13 October 2006

Another nine murders for Allah

Chalk up another nine "confirmed kills" for the Religion of Peace.

The Allah Sociopath Society has managed to kill another NATO soldier in a suicide attack. Of course this wasn't strictly a martyrdom operation... a crowd of Muslim bystanders were also shredded as completely as Ariela Cotler's Liberal membership card.
One NATO soldier is dead and another is wounded after a suicide bomber drove a car into a convoy Friday in southern Afghanistan.Eight civilians were killed and eight were wounded in the attack which took place in Kandahar City.
When contacted for comment on the civilian casualties, the Supreme ASS was quick to point out that the 'involuntary martyrs' were, at this very moment, lounging gratefully at the foot of the prophet.

There was no immediate word on the religious ectasy of the remaining horribly maimed survivors.

UPDATE 13 Oct 2006 - In the name of Islam
The eight wounded civilians included two children and a woman, said Masood Khan, a doctor at a local hospital where they were being treated.

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