06 October 2006


While the media and opposition parties continue to try to make political hay out of our soldiers deaths in Afghanistan (which, however tragic are statistically less than 10 per year) they ignore some pretty important numbers back here at home.
Health Canada has estimated that unsafe drinking water causes 90,000 illnesses and 90 deaths every year. These don't get public attention unless they occur in clusters, said Christensen.

"The cost is quite high and there's really no excuse in a country that's as well off as Canada and has the abundance of water supply."

Canada has no enforceable drinking water standards such as those enjoyed by the United States and the European Union.
If you're a farmer, the numbers are pretty scary as well.
Each year in Canada, farming injuries cause about 120 deaths and 1,200 medical interventions. Deaths to farmers and farm workers represent 13% of all occupational fatalities in Canada.
And here's a big one.
About 3,000 people per year die in motor vehicle crashes in Canada. Of that total, 40 per cent (1,200 deaths) are attributed to alcohol. Canadians are spending up to $25 billion annually in emergency care, rehabilitation and other costs resulting from traffic collisions.
I don't even want to get into what happens when you get to hospital. Our overburdened medical system kills more people through medical mistakes than any of the figures I've quoted here.

So, maybe you can think about those numbers the next time Taliban Jack, or Bill Graham, or the CBC try to manipulate your emotions.


UPDATE: Canucks think for themselves... Liberals in shock

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