26 October 2011

Yeah, that whole Arab Spring...

..."embracing democracy" thing... I've gotta confess... I'm a little less hopeful than I used to be...dead body hah, hah, hah


Anonymous said...

When you look at the so called spontaneously organized "Arab Spring" protests they have the greasy paw prints of the Muslim Brotherhood all over them. Sharia law coming to Libya confirmed it for me.

Rob C

Fenris Badwulf said...

This is one of those obvious things that is sailing right over the head of the ability challenged left.

It is not that one or two are dense, but that they are collectively so.

Neo Conservative said...

people don't seem to realise that some of these nations have known nothing other than tribal rule & medieval theocratic dictatorship for hundreds of years.

in the case of afghanistan ("kite runner" notwithstanding)... the largest part of the population is barely out of the stone-age. for many of them, women are less constituents than, well... cattle. it is also the world's largest heroin pusher.

the lesson here is, in part... cell phones & soft drinks do not a civilisation make.

these newly minted, so-called freedom-fighters see us, with all our attendant rights & liberties... as dysfunctional... and, indeed, in most cases, in league with the devil himself.

this isn't a sprint... it's an obstacle-laden marathon... consisting largely, in some cases, of herds of quasi-autistic, death-obsessed automata.

a relevant question here might be... should whole peoples whose loyalties shake out... 'godhead, clan, family... then country'... be at the pinnacle of anyone's immigration wishlist?


Frances said...

Neo - you might want to read 'A Woman of Egypt' by Jehan Sadat for her perspective on the Muslim Brotherhood.

Neo Conservative said...

frances... another good read is "the arabs" by david lamb.