25 August 2010

Whaddaya know... I guess a bird in hand...

...really is worth three homicidal maniacs in the bush...

-- PORT COLBORNE, Ont. -- A Port Colborne, Ont., man whose home was attacked has ended up facing charges himself.
Small point of clarification here... first of all, his house wasn't "attacked"... it was fire-bombed... in short, they were trying to obliterate the building.

With this man in it.

Call me a little anal-retentive, but that's attempted murder in my book.
Niagara Regional Police say a man emerged from his home with a handgun and fired it after several Molotov cocktails were thrown at the home.

Police say three suspects wearing dark clothes got away in a car after the cocktails were thrown early Sunday morning.
So the police arrrived and arrested the homicidal maniacs, right?

Well, not exactly.

It was just a whole lot easier to arrest the guy who was defending his home and his life.
Ian Thomson, 53, is charged with careless use of a firearm.
I dunno, regardless of who or what, this guy may turn out to be... it sounded pretty deliberate and necessary to me.

Here's a thought... let's ask some Niagara Regional Police officers how they would react if someone tried to burn down their homes while they were in it.