25 October 2006

"Less jail, more hugs", say Liberals

Here's an experiment.

The next time someone tells you that there is less street crime nowadays, ask them if they leave their doors unlocked overnight. Ask them if they have a security system for their home, or in their cars. Ask them if they let their kids wander around the neighbourhood, like I used to do when I was a kid.

Remember this moment, the next time you read about someone being victimised by thugs.
One of the Conservative government's key law-and-order initiatives has been dealt a critical blow by opposition parties, who have effectively gutted a bill that would have severely curtailed the use of house arrest and jailed about 5,500 more people annually.
And next time around, unless you feel that Belinda & "Puppygate" is the most important issue facing Parliament these days, give Stephen Harper a majority government, so we can toughen up the ridiculously "soft on crime" legislation we have in this country.

Because, if it happens to you or your family, you don't get to pause, rewind and re-record your lives.

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