04 October 2006

Billy blows it bigtime

I am not a fan of Bill Graham.

So you can imagine my delight, watching him screw up bigtime yet again, very publicly accusing a completely innocent man of being a racist.
Liberal interim leader Bill Graham apologized Wednesday for attributing anti-Muslim statements to the new chief of staff of the environment minister.

“Mr. Speaker, I am advised that yesterday I incorrectly attributed anti-Muslim statements to the chief of staff of the ministry of the Environment,” Graham said.

"I apologize and totally withdraw those remarks," Graham said.

On Tuesday, Graham had said past comments on gay rights and Muslims made by Darrel Reid disqualified him from holding the post.
Where does Graham get off thinking he is qualified to pass judgement on others?
See what I mean? Everybody's dancing around the subject, even though it's an open secret. Everybody's waiting for Bill Graham to say something, but he doesn't. So what do I do?
Bill Graham is the last person who should be accusing anybody of anything.

SIDENOTE: Provincial Libs are at it as well
Toronto -- Ontario cabinet minister Rick Bartolucci formally apologized in the provincial legislature yesterday for saying Progressive Conservatives "abuse children."

"It was a dumb remark and I apologized for it," Mr. Bartolucci told reporters. "I make no bones about it."
FURTHER SIDENOTE: Libs should've looked closer to home
The government's public accounts documents also reveal $49,855 in fraudulent overtime claims at Agriculture Canada, a $119,399 theft of personal income tax refunds at the Canada Revenue Agency and a loss of $122,640 in public money at the Canadian International Development Agency for "misappropriation of program funds" managed overseas.

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