22 October 2006

Continuing our Canine Theme Week

The native contingent squatting on the former Douglas Creek subdivision near Caledonia have been calling for the Federal Government to get involved in negotiating the dispute.

It's very possible they will end up regretting that request. Unlike the pusillanimous McGuinty moonbats, the Conservatives apparently aren't planning to roll over and play dead.
CALEDONIA - Ottawa has told Six Nations it does not have legal title to a housing subdivision occupied by natives in Caledonia since February.

Six Nations officials are to return to a Nov. 3 meeting with evidence to prove the Argyle St. S. site was not surrendered in the 1840s. Doering said Ottawa has documents from 1844 indicating the Douglas Creek Estates land was surrendered and sold.

"If they don't convince us we're wrong, the federal government will stand by its position," he said.
It looks as though the Conservatives are going to be relying on that darned "law of the land", a concept that has eluded Mr. McGuinty from the start of this dispute.

As if using a tactic like jurisprudence isn't outrageous enough, the Feds are apparently prepared to, unlike ole' Dalton who even is paying the squatters utility bills, actually follow through on enforcement of a legal decision.
"The alternative to reconciliation is to use some type of force," Doering noted. "For my part, I'd rather negotiate than use some type of force."
Ok, clan-moms... over to you.

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