30 October 2006

The mystery of life

Humbled by the prose and taken by the premise, I'm ready to join the 'Church of Charles'.

I should preface this by saying that, as a 'staunchly former' Catholic, who had religion jacked up his ass a nickel at a time at a Catholic primary school, this piece by Charles Krauthammer resonated to the soul I may be closer to believing I possess.
How ridiculous to make evolution the enemy of God.

What could be more elegant, more simple, more brilliant, more economical, more creative, indeed more divine than a planet with millions of life forms, distinct and yet interactive, all ultimately derived from accumulated variations in a single double-stranded molecule, pliable and fecund enough to give us mollusks and mice, Newton and Einstein?
NOTEABLE: Speaking of Creation

Would you get naked for Shane Cooper?
The Adam and Eve Project seeks to discover who emerges when images of many people are averaged together.

With this as the goal, I am receiving images from volunteers who are interested in contributing to this exciting project.

Each participant contributes three images - one of the face, one of the front of the body, and one of the back of the body. These images are then blended with those of the other participants into single images. The result is a single face and body of each sex - a composite of all contributors.
While I think this is a really intriguing concept, Shane will have to get by without this particular flabby, pasty middle-aged carcass.

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