20 October 2006

So spank him and send him to his room

It looks like it's Sucky Baby Day in the House of Commons.

Sometimes it's hard to believe we pay these guys a salary at all. I'll tell ya, if I came to my dad with a pathetic story about someone calling me a name, he'd have taken off his belt and really given me something to feel badly about.

While the government was being peppered with questions about the new Clean Air Plan, Mr. Holland says a Liberal jokingly asked Mr. MacKay about the impact of pollution on humans and animals: "What about your dog?"

According to Mr. Holland, Mr. MacKay motioned toward Ms. Stronach's vacant seat and replied: "You already have her."
Liberal Mark Holland is leading the charge...
"And he owes Belinda an apology, he owes the House an apology, he owes women an apology."
Whatever McKay actually said, if anything, couldn't be nearly as offensive as the manufactured outrage these idiots puke up for the television cameras after they leave the Parliament buildings.

Again, it's another sad day in the "Land of Actually Accomplishing Anything."


UPDATE: Dalton's brother has been...

... watching too much television. Stand by for CSI Ottawa.
That prompted Liberal MP David McGuinty to suggest that the recording should be sent away to a professional audio laboratory so the offending words could be separated from the background noise.

For the sake of my wife, my two daughters and all women in this country, this is a transgression that's over the line,” Mr. McGuinty said after Question Period.
For the sake of acting like a fully mature adult and not a yappy little, uh, well... dog - puhleeese, just shut yer freakin' piehole.


LAST WORD: Well, two actually...
"It was a horrible, horrible awakening when I found it was nothing of the sort."

He said Parliamentary debate during question period is essentially a way for MPs to let off steam for the general public, but has no real constructive purpose in debating legislation.

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Anonymous said...

A minister of the crown called a female MP a dog, and this is the best you can do? Get a grip on reality and enough with the red herrings.

Neo Conservative said...

oh, puhleeeese... enough with the "he called her a name".

you may not have noticed that everyone is characterising the billionaire princess these days... and in far less flattering terms than this.

let's get on with the business of running the country.

Anonymous said...

You've served up a second fallacy: because the media tells you she's somehow a bad person, it's OK for a Minister of the Crown to characterize her as such. What high standards you hold your party to. Pathetic.

If this is such a non-issue, why didn't MacKay just call her a dog on the record? Oh, because then the Speaker would call him on it and he would have to apologize or be expelled from the House. So what is he: a liar or a coward?

Good luck with readership - I'm not coming back.

Neo Conservative said...

dear anony-mouse... i'd say it makes him human. it doesn't matter how often you slug away at me, it doesn't change the fact that belinda has way more in common with paris hilton than madam curie.

she went from high school to running daddy's billion dollar empire, and her sense of entitlement allows her to think she should be running the country, too.

her personal life is a shambles, with two failed marriages and a string of affairs with married men. her disgraceful, opportunistic behaviour in the peter mackay affair, not to mention her defection for a liberal bribe makes her a less than admirable person in my book.

you sure you really want to die on this hill?

Neo Conservative said...

Michael Valpy, senior writer for The Globe and Mail, referring to her penchant for hooking up with (yes, married) hockey players, calls Belinda a "Puck Bunny".

I'm not hearing the howls of outrage about that one, but hey, he's not a scary Conservative.

Anonymous said...

Oh, puhleeeeese....I seem to recall all you yahoos getting your knickers in a knot when some lib presciently called Bush a moron.

Neo Conservative said...

dear alias... not this yahoo, i'm afraid. sticks & stones... that kind of thing.

at the risk of offending you again, i'd just like to point out you seem to be confusing a sweeping generalisation with a logical hypothesis.

just the same, thanks for dropping by.

Neo Conservative said...

No wonder the Liberals are so desperate this week to make Belinda's "honour" front-page news. It sure beats having to explain stealing millions of dollars from the Canadian taxpayer.