10 October 2006

Rules??? We don' need no steenkin' rules

Dalton McGuinty ramps up for next years election. Trouble is, he's doing it on the taxpayers dime.
The New Democrats said the Liberals are clearly skirting rules banning partisan government advertising in an effort to help them get re-elected next October.

The Tories call the current crop of provincial government ads blatantly partisan and a waste of taxpayer dollars.
From the guy who brought you, "I won't cut your taxes, but I promise I won't raise them either."
As Premier Dalton McGuinty marks the third anniversary of his landslide election victory Monday and begins the one-year countdown to the Oct. 4, 2007 vote, he remains hobbled by his broken campaign pledges.

McGuinty's Liberals made so many specific promises during their successful bid for office on Oct. 2, 2003 that some party insiders now complain the old platform is an albatross.
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