05 October 2006

Good news for Gerard Kennedy


It's not so much that voters in Quebec didn't like Gerard Kennedy in particular... they just didn't like Liberals in general.
Party insiders said Thursday that turnout was so low in the province — only about 10 per cent of eligible party members voted over the weekend — that reassigning a small number of rejected ballots could more than double the number of undeclared delegates.
Cheer up fellas, it could happen anywhere I guess.

Let's compare that with the recent elections in Afghanistan, which until recently was a feudal theocracy with a democratic tradition approximating, well, let's say... Spain maybe, during the Inquisition.

Oooooooh guys, scorrrrrrrch... Afghani turnout was around 80 percent.

Now, how the heck did a country barely out of the middle ages pull those kind of numbers together?
The success of this first election did not just happen. It was due to the hard work, dedication, and vigilance of the 9 000 ISAF soldiers, including the 700 Canadian troops in Kabul, the Afghan troops and police, the US-led coalition troops, and all the people working in all the organizations and agencies who have prepared for this moment for the past months, even years.
Geez, maybe what the Liberals need are...

Canadian troops...

In our streets...

With guns...

Nah, that can't be right.

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