15 October 2006

You know who scares me?

I've gotta say, as a Conservative, there's one person in the Liberal leadership roundup who scares me a bit, and that's... Martha Hall-Findlay.
Hall-Findlay, the only woman left in the race, broke up the tense exchange.

"Gentlemen," she interjected. "If I may, I recognize that this makes great television, but we are Liberals and we have a job to do."
After watching open-mouthed as the rest of these flapdoodles are soliciting the dead, gibbering on about non-existent war crimes, or running around naked in public... I'm tellin' ya, if I was a Fiberal, Martha's starting to look pretty damn beatific.

UPDATE: 16 Oct 2006 - Don Martin calls a winner
So the winner? Well, given the debate highlight was between two Liberal heavyweights accusing each other of being dithering liars on a key policy question heading into the next election, that would be Stephen Harper.

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