30 October 2006

People actually get paid to write this slop?

UPDATE: Libs to Taxpayers... You Lose
When asked about the costs of the occupation, Mr. Ramsay [David Ramsay, Mr. McGuinty’s Aboriginal Affairs Minister] declared, “It’ll cost what it costs.” That’s the kind of approach to fiscal responsibility that the McGuinty Liberals believe someone else should now pay for.

There is another non-development in the political 'bag-o-barf', that is the seemingly endless crisis in Caledonia... this time regarding a statement from newly appointed OPP Commissioner, Julian Fantino.

What the mainstream media conveniently chooses to ignore is that Commissioner Fantino's mandate is to enforce the law of the land, not babysit the latest poster children of the lunatic left.
“It doesn't make sense to me that you would hold me accountable for resolving something that is way, way beyond any scope that I could have,” Mr. Fantino told reporters at OPP headquarters in Orillia, Ont.

“Our job is to preserve the peace, deal with offences, and bring those who transgress the laws of the land to justice.”
You sure wouldn't know that from the way the media is covering this thing. Outside of trying to make a mountain out of a liberal muckpile, I can't figure out where the spin is supposed to take us.

Are the papers trying to say that Fantino is incompetent?
Orillia, Ont. — Ontario's highest-ranking police officer said Monday that a contentious native occupation entering its ninth month is beyond his ability to resolve.
Perhaps the media needs to be reminded that the real story here is the fact that the provincial Liberals have pissed away tens of millions of Ontario taxpayer dollars over the last 10 months, to zero effect.

Among the more predictable actions the McGuinty government have so far undertaken, is the $300,000 contract awarded to an out of work Liberal politician to chair negotiations that have gone exactly nowhere to date.
Ontario taxpayers have already racked up more than $20 million by purchasing the disputed land, reimbursing local businesses and paying $1,300 a day to provincial negotiator Jane Stewart.
Let's remember that it's Commissioner Fantino's first day on the job. Perhaps he should get some time to find the photocopy machine and get acquainted with the staff, before he's branded a failure... or a political eunuch, like some provincial premier I could name.

SIDENOTE: Meanwhile, the Libs just yuk it up...
A joke.

That's what a senior member of Premier Dalton McGuinty's staff called a letter from MP Diane Finley pleading for help for Caledonia.

The executive director of the premier's office forwarded Finley's letter to Aaron Lazarus, director of issues management for Premier Dalton McGuinty, on May 19. Just after midnight, Lazarus responds: "What a joke!"

The exchange was obtained by The Spectator through a Freedom of Information request.
LAST WORD: What Fantino actually said
"Our role will be to preserve the peace and that's what we're going to stay focused on," Fantino said when asked how he plans to respond to the conflict.

"My hope will be that everyone will preserve the peace and be very mindful of making sure we don't break the laws of the land."

"I assure you, those who do will be dealt with."

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