31 July 2013

Ask a Liberal leadership candidate

Remember, these are the cream of the Liberal Party, the folks who said they were most qualified to keep Canada's financial books...
As of Tuesday -- that is, nearly seven years after the leadership race in which Liberals picked Stephane Dion to lead them -- four candidates still owed money.

Dion owed the least, at $7,500, while Ken Dryden still owed a hefty $225,000. Hedy Fry had $69,000 in outstanding debt while Joe Volpe had yet to repay $97,800.

The candidates were given several extensions of the original 18-month deadline to repay their loans.
Yet they still call themselves "honourable members." Can anybody tell me why?

30 July 2013

Well, it's the multi-culti CBC...

...of course they're gonna cherrypick their images... but that doesn't mean you have to settle for Mr Rogers neighbourhood...

if you knew sammyOh yeah... that smaller picture inset is a little hard to see... let's fix that.
saint sammy**********

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...MSM begins to pull away from Beaver Cleaver narrative...
The 18-year-old had left his home in June after disagreements with his father over smoking pot and not having a steady job, friends say.

Another school friend, who asked not to be identified, said Yatim carried a knife everywhere and even bragged about owning a gun.

UPDATE: As tragic as this was...

...Sammy Yatim is the textbook definition of suicide by cop...
Audio made available to the National Post from video taken from a different angle showed this to be the moment that a male police officer appears to say: “If you take one step in this direction with that foot …[inaudible] die.

Unlike previously obscured footage of the moment Yatim was shot, the security camera footage shows him briskly moving forward to the point where he is almost in line with the driver’s cab door, before his knees buckle and he falls backwards.

UPDATE2: Again, a self-inflicted tragedy
“He stuck his arm out and the knife was sticking straight up in front of me,” Mr. Li-Hill said Tuesday. Mr. Yatim screamed at passengers not to get off the streetcar.

“I was backing up holding my bike saying, ‘Please just let us off the streetcar. Just let us off the streetcar,’” Mr. Li-Hill said.

“I was staring at his eyes and his hands the whole time … His eyes were extremely wide open, his jaw was really clenched – just sort of a crazed look. Very intense."
Sorry, OCAP... you'll just have to find another tragedy to exploit.


LAST WORD: Sick of being manipulated yet?

no more trickeryWrite, call or email your MP & MPP and protest this type of politically correct info-tainment. If you don't oppose this sort of media brainwashing, you are part of the problem.

From the folks who brought you...

...the phrase "White Hispanic"...
just the facts
Chalian is perhaps best known for the controversial remarks he made back in August 2012 while still working at Yahoo News. While covering the Republican National Convention in Tampa, he disparaged GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney and the Republican Party.

“They’re not concerned at all,” Chalian said over a break during the ABC News/Yahoo News webcast. “They’re happy to have a party with black people drowning.”
So, not only is this guy not professionally disgraced... he gets rewarded?

Bias? What media bias?

29 July 2013

Ask a Journo-Canadian

Insiders tell me the CBC is gonna play this one a little differently than the folks over at Macleans magazine.

You know... something along the lines of "Knuckle-dragging Harper dictatorship forces Canadians to live in penury and squalor."
OTTAWA – The Mounties intend to widen their probe into inappropriate expense claims filed by Liberal Senator Mac Harb, who claimed an “uninhabitable’’ home as his primary residence, court documents reveal.

In a sworn affidavit filed in an Ontario court, RCMP Cpl. Greg Horton said the force wants to see records dating back to the time Harb was appointed to the upper chamber a decade ago by former prime minister Jean Chretien.

“The period of time for which I am seeking documents and data is for the entire time that he has been in the Senate for which records are available,” Horton wrote in a document known as a production order.
This goes way beyond "small town cheap."

Just another story you won't see on "The National."

28 July 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Canadian media goes...

... apeshit as Prime Minister Harper proposes legalising concealed pistol permits in order to keep illegal, unregistered firearms out of the hands of inner-city youth... oh, wait a minute...
that's not a knife**********

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At last year's Liberal party convention Trudeau told ProjectRedDot legalization would likely increase marijuana consumption, which is "not great for your health" and "disconnects you a little bit from the world," adding, "I don't know that it's entirely consistent with the kind of society we're trying to build."

"It's not your mother's pot," Trudeau warned, meaning today's marijuana is much stronger than what baby boomers smoked in their hippy days.

"I lived in Whistler for years and have seen the effects," Trudeau said. "We need all our brain cells to deal with our problems."
Maybe Shiny Pony should have listened to his mummy.

27 July 2013

Fourth estate remains shellshocked, wary...

...as national broadcaster capriciously alters longstanding policy of linking Toronto homicides to Mayor's alleged drug use...
that's not a knifeLeft-o-spheric editorial spin reverts back to pointing fingers at "police death squads."


UPDATE: Looks like the CBC...

...and their crack reporters may have overlooked a few details...
"The couple told her the man seemed 'quite normal,' until he pulled out a knife and exposed himself."
C'mon, everybody knows you don't escalate the situation until someone starts cutting bits off people and eating them.


UPDATE2: Dead man on streetcar id'd
Media reports and friends on social media have identified the slain man as Sammy Yatim, 18. Yatim was originally from Syria according to his Facebook page.
The media, as per usual, is doing it's best to vilify the police officers involved.
His uncle told the Toronto Sun that he had no history of mental illness.
Now, according to an eyewitness, Mr Yatim had a knife in one hand and his junk flappin' in the breeze (see update above)... which, call me wacky, suggests something on the darker side of behavioural norms.

The media seems to be all too willing to amp up, a la Trayvon Martin, the "poor, defenseless child" angle here.


UPDATE3: Over at the "Red" Star...

...the story achieves hyperbolic escape velocity...
“Since when did it become a crime to be a teenager, I ask you?”
Okay, who is saying it's a crime to be a teenager? It's certainly not the police.

It is however, a serious crime to brandish a knife in public.
“And since when does a scrawny 110-pound-something teenager become a threat to a dozen or so brawny policemen.
Well, my friend... that'd be when said teenager pulls out a knife, and additionally, refuses to put it down when confronted by police... which takes a little of the steam outta the second coming of Beaver Cleaver subtext which runs through this piece.

Oh yeah, the Star also shrinks the weapon to half its previously reported size.
Witnesses said Yatim brandished a three-inch knife and ordered everyone off the car.
The Globe & Mail gets in on the "incredible shrinking knife" party by quoting law enforcement expert, er... family friend Joseph Nazar...
“They are bullet-proofed. How a two-inch knife can harm anyone?
I just have to ask the journalists involved in this stuff... you really think the cops involved here went back to station and drank celebratory beers in the parking lot? Why on earth would you default to shitting on the coppers?


LAST WORD: Suicide by cop?
You’re a fucking pussy.” These are believed to be the final words of 18-year-old Sammy Yatim.
Not so Beaver Cleaver now, huh?

26 July 2013

Is there an app for that?

So, how do you get the word out to folks who are too poor/illiterate/isolated to even know what a porcelain pony is?poopy parade
"Apart from establishing World Toilet Day, the text also urged Member States and the United Nations system to encourage behavioural change, to introduce policies that would increase sanitation among the poor, and to accelerate progress towards attaining Millennium Development Goal 7."
I'm a little surprised there's no webisodes showing Angelina Jolie droppin' a deuce. Hey, it's all about raising awareness, right?

Maybe the mighty United Nations should start with something a little less ambitious... you know, like actually drilling holes in the ground so people don't have to drink donkey, camel, yak or any other shit-infused water.

Toilet Day, my ass. You wanna see some change, move the U.N. headquarters to Darfur.

I'm beginning to understand all that...

..."crime is falling" stuff I read about in the dead tree media...
"I can’t help feeling there’s something missing here. I think it’s where the punching should go. Along with the outrage, the protest, the alerting of other passengers and the summoning of police."

If only there were some kind of...tool, or device, that people could carry on their persons to help equalize them when facing larger, more aggressive individuals. Something hand-held. Perhaps with a button, or lever, which, when depressed, would either deploy or rapidly expel a sub-component that could be used to...encourage...the aggressor to seek his, or her, entertainment elsewhere.

Alas, such technology must remain in the realm of make-believe I suppose.

25 July 2013

If you're actually looking for answers...

...don't bother asking the unelected Premier of Ontario...orwell was right
"You know, I’m not going to comment on situations that the police really have authority to dictate. I’m not going to wade in to that."
McSlippery II.


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...you can't fob this off on the coppers... because, one, it's not their position at all, and two... the Attorney General is the guy who actually calls the shots here...
In a rare move for a police chief, OPP Commissioner Chris Lewis says he “disagrees” with a decision by the Napanee Crown attorney to not bring to trial charges against several First Nations protesters in January’s Idle No More rail blockade near Marysville.
Say, who does the AG report to?


LAST WORD: More Liberal coverup?
“What continues to concern us even more is the fact that Kathleen Wynne, who promised us openness, has promised us transparency and has promised us accountability is now putting a $3.5-million gun at our head in order to get the information she could have given us if she had not deleted her e-mails in the first place,” MacLeod told reporters.

“This could have cost taxpayers nothing. We could have actually found out the truth had she actually wanted to give it to us,” she said.

It’s estimated the cost to scrap both the Mississauga plant and the Oakville plant could reach $600 million.
Guess what, folks? It doesn't cost millions of dollars to put some backup tapes back on to a personal computer. Why is the media accepting this premise?

23 July 2013

Pursuing the McSlippery legacy...

...bankrupting Ontario in pursuit of the liberal dream...
The Drummond report also notes that while student enrollment has declined by 6% since 2003, there are 24,000 more teachers and non-teaching staff in Ontario’s publicly funded schools.

If the number of teachers and non-teaching staff had declined at the same rate as enrollment, there would be 35,000 fewer education staff today.

But as Ms. Wynne tells us in her new ad, it’s her job to create more jobs.

What the people of Ontario need to understand is that the Liberal special-interest job-creation program is a good part of the reason why the province is so deeply in debt.

22 July 2013

Brave New World Order

President Obama has had a poor record of job creation, but at least one small economic sector is doing well: community organizing. It seems as if some Obama supporters have found a new way to fill the void left by the bankruptcy of ACORN, the notorious left-wing voter-registration group that saw dozens of its employees in multiple states convicted of fraud.

At least the pay will be better. Early reports are that the federal government will be offering navigators between $20 and $48 an hour.
Hmmm... access to the Federal Data Hub. And all that without a high school diploma or a criminal records check. What could possibly go wrong?

18 July 2013

There must be consequences

It's not some silly little misstep... like a career politician confusing a sleazy Chinatown whorehouse for a government licenced physiotherapy clinic...

crimes must be punished
“I can’t get into details except to say that we are taking appropriate action,” Nantel said, adding, “It’s unfortunate because he’s a very intelligent young man who made a very big mistake.”
Orwell was right... some animals are more equal than others.

17 July 2013

Never a Community Organiser around...

...when you really, really need one...
where's the outrage
"I'm sorry, but our media outrage capacity has been exceeded this news cycle. Please do call back when you experience another round of child murders."

RELATED: Triple homicide in Toronto

Who cares? It's not a super special tragedy like Obama's pseudo-son.
It’s still unclear exactly who was killed because police have not officially identified the city’s 32nd, 33rd and 34th homicide victims of the year.

Alexander Khalilov, 22, is charged with three counts of second-degree murder.
Normally I'd be horrified by stuff like this, but I don't want to dilute the Trayvonity...
Marleny Cruz, 25, and Joel France, 36, both of Toronto, were charged after Nicholas Cruz died in hospital and police were called. The 26-month-old child, who police say exhibited physical signs of trauma, was the city’s 31st homicide victim of the year.
I'm counting on the Journo-Canadian community to tell me when I'll be able to shift my outrage back to local events.

Anybody asked Sophie Grégoire Trudeau...

...how she feels about Sharia law? 'Cos I'm thinking she may not be quite ready to burka up.
“I’m at that awkward stage between jail bait and cougar.”
Speaking of awkward...imam trudeau
Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau was the guest at an Islamic Society of North America event. The organization and its Canadian branch endorse polygamy and support Sharia law in Canada.
Hmmm... that doesn't exactly dovetail with Ms. Trudeaus personal philosophy...
"I could go on and on about how there is still an imbalance between the "masculine" and the "feminine" in our society and world. Women are still being violated, trafficked, raped, beaten and deprived of their most basic human rights because of one reason: they are women."
I guess J-Glow is just a super flexible sort of guy.
Last year, Trudeau caused a stir by delivering the keynote speech at the Reviving the Islamic Spirit conference, which listed another controversial group, IRFAN Canada, as a sponsor until days before the conference.
Yup... flexible enough to gloss over his wife's beliefs.

Hey... a vote is a vote. Right?

Maybe the wrong Trudeau got elected.


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"Last week he schmoozed with a lesbian politician and a child pornographer at a gay pride parade. This week he speaks to an Islamic conference."

"Now, that's diversity!"
Ol' Justin's more flexible than his yoga instructor wife.

16 July 2013

Hope, Change... pitchforks & torches

Dear Reverend Sharpton...

Will murdering George Zimmerman's immediate family satisfy the raging "community" bloodlust, or do you think cousins & inlaws will have to go too?

Could we maybe draw the line at neighbours and casual acquaintances?
"Under the circumstances, we have not been able to talk to him," Gladys Zimmerman told Barbara Walters. "We have had an enormous amount of death threats."

"George's legal counsel has had death threats, the police chief of Sanford, many people have had death threats."
So anyway, Al... you being a man of the cloth... maybe just a few conciliatory words to your discip...
"Well, I think that this is an atrocity. I think that it is probably one of the worst situations that I've seen. This is a slap in the face to those that believe in justice in this country."
Alrighty then, Rev... apparently we're back to mob justice.

Say hi to Jesus for me.


FROM THE COMMENTS: Boko Haram for L.A. hipsters
kill 'em all, let obama sort 'em out**********

"The media created the monster. May it feed on them first."

15 July 2013

Lost in Translation

It's not about "doing the right thing", it's about, well... you wouldn't understand anyway...
"As a former prosecutor, I never would have brought the Zimmerman case to court. There was a high burden of proof giving way to reasonable doubt."

"That said, as an African-American, I know it was a victory just putting Zimmerman on trial."


UPDATE: In other African-American "victory" news
Baltimore police say they are investigating a witness account that a group of black youths beat a Hispanic man near Patterson Park Sunday while saying, "This is for Trayvon."
And in California
At about 8:30 p.m., police opened the intersection to traffic. But it quickly deteriorated when demonstrators surrounded frightened drivers who found themselves trapped. The crowd forced them to turn around.

Oakland police officers that had been near the corner retreated, leaving the helpless drivers without police protection. It’s unclear who gave that command.
Must have been some scary "demonstrators" if the cops got chased off.


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...when you have the liberal media?

trial by media
While speaking Saturday night with Trayvon Martin‘s family attorney, shortly before the verdict was read for George Zimmerman‘s acquittal, HLN host Nancy Grace said “fucking coons” live on-the-air while railing against what she considers to have been the defendant’s undeniable “hatred” for the teenager he shot.
Wow... that would be horrible. Except, of course, Zimmerman never said anything of the kind...
Now it’s CNN’s turn. After previously running a segment highlighting a section of the 911 call with their audio team claiming the audio clearly showed George Zimmerman saying “fucking coons”. They now bring a more seasoned expert in who cleans up the background noise clutter and show the audio is actually Zimmerman saying “fucking cold”.
Oh yeah... one last little tidbit.
After interviewing nearly three dozen people in the George Zimmerman murder case, the FBI found no evidence that racial bias was a motivating factor in the shooting of Trayvon Martin, records released Thursday show.
That is simply how the lunatic left plays the game.


LAST WORD: Payback is a bitch

Tip of the, er... Bergen-Belsenberg

Seriously... where's a Human Rights Commissioner when you really, really need one?

halls of macadamia/Broadcasting live From Ryerson University...
"Us Indians have to do something really extreme to get the world’s attention, like forming a Taliban."
Wait, wait... it gets better... or worse... or something...
“I fucking laugh at the Holocaust. Seriously, I spit on the fucking Holocaust. The Holocaust was was not a fucking genocide, if it was a genocide they’d all be fucking dead - but, no, they need the fucking Israelites to exist. Hitler was just something else.”
Yeah, Billy... wasn't he just? Something else, I mean. And, man... those Israelites... hey, say no more. Please.

Actually, kiddo... I'm kinda hopin' you have a serious substance abuse problem... 'cos, otherwise, you're just full-on batshit crazy.

Why the administrative higher-ups at Ryerson are condoning, indeed hosting, this twisted "Triumph of the Ill" is another matter entirely. Perhaps former Education Minister & current Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne can weigh in here. I mean, if she isn't still ducking the press.

So much for Double Jeopardy

If the Whitehouse wants your ass... they're just gonna keep on coming...
WASHINGTON — The Justice Department said Sunday that it was restarting its investigation into the 2012 shooting death of Trayvon Martin to consider possible separate hate crime charges against George Zimmerman.
Looks like the Panderer-in-Chief isn't finished playing to his core demographic.


RELATED: "If I had a son, he'd look like Roddy White..."community, organise thyselfThank goodness for the compassionate, intellectual left.
the scary, scary lunatic left

14 July 2013

I'd say the Community-Organiser-in-Chief...

...owes George Zimmerman an apology...

it's over
"The case was so weak that the local Sanford District Attorney refused to bring charges against Zimmerman. That is why, on the orders of the governor, an outside District Attorney, Angela Corey, had to be brought in to handle it."

"Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee was fired because he also refused to charge Zimmerman with a crime."

"Even the lead detective on the case, Christopher Serino, told the jury he believed Zimmerman's version of the events."


Let's ask a role model... a sports hero...
hope, change & hang 'em highYou mean "KILLS HIM", right Vic?

Or how about a Reverend?
"Well, I think that this is an atrocity," said Sharpton. "I think that it is probably one of the worst situations that I've seen."

"Even at trial when he is exposed over and over again as a liar, he is acquitted."
Two words, Rev... Tawana Brawley.


RELATED: Will AG Eric Holder stand up...

...for boss's "hypothetical" son?
Attorney General Eric Holder faces a crucial decision on whether to press federal civil rights charges against George Zimmerman, after the neighborhood watchman was acquitted Saturday in the shooting death of unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin.
Hmmm... I'm not so sure the President and friends wanna go down this particular road...
The cell phone photos reportedly depict, among other things, a clump of jewelry on a bed, underage nude females, marijuana plants, as well as a hand menacingly holding a semiautomatic pistol.

Zimmerman's attorneys were reportedly seeking sanctions against the state for not properly turning over the evidence from Martin's phone.
A civil rights trial will expose all the not-so-flattering evidence that was suppressed at the thoroughly gaffed Zimmerman trial.

Go ahead, Mr Holder... make my day.


I feel about the Zimmerman/Trayvon case the way I’ve felt about life since about 5 minutes into my first day at nursery school:

Holy shit: Everyone here is an idiot.

12 July 2013

They say you can tell a lot about people...

...by the company they keep. Just ask the shiny new Premier of Ontario...
the company you keepWhatever else you might say about him, ol' Benny had all the proper progressive credentials...
Levin, currently a tenured professor at U of T’s Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, was a former deputy minister of education in the Dalton McGuinty government and a former member of Premier Kathleen Wynne’s transition team.
Hells bells... he coulda been a contender.
In a recent CP24 video from Toronto’s Pride parade, he is seen with Wynne, current federal Liberal golden boy Justin Trudeau and former interim leader Bob Rae.
get by with a little helpSo what's the deal here?
Wynne has pledged to impose a curriculum that was withdrawn by her predecessor, Dalton McGuinty, after it succumbed to widespread denunciation about its introducing highly sexualized material to children at an inappropriately young age.
I'm sorry... I miss Mike Harris. I really do.


RELATED: Looks like Dalton got out...

...just in time...
In a new twist to the tale of the gas plant cancellations and government email deletions, Ontario Information and Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian said Wednesday that some of the relevant emails still exist after all, despite what she was told by the provincial [Liberal] government.
Apparently, McGuinty & friends can't even execute a half-competent cover-up.
The opposition parties say the emails were wiped out to try to cover up the true costs of cancelling the gas plants, which has grown to an estimated $585 million.

Ontario Provincial Police are investigating the matter.
The Liberal Party of Ontario... they'd fuck up a one car funeral.

11 July 2013

Why even bother with a trial?

The race-hustling media had his pelt nailed to the wall from the get-go...
blind justice?Apparently justice isn't simply blind... it's in a vegetative coma...
On March 8, 2012, the Associated Press wrote, “The neighborhood watch leader is white.” When it came out that he was not, media outlets including CNN began labeling Zimmerman a “white Hispanic” in order to maintain the false narrative that the killing was race-based.
No real surprise there. The media has been amping up the one-sided racial narrative since day one.
CNN called legal expert Jeffrey Toobin, who said that the tape was “extremely significant” and could lead to hate crimes prosecution. When the tape was clarified, however, it turns out that Zimmerman had said it was “fucking cold.”
A man's life hangs in the balance... and the "professional journalist" community is willing to sacrifice George Zimmerman for the sake of fleeting market share.


RELATED: Hope, change and HANG 'EM HIGH

Obama Justice Department organised the community to support Obama's "hypothetical" son...
Judicial Watch announced today that it has obtained documents proving that the Department of Justice played a major behind-the-scenes role in organizing protests against George Zimmerman. Zimmerman is on trial for second-degree murder in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin in February 2012.
I swear... I'm speechless.


LAST WORD: Even left-centric icon, Slate...

...acknowledges... evidence is just not there...
"To convict Zimmerman, the prosecutors have to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. That hasn’t happened. And if the prosecution can’t prove its case, then Zimmerman should walk."
My guess is, if Zimmerman is acquitted... a large swath of Florida is gonna burn to the ground.

09 July 2013

Divine Right of Kings returns

In other "we don' need no steenkin' constitution" news...
Democrats too may acquiesce in Mr. Obama's action, as they have his other aggressive assertions of executive power. Yet what will they say when a Republican president decides that the tax rate on capital gains is a drag on economic growth and instructs the IRS not to enforce it?

And what of immigration reform? Why bother debating the details of a compromise if future presidents will feel free to disregard those parts of the statute that they don't like?
Cherrypicking the law... the scariest artifact of the Emperor Barack I administration.


"Well, I guess Obama has gotten what no other POTUS in history has been able to get... a line item veto."

The myth of the hotblooded Latino

From our voluminous "stereotypes come from somewhere" files...
SAO PAULO — Police say enraged spectators invaded a football field, stoned the referee to death and quartered his body after he stabbed a player to death.

Local news media say the spectators also decapitated Silva and stuck his head on a stake in the middle of the field.

08 July 2013

If Obama had a son, he'd look like...

...he was pretty guilty...
On Monday afternoon, two Sanford police investigators -- Chris Serino and Doris Singleton -- gave a possible boost to the defense by testifying that Martin’s father, Tracy Martin, told them the voice was not his son’s. “There’s no doubt” about what Tracy Martin concluded after officers played the tape for him, Singleton testified. “He was crying. He was sad.”
I sure hope the state legislature has the National Guard on standby... 'cos Zimmerman gets off... Florida's gonna burn.


UPDATE: Out for pop... or pot?
During his testimony last week, Bao referenced Martin’s THC level, noting that “Marijuana could have no effect or some effect.”
Yeah, there's some expert testimony.

Looks like there was enough of an effect for a layman to notice...
In Zimmerman’s call to a non-emergency police line, he told a dispatcher that a person he was observing (who turned out to be Martin) appeared to be “on drugs.”
Seems Obama's sorta-son did inhale.


LAST WORD: A "glass half full" situation

Unfortunately, that glass is half full of 94 octane...
"On Monday, the Broward County Sheriff’s Office released a video calling on the public not to riot in the wake of the George Zimmerman verdict, expected this week or next in Florida."

“Raise your voice!” says the girl. “And not your hands!” says the boy. “We need to stand together as one, no cuffs, no guns,” says the girl. “Let’s give violence a rest, because we can easily end up arrested,” says the boy.
No cuffs or guns? So, the real problem here is the cops?


07 July 2013

If you build it they will come... and come...

...and come...
the natives are restless
"Under the original arrangement, would-be Mi’kmaq needed only to dig up some census or church records to prove one of their ancestors had lived in a pre-1949 Newfoundland Mi’kmaq community."
Hmmm, there's obviously something wrong here. Don't you worry though, the government has laid down strict new membership criteria.
"Applicants must provide census forms, job applications, newspaper articles or even ferry tickets to show they had some Mi’kmaq leanings before an Indian status card was involved."
Yeah, ferry tickets. They're really tightening the screws here. It's like those poor guys in prison who say they're women trapped inside men's bodies. "Okay Freddie, you say you need taxpayer-subsidised breasts & vagina? Who are we to argue?"

I'm so confused. If these folks, as the media is constantly telling us, are living a hellish life of poverty and neglect... why are so many folks (600% more than the 15,000 anticipated) trying to deal themselves in?

Maybe it's not such a bad deal after all, huh?

06 July 2013

A little unclear on the concept...

...of democracy, that is...
At least 35 people died and more than 1,000 were wounded in violence on Friday and Saturday, with the army struggling to maintain order in Cairo, Alexandria and other cities and towns, where pro- and anti-Mursi demonstrators fought street battles.

The most deadly clashes were in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria, where 14 people died and 200 were wounded.

In central Cairo, rival protesters clashed late into the night with stones, knives, petrol bombs and clubs as armored personnel carriers rumbled among them.
We've seen it again and again. Without a brutal strongman, (a Nasser, a Gaddafi or a Mubarak) to rein in their immediate basest instincts, the denizens of the Muslim Middle East are all too willing to tear each other limb from limb.


RELATED: Tahrir Square is democracy central, right?

The devil, as they say, is in the details...
here's your arab springSo much for that "religion of piece" twaddle...
In a typical attack, lines of men push their way through the packed square, surround lone women, and start ripping at their clothes until they are naked. Some women have been violated by men using their hands.
Maybe there are places in the world that just aren't ready for democratic rule.


UPDATE: If I had a President...

...he'd look like Mohamed...
Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei has accepted the offer by Interim President Adly Mansour to form the Cabinet,” read an announcement on ElBaradei’s Facebook page. It said he would give a news conference after being sworn in.
He's the Nobel Peace Prize guy, right?

Ok... problem solved.


LAST WORD: It's not just Egypt
Saturday's attack killed 29 students and English teacher Mohammed Musa, who was shot in the chest, according to another teacher, Ibrahim Abdu. Police officers who arrived after the gunmen left and transported the bodies to the hospital confirmed at least 30 people were killed.
The capricious, unknowable "Will of Allah."

05 July 2013

C'mon baby... who you gonna believe...

...me or yo' damn lyin' eyes?"

halls of macadamia/
On Thursday night, CBS News obtained a photo of Kerry on his boat and sent it to the State Department, asking whether they still stand by their denial that Kerry was on a boat.

The response: "Yes."
Hey, you marry the Heinz ketchup heiress, I guess you do as you darn well please.

Yachting, anyone?


UPDATE: State Department backs down


From the smallest acorn... springs a mighty oak...
Dear Kaitlin,

I really believe that Toronto has been quite miserly in its recognition of those good people who have worked in the shadows, avoiding well-deserved recognition of their contributions to those who have been marginalized by our often heartless society.

For example, the late Jack Layton, concerned about the rampant unemployment experienced by young immigrants in general, and young Asian females in particular, tore down many of our primitive societal barriers by frequenting a Non-Traditional Wellness Center in order to selflessly re-distribute some of our tax-dollars so that a poor immigrant girl could have, ahem, meat on her table.

In honour of Mr. Layton and all the socially progressive citizens of your great city, it is only fitting that a plaque should be erected at the very spot where this noble sacrifice occurred: 787 Dundas Street West.

Yours in solidarity, etc....
Hey, if Gawker can crowdsource bags of cash to, er... memorialise Mayor Ford... why can't folks of a conservative mindset return the favour to an enduring icon of the lunatic leftosphere?

04 July 2013

The Tawana-fication of America

Somehow, "gaffing the wheel" just doesn't quite cover it...
who will guard the guards**********

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Lost in what Weigel described as Cutcher’s “media tour” was the recognition of what Cutcher originally told the 911 operator on the night of the shooting, namely that there was “a black guy standing up over the shooting victim.”
It isn't a justice system... it's a legal system.

03 July 2013

Ask a Journo-Canadian

The ceaseless hunt for murderous drug lord Pablo Escobar, er... Mayor Rob Ford continues...
"Peter Jacobsen, a lawyer hired by CBC News, the Globe and Mail, Sun Media and a number of other news outlets notes there is no certainty that the warrants contain any evidence implicating the mayor in any wrongdoing; but he insists seeing the warrants may be the only way to clear the air."
Hmmm... how much investigative reporting have the Toronto media done on the nefarious Dixon City Bloods themselves... without trying to implicate the conservative Mayor of Toronto?

I hear crickets.

02 July 2013

Compassionate, intellectual Quebec...

...decides maybe Mike Harris wasn't such a meanie after all...
“These people may be in danger of being evicted from their apartments because they aren't able to pay the rent,” said François Saillant, the coordinator of housing rights group FRAPRU.
Uh, François... not to quibble here... but isn't it the government (aka the wage-earning, tax paying citizens) of Quebec who are actually paying the freight here?

Just askin'.

Kilted crime wave has city quaking

Notorious Glasgow-born gun thug Angus McTartan has struck yet again, this time on the Canada Day weekend...
TORONTO -- Police say the man, believed to be in his 30s, was shot after an altercation on Wishford Drive, in the Morningside and McLevin avenues area.

The severity of his injuries was not immediately known.

UPDATE: Late-braking correction...
Police are looking for a black male with braided hair in connection with the shooting.
Damn you, Angus... we'll get you one of these days.