17 October 2006

Liberals cracking down on Aboriginals

Had ya goin' there for a second, huh?

No, no... this isn't an end to the Caledonia standoff that has so far cost Ontario taxpayers over 50 million dollars.

The fact is, the Dalton Gang isn't even doing anything themselves. They're tossing this unspeakable crime up to the Feds.
TORONTO (CP) - The Ontario government is asking Ottawa to investigate a series of cigarette billboards near the Six Nations aboriginal reserve that the province's health promotion minister believes are a violation of federal law.

The lighted signs and billboards, which line a highway leading to the southern Ontario reserve near the town of Caledonia, Ont., advertise native-made cigarettes for sale on the reserve.
That Dalton McGuinty sure is a stickler for law and order, huh?

If only they didn't offer this final insult to our intelligence...
"We hope the federal government takes its responsibility seriously and is very proactive in making sure the law is upheld."
Good Lord... they didn't just say that, did they?