31 May 2012

30 May 2012

I keep waiting for the next iteration...

...a "criminal" glance...halls of macadamia/
"A group of Members of Parliament and the Central YMCA have recommended in a report that "appearance-based discrimination" should possibly be considered a crime, similar to harassing someone over their race or sexual orientation."

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...I'm here to slim you...
it's the law

Your money - his friends... yet again

That's why we call him McSlippery...
An Ontario government lawyer warned against approving former ORNGE boss Chris Mazza’s public-private scheme for the air ambulance service, according to leaked documents.

Klees said the Springman memo is proof that Liberals’ claims of a lack of oversight for ORNGE are specious because the alarm was being sounded almost eight years ago.

“It gives 15 specific reasons why the Mazza scheme should never have been approved,” he said of the private-public arrangement the Grits eventually endorsed.

“It must have been political interference.”

29 May 2012

Pushing those Middle-East buttons...

...a truly dangerous game...skynet... it`s coming
"It far surpasses Stuxnet and Duqu, two worms behind cyberattacks against technology related to Iran's nuclear energy program."

"Neo excitedly searches to find this virus so he can infect my computer and finally locate me. Then he can send his goons to mete out the proper number of broken bones and gunshot wounds to make up for my mocking and insulting him."

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Poor baby... I guess all that Heiling Harper finally got old. I do sometimes wonder what nonny does when he`s not obsessing about lil`ol`me.
"You just can't fucking wait, to KILL people. Idiot neo even has a gun for an avatar. you just wanna KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL!!!!!!!"

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Jacko would be so disappointed.

"We, the undersigned Canadians..."

"...urgently ask The Honourable John Baird, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, to allow the Minister of Public Safety, Vic Toews, to have full access to Dr. Michael Welner’s forensic psychiatric evidence on Omar Khadr."

"Toews must review this evidence before he conducts the review described by the prisoner transfer law. This way, he will be able to make a fully informed decision without compromising public safety and national security."

28 May 2012


"From the response of the chattering lefties defending Mulcair, piques my interest even more. Remortgaging a house 11 times no matter how you try to spin it, is totally unusual and out of place. There is probably more to this story."

"Is it any of our business? HELL yeah, this man wants to be PM, and I have a right to know if he can't even handle his own personal finances."

Posted by: northernont at May 28, 2012 9:12 PM

27 May 2012

24 May 2012

McSlippery when wet

If I showed up at Queens Park & told them I had an alien chip in my head... would Dalton change the rules to pay for it's removal?

Oh, well... just another day in Dalton McGuinty's socialist paradise...
"The exhibit includes floor-to-ceiling photos of nude toddlers, children, teens and adults, and an array of heated, flavoured and textured condoms rolled over wooden dildos."

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...of being jerked around by "the media."

23 May 2012

20 May 2012

Something in the air

"I think they have made a decision to attack," said one senior Israeli figure with close ties to the leadership. "It is going to happen. The window of opportunity is before the U.S. presidential election in November. This way they will bounce the Americans into supporting them."

Netanyahu, those who know him say, is determined to avoid going down in history as the man who shirked his opportunity to stop Iran going nuclear.

19 May 2012

I really hope the MSM makes sure...

...they get another heart-rending soundbite from the Whitehouse...

the evidence starts to emerge'Cos I really wanna see President McDreamy break out his infamous record-setting backstroke... again...
"Every time they release a photo of this guy's head, his [Trayvon Martin's] parents saying that's not Trayvon's voice on the audio, — every time that comes out, the case gets weaker and weaker," says Michael Grieco, a former prosecutor in Miami-Dade County.
Heck, forget about Grieco... he's just a mouthpiece for THE MAN. Let's ask an infamous icon of the fuzzy-bunny, rainbow-sniffin' left...
"Zimmerman was on the bottom. Trayvon was on top. Zimmerman's head was being banged on the ground," Dershowitz said. "This is one of those rare cases where the forensics tell loudly what happened."

Zimmerman "will almost certainly prevail," Dershowitz said. "The charge should be dropped."
Yeah... that Alan Dershowitz... civil rights hero & youngest Harvard Law School professor... ever.

Yup... the largest fear of the lunatic left... the evidence.


LAST WORD: They still wanna hang him...

...but even the Red Star admits...
"George Zimmerman had a broken nose, bruises and bloody cuts on the back of his head."
Gotta love the tone here... despite Zimmerman's documented & now undisputed injuries and the fact that Trayvon's father admits that the recorded voice heard calling for help is not Trayvon... the Star ain't giving an inch.

17 May 2012

Oh, c'mon... it's not like he...

...oh... my... gawd...
A man who beheaded and cannibalized a fellow passenger on a Greyhound bus in Manitoba has won his bid to leave the grounds of the mental hospital where he is being kept.

The review board says the passes will start at 30 minutes and increase incrementally to a maximum of full days.

But, hey... I'm sure they'll be all over this guy for the rest of his... wait...
Someone who’s been convicted of murder and given a life sentence in Canada spends their life being monitored by the parole system. But an absolute discharge from a review board is just that – people aren’t followed and they don’t have to report to anyone.
I swear... I got nuthin'.

One man's "small"... is another man's...

...fatal penetrating trauma...
"According to OHRC spokesman Afroze Edwards, police will be revising court-security procedures so devout Sikhs wearing the small ceremonial blades will be allowed to enter."
Well... as long as it's just small & ceremonial, that's... wait a minute...
"They must not have a kirpan longer than 7.5 inches in total."
Hang on a second. I'm not even allowed to wear a hat in a courtroom... but these guys get to tote knives?!!!

What could possibly go wrong here, huh?
-- BRAMPTON, Ontario, April 19 (UPI) -- A fistfight among some 70 Sikhs in a temple west of Toronto escalated into a brawl involving hammers and machetes, police said.

Any gun for anyone anywhere, right neo?

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Once again... the compassionate, intellectual left just misses the point.

16 May 2012

I'm from the government... I'm here to...

...what the f*****' f***...
The Museum of Science and Technology is hosting Sex: A Tell-All Exhibition, opening Thursday.

Initially aimed at children 12 and up, organizers quickly boosted the admission age to 16 after some parents were aghast at the graphic displays.

The exhibit includes floor-to-ceiling photos of nude toddlers, children, teens and adults, and an array of heated, flavoured and textured condoms rolled over wooden dildos

There are listening stations with pre-written questions and push button audio answers.

Next to a printed question asking, 'Why do many boys always want to have anal sex?' sexologist Jamy Ryan responds that not all boys want to do it, but: "If you are comfortable trying that activity, go ahead and do it. It could be fun for you, but if you are not, you don't really have to do it."

Next to a question about pregnancy, the recording assures listeners that abortions are available at medical clinics and at 14 years old, you don't need to tell your parents.

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"My doctor asked for a cancer screening lab test at my latest medical. Not covered by OHIP, but sex change operations are?"

"Does OHIP have enough money for one and not the other?"
Gotta have priorities, right?


Mr Fabre’s acclaimed efforts at horizon-expanding include Preparatio Mortis, a piece unveiled at the Vienna International Dance Festival and which entertained us no end with its combination of moths, underwear and staggering pretension.

While writhing in her bra and panties, the dancer, Annabelle Chambon, was tasked with nothing less than “an attempt to reconcile life and death.” Or as one commenter suggested, to reconcile boredom with public subsidy.

LAST WORD: Ask a Conservative
-- OTTAWA -- Curators hosting a raunchy sex exhibit for schools are getting a spanking from the heritage minister.

"It is clear this exhibit does not fit within that mandate. This content cannot be defended, and is insulting to taxpayers."

It cost $800,000 to build. The Museum of Science and Technology gets about $30 million from federal taxpayers per year.

10 May 2012

Your money... his friends

Dalton does it again...
For months, we’ve been warning the minister about the staffing policies at ORNGE that leave bases understaffed and incapable of responding to emergency calls,” Klees said, citing investigations into 13 such incidents."

"Matthews said she has asked ORNGE to “look closely” at what happened Wednesday but added she is aware there is a shortage of pilots trained to fly the helicopters.
That's funny... there doesn't seem to be a shortage of taxpayer cash...
"The incident put Health Minister Deb Matthews on the defensive yet again over ORNGE, where new leadership is in place since the departure of former chief executive Dr. Chris Mazza over his $1.4 million salary."

"As soon as McGuinty got wind of this Conservative fiasco, he called in the Auditor General"
No, Ted... more like, as soon as this started to get traction in the media...

Spin, spin, spin.

Breaking... in the GTA...

...the Greater Tehran area...iran... it's closer than you thinkLet's get right down to brass tacks here...
Islam has allowed boys to engage in sports for one specific reason and that is to always keep them healthy and strong. But why should a Muslim be healthy and strong? Firstly, it is necessary to take care of the body because it is a gift from Allah. Secondly, so that you may physically be ready for jihad whenever the time comes for it.”
There's gotta be some sort of mistake, right?

These folks can't possibly be referring to preparing to wage a war in Toronto the Good... can they?
No doubt any wise, humanitarian person accepts such a combat and admires it because there is no other way to achieve the sacred ends of the Prophets.”
No... other... way. Hmmm... that seems fairly definitive.

Wow... so goodbye Casey & Finnegan... hello semtex & hand to hand combat.

Hmmm... wasn't Blazing Catfur beating this particular education-related drum the other day? Nary a mention of that in the Post. Nice picture of three friendly boys though.

I wonder what's in the boxes.


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Bright lights, big city

I wonder if the Toronto Star will be pulling any of their crack reporters off the "Rob Ford ate another drumstick" beat to cover this one...
• TORONTO • The Toronto Police homicide unit was searching a midtown park after a man’s body was found early Wednesday.

Officers responding to reports of gunshots being fired at 3 a.m. found the man in Oriole Park, just west of Yonge St. at Davisville, in the Oriole Pkwy.-Chaplain Cres. area, suffering from “trauma to the body.”

Det. Doug Dunstan said the young man, estimated to be in his early 20s, was found near a playground area to the east end of the park.

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Meanwhile, gunfire rang out again on the other side of town in Malvern Wednesday night. Police say officers responded to a call on Brenyon Way, near Neilson and Sewells Rds., just after 7 p.m. and found a man in his 20s suffering from a gunshot wound to the body.

He was rushed to hospital with life-threatening injuries, police said.


Yes, yes... I know, poor baby... you think Mayor Ford is really fat, really greedy & really stupid. Constantly attaching that type of troll to any & all posts speaks amply to your curious obsession. Seriously, now... did the Mayor run over your cat?

And please, if you could... a little less "heiling whomever" and no more "n-word." You trying to impress the local skinheads?

09 May 2012

Stand by for NDP waterworks in...

...three, two...do the time
It’s one of the latest tough-on crime measures Public Safety Minister Vic Toews announced Wednesday. Charging more to stay in prisons, getting rid of incentive pay tied to certain inmate work and ensuring offenders are charged for their phone calls are among the changes the minister says will save a total of $10-million each year.

COMPASSIONATE, INTELLECTUAL LEFT REPLIES:boo-fucking-hooOf course, you moron... and "soylent green" is people.

Those evil, controlling Tea Parti...

...wait a minute...
Now, the Chronicle of Higher Education can fire and hire whomever it pleases—for good reasons, bad reasons, or no reason at all. That’s its business; that’s its prerogative. But the publication ought to at least have the sand to admit what it’s doing. They didn’t fire Naomi Schaefer Riley because of what she wrote. They fired her because their readers didn’t like it.
But don't be too hard on them... that's what the compassionate, intellectual left is all about... feelings.
The great irony, of course, is that the whining and gnashing of teeth from the “Black Studies” crowd only reinforces Naomi’s point about the “discipline.” You’d never see chemists or physicists or mathematicians worked into a hysterical mob by a critical blog post. Because they study actual fields of knowledge • and don't simply tend the garden of their own feelings.
Which shouldn't be steamrolling free speech.

08 May 2012


What media bias?
here we go again
"Or maybe The Star is just holding its guns for its next major scoop. After blowing the lid off the fact that the mayor likes Kentucky Fried Chicken, and scooping the whole world on his desire to buy a bit of land next to his home, what could be next: Ford puts blue box on wrong side of driveway?"

"We can hardly wait."

Maybe you're a fat turd also and this "hurts your feelings"?

Posted by Anonymous to halls of macadamia at 8:31 AM, May 08, 2012
Ah, nonny... you do all the work for me.

07 May 2012

06 May 2012

Another reason to vote Conservative

The Harper government is throwing its weight behind a private members' bill that would give police the power to arrest anyone hiding their identity during a riot or unlawful assembly.

Justice Minister Rob Nicholson announced Sunday that the Conservative majority formally supports the legislation, meaning it is all but assured of becoming law.

"Destructive and reckless behaviour damages communities and should not be tolerated," Nicholson said in a release.

It's all about control, comrades. There will be a law for everyone to be under some type of control. Everyone. Some folks in this country are simply too stupid to see what is happening.

the commie2012/05/06
at 9:28 PM ET
Yeah, commie boy... like your beloved NDP?
• TORONTO • Chain restaurant customers deserve to know how much junk they're packing into their trunks, NDP MPP France Gelinas says.

Her private member's bill — Healthy Decisions for Healthy Eating — would require restaurants to post calorie counts on menus.

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He must be traumatised... let's bring him home and get him some counselling...
Mr. LeBon was intercepted by an Illinois state trooper for a minor traffic violation in 2007. A search of his car trunk uncovered 119 kilos of cocaine. He is now serving a 10-year sentence at a minimum-security penitentiary in Pennsylvania.

03 May 2012

02 May 2012

Undermining the law of the land

Try imagine the socialist outrage, or perhaps even insurrection... if Stephen Harper had people collecting names & addresses at all those "safe" injection sites.
we don' need no steenkin' lawCall me picky... but why don't firearms owners have, at minimum, the same rights... under current Canadian law... as your average garden variety junkie.


"Why is it that some people feel they can tell bare-faced lies to the public? Since when has the law requiriing an FAC to purchase a firearm been revoked? Even private sales require a valid FAC. In my opinion the lies are told to put an image in the minds of the public. One which will prejudice them in the desired direction. Any official using such a strategy ought to be fired."