25 October 2006

Fed Libs, Dippers MIA on Caledonia

Dalton McGuinty's latest tactic on the Caledonia file has been to try bumping it up the food chain to the federal government in Ottawa.

Strangely, the siege and the huge monetary outlay thus far, seems to be a non-issue for Bill Graham and Taliban Jack.
While Caledonia is very much on the minds of the opposition parties at Queen's Park, it isn't in Ottawa. There are 65 Liberal and NDP MPs from Ontario, but not one has asked a Caledonia question since the House of Commons resumed sitting on Sept. 18.

"We have 10 questions we get to ask a day," explains Pat Breton, spokesperson for interim Liberal Leader Bill Graham. Echoes Brad Lavigne, spokesperson for NDP Leader Jack Layton: "There are many, many issues we just can't get to."
So let me get this straight... the opposition parties feel it's ok to waste all their House of Commons 'face time' trying to make political hay out of "Puppygate".

Despite hypocrisy like this...
'I would therefore like to table this document for the benefit of the Leader of the Opposition this summer. It is a document called The South Beach Diet.'

Paul Martin, to Stephen Harper, June, 2005, in reference to Mr. Harper's weight.
Meanwhile Caledonia burns.

As my son would have said in his toddlerhood, "Thats makes tiny sense."

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