30 October 2006

This is your NDP... not mine, thank God

If you go to the NDP website, there's a big picture of the Parliament Buildings, with the slogan, "Bringing Civility Back to the Commons". That however, seems to be the only locale they're concerned about.

Here's a report from the London Fog on the sad state of democracy and more importantly, NDP civility, in that once fair city.

Relax folks, this isn't actually the return of the undead.

This must be what Jack Layton was babbling on about when he told Canadians there was a fourth rei... I mean, a third way.
That Union Thug who harassed and marginalized me at the late war protest -- physically denying my right to peacefully photograph a public event in a public place -- turns out to be Gil Warren, the Vice President of the NDP London-North-Centre riding association.
Read the original post here.
Seeing me photographing while wearing a poppy on my overcoat, he demanded to know whether I "support the war". At my polite, generally affirmative answer, this guy demanded my name, some ID, and to know who I was with: CSIS, or the Conservatives?
Seems somebody's been polishing up the ole'... dare I say it, "jackboots".

Let Jack Layton know you really like this kind of behaviour in a Dipper.

Mailing Address - Parliament Hill Office
Jack Layton, M.P.
Leader of the NDP
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0A6

Phone Number
(613) 995-7224

Fax Number
(613) 995-4565

UPDATE: Breaking News Broomside...

, run for your lives...
it's the Big Bird flu

OTOH, blogwise, thank God for the NDP. I couldn't, in my worst mescaline nightmare, make half of this shit up... I swear.
In the statement of claim filed in B.C. Supreme Court, Sims indicates she "...did not kidnap beloved Sesame Street character Big Bird and threaten to kill him/her in response to the Functional Skills Assessment test."

Interesting to note, Big Bird could not be found for comment.
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