11 October 2006

Doctors stunned... wives, girlfriends singularly unimpressed

A groundbreaking study has confirmed there is a reciprocal relationship between a man's IQ and his pain threshold... during NFL season.

Apparently, the average male, despite experiencing crushing chest pain, will consider such variables as Peyton Manning beating the point spread, or Alge Crumpler blowing a punt return before heading for the local ICU.
"It was a two-stage decision: If they were hurt, whether to go to the hospital or not. If they needed to go to the hospital, could they finish the game or not?"

Jerrard said his study is a follow-up to one he did two years ago, which found about a 30 percent drop in the number of men checking into the Baltimore hospital's ER during sports broadcasts.
Chalk one up for the scientific method.

I just can't wait for more government funded, earth-shattering quantitative studies like, "Relationship between the Y Chromosome and who left the damn toilet seat up?" and "The effect of testes on stopping & asking for directions".

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