06 September 2010

Well, I know for a fact...

...my wallet's looking a lot cleaner these days...

“Neither of these programs appear to be cost or environmentally effective,” Cook said in the Aug. 17 letter. “Neither has appreciably increased consumer convenience or incentives for returning designated wastes and there has been marginal or no improvements in diversion of a wide variety of designated materials.”

The “overwhelming majority” of these items end up in landfill and there is little demand for the recovered material, he said.
Geez, I seem to remember the Liberals were making lots of noise about some other pressing eco-issue... what was that again?
About 6,100 megawatts of coal-fired generation continues to operate in the province, or about 20% of total generating capacity -- years after Premier Dalton McGuinty's self-imposed shutdown deadline of 2007.

McGuinty promised to end the use of coal in Ontario by 2007 during the 2003 general election but since winning that race, the target date has been pushed back several times and is now 2014.
And don't get me started on the Fiberal's recent eco-tax scam, or climbing down on absurd financial incentives in it's ill-conceived solar power program.

Dalton talks a green game... he just doesn't deliver.
If offshore wind isn’t a priority, why did the government open the door to it in the first place?

The answer, it seems, is that it didn’t really give it much thought. Senior Liberals concede they didn’t anticipate the amount of interest, or the degree of controversy, it would generate.

So as on other fronts, such as the pricing of solar power, the government occasionally appears to be making up its green-energy strategy as it goes along.
Remember... friends don't let friends vote Liberal.


farmerboy said...

Dalton's latest brain wave is to use 'bio mass' to replace coal in the thermal plants. So, instead of shipping by rail or water a whole lot of energy dense coal, the plan is to strip the soil of the province of its carbon quantity, perhaps compress it mechanically and put innumerable diesel fueled trucks on the roadway hauling this light weight material (think straw)so as to keep the GTA voter happy. Some plan

Neo Conservative said...

i keep waiting for dalton to start mumbling something about "soylent green".

be afraid.


Anonymous said...

This coal phase-out is the single largest greenhouse gas emission reduction initiative in North America – equivalent to taking almost seven million cars off the road.

Ontario has a significant surplus of coal-free generating capacity now and could finish the coal phase out in 2010, four years ahead of schedule.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... finish the coal phase out in 2010, four years ahead of schedule."

not according to premier mcslippery.


farmerboy said...

Ont has significant coal generation capacity b/c the manufacturing sector has been decimated. Anon said it is the largest greenhouse gas phase out... I say keep burning coal, my corn and forest love the carbon. Perhaps some people should study the process of photosynthesis. Sorry for being so snarky but the crap being put forth as politically mandated science is maddening.

Pissedoff said...

Only to a lefty will it be four yrs early to a normal person the shut down would still be three yrs late.