31 August 2012

Never a "community organiser" around...

...when you really need one...
"As the president preps for his Democratic Party convention coronation, homicides in his hometown the first three months of this year have spiked 60 percent over the same period in 2011, and gangs are preying on citizens in a phenomenon called ‘wilding.’"

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With some digging, you learn, to your horror, that the troubled CEO spends a lot of time on — what the hell? — bowling? Golf? Three point shots? While the company is going south?

What do you do? You fire that CEO. Clint Eastwood was right. You let the guy go.
Or, I guess, you attack the messenger.

29 August 2012

26 August 2012

That evil, lawbreaking Stephen Harp...

...wait a minute...
who's the real robocallers
The Liberal riding association in Guelph has been issued a $4,900 penalty by the federal broadcast regulator for sending out unsolicited robo-calls during the 2011 election campaign.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission announced the finding and penalty Friday.

It describes its notice of violation as being against the Guelph Federal Liberal Association on behalf of Frank Valeriote, who was the Liberal candidate who won the election and is currently an MP.
Oh... my... gawd... stand by for weeks of outraged media coverage as we get an actual conviction on the opposition's robo-calling accusations.

Wait a minute... it's a Liberal MP. I'm guessing it doesn't even make the television news cycle once.


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evil and secretiveHmmm... Amanda Lang, Amanda Lang... that sounds so familiar...
"Some changes, such as anchor Amanda Lang’s clear glass desk with view of her legs, surprised industry watchers."
Yup... she's a pro alright.


LAST WORD: The party of Jack...
The Star obtained internal party documents showing the federal NDP returned a total of $344,468 — including GST — in advertising revenues from eight unions and seven other organizations, received at three separate policy conventions. The funds were returned in April and May.
Apparently, some rules are more important than others.

22 August 2012

McSlippery regime falls back on...

..."more basketball courts" strategy...
-- TORONTO -- Ontario is bolstering crime prevention programs with a focus on youth - to the tune of $20 million - in an effort to get guns off the streets by trying to prevent kids from turning to crime in the first place.

A plan to expand summer job programs and add more youth outreach workers was announced Tuesday.
Wait a minute...
Toronto politicians were shocked to hear the alleged Eaton Centre shooter had a City of Toronto job working with kids up until two weeks ago.
Gotta love those Liberals and their bottomless pockets.


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First it was former Health Minister George Smitherman’s tearful admission that he’d used “party drugs,” before he got into politics.

Now we hear from former Attorney General Michael Bryant that while he was the province’s chief legal officer, he was also an alcoholic. While he claims not to have been drunk on the job, he was hung over. Hello? The attorney general’s job isn’t 9-5 -it’s 24/7. You’re always on duty.

It begs the question, was anyone actually sober at Premier Dalton McGuinty’s cabinet table?

It certainly explains some of their bizarre cabinet decisions.
Party on dudes.

21 August 2012

With friends like this...

• TORONTO • Peel police say they know the identity of the woman whose body parts were found in Mississauga and Scarborough.

Guang Hua Liu, 41, a mother of two young children and an adult child, has been identified as the victim. She was last seen Aug. 10 "in the company of friends."

Liu, a Canadian citizen of Chinese descent, is the registered owner of a spa at Kennedy Rd. and Eglinton Ave. E.

20 August 2012

As always... the real story is...

...in the comments...
velvet touch massage parlorvelvet touch massage parlor**********

UPDATE: Olivia cashes in yet again...

...but that's okay... 'cos she's just a poor widow-woman...
"Tell me that it’s just dandy for Chow to directly profit via taxpayers on her dead husband’s propaganda film."
I can't wait for Layton brand "Velvet Touch" tissues... for all those messy "shiatsu" moments.

That's so weird... I didn't see a thing...

..about this on the CTV news...no puppy loveOf course, on the 11 o'clock national news, the talking heads were again offering up slobbery images of their pet martyr, Julian Assange, and I quote...
"It is not likely British police will assault the (Ecuadorian) embassy."
Hmmm... ya think?

I guess I just don't get how people can accept that the mainstream media is somehow offering them up actual news. They should just skip right over to Jon Stewart and the Daily show... they make no apologies for their propaganda.

18 August 2012

Sugar & spice and everything...

...that fills ordinary folk with revulsion and horror...
sugar & spiceFirst, the little darlings stripped her naked and tossed her outta the car...
"McIvor’s body was dragged for about one kilometre before her arm was trapped under the rear passenger wheel, which caused her head to be pulled from her body by the seatbelt that was around her neck."
Don't you worry, though... they get out, there's also gonna be a curfew.

17 August 2012

Now that's a darn shame

I was really looking forward to that new ten spot with the flaming vehicle being tossed off that bridge in Caledonia...
more suckass political correctness
"The bank immediately ordered the image redrawn, imposing what a spokesman called a 'neutral ethnicity' for the woman scientist who, now stripped of her 'Asian' features, appears on the circulating note. Her light features appear to be Caucasian."

UPDATE: Well, that didn't take long...
either way you loseI thought perpetuating stereotypes was supposed to be a bad thing... I mean, this wasn't a specific "Asian" scientist... like, you know, celebrating a specific Prime Minister... right?
A spokesperson for the Chinese Canadian National Council slammed the bank on Friday for bending to racism.

“The Bank of Canada apparently took seriously ... racist comments and feedback from the focus groups and withdrew the image,” said May Lui, interim executive director of the group’s Toronto chapter.

Ms. Lui demanded the bank “acknowledge their error in caving to the racist feedback.”
Remember... some pandering is good.


"If you're going to have a woman scientist, have a real one. You could go seriously with a geologist - Drs Alice Wilson and Helen Belyea for two. In fact, you could put Dr Belyea on horseback out in the field, thus combining political correctness, great scenery, and accuracy."

I'm beginning to see where all that...

..."crime is down" malarkey is coming from...
“We don’t have a cause of death and without a cause of death, we can’t call it a homicide,” Acting Insp. Randy Cowan said.

UPDATE: Is it murder now?
"Two severed hands were found in a Mississauga park Friday as Peel police returned to search for more body parts following the discovery of a foot and head."

16 August 2012

From the guys who brought you...

..."Romney is gonna put y'all back in chains"...
First it was the Department of Homeland Security, then it was the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and now the Social Security Administration is set to purchase 174,000 rounds of hollow point bullets that will be delivered to 41 locations across the country.
Ah, wait a minute... that's a secret...
The Department of Homeland Security’s decision to black out sections of the document, including the number of bullets being purchased, is likely to be related to a massive controversy which has snowballed over the last few weeks pertaining to concerns as to why the federal agency has purchased well over a billion rounds of bullets over the last 6 months alone.

The DHS’ decision back in March to purchase of 450 million rounds of .40-caliber hollow point bullets that are designed to expand upon entry and cause maximum organ damage prompted questions as to why the federal agency required such powerful bullets and in such large quantities merely for training purposes.
Hang on a sec, Peace Moonbeam... don't guns only have one purpose?

You still feelin' all hopey-changey?

15 August 2012

Another CBC poll... goes horribly wrong

I'm guessing 60% of respondents supporting minimum sentences & tougher border controls wasn't exactly what the pinko politburo was looking for...not the answer they were looking for**********

"Banning the legitimate ownership of handguns to prevent illegitimate use of handguns is equivalent to the idea that banning sexual relations between a husband and wife will prevent rapes in dark alleys."

14 August 2012

The difference between a "historian"...

...and a "community organiser"... is that only one of them is obligated to speak the truth...
"Put up, or shut up, dear newspaper of record. Tell us when that "tradition" of 'Iftar Dinners' truly began. Cite those Presidents who held dinners that they considered to be 'Iftar Dinners.' Give us chapter, give us verse. And if, as I believe, that hollow and recent and transparently determined-to-win-Muslim-hearts-and-minds 'tradition' began in 2001, then tell us."

"And since your story was on the front page, do what the lawyers do when they have to make legal announcements, and put your retraction, eat your humble pie, right on the front page."
(via ffof)


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...it's what the mainstream media does...
"Mr. Williams talked about everything, including a puppy rescue team in Detroit, except the lawsuit against Mr. Holder."
Wake up, folks... and smell the manipulation.


LAST WORD: VPOTUS plays the race card
race hustlers sling the mudNo surprise here... everybody knows Biden is a loose cannon. What's surprising is that Obama doesn't have the sense to distance himself from this clumsy Sharpton-esque hustle...
"The Obama campaign, meanwhile, did not back away from Biden’s 'chains' remark. Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter defended the vice president during an interview Tuesday."

“We have no problem with those comments,” Cutter said.
Down in the gutter yet again. Yeah... there's a surprise.

"Biden should keep talking. Obama should keep talking. Please don't stop them because if you can get Obama's teleprompter away from him long enough, he will let his mask slip, and what comes out is alien to most people."

I just read that more people in the USA...

...are beaten to death with fists & feet than are killed with rifles...
The Forum Research poll released exclusively to the Toronto Sun found the recent spat of summer gun violence has left its mark on the city as 61% of Torontonians agree there has been more gun violence this year than in previous years and that 34% feel their personal safety is at risk in Toronto.
But, hey... screw opinions. Let's stick with digging up actual facts. Like, say... how many people in a city like Toronto are murdered with a legal, registered firearm... and should that number affect a patently laughable proposition to ban any and all guns within city limits?
“While we know statistics tell us violent crime is decreasing, that’s not the story the public tells us, and their anecdotal evidence just solidifies their fears,” Forum president Lorne Bozinoff said in a statement Saturday. “This may be behind the controversial desire to see race-based crime statistics.”
C'mon Lorne... aren't the numbers already age & gender based? I mean...are you saying it's okay to single out seniors or women? Isn't that agism AND sexism?

Why aren't we simply calling this "data-based" crime stats? Would that still be "controversial?" And if it turns out that suburban Lutheran soccer moms are responsible for the carnage... let's start staking out amateur sports venues and grocery stores.

If there is a way to identify a demographic responsible for a significant part of the mayhem and murder, and yes... much of the dying... and mount a response, that'd be a good thing... right? Whatever happened to serve & protect?

Hmmm, what do people in Toronto think?
The Forum Poll of 812 Toronto residents was conducted using interactive voice response phone calls on Thursday and Friday. The poll is considered accurate within 3.44%, 19 times out of 20.
I guess it's not just me after all.

13 August 2012

Thank gawd it's over

I've gotta confess... by the second day of the Olympics, I was watching the CTV coverage with the sound turned off. I'm afraid the last straw for me was when one of the networks self-styled experts started prattling on about the "ten event" Decathlon (as opposed to, I suppose, the five event version?)

Funny, though... didn't see any coverage of skeet, or any other shooting sport for that matter. I guess that falls outside of the politically correct world-view of our television overlords.

Also had a bit of a problem working up much enthusiasm for their over-the-top "social engineering" segments... like shamelessly trotting out wheelchair-bound Rick Hansen to be the resident "takes a village" shaman... or the endless enumeration of the various obstacles everyone apparently had to overcome to be an Olympic athlete.

Then there was the whole manufactured ecstasy about the Islamic woman competing in her make-shift burka... which conveniently skipped over the fact that she was, one... so obviously unqualified to even be there and two... had her brother glued to her substantial person to do all of the talking for her.

It was also CTV that trotted out the fact that Canada had started up a funding initiative for Olympic athletes that funnelled an additional 60 million dollars to training athletes who had the best medal prospects.

Hey, why not just go all in... and start scooping up talented toddlers and shipping them off to Olympic factories like the Chinese? Or recruiting athletes from less well-off countries with financial inducements?

I know I won't be wasting any more of my time watching this nonsense in another four years.


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And then we get on with the event: Badminton. Trampolining. Beach volleyball. Water polo. This isn’t the body stretched to its limits — it’s the world’s largest gathering of every crank who took the croquet way too seriously at your last backyard barbecue. Would you invite back the man you found weeping in the shrubbery after he was undone at Jarts? Every four years such eccentrics are held up for our global adulation.
(via ffof)

09 August 2012

Just another typical childrens party...

...balloons, face-painting and assorted threats...
An 18-year-old has been charged with threatening to harm residents living on Danzig Street prior to a block party shooting last month.

Toronto police spokeswoman Wendy Drummond says it’s alleged the man made threats on the street the same day that gunfire erupted July 16 at the neighbourhood party, killing two people and injuring nearly two dozen others.

Shaquan Mesquito faces charges of threatening to cause serious bodily harm.

Admirably, the CBC is(sic) explored the role of extremely high temperatures as a trigger for violent behaviour. I know that living in a small, hot, airless room would motivate me to strike out at people.

Other organizations are exploring the “pistolization” of North American society; i.e., gun availability and the media’s role in legitimizing their use. The time has come to recognize Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s part in both of these scenarios.

08 August 2012

I can't wait for "Canada's Wonderland"...

...to really start living up to it's name...
The prostitute, identified only as G.K., said, “Not everyone would choose to do the job I do, but it’s not right that they can treat me like a second-class citizen.”

The motel’s lawyer David Edwards confirmed she is seeking damages, reported in The Australian newspaper Wednesday to be $30,000 Australian.

I have only one question

...was Colin Mochrie simply unavailable... or did he balk at full-frontal nudity...
once upon a velvet touch'Cos I gotta tell ya, friend... nuthin' screams "velvet touch" like a purple turtleneck...you wash your hands before dinner young man**********

FROM THE COMMENTS: A classic miscast?
"Olivia'll be portrayed by one Sook-Yin Lee who, amongst being a Much video jockey and CBC Radio host, is known for an explicit hardcore sex scene in the tax-funded art-house flick 'Shortbus'."

06 August 2012

Canada's aboriginal reserves...

...the last bastion of North American communism...
the end of canadian communism?But, heck, what's this... somebody is actually willing to step up and give aboriginal Canadians the same sort of rights the rest of us take for granted...
"The Conservative government will introduce legislation that would allow first nations members living on reserve to own their property, a radical change that aims to spur economic development in native communities that choose to embrace the new law."

"The government is also committed to passing its First Nations Financial Transparency Act, which would require band councils to post their salaries and benefits on a website for all to see."
Heck... own your own house... a sunshine list for the folks who control one of the country's largest single line taxpayer expenditures... who could be against that?

Oh yeah... these guys...
"The move is strongly opposed by many chiefs, including Shawn Atleo, who was re-elected in July as National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations."
But that's gotta be an outlier, an aberration, right?

It's not like the chiefs wouldn't want to improve the lot of all their... wait a minute...
"Chiefs also oppose Bill S-2, which would protect the matrimonial property rights of women living on reserves if their marriages end."

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...not enough auditors...

big big wampum
"At least 80 aboriginal chiefs and band councillors made more money last year than Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and at least 200 were paid more than their provincial premiers, according to newly released federal figures."

04 August 2012

That evil, secretive, controlling...

...George W. Bu...
To critics including the former president Jimmy Carter, legal scholars and human rights groups, the strikes are extrajudicial executions that violate nations' sovereignty, stain US moral standing and fuel extremism.
Wait a minute...
At a time of cutbacks, Barack Obama has set aside around $5bn for Predators and Reapers, signalling their growing importance and ubiquity as a policy instrument. The air force has struggled to supply enough crews for the multiplying hardware.
Obviously that whole "Yes, we can" thing covers a lot of territory...
In his first two years in office, the US president more than tripled the number of attacks in Pakistan alone.

03 August 2012

The next time somebody tells you...

...if we didn't pay these guys outrageous salaries we wouldn't get quality candidates...
-- OTTAWA -- In the past 20 years, Elections Canada hasn't prosecuted one deadbeat candidate for not repaying election debt within the deadline.

This despite the fact candidates from the 2004, 2006 and 2008 general elections owed almost $3 million in unpaid bills.
You mean like this guy?
NHL hockey Hall of Famer Ken Dryden is in a similar situation. The six-time Stanley Cup champion was on the hook for $360,000, according to Dec. 31 filings with Elections Canada.

And anyone, regardless of genitalia...

...wearing lucite stripper heels will be eligible for additional style points...

reading, writing & genital reassignmentC'mon, show us those infamous "stiff upper lips" matey...
Oxford University has rewritten the laws governing its strict academic dress code following concerns that they were unfair towards transgender students.

Under the new regulations, students taking exams or attending formal occasions will no longer have to wear ceremonial clothing that is specific to their gender.

It will mean men will be able to sit tests in skirts and stockings and women will have the option of wearing suits and bow ties.

RELATED: Yet another penis parade? Seriously?
A Vancouver group is leading the city’s first “foreskin pride” march in an attempt to “undo thousands of years of prejudice and persecution.” Over the past two years, Mr. Callender has led pants-free “foreskin pride” contingents at gay events across North America, but it was only earlier this month that the group held its first dedicated event in Victoria.

“Queer men are ahead of heterosexual men on the issue, because they interact with penises other than their own — so it’s not difficult for a queer man to quickly come to the conclusion that the men with foreskin have more fun.”
Fun? I thought this was all about "prejudice and persecution."

Gay men sure have a lot of free time on their hands.

02 August 2012

Maybe GTA should stand for...

...Greater Terrified Area...

another one bites the dust
• TORONTO • A man shot in the head in the Jane and Finch area almost two weeks ago has died, Toronto Police said Thursday.

Donald Levy, 30, of Brampton, was with his two-year-old child when he was shot at 9 Driftwood Court on July 20 at 9:30 p.m., police said.
Just like Danzig St... lots of folks around, but nobody saw a blessed thing...
Police haven’t been able to lay charges, even though there were witnesses in the area at the time of the slaying, which is Toronto’s 32nd homicide of 2012.

Levy was one of four people to be shot in three separate shootings in Toronto in a 24-hour span.

That week, six shootings occurred in as many days, killing five people and injuring more than 20.
And the numbers continue to climb...
• VAUGHAN • A 22-year-old man is dead and a 28-year-old is being sought after a double stabbing late Wednesday in Vaughan.

Muzaffar Goraya and a 27-year-old man were stabbed following a fight on Colombo Cres.

The other victim, whose name has not been released, staggered to the doorstep of a neighbouring house, where Fateh Tahseen has lived with his family since 2006.

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...it's just another manifestation of systemic racism.

01 August 2012

As Canadian as Maple Syrup

Toronto Police have released photos of two suspects wanted for separate gun crimes.

Abshir Olow, 23, of Toronto, is wanted in connection to a shooting on Tuesday, May 1, 2012, on Ardwick Boulevard.

He's described as 6'2", 180 lbs., brown eyes, and hair possibly worn in corn rows.

Police believe he may be in Calgary, and warn that he is considered to be armed and dangerous.

In a separate case, police are on the hunt for 26-year-old Ibrahim Khiar, of Toronto.

He's accused of selling a gun and is facing charges of trafficking in a firearm, conspiracy to commit indictable offence, and losing firearm fail to report.

He is described as 6’, 220 lbs., brown eyes, black hair and has a scar on his right shoulder.

Police also believe him to be armed and dangerous.

the fuzzy-bunny, suckass politically correct leftYup... there's some intellectual discourse. And then nonny comes back to ice the cake...
"It is reasonable to assume you are promoting a racist agenda of separating the blacks from the rest of us, either by immigration controls, locked down ghettos, or your favourite, death camps."
Oh, nonny... not again. The daily "heiling" and throwing around the "N" word isn't enough?

What say we ask someone who's actually in the thick of things...
"Young black men continue to kill and, for the most part, shoot young black men at an alarming rate," Toronto Police Staff-Insp. Brian Raybould said. "It's worse than disturbing."

"The beat goes on. Day after day, year after year, we keep having this happen."
What amazes me is that Brian Raybould had the courage to say something like this out loud. Facts be damned... a statement like this is political kryptonite.

Sorry, folks... if you're not measuring, you're not managing. The first step towards dealing with this terrible problem... is to acknowledge that it exists.

The alternative is to run around "Heiling Harper" like my biggest fan, nonny-mouse.

Our enlightened Trudeaupian paradise

Oh, c'mon now... don't get on your high horse... this is no different than when all you knuckle-draggin', tea-baggin' neo-cons go down to your local financial institution and tell the manager to shove those outstanding mortgage payments up his pinstriped arse...
Failed 2006 Liberal leadership hopefuls won't be off the hook for the campaign debts they racked up even if they're hit with a penalty for breaching the Canada Elections Act, says Elections Canada.

The agency's spokesman confirmed Tuesday that if and when Elections Canada throws the book at Hedy Fry, Martha Hall Findlay, Joe Volpe and Ken Dryden, they'll have to keep raising money under current leadership fundraising rules until they're in the black.

"If there's unpaid claims or loans, there's an offence," said Elections Canada spokesman John Enright. "That offence is punishable by $1,000 and or three-months in jail."
Hmmm... that's just like what the bank would do to any other deadbeat... except for, you know... repossessing the house, nuking your credit rating and putting a lien on your wages.
On Monday, it was confirmed Fry, Volpe, and Findlay wouldn't appeal an Ontario Superior Court ruling tossing out their request for a two-year extension to pay debts remaining from their 2006 leadership bids.

The trio had already been given two extensions to make good on their debts.
Wow, I guess Orwell was right... some animals are more special than others. Maybe they can get an advance on their gold-plated MP pensions, huh?
NHL hockey Hall of Famer Ken Dryden is in a similar situation. The six-time Stanley Cup champion was on the hook for $360,000, according to Dec. 31 filings with Elections Canada.
And remember, folks... these are supposedly the best & brightest the Liberal Party has to offer.


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"The first thing that struck Samuel Getachew as he campaigned on Danzig Street in the 2010 municipal election was that every house had a huge flat screen TV."

LAST WORD: It's a Liberal thing...

...get over it...

I'm from the Government... I'm here to...

..."Imagine All The People", er... "Genderless Bipedal Primates"...
We welcome the opportunity to work further with you in the development of revised criteria or eliminating sex designation on a birth certificate. Jacquelin Pegg, Inquiry Analyst with the Commission, has been assigned this file. She may be reached at (416) 326-9501.


Barbara Hall, B.A., LL.B., Ph.D. (hon.)
Chief Commissioner
(via scaramouchee)


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"Gas is made from oil imported from the middle east. Gays are executed in the middle east. Do you buy gasoline? If so then shut up and have another chicken sandwich. Otherwise, you are a hypocrite."
August 2, 2012 at 4:36 pm