07 October 2006

Abdullah... lemme explain Ohm's Law

UPDATE: Canadian soldier killed is identified
Trooper Mark Andrew Wilson, of the Royal Canadian Dragoons, based in Petawawa, Ont., was the 40th to die in Afghanistan since 2002.

Mr. Wilson was on a pre-dawn patrol sent out to retrieve a group of soldiers that had spent the previous night securing the treacherous swath of farmland in the Panjwai district...
He will be remembered.


The Islamofascists have struck another blow for Allah, ambushing a Canadian patrol and taking another life. Having learned all too well that they will be beaten like an insignificant third wife if they meet Canadian troops head to head, these cowards have gone back to the sneak attack.
KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (CP) - A Canadian soldier was killed Saturday when a roadside explosion struck the armoured vehicle he was riding in. The identity of the soldier, the 40th to be killed in Afghanistan since 2002, was not released.
I think it's time to change the rules. The next time we capture any of these mutts, they should be turned over to our Afghani allies for 'questioning'. The subsequent increase in intel would measurably reduce the incidence of ambush, and the "stricter interrogation" would serve to indicate that we are serious about winning this thing.

Now, before you go all Taliban Jack on me, just ask yourself... "If it was my child over there in Afghanistan, how squeamish would I be about taking whatever measures were necessary, to promote his or her continued well being?"

Personally... if my kid was in Afghanistan, and if it gave my child even a marginally better chance of survival - there isn't a raggedy-ass terrorist scrotum I'd hesitate to introduce to my good friend "Major Voltage".

So c'mon, let's be brutally honest. If right now, it was your kid pullin' security patrol out in the Panjwaii, what mother or father out there wouldn't be saying, "Red is negative, black is... "


SIDENOTE: 8 Oct 2006 - Was armoured vehicle defective?
"This isn't supposed to happen, certainly if the explosion happens underneath the vehicle," Alex Ingram, a former consultant to the U.S. Marines, said Saturday.

"Without knowing all the facts, I'd say the machine was either faulty or it was some kind of freak thing. These things are built to withstand mine attacks."

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