16 October 2006

Allah's strange sense of humour

There are reports out of Afghanistan today, of a spectacularly unsuccessful suicide attack on Canadian soldiers, which nonetheless managed to expedite the involuntary journey of another three Afghani citizens to the Garden of Paradise.
A suicide car bomber rammed into a Canadian resupply convoy Monday leaving at least three Afghan civilians dead and one Canadian soldier slightly injured.
Canadian authorities were quick to inform the media that no soldiers had been killed. The families of the dead civilians were apparently unavailable for comment.

A number of Afghanis were also injured by the blast, which, despite allegedly being the will of Allah, damaged the local mosque.
Some bystanders were struck by shrapnel and debris and the windows on a nearby mosque were blown out. At least four Afghan civilians were also wounded in the attack, police officer Abdul Wasai told The Associated Press.
There were more Afghani casualties, after a similar incident further diminished the pool of crazies willing to act out their homicidal zeitgeist.
Another suicide attack near a school in Kabul has left three Afghans wounded, reported Reuters. Police were tracking the vehicle and surrounded the bomber when he blew himself up.
This is, at its simplest, a Darwinian conflict.

And I firmly believe the Taliban will run short of the religious equivalent of kamikaze pilots, before Canadian soldiers run out of determination and resolve.

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