22 October 2009

Pink Shift

Because, if there's one thing we know about the Liberal Party... it's that they're all about the ladies...

-- OTTAWA -- Immigration Minister Judy Sgro is defending the government's policy of admitting foreign exotic dancers to work in Canada, saying the strip club business is "a strong industry" with "lots of customers."


Michael said...

You know Neo, "pink shift" has a great ring to it. Its a term that is going to get appropriated, LOL.

maryT said...

Judy nails it, strippers are big business, and as lib women want equal rights etc, they have brought in a boatload of male strippers, just waiting to be admitted to Canada.

Neo Conservative said...

yessirree... the compassionate, intellectual liberal party of canada.


Philanthropist said...

Plenty of Canadian girls would become strippers if there was enough money in it for them, many walk around half-naked in summer anyhow.

But exploitation of foreign strippers is so much more profitable for the 'upper management' of the 'stripper industry' - And those boys pay big bucks to their friends in the corrupt Liberal Party.