07 March 2009

Whew... that's a relief

A little morality tale for all you folks who are worried that your hard-earned tax dollars are being wasted...

-- BARRIE -- An inmate of an institution for the criminally insane who insists she is a "female trapped inside a male's body" is begging for a $15,000 assessment that would qualify her for a government-funded sex change.

Wearing a skirt and high-heeled shoes, Taylor -- formerly named Vance Egglestone until she got a legal name change -- began transitioning into a female in 2000, with extensive hormone therapy, nose surgery and $15,000 worth of permanent hair removal.
Unbelievably... that isn't the most outrageous part of this story.
In 1976, Egglestone was found not criminally responsible by reason of insanity of the brutal rape of a woman. Since then most of her time has been spent at Oakridge.

"I was a female trapped inside a male's body," she said. "I started "acting out" in ways that I thought a male was supposed to act ... my head was in a spin back then."
Yeah... "ACTING OUT". That just about covers it, huh?

Paging Dr Dawg.



Anonymous said...

Hanging from the neck until dead would solve the problem.

Neo Conservative said...

oh, c'mon now phil... can't you just "cherish the diversity"?