06 October 2006

They're not there just yet

There's certainly real danger out there in the world, but we may be getting a little bit carried away with the threat of nuclear terrorism.
The 28-year-old fanatic said he and his associates had initially assumed that at least one member of their group had the physics and engineering background necessary to construct a thermonuclear device.

"Many eyes were upon me," said Basim Aljawad, whose knowledge of physics did not extend to the principles of nuclear fission. "I make nail bombs. That's it."

We probably also shouldn't lose sight of the fact that the guys from the terrorist hotbed countries aren't usually able to avail themselves of all that their society has to offer, in terms of education or real world experience.
Morale was temporarily buoyed when cell member Dawoud Bishr, a former student at the Sorbonne in Paris, was found intently examining the exposed plutonium, which he had lifted from its protective lead footlocker. Two days later, however, the others had to bury Bishr in a landfill outside the city.
It's way more likely there will be a threat from one of the neighbourhood kids, who sees being a "freedom fighter" as something important and way cool.

Oh well, time to head to the bunker and catch a few zzz's.

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