21 October 2006

Let's look at the bigger "News" picture

No wonder the Liberals are so desperate this week to make Belinda's "honour" front-page news. If I see any more carefully orchestrated outrage, I swear I'll puke.

Pick up a copy of the just released book, Nom de code: MaChouette for the latest scoop on the Liberal Sponsorship Scandal.
Three years before the political kickback arrangement behind the sponsorship scandal would become public at the Gomery inquiry, a friend of Jean Chr├ętien was bragging to aides of two cabinet ministers that the federal program was being used to assist the Liberals in Quebec, a new book reveals.
Defending Belinda sure beats having to explain stealing millions of dollars from the Canadian taxpayer.
During the sponsorship era, the well-connected Mr. Lafleur clinched more than $65-million in federal contracts and led a lavish lifestyle, wining, dining and entertaining high-ranking Liberals.
Honestly, these guys are lower than whaleshit.

UPDATE: He impugned her what?!?!
Asked if she felt the messy divorce allegations might compromise her role as head of the Liberal women's caucus, Stronach demurred. "No, I do not," she responded.

Asked if she was in a relationship with Domi, Stronach abruptly ended the media availability, only to appear later on CTV's Mike Duffy Live political show.
Let's ask Leanne Domi what she thinks of Ms. Stronach.

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