12 October 2006

Dalton McGuinty: Man of many words

Pretty much all of them "weasel".

Dalton McGuinty wants to show Ontario he isn't afraid, that he's willing to get out there and take a stand... AGAINST PERFECTLY LAW-ABIDING CITIZENS.

When native protesters at Caledonia burned down a million dollar bridge, Dalton did nothing. When native protesters blockaded an Ontario town, later cutting a trench across the main highway with a backhoe, Dalton turned the other cheek. When a hydro substation was torched and thousands of people were without power for days, Dalton couldn't be found.

And when aboriginal terrorists occupied privately owned land and shut down a legal business enterprise, Dalton TOOK YOUR TAX DOLLARS and bought the land, and allowed the terrorists to occupy the half finished buildings, and get this... now he's paying their hydro and water bills too.

So why is it, when some frustrated Ontario taxpayers organise a perfectly legal protest against all of this and say they want to march to the taxpayer owned land, Dalton McGuinty suddenly remembers he's got a pair. Not big brass ones, mind you, but tiny plastic bb's.
"I think it's important for all of us to recognize that if somebody has a particular beef with a government there is a legitimate way to give expression to that criticism, and I would encourage that individual to come to the front lawn of Queen's Park," McGuinty said yesterday.
Dalton McGuinty is a coward and a weasel and he doesn't deserve to be Premiere of Ontario. I think he screwed up big time with Julian Fantino and the OPP, because Chief Fantino is no sycophant.

Julian Fantino, unlike Dalton McGuinty, has both big brass balls and a well developed sense of right & wrong.

It's about time somebody stood up for the law and the citizens of Ontario.

McHale, a 44-year-old computer programmer, stressed that he has called for a peaceful march. When asked if he'd force his way on to Douglas Creek Estates Sunday, McHale said he hoped the OPP would enforce the law.

"We will walk up and people will see first-hand that the only reason we cannot step on that land is because of our race," he said.

"The fact is we have a system now in Caledonia and Ipperwash where the laws of the land are dictated by your race. That's the whole point of the march."

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