01 October 2011

Saskatchewan... whaddaya expect, huh?

those violent, mindless saskatchewan mobsViolent, tea-partying, no-good, dumb as dogshit farmers always... wait a minute... is there anything... any small detail... the MSM isn't sharing with us?


Anonymous said...

Dagnabbit! Are the Amish young men gettin' restless?

Neo Conservative said...

the headline says it all... saskatchewan... where violent, lawless people go to live.

oh wait... it's more than that? it's not just those dumb, honkie wheat-slingers?

"Statistics Canada calculates that more than half of native kids are living in poverty; ¾ drop out of school before completing Grade 12; the incarceration rate of aboriginal men is 11 times that of non-native men; of women, it is 250 times the rate for non-native women."

oh, right... we're not allowed to talk about that.


dmorris said...

The RCMP have 20 officers to police only 2300 population!?

When I was a kid in Northern Manitoba,our town had five Rez's within an hour's drive. The whole area was policed by TWO RCMP officers.

Times have changed.

Oh, and don't forget,the First Nations were also exempted from the gun control laws.

You know,the laws where we white folks could go to jail for up to fourteen years for failure to register Old Bessie.

Nope,no registry required for the Noble Savage.

BDFT said...

Believe it or not, La Loche is actually available on Google Earth street view. Check it out. Not exactly a destination resort.