13 October 2006

Ignatieff says Stephen Harper a disgrace

Iggy attempts to use the tried and true O.J "Not Me" defense to squirm out from under his cowardly flip-flop... "If you'll just set me free, I'll go find the real slanderer.""
"Yesterday, Stephen Harper used my statement that war crimes were committed in this (Mideast) conflict to launch a personal attack on me and on my colleagues running for the Liberal leadership of Canada.

Mr. Harper's comments were a disgrace, a disgrace for a man who holds an office that is supposed to represent all Canadians," he said.
That's funny... the wife of Liberal MP and former Liberal Justice Minister Irwin Cotler, begs to disagree.
In a letter to the editor in Friday's National Post, the wife of prominent Liberal MP Irwin Cotler said she decided to give up her Liberal party membership because of Ignatieff's comments on Israel.

Ariela Cotler accused Ignatieff of lacking moral integrity and of sacrificing the truth for political gain in the leadership race.
In addition to Ms. Cotler and GTA Co-Chair MP Susan Kadis, the Ignatieff campaign has also lost the President of the Thornhill Young Liberals, Michelle Oliel.
I cannot reconcile his recent statements characterizing Israel's action in response to the kidnapping of its soldiers as a "war crime". As a matter of conscience, I, like Susan, am resigning as Director of Strategy and Operations for Ontario.

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