14 October 2011



Would our economic, environmental, and energy challenges best be solved by “funding a Manhattan-style project or by funding 100,000 garages across America to encourage the kind of industry and innovation that developed Silicon Valley?”


Frances said...

Sounds awfully like the early Chinese 'solution' for industrialization which had mini-iron foundries (or near offer) in back yards. One hopes the garages wouldn't be as polluting and the Chinese solution.

Neo Conservative said...

"frances says... mini-iron foundries in back yards"

call me wacky, frances... but i'm guessing electrically powered cnc milling machines are less harmful to the environment than coal-fired foundries.

additionally... in a country where it's against the law to burn leaves, or in many places... smoke cigarettes... and where the main pre-occupation of a large segment of the populace seems to be sitting watching "reality" shows on 55 inch plasma television sets... i'd say we're probably gonna be just fine.

it can't be anywhere near as ecologically onerous as flooding the country with battery-powered (with $5000 battery arrays) cars that all have to be charged overnight, right?