14 October 2006


Funny, you never hear reporting like this from the CBC.

From a trooper via a military wife...
What do you do when the Taliban have you surrounded, and you hear over icom that they are laughing at you, because they have you surrounded, and think today is the day they take back the Panjawaii district from NATO forces?

You contact C Troop of Echo Battery from 2nd Regiment Royal Canadian Horse Artillery. If the Taliban were scared of our gun troop during OP Medusa, then they must be shitting their pants after yesterday.
Michael Ignatieff might be going on a mea culpa magical mystery tour, but Canadian Troopers aren't going anywhere but forward.
"You YELL, we SHELL - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. *Contact C, Instant Taliban Relief*"
I think Taliban Jack might want to reconsider his plans to visit Afghanistan. Somebody might just use that yellow stripe running down his back for target practice... these boys want to win and you get in their faces at your peril.
Canadian snipers also had their fill, firing from their locations all over, picking off survivors and driving home the point that we own this area and refuse to give it up...
Found it at Kate's place.

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