12 October 2006


Of course, part of Dalton McGuinty's rationale here, like the previous Emergency Management appointment, is to keep Chief Fantino off the political hustings, but I can live with that.
Toronto — Former Toronto police chief Julian Fantino will become the new commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police, replacing Gwen Boniface. Fantino will uphold the law of the land.

Mr. Fantino, who was born in Italy in 1942, has been Ontario's Commissioner of Emergency Management since March 2005, a position he was given by Mr. McGuinty after his contract as Toronto police chief was not renewed following the election of Mayor David Miller.
Julian Fantino was a no-bullshit, cop's cop during his tenure in Toronto. Anybody who is that consistently on the bad side of David Miller is gonna be ok by me.

UPDATE: 13 Oct 2006 -
Natives getting restless

The native protestors at Caledonia are crappin' their pants about the appointment. They know Julian Fantino is no Gwen "Everyone is beautiful, in their own way" Boniface.
The appointment of Julian Fantino as the new head of the OPP was met with a bit of trepidation. Jamieson described him as "one of the good ol' boys" and said no one knows what's in store after the change in OPP leadership.
SIDENOTE: 12 Oct 2006 - A political future?
Mr. Fantino has often been named as a possible political candidate, with reports the Conservatives had wanted him to run against Finance Minister Greg Sorbara in next year's provincial election, while other supporters wanted him to run against Miller for mayor of Toronto this fall.

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