13 October 2006

Brit General clarifies position

I hope Taliban Jack and his life partner Olivia didn't blow through too many returnable containers of organic champagne-like beverage last night, because it appears as though "cutting & running" isn't actually on the Brit agenda.
Britain's army chief, who set off a political storm by calling for troops to be withdrawn from Iraq "soon," said Friday he meant a phased withdrawal over two or three years, and denied that he was attacking government policy.
Any student of history knows what happens if a military man attempts to make policy, rather than just execute it.

For those less erudite, here's a clue... Douglas MacArthur.

UPDATE: A twofer - Wrong theatre of war & out of context
Gen. Dannatt said his interview with the Daily Mail was mainly about Afghanistan.

“It was certainly not my intention in a very general background interview ... to have this hoo-ha which people have thoroughly enjoyed overnight and tried to suggest that there is a chasm between myself as head of the army and the prime minister,” Gen. Dannatt said.

The newspaper declined to release a full text of the interview.

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