31 May 2007

Rewarding criminal behaviour...

With 125 million taxpayer dollars... and it's still not enough.
-- CALEDONIA, Ont. -- “The only positive thing about it is it was an offer,” Mohawk Chief Allen MacNaughton said in rejecting the offer. “It being an initial offer, we realize initial offers are never accepted anyway.

I guess it's a starting point to talk about things, and I guess the only positive is it's obviously a recognition they owe us something.”
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Another snivelling, politically correct apology...
“I want to now say publicly what I said to him privately: On behalf of the people of Ontario, we apologize for the events that led to the loss of life.

We deeply regret the death of Dudley George,” he said.
No more apologies to people who choose to defy the law of the land.

Dudley George chose to play with fire.
No word on what might have happened at Ipperwash in 1995 if the natives didn’t set up blockades, occupy a provincial park, firebomb buildings, assault people, drive a native school bus into the Canadian military’s drill hall, then take possession of the base after defence staff fled, then later drive a speeding bus toward police, followed by a speeding car which actually rams right over four police officers, and generally stage militant mayhem in the community...

LAST WORD: Speaking of the dead
How come there's no closure for the family of Marcel Lemay?

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That explains a few things...

Hmmmm... the symptoms of chronic lead poisoning "include neurological problems, such as reduced IQ..."
Warning signs are being posted in the bathrooms of Ontario's Legislature warning staff and visitors the tap water isn't fit to drink.

Testing ordered by Speaker Mike Brown during the past couple of days has revealed tap water in the historic Legislative building is contaminated with lead.
Bravo for life's little ironies.


RELATED: Please save us... Saint Suzuki!!!
But when Suzuki awakens Bob to the savings potential -- and the prospect of more beer money -- not only does Bob unplug the fridge -- he races through his house, pushes past his family members and proceeds to unplug every energy using device, even those in use.
No wonder they treat us like sheeple.

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Whitewashing murder

Like Toronto's "Summer of the Gun" in 2005, the murder of Jordan Manners is all about young black men killing young black men.... but nobody wants to acknowledge that.

There's the usual media beatification of everyone involved in this sad, sordid affair... who was gifted, who was sociable, blah, blah, blah.

And good grief, let's not assign any blame...
Lawyer Courtney Betty, acting for the family, said a coroner's inquest would get answers without laying blame and could help kickstart the changes needed in troubled neighbourhoods.
Well, lemme tell you Courtney, "root causes" didn't shoot a teenage kid in the chest that day.

Of course, that's not the emphasis here so far. Politicians demonise the gun... not the shooter.

Oh woe is us... if only we had security cameras... or basketball courts, or a hot lunch program, or...

To top it off, we're supposed to believe that a kid in Rosedale, or Bowmanville, or Cobourg is similarly at risk...
Greg Stokes, Jordan's uncle, said people in Toronto have to understand that every murder in the city affects everyone.

"It's not a black community, it's not a white community. Canada is a community as a whole," Stokes said.
Well... that's awfully nice sounding "politically correct pablum", but it's just not true.

It's a whitewash.


RELATED: Taken to its logical conclusion
"An Illinois gun-rights group says it plans to complain to the Catholic Church after a Chicago priest at the weekend appeared to call for the murder of a suburban gun shop owner."

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Readin, writin' and...

Assume the position...
Schools in England have been given the legal right to search pupils who are suspected of carrying knives.

The Department for Education and Skills will also give heads guidance on how to use airport-style metal detectors to screen young people.

The guidelines state that a pupil can be refused entry to a school if he or she refuses to be screened.
Little bit different here in Canada, huh?
On March 2, 2006, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled, first, that a total ban on wearing a kirpan to school violated an individual’s freedom of religion protected by section 2(a) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and, second, that this ban on religious expression was not reasonable or justifiable, as is required under section 1.

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Step 2: Send his spammin' ass...

To federal prison...
-- SEATTLE -- A 27-year-old man described as one of the world's most prolific spammers was arrested Wednesday, and federal authorities said computer users across the Web could notice a decrease in the amount of junk e-mail.

“He's one of the top 10 spammers in the world,” said Tim Cranton, a Microsoft Corp. lawyer who is senior director of the company's Worldwide Internet Safety Programs.

“He's a huge problem for our customers. This is a very good day.”

See also... the Spamhaus Project

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30 May 2007

Be afraid

Be very afraid...

I've never been a "benefit of the doubt" sort of guy... when my spidey sense starts to tingle, I go with it.

That said, you sure don't need supernatural powers to see which way the wind was blowin' here...
A newly released inspector general report backs eyewitness accounts of suspicious behavior by 13 Middle Eastern men on a Northwest Airlines flight in 2004 and reveals several missteps by government officials...
There was a whole comedy of errors here that should scare the bejeezus out of anybody who travels regularly by air.

I've detailed only two of them... there are plenty more in the full report.
The report also says that a background check in the FBI's National Crime Information Center database, which was performed June 18 as part of a visa-extension application, produced "positive hits" for past criminal records or suspicious behavior for eight of the 12 Syrians, who were traveling in the U.S. as a musical group.

In addition, the band's promoter was listed in a separate FBI database on case investigations for acting suspiciously aboard a flight months earlier.

According to the Homeland Security report, the "suspicious passengers," 12 Syrians and their Lebanese-born promoter, were traveling on Flight 327 from Detroit to Los Angeles on expired visas.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services extended the visas one week after the June 29, 2004, incident.
PDF file of the full report here.

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Musharraf in deep dung denial

As if he didn't have enough problems already, Pakistan's Pervez Musharraf has yet another fight on his hands...
-- ISLAMABAD -- They started by taking on Islamabad's music and video shops, shutting them down and destroying CDs and DVDs they found objectionable.

They went on to abduct a suspected brothel owner to put her out of business and force a Pakistani cabinet minister to offer her resignation for conduct deemed un-Islamic.

Now, the brothers behind a rogue mosque in Pakistan's capital are challenging the country's President, using the 10,000 students in their religious school to provoke General Pervez Musharraf.
This situation is potentially even more serious than the war in Iraq, or Afghanistan.

Pakistan has a significant nuclear capability and if the fundamentalists get their finger on that trigger, we will truly be in deep water.

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An idea whose time has come

I am, I confess... a huge suckhole at the dentist. It isn't the pain, because my dentist, who I've been going to for thirty years, is the Nijinsky of Nitrous and Novocaine.

It's simply some bug in the primitive lizard part of my brain that screams, "This is bad... get up and run... NOW!!!"

This may be a possible solution.

Once again, Microsoft dives into...

Those murky hardware waters...
-- SEATTLE -- Microsoft Corp. has taken the wraps off “Surface,” a coffee-table shaped computer that responds to touch and to special bar codes attached to everyday objects.

Surface is essentially a Windows Vista PC tucked inside a shiny black table base, topped with a 30-inch touch screen in a clear acrylic frame.
Tag this a "social networking" device.

If we send the rest of the family...

Can we get a group rate?
Canadian Omar Khadr faces the possibility of indefinite imprisonment at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, even if he is acquitted of murder and terrorism charges at his war crimes trial later this year...

UPDATE: Omar Khadr... cannon fodder

Proving yet again, he's not the sharpest tool in the drawer, Khadr has dismissed his lawyers right before his big court date...
Khadr’s decision may also force a halt to legal proceedings launched on his behalf in U.S. civilian courts.

His American civilian lawyers had petitioned a federal court in Washington this week to stay all proceedings against Khadr, arguing he did not qualify as an “unlawful enemy combatant” under U.S. law.

“This dismissal is applicable to all military commissions, habeas corpus proceedings, other federal court proceedings and any other proceeding,” Vokey said in a separate email to Canwest News Service.
I guess Allah works in mysterious ways.

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29 May 2007

The crazy, old man of Europe

Here's another reason why all the European countries run away and hide... when Turkey shows up at the EU playground...
Turkey's prime minister has said the US and Iraq should destroy bases of separatist Kurdish guerrillas in northern Iraq.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish prime minister, said in a television interview: "We expect the United States and Iraq to destroy, scatter bases of terrorists there."

Turkey has recently debated the possibility of cross-border operations by its military in pursuit of Kurdish fighters.
Good thinkin' Recep... that'd sure calm things down.

Hey Turkey... get back in your cage... bad country!!!

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Officers later flipped a coin...

To see who got to tell the unlucky recipient about her, uh... goodtime-ous interruptus...
Bomb squad officers called in to blow up a suspicious package found it contained a packet of chocolate buttons and a vibrator.

Post Office staff in Hasland, Chesterfield called in police when they heard the package making a noise.

Time to rethink Injustice system

House arrest AND community service!!!

Why, that's barbaric...
-- TORONTO -- Two Toronto men have both been handed two-year conditional sentences and two years of probation for a high-speed collision that killed a taxi driver.
Not so surprising though, for a judicial system that gives a 12 year sentence to someone who kidnaps, tortures, rapes and murders three Ontario children.

Next time it could be you, or your family.

Friends don't let friends vote Liberal.


RELATED: Getting away with murder

Thank you Jean Chretien.
Under the YCJA, adult sentences, even for murder, are to be applied "sparingly" according to the feds' own explanation of their legislation when it was passed.

Conceivably, then, a youth can be convicted of murder and remain anonymous because he doesn't receive an "adult" sentence.

The YCJA was sold to Canadians as being tougher on serious youth crime than the YOA.

This is nonsense. In many ways, it's worse.

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The Punch & Judy School of Politics

This is absolutely everything you need to know about politics in the Middle East...
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has overwhelmingly won another seven-year term of office, in a ballot in which he was the only candidate.

The interior ministry said he won the backing of more than 97% of Syria's 12 million voters in Sunday's referendum.

"This great consensus shows the political maturity of Syria and the brilliance of our democracy
Good grief.


This, of course, begs the question... what does your average Syrian immigrant and their ilk... actually do in the voting booth... when confronted by the veritable smorgasbord of candidates here in Canada?

Is there a moment when, he or she, suspecting trickery, looks around for hidden cameras, or the "secret police?"

Just wondering.

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A little bit off the top

Of course... this is exactly what Hastings County has been missing...
Mystery and speculation surround an upcoming Front Street business that some say could be a topless hair salon.

Located at 384 Front St., Lil Off the Top has been advertising for hairstylists with open minds and "a sense of adventure," and little experience is required.

Belleville Police have heard the topless salon rumour and are investigating further. If the business includes nudity, it falls under the city's adult entertainment bylaw, which is administered by police, said city clerk Julie Oram.
One minor suggestion though... if they set up shop at the Belleville General Emergency Room, it'd give you something to do during the four hour wait to see a doctor.

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Well... that's a relief

No need to fret about whether there's any sort of racist element to the fraudulent, toxic Chinese products being exported to places like Panama and India... turns out the Chinese industrial juggernaut isn't just poisoning foreigners...
-- BEIJING, May 29 Reuters -- Families of Chinese patients killed by a fake medical ingredient maker linked to widespread deaths in Panama have sued the southern Chinese hospital that gave toxic injections, local media said on Tuesday.

The Qiqihar company used a fake syrup supplied by a manufacturer in the eastern province of Jiangsu -- the same supplier whose toxic ingredients killed at least 100 people and possibly many more in Panama, according to the New York Times.
I can't wait to see what other surprises these folks might have in store for us.

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28 May 2007

Speak up Canada

insert alt text hereA couple of sociopathic thugs from a welfare hellhole murder the kid down the street. Should we alter the law of the land to penalise law abiding Canadians?


FINAL TALLY: Seventy percent of respondents think David Miller and Dalton McGuinty are total dickheads.

It bears repeating...

David Miller can't count to 10 without removing his mittens...

Did Stephen Harper shoot Jordan Manners?

According to his Commie-Pinkness the Mayor... Harper might as well have pulled the trigger himself.
If we follow Mayor Miller's logic, the only reason Jordan Manners is dead is the federal Conservatives' unwillingness to ban handguns.

Well, while, we're at it, why don't we get those nasty Tories to ban drugs, bank robberies and car thefts, too. And murder. Let's get them to ban murder, because murder is bad.

The cause of gun crimes such as the Manners murder and Britain's recent rash of similar shootings is a changing culture. And that's the one "root cause" David Miller and his ilk refuse even to talk about.
The two 17 year old thugs who have been arrested... showed up at the dead kids bbq funeral fundraiser!!! How cold is that?

David Miller would probably say, "Maybe they just really like ribs."


The leftbots trot out Barbara Coloroso...

You know there's a tide of warm, fuzzy bullshit comin' down the pipe.

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This, dare I say it, is a pretty cool development...
Turning science fiction into science fact, American doctors are preparing to chill volunteers into a state of suspended animation that could keep them asleep for months.

Medical teams in Los Angeles, Boston and Pittsburgh are racing to become the first to test out new theories of “induced hibernation” which could save lives and also help to send man towards the stars.

“You start with 20 minutes and then find the limits – days, weeks, months, we do not yet know,” said a UCLA medical school researcher.
This puts me in mind of one of the most persistent themes in science fiction... the wealthy, terminally ill entrepreneur/adventurer who has himself frozen... until, some time in the future, he can be thawed out and cured.

I'm gettin' goosebumps thinkin' about it.

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27 May 2007

Second suspect in custody...

Suddenly, all pictures and references to the alleged shooter's name • which have been all over the MSM websites todaymust disappear...most wanted
"Two 17-year-olds are charged with murder in a shooting at a north-end school that left a boy dead and prompted calls for tighter gun controls and better security at city schools."

"The teens, who can't be identified under the provisions of the Youth Criminal Justice Act, were charged Sunday with first-degree murder in last Wednesday's slaying of Jordan Manners, 15, at C.W. Jefferys Collegiate Institute."

RELATED: Pompous ass McGuinty uses murder of teenager...

...as a political stunt...
"We have seen too many shootings result in too many funerals for our young people," Premier Dalton McGuinty wrote in an open letter to federal party leaders, urging them to push through proposed criminal justice legislation and implement a "real ban" on handguns."
Hey Dalton, you're a real class act.

Please tell me how taking legal, registered firearms from law-abiding citizens would have prevented a couple of 17 year old thugs... who aren't legally allowed to possess, never mind register a handgun... from murdering one of their rivals.

One other small point...

Speaking for "my community", I should tell you that "our young people" don't travel in wolf packs and kill each other with smuggled handguns.

Could you possibly explain which "young people" you're referring to here?

More nonsense from the party of "smoke and mirrors."

If this kid's a Young Offender...

Then I'm a Hottentot...

One arrested, one on the run...
******* **** ****, 17, is wanted for first-degree murder by police and is described as 5-foot-9, 200 pounds and has short black hair.
That's some poor, little defenceless kid... thank goodness for the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

p.s. - Take a good look now, because as soon as young ******* is apprehended... his name and picture, under Canadian law... have to disappear off the face of the earth.


BREAKING: 10:48 PM EDT - Too late... they've got him.


UPDATE: Community response...

Was about what cops expected.
Residents shouted at police and reporters, saying the wrong people were being apprehended.

Police had warned residents in the victim's Jane-Finch neighbourhood not to hide the shooter, and called for anyone with information to contact police.

LAST WORD: With friends like this...

Who needs enemies?
The two suspects even attended a barbecue Saturday night at Jordan's house to show support for his grieving family.

According to Ms. Campbell, the teenager arrested in the raid was at Jordan's side after he was shot and he held Jordan's hand as they waited for the ambulance.
Incredibly, instead of being angry at the suspects who were arrested, the residents of the neighbourhood are crying "police conspiracy..."
“I’m very disappointed that this happened today,” she said, tears streaming down her face. “I don’t know where somebody gets their misinformation from, but apparently they came in to take out the youth.”

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It's the criminals, stupid

Ask yourself... which Canadian political party is holding up "get tough on crime" legislation in the Senate, which mandated "mandatory minimum" sentences for use of firearms in a crime?
Canada has also had a handgun registry for more than 60 years.

All of these restrictions existed before Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative government was elected in January 2006.

Since then the Tories have introduced a number of crime bills, including one that provides minimum sentences which get higher for repeat offenders for a number of firearms crimes.

It’s still before the House of Commons.
Friends don't let friends vote Liberal.

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26 May 2007

I've stumbled across...

The very heart and soul of liberalism...
School boards, colleges and corporations make a public show of summoning grief counsellors to reassure the public rather than to comfort the grief-stricken, say Dr. Ogrodniczuk and other critics.

"It's become a social phenomenon," he says. "They're showing to the public that they care, that they're here to help - even if what they're offering is not really useful."
All style, no substance, 24 hours a day.

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You want politically correct...

Go talk to Jack & Olivia and swan-necked Steffi... and not the actual "ass in the grass"... like Jack Hooper.
How does the Canadian spy service deal with countries that have a record of human rights abuses?

"Here's the deal. Everybody would like to believe that we have an array of choices that are good choices and bad choices. But we're going to a dance where every girl is ugly, okay," he said this week.

"They're all ugly. And all we can do is get the least ugly girl to dance with.
(Via Natnews)


UPDATE: Taliban Jack has a plan

He's calling it, "An Army of None."
Layton said his party is concerned about what he calls an "aggressive" counter-insurgency campaign being waged by Canadian forces.
So, if Taliban Jack Layton has his way... we'll just drop "aggressive" from our military bag of tricks? I guess we could save an awful lot of money... if we didn't buy any more of those "nasty" guns.

There's just one hitch here...

I'm not entirely convinced a "two out of three Scrabble match" is gonna get the job done.

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Cops identify shooter...

Refuse to talk about possible gang connection...
Toronto police have the name of a young man who they believe shot and killed 15-year-old Jordan Manners in the stairwell of his high school, CTV reported Friday, but they don't know his whereabouts.

Police would not comment on whether the shooting was connected with a spat between rival gangs, the Bloods and the Crips, that has taken hold of the area.

UPDATE: David Miller talking out his ass... again.
"The one piece we haven't been able to get at is getting the guns off the street," Miller said.
Whaddaya mean we, dickhead? You ever saw a gun, never mind a gangbanger... you'd curl up in a ball and crap yourself.
"And that requires federal action, requires them to close the loopholes that allow some people to own handguns, and it requires action to prevent guns coming across the border from the U.S."
Loopholes?!? You think banning legal ownership of a product will solve these black on black homicides?

Handguns have been restricted and required registration since the 1930's. To get a simple possession certificate for a .22 rifle to shoot coyotes on your farm, you now need written approval from your ex-wife on the application form!!!

The process to get a handgun is separate from that and requires a training period and approval from a gun club.
Miller said current laws make handgun ownership illegal, but provide loopholes for target shooters and gun collectors to legally own the firearms.
Again... total misinformation. Handguns are legal for anyone who can jump through the increasingly numerous and stringent hoops the government places in the way of ownership.

It's legal, provided you aren't a criminal, or a crazy. Gun owners and collectors are some of the most conservative, law and order oriented people on the planet.

Jordan Manners, or any of the other young black men killed in Toronto's "Summer of the Gun" were not killed by a legitimate gun owner.

You want to stop these murders, try profiling the shooters and increase the police presence in areas like the Jane-Finch corridor... because that works.

And stop lying to the public.

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25 May 2007

The real reason is revealed...

The latest megalomaniacal pronouncement by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran, clearly illustrates the accepted wisdom that putting crazy people in charge of stuff is a really bad idea...
"If Iran's right to nuclear technology is confirmed, all nations of the world will gather under Iran's political banner.
Yeah, Mahmoud... I guess ya got us.

Let's hope this nutjob strokes out pretty soon.

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Canada should grow a pair...

And do the same with the terrorist Khadr gang...
Race hate preacher Sheikh Abdullah al-Faisal, who influenced one of the 7 July bombers, has been deported from Britain, the home secretary said.

He left Gatwick for Jamaica at 1200 BST, accompanied by two police escorts and an immigration officer.

He was jailed in 2003 for soliciting the murder of Jews and Hindus. London bomber Germaine Lindsay was "strongly influenced" by him, John Reid said.

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And that's a Fatwa...

On you, and you, and you...
Council voted 9-5 Thursday to ignore a letter from Secular Ontario, an organization striving to eliminate the Lord’s Prayer from municipal procedural bylaws.

“We have 151 years of tradition and we’re going to throw it out the window,” said Dan McCaw, reeve of Wollaston Township. “This county was put together by church people.”

The Belleville law firm O’Flynn Weese advised the county in a letter that switching to a non-secular prayer will ward off the threat of lawsuit.

The correspondence cited Allen versus the County of Renfrew and Freitag versus Penetanguishene, wherein courts ruled that saying the prayer infringes on the rights and freedoms of non-Christians.
Read the letter here
We are sure you will agree that it is totally unacceptable in a democratic society for any official government body to act illegally, and we expect that you will, therefore, want to put an end to the offending practice immediately.
I've gotta wonder why they were so sure...

A lot of the rural residents around here take their religion and their independence pretty seriously. My guess here is that O’Flynn Weese is gonna start seeing a sharp drop-off in walk-in business.

But there were some stalwart souls who were standing up to the incipient jihad...
Bancroft mayor Lloyd Churchill said Ontario is turning into a province where the minority is louder than the majority.

David Golem, reeve of Limerick, suggested changing the Lord’s prayer to a moment of silent prayer, which was defeated.
And let's not forget the secular humanists, on the other side of the theological fence...
Voting in favour of examining alternatives were Panabaker, Faraday Reeve Carol Tinney, Golem, Tyendinaga Reeve Margaret Walsh and Stirling-Rawdon Deputy Mayor Michael Regan, who filled in for Mayor Peter Kooistra.
Interesting times in Hastings County, Ontario.


UPDATE: Who's behind Secular Ontario?
Peter C Lee

First Registered:
June 13, 2005
Let Secular Ontario know how you feel.


Another legal lightning bolt...
Canada's highest court ruled Friday that citizens don't have a constitutional right to a lawyer in every legal case they are involved in.
In a strange turn of events, the lawyer bringing the suit was killed during a stunt to publicise this particular matter.
Christie was killed by a minivan during a cross-country cycle to deliver a petition to the Harper government on the high cost of justice last year.

He argued that the tax, which the B.C. government imposed in 1993, inhibited people from retaining his services.

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Fighting for change

For anyone questioning whether our troops should be in Afghanistan, this is part of the crazy-quilt of stone-age injustice, that Canadians and other NATO soldiers are trying to make right.
The story is slightly fuzzy but the attacks started four or five months ago and stopped two months ago.

They were likely in reprisal for some slight from 50 years ago and the people living in this remote area, on the edge of the vast Registan desert about 120 kilometres south of Kandahar city, seemed to accept the inevitability of what happened.
Over to you... Mr. Layton.

Third World corruption...

Is destroying whatever miniscule amount of credibility the United Nations has left.
On Wednesday, the BBC's Martin Plaut said he had found that the UN had begun an internal investigation in early 2006 into allegations that Pakistani peacekeeping troops had traded in gold and sold weapons to Congolese militia groups they were meant to disarm.

Witnesses said Pakistani officers had also supplied weapons to notorious militia commanders in return for gold.

However, a UN official connected with the inquiry told the BBC there seemed to have been a plan to bury its results, in order to avoid alienating Pakistan - the largest contributor of troops to the UN.

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Yup... there's a Spring Offensive...

It's just a little different than the Taliban imagined.
-- MA'SUM GHAR, AFGHANISTAN -- Canadian troops have launched their most ambitious assault on the Taliban in nearly two months.

Shortly after dawn on Friday, a multi-national force including Canadians, Afghans, Portuguese and British, began an operation designed to flush out Taliban believed to be in the area near the Arghandab River.
I sure hope Olivia is around to soothe Taliban Jack's fevered brow... it sounds like a big operation.
Col. Mike Cessford, deputy commander of the Canadian task force in Afghanistan, described the operation as a “hammer and anvil.”

The battle, fought under the codename Operation Hoover, is taking place only a few kilometres from where Prime Minister Stephen Harper visited on Wednesday.
I can't wait to hear all the pissin' and moanin' up on Pussyville Hill tomorrow.

UPDATE: Canadian soldier killed

I'm sure we're gonna hear the wailing and moaning from Taliban Jack and his brother-in-surrender, Steffi... but let's all remember... that's why it's called "War" and not "Circle of Friends."
"As this soldier was moving forward, with other Canadians and other Afghan soldiers, an IED was triggered and he was killed," Colonel Mike Cessford, deputy commander of the Canadian task force in Afghanistan, told reporters.

HE WILL BE REMEMBERED: Corporal Matthew McCully
The soldier was identified as signals operator Corporal Matthew McCully from 2 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group Headquarters and Signals Squadron based at Petawawa, outside Ottawa.
"It's a pretty sad day. But he was doing what he needed to do, what he wanted to do."

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24 May 2007

Phil Fontaine...

Is off his meds again.
-- OTTAWA -- The violent 1990 standoff at the Oka native reserve near Montreal triggered a spike in public support for aboriginal issues, Phil Fontaine, national chief of the Assembly of First Nations, said Wednesday.

"The highest level of support for our position was during (the Oka) crisis," he recalled, in reference to the dispute between the Mohawk residents and the Quebec police.

The standoff, which led to the shooting death of an officer, became a rallying cry for native anger and frustration.
Cause there's nothing like a good cop-killing... to rally the citizens of Canada to your cause.

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Can I do this from my phone too?

If identity theft is the huge problem the media says it is... maybe the phone company shouldn't be allowing corporations to spoof other people's phone numbers.
A recent telemarketing-style poll, asking people how Daryl Kramp has performed as the area MP, caused major concerns for the local Conservative member.

It was not the results of the poll which caused Kramp to cringe but, instead, the fact that recipients of the phone calls were led to believe the call was coming directly from his constituency office on Millennium Parkway.

The calls were in fact originating from an Ottawa company hired by the Prince Edward-Hastings MP, but a clerical error resulted in Kramp's office number showing on telephones equipped with call display.

A spokesperson for Protus, who refused to give her name, said there was an error made when the phone calls were made and the number displayed "defaulted to (Kramp's) account phone number, which was his office number."
This seems like a huge hole for scammers and e-hackers to exploit. A boiler room scam that appears to be originating from your bank, or the local police station would have instant credibility to anyone with call display on their phone.

Anybody out there have any contacts at Ma Bell?


UPDATE: Let's see what Protus says

I contacted Protus via the form on their website. Let's see if they choose to answer questions about this... or just duck and cover.
Thank you for taking the time to fill out our Form. One of our Account Executives will be contacting you within 48 hours.

PROTUS REPLIES: And yes, they spoof clients numbers...

Apparently, it's standard operating procedure...
In response to your query, like all service providers, Protus makes calls on behalf of our clients.

To help the call recipients identify and reach the originator of the message (our client), valid caller-id information needs to be provided by each of our clients.

Our operating processes and controls are designed to ensure that all of our calls are accurate and comply with regulations.


Sue Rutherford

Director Marketing Communications
Protus IP Solutions Inc.
2379 Holly Lane, Suite 210
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada K1V 7P2
I will be following this up with Ms. Rutherford.

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The propaganda war begins...

Black activist and school board trustee Stephanie Payne, best known for her fight to keep the musical Showboat out of Toronto, has jumped into the latest shooting incident in northwest Toronto to defend the indefensible...
Payne said C.W. Jefferys is one of the safest schools in Toronto and parents realize it is a "very safe, compassionate school."
Geez, Steph, not to be a party-pooper or anything... but I've got the dead body of a 15 year old kid that says different. It also raises the question of what has to happen at a Toronto school... for it to make Ms. Payne's "not so safe school" list... are we talkng grenades, flamethrowers... or what? She continues to babble...
Ms. Payne told CBC there were still no leads or clues as to how the assailant got into the school with a gun.
Now, I realise I'm goin' out out a limb here, but I'm gonna guess he came in through the unlocked, unguarded front door... because despite the horrible statistics for gun violence in the immediate area and the pleas of parents for more security at the school... nothing was done. Now remember... Stephanie Payne says this is a safe school... in a safe area... so just get off that black kids and gangs thing. 

UPDATE:   Curtain of silence Once again, the black community closes ranks...
"It's quite common in these investigations that people do not come forward initially. That's why we feel it's necessary to ... ask people to do the right thing. Be courageous, come forward and do the positive thing for your community."
UPDATE2:  More politically correct pablum 

Apparently the McGuinty government thinks a hot lunch programme will make the Bloods and the Crips throw down their guns... It sounds a lot like their "aboriginal surrender initiative."
Ontario's education minister suggested this generation of children lack a sense of belonging and direction. "We have to make sure there are programs in our communities so kids have things to do and have opportunities," said Kathleen Wynne.
Things to do? You mean besides shooting each other? Well, Kathleen, call me a kneejerk neo-conservative... but I'm thinkin' maybe we don't disband the police forces just yet.

LAST WORD:  McGuinty's fiberal flip-flop
Frankly, yesterday's open letter was a shocking piece of political opportunism. To use the death of a child in a school to posture politically, when the Liberals' track record on gun violence has been to tell those of us who've worried about it that we're scare-mongering is appalling.

Whatever you do...

Don't use the "R" word...

Another young black man is shot to death -- just east of the notorious Jane-Finch corridor -- but magically, the mainstream media goes out of its way to whitewash the reporting.

"But how is race relevant?"
, cry the loony leftbots.

Apart from this being just the latest in an epidemic of murders of young black men in Toronto? Well, let me tell you.

The Globe & Mail makes reference to the location of C.W. Jefferys Collegiate Institute, one paragraph referring to the proximity of the infamous Jane-Finch killing fields... but god forbid you directly connect any young black men with this self-destructive, too-often homicidal gang culture.
It is located a few blocks west of the Jane-Finch neighbourhood, where residents have long endured violent outbreaks of street crime.

Bloods are associated with the area south of Finch, known as down-bottom, and the housing complexes at Firgrove and Driftwood Lane. Crips are associated with Shoreham Court, Driftwood Court and other areas north of Finch.
I guess we're supposed to nudge, nudge, wink, wink... read between the lines.

The absolutely undeniable fact here, is that it isn't roving gangs of Jewish boys, or offspring of Anglo-Saxon immigrants, or even the admittedly macho sons of Italy who have declared war on each other in Toronto the formerly Good.

It is overwhelmingly a problem in Toronto's black community.

And even if the shooter in this case turned out to be whitebread John Doe -- until the black community admits they have a horrendously serious issue with this sub-culture of warlord offspring -- it is these very same children that remain in the cross-hairs.

And, of course, innocent bystanders like Jane Creba.


RELATED: David Miller's latest lie
“We absolutely have to get the guns off the streets. It’s going to require some changes to our laws but it has to be done.”
See, David... that's just it.

Under Canadian law, handguns have been restricted weapons that required registration since the 1930's.

You've had the law all along... what's lacking here is moral courage and the political will to enforce it.

But for goodness sake, don't say anything about the statistically mind-boggling percentage of shooters and victims from the black community.



UPDATE: Miller story above disappears

I guess David Miller realised that calling for guns to be "more illegal" today than they were yesterday... was a pretty stupid move.

He has now decided that he can solve the epidemic of gun violence in "certain communities" in Toronto by announcing that Toronto should be a gun-free zone.

Yeah, that'll fix it... let's announce that drug abuse, poverty, promiscuity and parental neglect will be banned too.

John Tory comes closest to actually saying anything about the racial element to the majority of the Toronto shootings...
"Like many people, I grew up in a time where the notion of a school lockdown was a foreign one. Now it seems like they're almost common place."
Well, John... maybe in Scarborough and the Jane-Finch warzone.

No murdered teenagers in my neighbourhood

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23 May 2007

Please let this one be true

Word has it that Karla Homolka, her husband and new baby boy are looking to move to Jamaica and escape the media spotlight.
Not as satisfying as watching her swinging from the gallows, but...


RELATED: Happy Mothers Day
-- TORONTO, May 24 /CNW/ -- It's not clear how Karla Homolka spent her first Mother's Day. Falling as it did just nine days after her 37th birthday, it would have been the perfect occasion for a family celebration.

Give em an inch...

They'll take the box the tape measure came in...
-- TORONTO -- Federal and provincial negotiators have walked away from negotiations to end an aboriginal occupation in Caledonia, Ont., to protest another occupation in nearby Hagersville.

The Six Nations say the land was awarded to them in 1784 in recognition of their help to the British Crown during the American Revolution.
I just wish someone could tell me why laws and agreements in force before the late 1800's are sacred... but anything since then is the white mans racist oppression.

All aboard that love train...

The best part is... you can let somebody else pay for your ticket...
Controversial immigration rules aimed at stopping sham marriages are unlawful, says the Court of Appeal. The rules applied to all such individuals, irrespective of the status of their partner.
So, what's at issue here?
Nobody knows the scale of sham marriages, although senior registrars suggested that before the new legislation there could have been at least 10,000 a year.

Registrars at Brent Council in north London, one of the most diverse areas of Britain, suggested in 2005 that a fifth of all marriages there were bogus, with officials able to spot couples who barely knew each other.
Good grief.

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Here's a Heritage Moment...

You won't see on TV anytime soon...
He is a pretty damn interesting character notably because of that great magical symbol of the Metis - The Bell of Batoche, which incidently showed up at a drinking party at his house back in 1995.

It has since disappeared from public view and rumours abound to its whereabouts but everybody knows who has it.

Billy Jo thinks it contains the spirit of Louis Riel and it talks to him.

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Canadian Research points to...

Fountain of Youth...
Resistance, it seems, is not futile after all.

A new study conducted at McMaster University shows that lifting weights -- or resistance training -- can reverse the effects of aging on muscle cells, opening up possibilities for future medical developments that could change the overall process of human aging.
Read the study here.

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Mass murder

The price of Canadian political correctness...
-- Ottawa -- Government officials delayed the process for obtaining a wiretap warrant against the key figure in the Air India bomb plot because of religious concerns, a former intelligence officer told a commission of inquiry Tuesday.

It took five months from the time CSIS initiated the process for a Federal Court to approve the wiretap warrant on Mr. Parmar, a frustrating delay, Mr. Gartshore said.

By comparison, an emergency warrant to intercept communications of another target from Western Europe in a separate case took only two days.
And it's a double shot of "progressive PC goodness" because the Germans let him slide too...
Mr. Parmar, who was wanted on murder charges in India, had been detained by German authorities during European travels in early 1984, but was released because the Germans feared he would be subjected to human-rights abuses if deported to India, Mr. Gartshore said.
It's called the "war on terror" for a reason.

Let's get serious.

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22 May 2007

Are Palestinians forking crazy?

My father used to tell a story... I was a toddler and he was watching me amble across the living room with a piece of stainless steel cutlery in my mitt... not realising that I was steering for an electrical outlet.

He figured it out just a little too late... and despite leaping off the couch, had to settle for watching me get blown ass backwards across the dining room floor. No real damage, apart from a blown fuse and a scorched wall... but it could have been much worse.

That's what I thought of... when I read about those chuckleheads from Hamas launching missiles non-stop into Israel this week. They're a lot like totally clueless toddlers... and it makes you wanna grab them and smack their hands til they get the message.

I think that's how the Israeli government must feel right now...
We hope that a political process will prevail, because we don't want to be dragged into what Hamas wants us to be dragged into. But events will dictate.

If a Qassam rocket lands on an Israeli kindergarten, all bets are off."
The difference here is, unlike a small child... they must know they're playing with fire.

But they're gonna do it anyway... aren't they?


Let's ask American Muslims
The first nationwide survey of Muslim Americans revealed that more than a quarter of those younger than 30 say suicide bombings to defend Islam are justified...

"But the survey also found that only 40 percent of the overall American Muslim population would even admit that Arabs were behind 9/11.
Yup, feelin' much better now.

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Maybe testing for virginity...

Shouldn't be their first priority here...
Having her virginity regularly tested makes South African Nsomawethu Tshobeni feel good. "At 31 I'm very proud to be a virgin, and when I attend the test regularly it gives me self-esteem as a woman," said the nurse who works in the coastal city of Durban.

A revival in the traditional practice among young Zulu women in South Africa is portrayed by supporters as the best way to stop unwanted pregnancies and the spread of HIV/Aids.

But opponents say the practice is sexist and outdated and can even increase the chances of Aids - given the widely held misconception that unprotected sex with a virgin is safe or can cure Aids.
How is it that you wouldn't know -- and more importantly, would have to "test regularly" to determine -- if you were still a virgin?

It's also notable that this woman is not some poor, illiterate soul in a shanty town, but a nurse in the city of Durban.

I'm thinkin' anyone who feels the need to do this... has already fallen short of a much more important benchmark.

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Anarchy bites aboriginal arse?

No one really seems to be saying... but is this why a man was shot in Caledonia last week?
-- CALEDONIA -- A smoke shop that was the site of a shooting Thursday afternoon was set up without Six Nations band council or Confederacy approval.
Is Jeffrey Henhawk -- the man who set up the smoke shop -- also the man who was shot?
The council rents the land to a Six Nations farmer, but Henhawk is a supporter of the traditional Confederacy and believes he does not need permission from the council to set up his cigarette hut.
As well as his disregard for even aboriginal law, Mr. Henhawk, like many of his native compatriots, apparently has some anger-management issues...
One of the most vocal protesters, Jeff Henhawk of Caledonia, was released on $2,000 bail on charges of creating a disturbance, intimidation and assault with a weapon in relation to an incident near a Canadian Tire store in Caledonia.
And the karmic wheel goes round and round.

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21 May 2007

Mark Steyn for President

When it comes to cutting through the bullshit... nobody does it better...
"This is what the legislative process is all about" -- and in the sense that it's a sloppily drafted bottomless pit of unintended consequences on a potentially cosmic scale whose sweeping "reforms" will inevitably require even more sweeping reforms of the reforms in a year or two's time, he's quite right.

NOTE: Before the puppy-pile of leftwing chuckleheads descends to point out that Mr. Steyn was born in Toronto and is thus ineligible to run for the U.S. presidency... I should say... yeah, I know, it's a literary "wish-list" type of thing.

At the feet of "The Master"

Dylan Avery wanted to be famous... and let's face it, playing fast and loose with the facts, like his hero Michael Moore... is one way to get an audience.
He sat down and started writing a FICTIONAL SCREENPLAY about he and his buddies finding out 9/11 was a government conspiracy.

Fictional. Sort of an The X-Files episode. Avery mentions this in every interview he does.
Of course, part way through the project, young Dylan realises he can present this as a documentary and really make a killing.
So he does the whole video like that.

He cuts sound bites in half, saving the part where a flight instructor says something like, "I met the hijacker and he was a bad pilot," and deleting the part where the same guy says, "but you don't exactly have to be fucking Chuck Yeager to crash a plane into a building."

Without that second part, it sounds like the guy is saying the hijacker couldn't have done the flying.

He has literally edited the words to make the guy say the opposite of what he said.
Another graduate of the Michael Moore School of Journalism.


The dumbing down of humankind...
Or... "Why they don't test automobile safety by crashing toy cars."

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Splash one

Precisely targeted attacks continue to pay dividends...
US forces in Iraq have killed the alleged mastermind of a guerrilla attack in which five US troops died, military officials have said.

Azhar al-Dulaimi was believed to be behind a raid in which guerrillas posing as US troops attacked a military base in Karbala. One US soldier was killed and four others abducted and later gunned down.

"We found him finally Friday morning," Maj Gen Caldwell told CNN. "We went in on a precision operation to capture him and in the pursuing engagement that occurred, he was killed."
Of course, it's not as productive as Islamic warfare.

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Death dealing kids...

Now just part of the big city landscape...
-- Toronto -- A wild shootout on the streets of Kensington Market early yesterday sprayed bullets down a residential street, tore holes through several cars and left a teenager near death.

"It's possible there was some kind of a gun battle that had taken place," Toronto Police Staff-Sgt. Tom Sharkey said.
Gee Sarge... ya really think so?

You've only got, what... handfuls of brass bullet casings and a kid with a sucking-chest wound... you sure you don't wanna wait for the forensics?

People who live in the area were quick to react...
"Not cool," said one area resident, who had strolled through the area just minutes before the gunfire broke out.
I guess firefights and dead bodies are the new normal in Toronto.


RELATED: Same story out in Lotus-land...
-- Vancouver -- A 13-year-old boy is dead and a 14-year-old boy has been arrested for manslaughter after a late-afternoon brawl in an open lot at a busy intersection just outside downtown Vancouver.

The brawl late Saturday afternoon involved several teenagers of Asian descent from several schools in Vancouver and one in Surrey.
Hmmm... never had this sort of stuff going on when I was a kid in Scarborough and Don Mills.

What could possibly have changed since then?

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20 May 2007

Is it really a long weekend...

Without a big chunk of hash and the all-time definitive report on UFO sightings..?
The Project Blue Book Archive (PBBA) will contain all of the available documents of the Air Force investigations from the early AMC period through the end of PBB.

In addition to these nearly 15,000 individual UFO reports, PBB administrative files are included, providing an overview of and insight into, PBB operations.

For anybody who pissed away...

Their adolescence actually studying, obeying their parents and not ingesting all sorts of weird chemicals... it's not too late to get it on.

You too, can go back in time... just like Mr. Peabody and Sherman.
Here is your chance to be my neighbour but just remember, when I’m playing Buddy Guy at 800 watts and that sweet bass is infiltrating your home and caressing your couch laden ass you must not complain.

A good neighbour will tell me to turn it up.
Darcey... I may be a little long in the tooth... but I'll always be with you in spirit.

There's no whore...

Like overfed, disingenuous Michael Moore...
Michael Moore has launched his latest controversial documentary in Cannes, saying he feared it would be seized by US authorities before it was seen.

Sicko, in which the director attacks the US health system, has had its first screening at the French film festival.

"The point was not to go to Cuba, it was to go to American soil, to Guantanamo Bay, to take the 9/11 rescue workers there to receive the same healthcare that they are giving the al-Qaeda detainees," Moore said.
It's not about the "tens of millions of dollars"... it's all about helping others.


Moore's slick, finely tuned dishonesty
Some students are showing FahrenHYPE 9/11 on their college campuses as an antidote to presentations of Fahrenheit 9/11.
See also here and here.
If anyone is still wondering whether the Left is actually rooting for our enemies, namely Islamic Fascists and their terrorist comrades, let me quote Michael Moore: "We cannot win this war! We can't.

We SHOULDN'T win this war...I mean, who the hell are we!!!! The ARROGANCE!!!!

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19 May 2007


I'm sure the families of the 7 dead and 13 horribly maimed Afghani bystanders are with you all the way.
-- KABUL, Afghanistan -- A suicide attacker detonated himself next to German soldiers shopping in a crowded market in northern Afghanistan on Saturday, killing 10 people and wounding 16, officials said.
Chancellor Angela Merkel reacted decisively to the deaths of the 3 German soldiers...
“These perfidious murders fill us all with disgust and horror,” Merkel said in a statement. “The German military is carrying out an important mission for the reconstruction and stabilization of Afghanistan.

It is the goal of the attackers to destroy the established successes of this rebuilding process.”

RELATED: Some Spring Offensive, huh?


Give a little, get a lot...
Nearly 70 Taliban fighters are believed to have died in an ambush by US-led forces and Afghan soldiers in eastern Afghanistan while some 20 others were killed in a battle northeast of Kabul.

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