02 October 2006

Moosehead Monday

In this great country of ours, there are two kinds of people... the wine sippers and the beer drinkers. Jack Layton is obviously a full-blown bridge playing, fruity dessert wine kind of guy. On his right I see Stephen Harper watching hockey with a frosty bottle of ale in his mitt. The Liberal leadership guys say they don't imbibe, but I see them as secret drinkers, hiding tiny bottles of vodka in their sock drawers.

Guess which kind we sent to Afghanistan.
Moosehead Breweries, based in Saint John, N.B., is sending more than 1,700 cans of Moosehead Lager to Canadian troops stationed in Kandahar, after some of them specifically requested the suds.
So, I'm thinking if we all went down to the beer store and there was a run on Moosehead, it'd be both a smooth satisfying beverage interlude as well as a statement of support for our soldiers in Afstan. I know on some level this is a business thing for the brewery, but dammit, my next case of beer is gonna be Moosehead.

Even without asking, I know Darcey is in.

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