08 October 2006

Stop for a minute and think

With the tragic death of the 40th Canadian soldier in Afghanistan since 2002, the media and the opposition parties are doing their best to sell newspapers and their souls, respectively.

Not to diminish this tragedy, and that's what it is, especially for the family and friends of those killed, please note this so far works out to 10 deaths per year.

It seems to me that there are all kinds of tragedy that Taliban Jack and the CBC, to name two egregious offenders, aren't all that interested in. Doesn't anybody else find it curious that, three quarters of the way through 2006, no one gives a crap about these people.
The OPP has investigated some 284 fatal collisions so far this year, which have resulted in the deaths of 327 people.
If the rate of fatal automobile accidents keeps up, by the end of the year we'll top 400 fatalities running away. Funny, that silence you hear is Jack Layton... not freaking out.

You should note that that's only the crashes in Ontario that were investigated by the OPP. So, to recap, there will be 10 times as many people killed in automobile crashes in Ontario (excluding cities & towns with their own police forces... which is a lot of the province) as were killed in Afganistan over the last 4 years.

What's significant here, is that Taliban Jack and the Liberals and the people who want to sell newspapers and commercial time on television & radio couldn't care less.


Now I could have dredged up deaths from drowning, or cancer, or people who die waiting for an organ transplant and that would have made a bigger emotional impact on anyone who has a friend, or family member struggling, for instance, with cancer. But it's cheap and it's low and it's just not right.

Think about that the next time someone tries to manipulate your emotions to make a quick buck, or get elected.

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