26 October 2006

Is this important to you?

Apparently the Liberals would rather chase after cheap political points, than do something that would benefit all law-abiding Canadians.

I guess the real test of approval on the Conservatives 'tough on crime' legislation will have to wait for an election call.
"Canadians elected this Parliament - not just the Conservative party. They expected all parties to be tough on crime," Harper said as he left the House of Commons on Wednesday.

He went on to promise that "we'll keep trying to bring forward some tough-on-crime legislation but at some point, if the opposition won't pass it, they'll have to answer to the Canadian people."
I'm not sure why the Liberals are so determined to throw their support behind the people who perpetrate crimes, rather than their innocent victims.

Say... wasn't it also the Liberal Party's Court Challenge Program that gave prisoners in federal prisons the right to vote?

I just don't get it.

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