23 July 2009

Kingston Ontario murders...

...make Dubai media...

The grisly discovery of the bodies of four former Dubai women at the bottom of a freshwater boating canal in Canada has led to the arrest of a former Dubai businessman, his wife and their son.

According to media reports, Mohammad Shafi, his wife, and his 18-year-old son were arrested in Montreal where they have lived after moving from Dubai.

A native of Kabul, Afhganistan, Shafi was taken into custody in connection to the unexplained deaths of his three daughters Zainab, 19, Sahar, 17 and Geeti, 13 and a fourth relative Rona Amir Mohammed, all of whom lived in Dubai for 15 years before immigrating to Canada two years ago.
It's a little different treatment that the Shafi family initially received in the Canadian papers...
"In a tearful interview at his home shortly after the car was found, Shafee said he couldn't shake the feeling that the crash may have been the result of Zainab taking the family car without permission."
Unsurprisingly, the Toronto Star, despite a slew of red flags, was quick to take sides...
They just snapped up the father's story and ran with it...
Shafi, who speaks limited English, said he has no idea who's responsible for what he called a "big mistake take car."

"Mistake Zainab? Mistake Sahab?"
A mistake... or was it a magic flying car, a la Harry Potter?
The mother's aunt, Zarmina Fazel, told the Star, "It would go around fences, I don't know. I'm in shock."

She went on, "Midnight, practice driving by the water is not normal, no? I cannot understand."
Fresh, and decidedly less uncritical details are just now starting to emerge...
The Kingston Whig Standard reported that Kingston police had received an e-mail from Diba Masoomi, a woman living in Niort, France who claims to be the older woman's sister.

In the e-mail, sent two weeks ago, she wrote: "We are convinced that this is a crime of honour."

UPDATE: Was polygamy involved here as well?
Insp. Brian Begbie said investigators have "cause to believe" the older woman found in the car, Rona Amir Mohammed, was Mohammad Shafia's first wife.


maryT said...

How do you take a car for a joyride, with three other passengers.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

I have to admit I thought "honour killing" as soon as I heard the story.

Anonymous said...

It's inconceivable to me that a husband and wife could allow their three daughters to die in such a horrific manner and at such a young age in the name of family honour.
I would have said 'good ridance' if the police had simply let them flee the country.

Scary Fundamentalist said...


I'd like to hear Neo's reaction to the latest advertisement for Canada's judicial, er, I mean legal system.


Here's taking bets that this guy gets a harsher sentence than Carly Regan's killer

Neo Conservative said...

"neild says... allow their three daughters to die"

allow, neil? did you say allow?

what part of the word murder are you not getting here?

this one stank to high heavens from the get-go... but, as usual... the msm buried it under an ostensibly innocuous, albeit incredibly unlikely, scenario.

p.s. - scary... i'll have to take a look at your link.


Rich said...

There is also the story of mom & 2 daughters drowning at a Gananoque hotel pool while dad & the sons were elsewhere. Police are still investigating.

James Higham said...

Great community they have - not.

kursk said...

Yes, that pool incident seems a tad odd as well at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Leave it to the Islamofacists to create a new Jihad form of murder
which will nowe be coined as a
"Aqua-cide" .

Lets see if NDP Marlyn Churley still thinks that there is no problem with Islam as she told Michael Coren during the debate on the recent show dealing with the Hotel bombings by self-professed Muslims.

Neo Conservative said...

police have just announced they believe the oldest of the four dead women was not mohammad shafi's cousin as originally reported... she was a second wife.

-- main post updated --


Joanne (True Blue) said...

From what I've been reading, men in the Muslim culture are responsible for the behaviour of their women-folk.


"The honour of a man is not related in any way to his own behaviour, it is related primarily to the behaviour of his wife, his daughter or his sister. A man who commits all the wrongdoings in the world is considered 'honourable' if his wife doesn't deceive him by having an affair with another man. A man who is known as a wrongdoer is considered 'honourable' if his daughter safeguards her virginity."

How can our worldviews co-exist in a democracy?

Neo Conservative said...

"joanne says... men in the Muslim culture are responsible for the behaviour of their women-folk"

i've gotta confess, jo... they lose me entirely at the part where they say it's no big deal to drown the "dishonourable" females like unwanted kittens.

i guess i'm just a little funny that way.


Werner Patels said...

Intelligent Canadians who have not lost the ability to think logically – i.e. anyone who doesn’t subscribe to politically correct, bleeding-heart, left-wing ideology – knew this from the moment news first started trickling in: the four dead women found in a car submerged in Rideau Canal did not just die in an accident.

When the victims were first described as “MontrĂ©al sisters”, there may still have been some doubt, but as soon as the public learned that they were not “MontrĂ©alais” (or Canadians for that matter) but a family from Afghanistan, it was clear to all sane Canadians following the story that this was no accident, but yet another case of “honour killing”.

Yes, premeditated, multiple murder.

This is why Canada should have never wasted resources on sending soldiers to Afghanistan (and sacrificing the innocent lives of young Canadian soldiers). Instead, those resources should have been deployed right here in Canada to make sure that this kind of rubbish (e.g., the Shafia family) never gets into Canada.

maryT said...

I don't think I am the only one wondering how the car got into the canal. Was it in a spot that would be found immediately, or could the guilty have thought it would not be found till they left the country.
Did anyone believe for one second that a rebellious daughter took the keys, and three family members for a joy ride. By herself, maybe, with three others, no way.
Could this new method of murder have been the reason there was such a push to have female muslim only swimming sections in pools.
Wonder what new method muslim males will come up with next, since seven drownings in a couple of weeks has raised suspicion.
Until a judge gets brave and sentences these honor killers to life with no parole, and the media gets some guts to write about it, they will go on.

Neo Conservative said...

ah werner... this honour killing, as despicable as it was... does not mean we condemn all muslims.

so you could do us all a favour & save the simplistic, duelling banjos propaganda for someplace else that appreciates it.

spreading our ideals... spreading democracy... is always a good thing.

meanwhile, we prosecute these murderers to the full extent of the law and hopefully, that sends a message.

one people, one law.


Josephine said...

I read that the results of the autopsies on the four murder victims will not be revealed until the trial(s).

My guess is that the women were either drugged or already dead when the car was pushed into the canal.

lina said...

There is lots of good, law abiding,english and french speaking and skilled people trying to get here and BAmmmm! the Immigration System allows people like this to came here and commit such a hideous and horrific crimes. Overhaul the Immigration system now.

Neo Conservative said...

"lina says... Overhaul the Immigration system now."

not gonna happen.

look what happened when the conservatives put a simple visa requirement on czechs and mexicans... the fiberals and dippers went apeshit.

and what about the liberal senators are blocking anti-crime legislation?

we'll need a majority conservative government to do any serious reform on anything.