28 October 2006

Religion of Peace wants you... dead

Apparently, Allah the beneficent, the all knowing, is pissed at Canada. In the most direct threat by Al-Qaeda to Canadians so far, the terrorists have said they're coming for us.
OTTAWA - An al-Qaeda strategist has warned Canada to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan or face terrorist attacks similar to 9/11, Madrid and the London transit bombings.

"They will either be forced to withdraw their forces or face an operation similar to New York, Madrid, London and their sisters, with the help of Allah."
Now, we clearly have two choices here... we can go with the Taliban Jack-off strategy, which favours turning tail and running away like frightened little children... or we can continue, despite taking casualties, to keep kicking Tali-butt.

To have Al-Qaeda step into the bully-pulpit and make threats against civilians here at home, just shows how effectively our soldiers are waging war in Afghanistan.

Now, I certainly can't speak for present day Canadians, but I think I know what the 3,598 men who died taking Vimy Ridge would say.

Say no to terrorism.

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