13 October 2006

Sid's kids are at it again

From the folks who brought you, "Resolved: That Israel is an apartheid state."

Flush from the success of it's monumentally epic, "Happy Birthday Tommy Douglas Campaign, CUPE has decided to bankroll the "Save the Court Challenges Program" website.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a dearth of examples of what this program has actually done to enhance the lives of all the taxpayers who have been forced to contribute over the last 34 years.

One of the prouder CCP moments must have been the decision that gave murderers & rapists in Federal prisons the right to vote. As much as this must have gladdened the hearts of Liberal & NDP activists, I'm still pretty sure how I feel about paying the freight on that one.

Now, I've been thinking... there's any number of things I'd like to see challenged in the courts. Can I get funding for my ideas?

Idea #1 - Anyone who murders an individual with dependent children, in addition to jail, should be forced to provide child support for said children in the same way a divorced parent would be obligated. If the homicidal individual was previously set free by the National Parole Board, said fiduciary duty will also be imposed on any & all moonbats who released the stipulated thug.

If the miscreant in question can't come up with the cash, we confiscate all his possessions & put a lifetime "murderer lien" on anything he owns, or ever hopes to own, in this lifetime.

- Any politician who makes a disastrous decision that costs the taxpayers millions of dollars, will forfeit his job and pension to defray the costs of said idiocy.

As above, if he can't cover the screwup with cash on hand, we take his house, his car, his dog... you get the idea.

Now... this is fun. And I probably could go on & on, but I'll stop here.

I encourage all sane, reasonable people to contact their MP and express their support for the dismantling of this idiotic program, that has principally served to enrich aging lefty lawyers for all the quackadoodles who think Canada is a terribly unfair place to live.

Come to think of it I've got one last court challenge. How about we pass a law that allows the Treasury Board to finance a one-way trip, anywhere in the world, for all the malcontents who are so sure they'll be better off living under a less repressive regime?

Oh yeah, that's conditional on surrendering your Canadian citizenship. Forever.

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