”, nothing in the case file supports that theory.
Nothing you say? Seriously?

Okay, let's get it out there... this guy is, as Licia Corbella would say, "not one of us."

What's that you say... too harsh?

I'm afraid I'll have to disagree. Vehemently. Cutting bits off a family pet, never mind your daughter... puts you squarely on the sociopathological end of the parental discipline continuum. (Hmmm... cutting bits off women... that actually sounds kind of familiar, but for now let's get back to the matter at hand).
His wife and daughter had just returned from his daughter’s new apartment. The father had never agreed that his eldest daughter, 20, could move out. And when she said her father no longer controlled her life, he said that in fact he did and slapped her across the face.
You listen to folks like Justin Trudeau, Ottawa is Progressia Central. I get that modern parents may have moved past traditional western sanctions like spanking and grounding... but this guy seems to have picked up his parenting chops (pun intended) from, and I'm just guessing here, the 11th century.
He then grabbed a butcher knife from the kitchen and slashed his daughter in the shoulder. When she tried to grab it to stop the attack, her right pinky finger was severed and her ring finger partially severed.
Our "professional" scribe apparently can't quite bring himself to label this attempted murder... and instead shifts over to the passive tense.
His wife suffered severe defensive wounds to... to her skull.
Translation... this, uh... real-estate agent tried to stab his wife in the brain.

My favourite part in this rainbows and unicorn farts narrative is when the our intrepid reporter attempts to portray Samaurai Dad as the victim.
The father, who cries himself to sleep most nights at the Innes Road jail, pleaded guilty Monday to two counts of aggravated assault in a plea bargain with the Crown that spared him prosecution on the more severe charges of attempted murder.
If I had anything to say about this guy's current living arrangements, I'd see him betrothed to the rabid maddog biker enforcer with the most cigarettes.

Remember, this all started with this allegedly typical Ottawa Dad seeing an online photograph of his 20 year-old daughter (not, as you might have imagined from his response, cavorting with meth-crazed S&M enthusiasts) posing with the university Glee club.

murder, he wroteThat's right, the licentious, libertine Glee Club. So, apologies to the Crown prosecuter, but given the context, I'd hazard a guess that this guy's background and religious beliefs have more to do with his behaviour than, say... his chosen occupation.

As the war-weary cop used to say in the old Dragnet series... "Just the facts, ma'am."


RELATED: Not a Presbyterian... again
All three were found slain Saturday in their apartment on Thorncliffe Park Dr. by Toronto Police officers looking for next-of-kin of a man who fell to his death from the Millwood Bridge onto the DVP.

Traffic Services investigators confirmed that man is Yusuf Abdille, 50.

“Homicide investigators have identified him as the husband and father of the three people found murdered at 85 Thorncliffe Park Dr. that day,” Const. Clint Stibbe said Wednesday.
Are we seeing a pattern yet?

02 December 2014

01 December 2014

Never a President around...

...when you really, really need one.

Just another story you won't see on CBC night after night for the next ten days.

not enough of a gentle giant, i guessI guess if Barack Obama actually had that hypothetical son, he wouldn't look like Zemir Begic.
ST. LOUIS • A third male suspect in a deadly hammer attack over the weekend in the Bevo Mill neighborhood turned himself into city police headquarters late Sunday night, police say. The third suspect is 17. Two other males, 15 and 16, were in custody earlier Sunday.

“There is no indication that the gentleman last night was targeted because he was Bosnian,” said St. Louis police Chief Sam Dotson.
Geez, Sam... can you think of any other reason Mr Begic might have been singled out? Or were your youthful suspects just beating random people to death with hammers that night?

[nb. click on Zemir Begic's picture to get the full story]


RELATED: So where is the President?
After the 12 p.m. Oval Office meeting, Obama will gather with "young local and national civil rights leaders." The White House didn't say what will be discussed, but a spokeswoman for Sharpton, an ally of the Brown family, confirmed he would attend.
Will Zemir Begic's "allies" get a face to face meeting with the President of the United States?

Maybe someone should ask Peter Mansbridge.


LAST WORD: Another call to race war?
Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan went on a fiery tirade about Ferguson [at Morgan State University, a black college located in Baltimore, Md.] on Saturday — threatening that if the demands of protesters aren’t met, “we’ll tear this goddamn country apart!”

“We going to die anyway. Let’s die for something,” Farrakhan told the crowd to roaring applause.
And again, not a peep from President Hopey-Changey.

Remember back in the day...

...some young kid pissed you off... you'd rear back and smash his face with your forehead?

Yeah... me neither...
Two men have been arrested after police released video footage of a 14-year-old banquet hall employee being head butted at a wedding reception by a guest.

York Regional Police said the incident occurred after the boy, a coat-check clerk, asked a group of partygoers who were smoking outside the Vaughan banquet hall to bring their drinks inside on November 8.

In the video, one man is seen moving forward and head butting the employee, who stumbles backwards.

Sameen Fatah, 22, and Omaid Fatah, 19, both of Toronto, face charges related to the incident and were arrested Thursday.
And then the rest of the people at the event refused to identify the thug who did this. Sure doesn't sound like any wedding I've ever been to.

29 November 2014

I have to confess, I'm more worried...

...about the billions of dollars they piss away on purpose... but still...
TORONTO — The Ontario [Liberal] government says a glitch with social assistance transfers that queued up $20 million in overpayments has been fixed — though efforts are underway to retrieve $300,000 that did end up being received.

Amber Anderson says around 6,000 of the wrongful direct transfers and cheques did make it out the door but were either pulled back or cancelled — though 253 clients did receive a total of around $300,000 yet to be retrieved.

Will Liberal MPP's make up any shortfall to the taxpayers of Ontario from their obscene salaries?

28 November 2014

I'm sure Ghenghis Khan had his reasons too

...but, c'mon Mr President, perhaps it's not the best time to be talking about "Justifiable Anger"...
The nation’s self-styled healer of souls was mum in response to black radical grievance-mongers’ calls to vengefully burn Ferguson to the ground – a seething sentiment echoed the next day by Brown’s stepfather.

Mr. Hope and Change stayed silent about the lynch-mob instigators calling for Wilson to be shot and his family murdered.
Obama's latest finger waving lecture directed at the folks who aren't burning and looting may just be one toke over the line... even with fellow Democrats...
Whether out of frustration or political necessity, some of President Obama’s closest lieutenants from his first term are distancing themselves from Mr. Obama as 2016 approaches.

27 November 2014

Conscience and fortitude

What happens to "The Community" when there are no more Church ladies?



Stop embarrassing yourselves.

What happened in Ferguson was not a "protest." A protest is a lawful assembly of citizens who wish to raise public awareness. Looting and burning, shooting at First Responders and carjacking and robbing (two news crews at last count, btw) are acts of criminal mayhem.

Let's lose the "gentle giant" malarkey. Michael Brown (at 6'5" and 300lbs) was in the 99th percentile for size and strength. He was used to getting his way. Fifteen minutes before he was stopped by Officer Wilson, he had initiated a strongarm robbery and assaulted a convenience store owner. Had he lived, he would have faced numerous felony charges including assaulting a law officer. Ironically, his last words... "You're too pussy to shoot me," as he struggled to reach Officer Wilson's firearm have enshrined his arrogance and misplaced sense of superiority for all time.

Stick to reliable facts. How about quoting the people who gave sworn testimony to the grand jury... accounts that, surprise, surprise, back up Officer Wilson's narrative. Quoting Michael Brown's "homies"... (people who won't give testimony under oath) is ridiculous and inflammatory. Hyperbolic accounts of homicidal cops manufactured on the spot and stories that defy the physical evidence do not deserve to see the light of day.

Do not automatically beatify the families. Michael Brown's mother gave birth before she got out of primary school. What sort of upbringing do you imagine he actually had. Louis Head, Michael's stepfather, a twice convicted felon and gangbanger was seen hysterically screaming for the gathered masses to "Burn this bitch (the city of Ferguson) down."

If Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown are indeed the poster boys for racial injustice in America, there is very little hope for any sort of reconciliation.

This is why we don't respect the MSM. This is why newpapers and television news are being superceded by internet media. Learn or die.

26 November 2014

25 November 2014

Never mind not guilty... Darren Wilson...

...is lucky to be alive...

gentle giant my ass
Wilson also describes the moment he says he felt overpowered by 6 foot 5, Brown, who weighed upwards of 300 pounds.

‘When I grabbed him, the only way I can describe it is I felt like a five-year-old holding Hulk Hogan.’
And then "gentle giant" Michael Brown started wrestling Officer Wilson for his gun.


RELATED: Forget about President Hillary...

... did Rudy Giuliani just throw his hat in the ring?bye, bye hillary
Ninety-three percent of blacks are killed by other blacks,” Giuliani said, triggering a heated argument on NBC's "Meet the Press." “I would like to see the attention paid to that that you are paying to this.”

LAST WORD: Justice AND more free stuffmore free stuffNo freebies... no peace.

No, that's not the Grand High Poobah...

...of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan... that's Missouri Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadali" crying out... "YES WE CAN"... throw gasoline on an already incendiary racial brushfire...burn baby, burn
"We didn't have a race war like other cities throughout the country. This is our race war... I know people in my own party, in my own government structure who disregard things that we say and how we feel, and we are not going to allow it anymore."
Well, Maria... you make a declaration of war, rest assured you have absolutely everybody's attention now.
10:50 EST - Looting appears to have gotten out-of-control on the ground in Ferguson. Breitbart News reporter Christian Hartsock observed several Ferguson-based stores, as well as a bank, being looted by large crowds. Additionally, he saw a Wallgreens being set on fire.
Perhaps Barack Obama should have had a talk with his own caucus... before clogging up media channels with the same old unicorns and pixie dust inanities.


RELATED: We don' need no steenkin' evidence...thug life
The witness added, “Dang if that kid didn’t start running right at the cop like a football player. Head down.”

The witness told of hearing “3 bangs,” but “the big kid wouldn’t stop.”
This was right after Brown had struggled to get hold of Officer Wilson's gun...
During his September 16 grand jury testimony, Wilson recounted how he tussled with Brown when the teenager grabbed for his gun while lunging into the squad car. As they fought over the weapon, Wilson testified, the teenager taunted him, yelling, “You’re too much of a pussy to shoot me.”
Famous last words.


FROM THE COMMENTS: Burn baby, burn

So where you gonna get a taco now dumbshite? I sit in awe at the savage stupidity of this inner city kulcher.

24 November 2014

Buying an election

Remember Dalton McGuinty's tough stand on teachers? Turns out, surprise, surprise, it was a very temporary political ploy to get his successor past the post. Let's pick up the story from there...
In February 2013, Wynne took over, repealed the bill, and re-opened negotiations with the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario and the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation. The two sides eventually achieved peace, for an undisclosed price.

We now know that price.

According to Lysyk, who was commissioned following a complaint from the Progressive Conservatives, it cost $355-million for changes to maternity leave, sick days, retirement benefits and professional development, as well as $113-million to eliminate wage differences between unions.

In total, the price tag was nearly a half-billion dollars; indeed, it’s enough to make an Education Minister dash down a hallway.
They look you right in the face and they lie.

Remember... you get the kind of government you deserve.

22 November 2014

Less Justin Trudeau...

canadian hero...more Dillon Hillier.


ISIS is claiming that last month’s attacks that killed two Canadian Forces members in Quebec and Ontario were “the direct result” of its call for violence in countries that had joined the international military campaign against the terrorist group.
So, let's dance. We can fight 'em over there... or over here.


Kurdish fighters captured six buildings from Islamic State militants besieging the Syrian town of Kobani on Tuesday and seized a large haul of their weapons and ammunition, a group monitoring the war said.

Kurdish forces appear to have made other gains in recent days of fighting. Last week they blocked a road Islamic State was using to resupply its forces, the first major gain against the jihadists after weeks of violence.

21 November 2014

Barack Obama's "Yes We can" America

What do you think would happen if a howling mob showed up outside a police station and started demanding a black man be lynched?constitutionally protected speech, my ass
“What do we want?”

“Darren Wilson!”

“How do we want him?”

These are not "protesters." This is a bloodthirsty lynch mob and should be treated as such.


Attorney General Eric Holder expressed concerns about Gov. Jay Nixon’s decision this week to declare a state of emergency at a news conference and activate the National Guard.

In the video, Holder expresses sympathy with the protesters — although he did not use the word “Ferguson.”
Meanwhile Holder's underlings have a slightly different take on the situation...
Senior Justice officials also told U.S. attorneys around the country on Tuesday to be in close touch with local police to prepare for any possible violence in their cities, should the grand jury decision not result in an indictment of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

LAST WORD: Eric Holder's protest buddies...

...decide to circumvent all that red tape...
As initially reported by CBS News, the men were suspected of acquiring explosives for pipe bombs that they planned to set off during protests in Ferguson, according to the official, who spoke to Reuters on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to publicly discuss the case.

The official said the two men are the same pair named in a newly unsealed federal indictment returned on Nov. 19 charging Brandon Orlando Baldwin and Olajuwon Davis with purchasing two pistols from a firearms dealer under false pretenses.

Another two of Barack's hypothetical sons?

That horrified "can't look away" feeling

...homegrown media & blogosphere hold their collective breath as Trudeau Liberals check gun is loaded... by looking down the barrel...come, my sweet prince, kiss meOh gawd, oh gawd... he's not gonna... I mean nobody's that... even a part-time drama teacher... please, please, please...


FROM THE COMMENTS: If anybody can sum it up...

...it's Kathy... (nota bene: quote is from the always hilarious Skippy Stalin)
"Dear Jesus,
I know we haven’t talked lately, but you’re still my favorite nailed-up guy. Please let Warren Kinsella run for office. Have I ever mentioned that you have a swimmer’s body?"

LAST WORD: Love/hate relationship?
“Bottom line is that Liberals just don’t get why we’d choose to stand next to a human shrapnel machine.”

20 November 2014

Take two minutes...

If the CBC is gonna continue to suck billions of dollars out of taxpayers pockets... then we should, at minimum, hold them to account to report actual truth.
The CBC, like CNN, owes it to Canadians to fully explain how such a disgraceful and myopic headline got incorporated in their news coverage and disseminated wide and far.

Just like CNN did, CBC should apologize for its journalistic shortcomings and must explain in detail specific actions it will take to ensure that an incident like this will never happen again.

Please send a complaint to the CBC’s Director of Journalistic Public Accountability and Engagement, Jack Nagler at: jack.nagler@cbc.ca.

19 November 2014

Rules are for little people

What exactly does this say to the millions of people who followed the rules and have been waiting for years to become citizens?
President Obama will ignore angry protests from Republicans and announce as soon as next week a broad overhaul of the nation's immigration enforcement system that will protect up to five million undocumented immigrants from the threat of deportation and provide many of them with work permits, according to administration officials who have direct knowledge of the plan.

18 November 2014

Unhang 'Em High?

Two female NDP MPs who allege improper conduct by a duo of male Liberal MPs will not be formally laying a complaint to launch an investigation, says a senior New Democrat.

The decision could leave Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau with a political dilemma: Without an investigation, does he allow his two MPs back into caucus after suspending their membership because of the allegations?
Hey Justin... just ask yourself, "What would the PRC Politburo do?"

Oh, that's right... you already did.
OTTAWA - The House of Commons committee that was to create a sexual harassment policy to govern MPs has decided it doesn't have the mandate for it.

Following question period, a clearly agitated Trudeau told reporters that he was unable to take any action before hearing back from Scheer.

That leaves little chance of an investigation, and the fates of Andrews and Pacetti still unclear.
Unclear... apart from Justin having pronounced judgement and tossed them out of caucus, that is.


COMPARE & CONTRAST: No unicorns...

...no magic fairy dust...
Both Harper and Putin were in Australia over the weekend for the G20 Summit. Our guy laid quite the smackdown to Vlad, one he’s not used to getting.

The prime minister’s spokesman Jason MacDonald confirmed Harper told the Russian leader: "I guess I’ll shake your hand but I have only one thing to say to you: you need to get out of Ukraine."

Unequivocal. Clear. Direct. That’s how it’s done.
Note that Mr Putin, legendary for staying up all night and schmoozing, left the function early that night.

Ask a Palestinian President

Three Israeli-U.S. dual citizens and several others were killed or wounded in a terrorist attack at a Jerusalem synagogue Tuesday morning.

Police said the assailants shot at people as they prayed, while also using meat cleavers and axes to assault those attending the morning service.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas condemned the attack, but blamed Israeli “provocations.”
Think it couldn't happen here? Ask Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent, or Corporal Nathan Cirillo.

Oh, that's right... you can't.


UPDATE: In other Religion of Peace news
In the last few weeks, Israeli Arabs have killed six of their Jewish neighbours, including a three-month-old baby, in a spate of knife and car-ramming attacks.

RELATED: Your National Broadcaster...

...making Mahmoud Abbas look like Mother Theresa.
(via SDA)

No "Weasel Words" here

We will attack you, destroy your homes and workplaces and steal whatever's left.

It's "burn baby, burn" in the land of gentle giants.
The Ferguson Mike Brown protesters are not ruling out violence or looting.

Rioting and looting are the tools of those without a voice."
Funny how all those "folks without a voice" are making front page news on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the "discussion"... elected officials are still mumbling about a "Period of Unrest."

A "period of unrest, huh?" Sounds like pre-naptime protest at the Funnybunny Daycare.

Sorry folks, this is way past constitutionally-protected speech. It's time to jock up... or, more rationally, shoehorn the family into the Subaru and take that long-promised trip to Disneyland.

Either way, you may just wanna firm up a few details with your insurance agent first.


UPDATE: Did I say Disneyworld?

I hear New Zealand is lovely this time of year...
In its new intelligence bulletin, obtained by ABC News, the FBI says “exploitation” of mass demonstrations “could occur both in the Ferguson area and nationwide.”
It's a brave new world sportsfans.


UPDATE2: Looks like some folks...

...aren't just gonna lie back and let it happen...
Gun stores near the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson have seen sales zoom as the area awaits a grand jury decision on whether to indict a police officer for shooting unarmed teenager Michael Brown.

John Stephenson of Metro Shooting Supplies in nearby Bridgeton said he normally sells 10 to 15 guns a day. But for the last three weeks, he said he has been selling between 30 and 50 guns daily, a nearly 300 percent increase.

The biggest sellers have been "home defense shotguns" and "high capacity semi-automatic pistols," particularly the Smith & Wesson M&P9, Stephenson said. He's sold about 250 of the pistols in the last few weeks.

"As fast as we get them in, we sell them," he said.
Looks like some Ferguson homeowners are gonna "take back the night."

17 November 2014

Meanwhile, back at Al Capone's Vault

No matter that there are no actual reported missing boys nor a single scrap of physical evidence that points to a crime or a location.

Hells bells, it's got CBC written all over it... sexual abuse, incest, recovered memories of multiple murders and an old racist white guy. Hey, they've even got a sacred fire.

Not too shabby for an outfit that can't seem to ever offer up a description of a shooter unless they're wearing a badge.
A dozen people gathered at the farm for a feast and ceremony — offering peace to the spirits of the boys and thanks to Breckenridge for carrying their story.
Yup... no physical remains, but apparently the force is with them.
“We saw a hawk come over the gathering and to us, we take that as affirmation that spiritual work we were doing was being acknowledged,” said Becky Big Canoe, a member of the Chippewas of Georgina Island First Nation and one of the organizers of the event.

An investigation by CBC, using state-of-the-art equipment, showed there may in fact be three bodies buried beneath the foundation of the barn, exactly where Breckenridge remembered them to be.
Whoa, it's nothing but state of the art gadgets at CSI Pefferlaw. At least we know what the CBC is doing with the billion plus taxpayer dollars they suck out of our pockets every year.

Oh... wait...
Police have found nothing after digging up a barn northeast of Toronto to determine whether three boys were murdered and buried there decades ago.
Oh... no bodies you say? That's okay... CBC did their in-depth investigation, that's what counts.

Altercation and Production

Followed by the cessation of life...
“There was an altercation with two or three suspects and two black males produced firearms,” said Det.-Sgt. Gary Giroux.

Tariq Mohammed, of Mississauga is Toronto's 50th homicide victim this year.
You'd almost forget someone was murdered.

Never seems that restrained when there's an officer-involved shooting. Funny how that works.

14 November 2014

Too many Shamans...

...not enough common sense...
"We know we can save this child’s life. We can’t give up on this child," hospital president Peter Fitzgerald told CBC Hamilton.
Wait for it...
The girl’s doctors said she has a 90-95 per cent chance of survival on chemotherapy, but that they didn’t know of anyone who had survived Acute Lyphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) without the treatment.
Whaddayamean... political pawn?
The decision was met with applause from many in the courtroom, including members of the girl’s family.

“It is dismissed. It is dismissed … aboriginal rights are upheld,” said a family friend, in tears, as she called the girl’s mother from inside the courtroom.
Yeah... "aboriginal rights"... that'll really perk up the eulogy.


RELATED: Let's do the math
“We do have a disproportionate number of aboriginal children in the care of the state and many of them are in non-aboriginal homes,” said Milne. “Upholding the aboriginal rights in this kind of a context really also will speak to those kinds of cases too.”
The first part of that statement is, in fact, quite accurate.
"Almost half of all children living in foster care in 2011 were Aboriginal."
How this decision will speak to those cases completely eludes me. Again... let's look at the numbers...
"The rate of deaths from injuries is 3 to 4 times higher for Aboriginal children than for other children in Canada."

Source: Government of Canada (2002) Healthy Canadians – A Federal Report on Comparable Health Indicators 2002. Ottawa: Health Canada.
I'm not sure that "appalling" begins to address that horrific statistic. The fact is, treating leukemia with locally-sourced tubers and a sense of cultural superiority is just the topmost layer of this ethocentric fruitcake.

Equally important... how does this decision not set a legal precedent allowing Muslims to perform clitorectomies on their daughters? Will African immigrants with established tradition be allowed to kill persons they identify as witches?

Should we make changes to the criminal code to accommodate Papuan cannibalism, or enfranchise Japanese ritual suicide?

The mind boggles.


LAST WORD: A massage parlour is good enough...

...for Jack Layton...
Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida is a licensed massage establishment. The family has paid $18,000 to the institute (as has another First Nations family whose daughter, Makayla, was “cured” of leukemia but is now said to be in critical condition.)
I got nuthin.

I'm from the Government...

...I'm here to save you...
Here are three crucial changes that the president clearly didn’t want you to know about:

1. HUGE DEFICITS AND NEW TAXES. According to the Congressional Budget Office, the latest projections for the net cost of ObamaCare over the next ten years are just over $1.4 trillion. Whereas President Obama promised in 2009 that it would cost less than $1 trillion over ten years. In order to partially pay for this, ObamaCare has added more than 20 new taxes totaling over $500 billion.

2. BUREAUCRACY. Speaking of Orwellian politics, ObamaCare includes 159 new boards and agencies to restrict and govern your health care choices.

3. STILL MORE BUREAUCRACY. Dysfunctional state exchanges with high deductible policies, narrow doctor networks, including federally-run exchanges in 36 states which may not be allowable under the law (SCOTUS currently considering this case).
Whoda thunk?

12 November 2014

Pubic Service Announcement

this may sting a little bitFile this one under... 'Stuff you might wanna consider before you chop off yer' old/ stitch on yer' shiny new dick.'


RELATED: Dying for attention
The downside of the new interest is that women desperate for cheap options have risked their lives, going to phony doctors that inject silicone, and even bathroom caulk, into their buttocks. Deaths have been reported in Miami, New York, Las Vegas and Jackson, Mississippi.
I got nuthin'.

11 November 2014

A Way to Remember

Do you know someone who enlisted in World War I in Canada?

-- Search the WWI CEF database --

Do you know a Canadian killed while serving his country?

-- Search the Commonwealth War Graves database --

My wife's grandfather, a member of the Canadian Cyclist Battalion, (pictured, in the kilt) was wounded by German shelling and carried around shrapnel from WWI for the rest of his life.

And he was one of the lucky ones who got to come back and have a family and live out a long, productive and rewarding life. Two of my grandfather's brothers were killed, one in Belgium and one in France.

10 November 2014

Shshhh... nobody tell P-Spawn

it's about the wymyn stoopidIt comes to lame-ass dick jokes... less is definitely more.


RELATED: Justin in three words...

,,,honour thy father...
"Pierre Trudeau opted not to serve in World War II, although of age and in good health. He traveled to Josef Stalin’s Soviet Union to participate in regime-sponsored propaganda activities. He wrote in praise of Mao’s murderous regime in China. Trudeau lavishly admired Fidel Castro, Julius Nyere, and other Third World dictators."

08 November 2014

Try, try again

What makes the Liberals think they can shove this thing down taxpayers deep throats?
This time, Wynne’s government says it will have 4,000 hand-picked parents chosen by school principals participate in an online survey on the sex education curriculum before it is introduced.

Most are expected to be the chairs of school councils. But their purpose, other than providing a rubber stamp of approval, seems unclear.

That because while selected parents will be asked their views about issues related to the new sex education curriculum, Education Minister Liz Sandals has already said that’s unlikely to lead to any changes.
Remember what happened the last time?
"Within days, if not hours, Liberal MPPs had constituents calling their offices to complain that the province wanted to explain anal sex to eight-year-olds."

07 November 2014

Those Redneck Tea Partying Westerners

The CBC solemnly reports...
"Both the the victim and suspect in the shooting are from Edmonton."
Papyrus... that's a trippy name for a cowboy bar. Oh well, as long as they have a mechanical bull.


RELATED: Homicidal Hogtown

Apparently Torontonians are terrible too...
Toronto Police said the 33-year-old victim was shot in the head while walking along Eglinton Ave., near Keele St., around 7:15 p.m.

Details of the circumstances surrounding Toronto's 49th murder of the year remained scant Friday.
I had no idea Canadians were so prone to violence.


UPDATE: Your CBC... editing your worldview
Police say a male wearing a black hoodie was seen fleeing the area but have not released a more detailed description.
Well... that's not exactly, uh... the truth.

From the Sun news artcle above...
"One man is sought in this case," Sidhu said. The suspect is described as a black man with a small build. He was wearing all black at the time of the murder.
Shshhhh... nobody tell Peter Mansbridge.

Hey, Waneek... just a heads-up...

They start building a big camp with watchtowers and tall barbwire fencing... I'd say it's past time to get outta Berlin, er... Dodge City...a call for racial purity
The culprit is not some errant racist landlord trying to throw one tenant out of a building. It’s the Kahnawake Mohawk council, which has a law that bans all “mixed race” couples from living anywhere in its Montreal-area territory.
Well, technically, it bans mixed race couples married or living common-law after May 22, 1981... which conveniently immunises just who exactly? Well, statistically speaking, that'd be anyone mid-fifties and older.

Apparently racial purity can be "grandfathered."


RELATED: Let's just blame Stephen Harper

Of course, Waneek saves her rage, not for the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake, (whom she is, coincidentally, currently suing) but for the wiley white man...
“I ask this to Kahnawa’kehr√≥:non, ‘Is this who we have become? A people who will throw out families and seek to control others through fear and intimidation?’” Horn-Miller wrote.

“ I am not asking everyone to agree 100 percent with me or my views, but I just cannot believe this is who we are – a people doing the dirty work of the government and the Indian Act and fracturing our community from within.”
You mean the government with that pesky Charter of Rights, the document that clearly prohibits the notorious "Kahnawake Membership Law?"

It's like a hunger strike that packs on the pounds. I'm so confused.


UPDATE: Grassroots group, huh?

I think we used to call them "Nightriders."
APTN National News
MONTREAL--A grassroots group mailed eviction notices to about 40 people living in Kahnawake as part of a campaign to drive out mixed-couples from homes in the community.

LAST WORD: It's quiet at Tyendinaga
Letter from John Ferguson to William Claus, Deputy Superintendent General, Indian Affairs, 5 March 1819, concerning threats made by Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte to passers-by; the influence of white lumbermen over the Mohawks; lineage (in relation to a General Order on 2 November 1818 that presents should not be given to the descendants of Europeans):

“Will not a difficulty arise, as to who these people are?
In the Mohawk village here, a large proportion are the immediate (perhaps the second generation) descendants of Germans; there is also a family of immediate descendants of Africans: Are they to be considered as Indians? There are also some descendants of Americans, whose ancestors were Europeans. Will they come within the intention of the Order? In fact there are but few real Indians amongst them.”
Well, technically they are all descendants of Americans, forced out of the Mohawk Valley in New York by non-aboriginal countrymen and relocated by the British to reservations north of the 49th parallel.

There were all kinds of non-aboriginal folk already settled in Upper and Lower Canada before the reservations were established.

06 November 2014

Lessons not learned

In a city of two and a half million people, the odds are pretty good you're not gonna get snuffed on any given day. So what are the chances one family hits the trifecta?

non kevlar kidsCall me provincial, but in my five plus decades on this planet, I don't even know one person who has been murdered.

As for the fatalistic takeaway about "invincibility"... that these murders were somehow inevitable, out of anyone's hands, that no-one could have done anything to prevent even one of them... that is, at minimum, willful ignorance.

You ever notice, if the shooter isn't a cop... it's a whole different narrative? No screaming accusations. No arson. No looting. Just business as usual.

Oh yeah, one small correction here. She didn't lose three kids to "GUNS"... she lost three kids to homicidal thugs who thrive in a subculture of predation, misogyny and arrogant lawlessness.


UPDATE: Meanwhile, back in Ferguson, MO...

Looters are demanding a cop-free zone...
"After the verdict, no matter what it is, people are going to pour into the street - either in celebration or in rage," said Montague Simmons, chairman of the Organization for Black Struggle. "It's in the best interest of the public, the police and elected officials who control the actions of the police to work together to protect the rights of people to engage in civil disobedience and expression of their First Amendment rights of free speech and assembly."
What about controlling the actions of the rioters? Hey Montague, here's a thought... how about you and the other "strugglers" not "pour into the streets" at all. That might avoid a little fuss.

It's not like you're looking for a fight... right?

From the folks who brought you...

...melamine fortified baby formula...wisdom of the agesMeanwhile, in other "never let a corpse go to waste" news...
The practice of burying “ghost brides” also remains very much in the headlines. The old ritual involves burying a deceased young female alongside a dead bachelor, so the male will not be without a companion in the afterlife.

In 2006, one man in northern Hebei province even killed six women to sell them as ghost brides.
I'm beginning to understand why Canada is such a popular destination for immigrants.

05 November 2014

04 November 2014

03 November 2014

02 November 2014

The Right Stuff

But now it is clear that much of the Ford message resonated well with hundreds of thousands of perfectly respectable voters. They appreciated his responsiveness (the mayor always answered every phone message personally), avoidance of extravagance (even the Star conceded that he cut $638-million over four years from the City’s expenses), and a jovial, if sometimes laddish demeanor.