03 October 2006

Devious Dalton rides again

Here's a real shocker... the Ontario Liberals break a promise. AGAIN.

If the McGuinty government was a horse, you'd have to take it out back of the barn and shoot it.
The Ontario government's ”neglect” of environmental issues will have grave and long-lasting consequences, the province's Environmental Commissioner warned Tuesday.

He criticized the government for failing to meet its goal of diverting 60 per cent of garbage from landfill sites by 2008. He charged that the Environment Ministry lacks the ability to monitor whether existing landfills pose a risk to human health.

This accumulation of problems, shortcomings and failures in so many areas can only be described as mismanagement or, more seriously, neglect,” Mr. Miller said.
SIDENOTE: Trot out Walkerton again Dalton, I dare you.
The report also found Ontario’s regulations governing the use of manure and sewage sludge on farmlands are weaker than they were six years ago when seven people died and thousands more fell ill from E. coli in Walkerton, Ont., after heavy rain swept deadly bacteria off a farmer’s field and into the town’s water supply.
SIDENOTE: Tell us about Law & Order, Dalton
One of the accused was out on bail when Rabti was killed. Three weeks prior to the murder, the suspect was arrested at Yorkdale Mall for allegedly carrying a cocked and loaded .45-calibre semi-automatic handgun. He was set free two days later on a $10,000 bail.

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